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Victoria Beckham Says She Dresses Like A School Teacher

In a recent interview, Victoria Beckham claims that her style is inspired by nothing more than the modest British school teacher: “I am very British in my style. Think school teacher. I love pencil skirts and fitted blouses, classic cut dresses and well fitted jeans mixed with classic tailoring.” She’s SO right! I’ve always thought Victoria Beckham just screams school teacher. Don’t believe me? Check out these examples, all of which totally remind me of my own kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Lafratta:


More of Posh’s school teacher style, after the jump!

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9 Things More Real Than Heidi & Spencer’s Marriage

heidi-montag-spencer.jpgYesterday everyone was talking about how the upcoming finale of The Hills contains scenes of what appears to be a courtroom wedding between Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt. Everyone is crying foul because the scene apparently was filmed after hours, that perhaps the “judge” wasn’t a real judge, and nobody seems to be able to show us any legal documentation showing that they are married. In turn, MTV issued a statement saying that the scene was filmed after hours to avoid disruption at the Courthouse. Spencer claims that they won’t show anyone the documents because they want to keep it private (just like everything else in their secretive lives). Well, until I see that license (because it’s my business), I think I’m going to have to remain skeptical and assume the entire thing is a sham! Because it’s more fun that way. In that spirit, here are 9 Things More Real Than Heidi & Spencer’s Marriage!


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Enrique Iglesias Would Rather See You Dead Than With Another Man

What the heck is Enrique Iglesias doing? I know these pictures are supposed to show me how sexy and fun he is with his fans on stage, but something about them frightens me. It looks like he’s about to murder this poor girl. You know he doesn’t find this woman attractive, especially in comparison to Anna Kournikova. Or maybe it’s just the opposite…maybe he loves this woman (who may or may not be mentally challenged), but since it is a forbidden love, he must kill her.


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Learn How To Become Immortal From The Creepiest Man In The Universe

Everything Is Terrible posted this gem today. It’s a how-to video about self hypnosis, and how it can provide you with immortality. Or something. All I know is that this man is the scariest motherf*cker I’ve seen in a long time. The worst part is – HE’S NEVER GOING TO DIE. I wonder if this is the precursor to The Secret?

If I was “Cher” in this video, I’d be playing dead too. Also: one time I called my sister a pain in the ass. Does that mean I’m going to die from ass cancer?


CAPTION THIS: Look! We Have Matching Teeth!

Duchess Camilla has a new BFF (beast friend forever)! The look in the horse’s eyes is awesome. He’s all “Hurry up and take the picture dude, this is seriously hard to do.”


I know. I totally should have made the “Why the long face, Prince Charles?” joke.


This 4-Year-Old’s Got His Jam On In The Car Seat

This 4-year-old named Olu loves him some Paul Wall. And by “loves,” I mean, he’s dead f*cking serious about it. At about the 2:45 mark, he starts doing an awesome move that one can only hope will get its own rap song soon. The hat action at the end is also pretty great.

Car seat can’t keep a man from feeling the beat.


Man’s Dog Turns Out To Be Rare Arctic Fox

I just ran across this little odd news item about a Chinese man who thought he bought a Pomeranian but it turned out to be an Arctic Fox. The dog apparently bit him a lot, was hard to tame, wouldn’t bark, and smelled bad. All signs that your dog, in fact, is no dog at all. Obviously. But the very best part of this story, by far, is the picture:


First off, the fox looks like a Dr. Seuss character. And I can’t understand how the guy is holding him, it’s such a weird position. And please. Let’s talk about this guy’s face! Is he allergic to Arctic fox, or is he just super embarrassed that he thought that thing was a Pomeranian?


An Open Letter To The World, From The Ghost Of Jeff Buckley

JeffBuckley.jpgDear Alive World,

Hi. Jeff Buckley here. Remember me? I rose to musical success in the 90’s for my hit single, “Last Goodbye.” I released only one album during my life, called Grace (which, let’s be honest, was pretty f*cking amazing). I was working on my second album, when, all of a sudden, I died tragically while swimming in the Wolf River at the tender age of 31. I know, it’s been really hard on you guys, and the thought of so much untapped talent in a person who died so young can be really really upsetting to think about. Not to mention the fact that I’m gorgeous, so it makes it all the more tragic. And I understand the need to keep my memory alive and keep my music fresh for generations to come. But after the first 10 or so compilations of previously un-released material, live tracks, Grace re-re-re-re-mastered, and B-sides, I’m starting to get annoyed. This has gotten WAY out of hand. (And I’m not even talking about this bullsh*t.) Imagine my disappointment today when I logged onto Jesus Christ’s laptop and saw that, once again, my music will be re-released and re-packaged on a new compilation called So Real: Songs From Jeff Buckley. What could possibly be new about this? I’ll tell you what’s new: nothing. You want to get “so real?” FINE! Let’s get so motherf*cking real.

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It’s Official. I’m Moving To Italy.

Yesterday I brought you some pictures from a photo call for an Italian television show called Dr. Clown. If that wasn’t exciting enough, this morning these photos from an upcoming Italian film called Il Cosmo Sul Como came out. Suffice to say, I’m moving to Italy, now.


This lady is the best. She’s like the Jack Black of Italy. When in Rome…act ZANY!! More photos – and the insane trailer for this film after the jump.

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New Gabe & Max’s Guide To Man Style: Dining & Wine

If you haven’t seen Gabe & Max’s Guide To Man Style yet (with Videogum‘s Gabe Delahaye and our very own Max Silvestri), then welcome to the Internet! For the rest of you, you’ll be delighted to know that the third installment has arrived. In this one, Gabe and Max give us tips about dining and wine, and we see the relationship between the two really start to break down.

Don’t worry – they made up by playing a casual game of Partini.