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Anna Paquin Delivers! Sookuh’s 25 Sexiest Red Carpet Looks


With the third season of True Blood winding down, we here at TheFABlife hope that the September 12th finale does not mean an end to Anna Paquin‘s sexy red carpet get-ups. When not playing Sookie Stackhouse in the HBO vampire drama or coming out as bisexual in a public service announcement, Paquin stays busy turning heads in LBDs, bold animal prints and pretty sundresses. Eric Northman approved, obvs.

With these 25 looks, it’s no surprise Sookie got her Vampire Bill’s blood pumping off the set as well (Paquin and True Blood actor Stephen Moyer are married in real life). Hell, with these looks, we’d go Vampire (or bisexual) for Paquin faster than you can say “Coming out of the Coffin.”

25. Blue Bombshell
24. Black and White and Cute All Over
23. Stewardess Chic
22. Skirted Sophisticate
21. Dainty and Delicate
20. Radiant in Red
19. Hollywood Classic
18. Breakfast at Tiffany’s
17. Sexy Shirtdress
16. LBD With A Twist
15. Lovely in Lilac
14. Gladiating Goddess
13. Off The Chain
12. Deep Purple
11. Summer in the Shade
10. Silk and Studs
9. Mesh Maven
8. Glam in Gold
7. Corset Noir
6. Bedazzled Beauty
5. Curves Ahead
4. Scarlet Fever
3. Lux in Leather
2. Bold and Spicy
1. Randy Reptilian

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The 25 Cheesiest Celebrity Perfume Photo Ops


Every actor, musician or reality TV star dreams of the event that proves he or she has “made it.” Maybe it’s an Oscar, a Grammy, a blockbuster film or a platinum record. These days for celebrities (particularly those of the D-List set) “making it” means creating a signature fragrance. And with this comes the inevitable: a cheesy perfume promotional photo shoot.

These photo ops include, but are not limited to, the celebrity “spritzing” his or her new scent (see exhibit Sean “Diddy” Combs and Pamela Anderson), bungling an awkwardly large model bottle of his or her fragrance (see exhibit Kylie Minogue, Vera Wang and Celine Dion) and even dressing up in some ridiculous get-up (see exhibit Paris Hilton and Katie Price).

Without further ado, TheFABlife is proud to present the 25 Cheesiest Celebrity Perfume Photo Ops. Smell ya later, stinky celebs.

25. Victoria and David Beckham with “Beckham Signature Fragrance Collection”

24. Nikki Taylor with “Begin”

23. Jennifer Aniston with “Lolavie”

22. Christina Aguilera with “Inspire”

21. Eva Longoria with “Eva”

20. Hilary Duff with “With Love…Hilary Duff”

19. Ashanti with “Precious Jewel”

18. Kim Kardashian with “Voluptious”

17. Maria Sharapova with “Maria Sharapova”

16. Naomi Campbell with “Naomi Campbell Pure”

15. Kimora Lee Simmons with “Baby Phat Goddess”

14. Queen Latifah with “‘Queen by Queen Latifah”

13. Shania Twain with “Shania by Stetson”

12. Mariah Carey with “M”

11. Sarah Jessica Parker with “Covet”

10. Sean “P. Diddy” Combs with “Unforgiveable”

9. J. Lo with “Deseo”

8. Vera Wang with “Princess”

7. Gene Simmons with “Kiss Him”

6. Kylie Minogue with “Darling”

5. Pamela Anderson with “Malibu by Pamela Anderson”

4. Paris Hilton with “Tease”

3. Celine Dion with “Celine Dion”

2. Antonio Banderas with “Blue Seduction”

1. Katie Price with “Stunning”

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Snooki Voted For John McCain Because He’s “Really Cute”


After a flurry of twitter-flirting (twirting? flittering?), the internet-fueled romance between The Jersey Shore’s Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and former presidential candidate Senator John McCain took the next step in its natural progression. His daughter Meghan McCain interviewed the Guidette-in-Chief for the blog The Daily Beast. Not surprisingly, things got inappropriate faster than you can say “gym, tan, laundry.”

Meghan: Have you always been a Republican? And are you still interested in politics?

Snooki: To be honest with you, I’m not really a Republican or a Democrat. I actually signed up as an independent, just because I don’t want to pick any side and also I don’t really know a lot about politics. I only know politics about, like, you know, tanning and being a Guidette. So when I saw it was Obama and McCain, to be honest with you, the only reason why I voted for your father was because he was really cute and I liked when he did his speeches.

Meghan: Well, thank you. [Laughing] I appreciate that, though it’s a little weird…

Aside from making her interviewer feel uncomfortable, Snooki – aka McCain’s #1 fan – discussed being relatable to her fans, her admiration for Kendra Wilkinson and Tori Spelling, and the unfortunate lack of Guidos in Miami Beach. It’s too soon to tell if this web-affair between Snooki and McCain will continue—perhaps the cast will cameo on a viral YouTube campaign video or Snooki will Skype in at McCain’s next stump speech. A Shore-Style fist pump is exactly what a congressional race needs to reach out to a new demographic.

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North Korea Won’t Be Catching Bieber Fever After All


The internet was abuzz this week with talk of a Justin Bieber concert in North Korea. The premise behind this ridiculously awesome possibility? had set up a “Justin Bieber My World Tour” Contest in which fans around the planet could vote to bring The Biebs to their home country. The hacking pranksters behind the website, notorious for wreaking havoc around the web, got busy flooding the contest with votes for North Korea.

Sure enough, Flaxo announced today that North Korea indeed won with 659,141 votes, in what appeared to be a victory for the computer geeks. As sad as we were that Justin wouldn’t be singin’ and dancin’  for the “Axis of Evil,” we couldn’t help but be tickled by the prospect of Kim Jong-il rocking out to “One Less Lonely Girl” and Justin’s angelic voice bringing freedom and hope to the downtrodden North Korean people.

Unfortunately for us and North Korea, MTV reports the entire contest was a hoax and Justin has no plans to perform in the country. Tough luck North Korea; between this and the ugly 7-0 World Cup loss to Portugal, it seems like you’ve been having a rough couple of weeks.  [Photo: Getty Images]


Hot Wives And Messy Love Lives Of The World Cup


Two weeks ago, we served up a healthy dose of abs with The World Cup’s Hottest Players. If you are anything like us, you were jumping up and down in your chair when the adorable Landon Donovan scored USA’s winning goal and spent the better part of the last two weeks drooling over sexy soccer stars such as Iker Casillas and Samuel Eto’o while watching the first round of the World Cup.

This week, we’re bursting your bubble by revealing their equally hot wives and girlfriends. Some of these gorgeous couples, such as Roque Santa Cruz and Giselle Tavarelli are happily married with children. However, other soccer couples (see the complex love triangle above between English players John Terry, Wayne Bridge and French model Vanessa Perroncel) have failed to reach marital bliss. Such unfortunate news may bring us soccer secret admirers relief, causing us to either A) realize these womanizing, globe-trotting playboys wouldn’t make good husbands anyway, or B) (who are we kidding?) celebrate their newfound singledom.

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A Marriage Remembered: The 20 Cheesiest Moments Of The Speidi Romance


With the announcement of Heidi Montag‘s legal separation from Spencer Pratt, we here at TheFABlife are mourning not only the deterioration of their one-year marriage, but also the end of an onslaught of cringe-inducing, ridiculously over-staged pictures that captured the most absurd moments of their relationship. 

From fondling puppies to frolicking in the ocean, the two The Hills stars gave us a bevy of surgically enhanced Kodak moments that consistently made us want to vomit. Now that the marriage is over, we no longer will open the “Stars: Just Like Us” pages of UsWeekly to find these photos of fantastical fame-whoring; at least not until, if the fake break up rumors are true, they find a television show that will air their surely overdramatic reunion. For now, we will just hold on to these top twenty cheesiest photo-ops of the Speidi romance.

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