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Old Kristen Stewart Back Roads Rumor Resurfaces – What Do You Want To See Her Do Next?

Twitter was abuzz this morning with an old Kristen Stewart casting rumor (that I mistakenly thought was new): that she’s been offered a role in the upcoming Adrian Lyne-helmed film, Back Roads. Chloe Moretz is apparently attached to star in a yet unannounced role in the thriller, which follows a young man who must take care of his siblings after his father is arrested for killing his mom. He falls in love with a married neighbor, and then must battle criminal charges himself. It’s an intriguing storyline, and Lyne is an esteemed director whose credits include Unfaithful, Fatal Attraction, and – god bless him – Footloose.

Sure, it’s just a rumor, but it’s an exciting one in the wake of Kristen’s admittance to MTV News that she currently has no new projects on the horizon and is “in a good place to choose.” She dropped out of the Nick Cassavetes film Cali this summer and said that Lie Down In Darkness is a still possibility that she (and I!) hope happens. But for now, she’s doesn’t have stuff “mapped out.”

So let’s dream big here, KStew fans. What kind of movie do you want to see her do next? Is one of these your top pick, or are you into seeing her branch out in the rom-com world, or do something silly with Judd Apatow? Or maybe she’s better off doing nothing at all? We’ve got a poll for you to sound off in, below.

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Divergent Gets Release Date, Let’s Pick Our Dream Cast!

Divergent may be the most anticipated book-to-movie adaptation since The Hunger Games got its turn last year (though The Fault in Our Stars is surely a close second). With a release date of March 21, 2014, announced yesterday and rumors that Limitless director Neil Bruger is attached to the project, all we need now are a couple of pretty faces to obsess over. The roles of 16-year-old Tris and her love interest, Four, are sure to be a big get for any actor and we already have a few favorites already in mind. So does Twitter, where people are constantly proclaiming their love for certain stars they see fit for the leads. Let’s discuss some of our favorites here at VH1 Celeb headquarters, and then we want you to tell us who you envision getting their Dauntless on on the big screen.

Taissa Farmiga is my number one pick to play Tris, and I even have the author’s approval on this one. Veronica Roth once replied to my tweet about Taissa as Tris with “ooh. She’s spot on, looks wise.” Not only does she completely embody Tris physically, but her raw and vulnerable performance on American Horror Story proves she’s got the acting chops, too. Our friend and NextMovie editor Breanne Heldman loves Molly Quinn, telling Hollywood Crush, “Molly has a sass and intelligence that’s also so totally Tris.” Castle fans, do you agree?

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Weighing The Pros And Cons of Sitting Through A 10 Hour Twilight Movie Marathon

A press release just crossed the wire from our friends at Summit/Lionsgate, announcing an official Twilight movie marathon happening at theaters around the country on November 15. Fans will be able to watch all the films back-to-back leading up to a 10PM screening of the final film in the franchise, Breaking Dawn: Part 2. This is a super cool offering (and also a nice way to rake in some extra Twilight cash) but man, ten hours of Twilight? In a row? While we’re into seeing every meadow scene in a row, there are only so many minutes of werewolves in jorts that we can handle! Let’s weight the pros and cons of such an event, shall we? Because, truth be told, while ten hours seems long we may be convinced that this is indeed a good idea.


  • 10 hours of intense Edward stares.
  • You could eat popcorn and Junior Mints for like, three meals.
  • Follow the journey through all five films of two of the most important Twilight props: the cactus and the dream catcher.
  • You get to see the movies together as one actual saga. (This is like our one “serious” reason because honestly, it is pretty cool).
  • So many ridiculous wigs and hair transformations to admire in such a short time!
  • When you sit down to enjoy the uh, action in Breaking Dawn: Part 2, all those Edbella makeout sessions (er, and more) will be fresh in your mind.

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The 10 Hottest Ryans Of All Time

It’s come to our attention recently that there are quite a few hot Ryans roaming the earth, with their abs and their grills and their Hey Girls and their father-son soccer games and their cute dates with Blake Lively. You know the ones: Lochte, Reynolds, Phillippe,  Gosling…and yet there are more who deserve our love! Lesser-known Ryans, Ryans of decades past, Ryans with the last name of Seacrest – how can so many famous men fit under one two-syllable moniker?

We have chosen our favorites for The 10 Hottest Ryans of All Time (hand-picked by VH1-er and Ryan Expert, Kate Spencer) for your viewing pleasure below. They are in order from 10-1 because if there’s one thing these Ryans deserve, it is to be ranked! Onward.

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Shia LaBeouf Is A Total Tom Hardy Fanboy, Convinced Him To Join Lawless Cast

When you go see Lawless and ogle at the magic that is Tom Hardy, please know that you have Shia LaBeouf to thank. The actor became a huge fan of Hardy’s after seeing him in Bronson, and reached out to him with the Lawless script. “I wrote him a later,” Shia told said of his first contact with the British actor. “And said I’d really like to work with you.”

Scripts were exchanged, conversations were had, and Shia sold Hardy on the role of Forrest Bondurant, which he plays beautifully. Shia co-stars as Jack Bondurant, Forrest’s little brother and fellow bootlegger living in Prohibition-era Virginia. “I did look up to Hardy,” Shia told us. “I do look up to Hardy, and that translated right into my Jack and Forrest relationship [in the film].”

Shia also name-checked Michael Fassbender, Ryan Gosling and Hardy as “the guys I look up to,” which is pretty awwww-dorable, don’t you think?

He’s also certainly not alone in his Hardy fandom — we named him one of the top 10 breakout stars of the summer. If you agree, head here to vote for him!

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Shia LaBeouf: I “Scared” Mia Wasikowska On Lawless Set

Shia LaBeouf is quickly becoming one of our favorite working actors in the biz, for his way candid interviews, his fearlessness when it comes to dissing big Hollywood players and his desire to work with some of the best directors out there. But mainly for the intense, and sometimes weird commitment he brings to his acting. We’ve all heard about his acid tripping as role research and planned un-simulated sex for Lars Von Trier‘s next film, but did you know he also convinced himself that he was so in love with on-screen girlfriend Mia Wasikowska that he totally freaked her out?

Shia told us that he committed so hard to their relationship in Lawless that he was completely in love with her by the time she arrived to the movie’s Georgia set. “I was so eager for her to show up on set,” he said, “and so in love before she even got there. I had already coached myself into this insane romance in my mind. So by the time she got there it was full-blown on my end and did not exist at all on her end. I think it sort of scared her a bit. It was a bit intense. ”

The actor said as a result their communication was “stilted” and so they spoke to each other through an iPod. Seriously. “We never were able to find communication,” he said. “I would pick songs [on an iPod] that matched my thinking based on the song title,” he said of their talking-through-music relationship. His choice: “You’re Sexy And You Know It.”

Adorable or way too intense? You tell us (but we think it’s kinda cute). Lawless is out today and it is AWESOME. Violent but wonderful, with the added bonus of a lot of close-up shots of Tom Hardy‘s lips. Go!


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Why We Want To See A Snow White Sequel Starring Kristen Stewart

This afternoon, Universal released an official statement about the future of the Snow White and the Huntsman franchise, which says: “We are extremely proud of Snow White and the Huntsman and we’re currently exploring all options to continue the franchise. Any reports that Kristen Stewart has been dropped are false.” This comes in reaction to last night’s Hollywood Reporter story which claimed that Kristen “will not be invited to return if the follow-up goes forward, and both Deadline and THR say that Universal is moving in a different direction with a new screenwriter. It is unclear if director Rupert Sanders will return for any of these possible projects.

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Robert Pattinson Is A “Class Act” And “A Pro” – And Other Fan Reactions To His Daily Show Appearance

A nervous but still smiling Robert Pattinson made his first public appearance since his girlfriend Kristen Stewart was…you know. Let’s not rehash those dirty details. Instead let’s focus on Rob, who has come out in full force promoting his new David Cronenberg-helmed film, Cosmopolis. He’ll do Good Morning America and MTV First with our pal Josh Horowitz later this week, but tonight he went face-to-face with Jon Stewart and a couple of pints of ice cream, and the consensus from fans is that the dude nailed it. Let’s review what people had to say on Twitter, shall we? (Thank you to every one of you who tweeted your thoughts to me! You rule the school.)

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Robert Pattinson Smiles, Oozes Sex Appeal At Cosmopolis Premiere

Well hello there, Robert Pattinson! It’s so great to see you again. The actor arrived tonight at the NYC premiere of Cosmopolis looking…how do we say this? SO EFFING GOOD. Decked out in Gucci with his infamous untamed hair slicked back, the actor greeted fans and press at his first public appearance since his relationship with Kristen Stewart entered crisis mode a few weeks ago. We gotta applaud Rob – not just for doing the press rounds so soon after going through such a challenging situation so publicly, but for looking so good while doing so. Class and professionalism – this guy’s got ‘em.

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Fifty Shades Of Grey, Make Room: Meet Sylvain Reynard, Author Of Gabriel’s Inferno

I need to preface this post with a bit of my own personal back story: I went through a serious Twilight fan-fiction phase for about a year, beginning in the first trimester of my pregnancy, leading into the months my daughter was a newborn. It is all Twitter’s fault, of course — I saw people tweeting about something called MOTU and then I Googled it and discovered Master of the Universe, the fan fiction story that would later go on to become the U.K.’s bestselling book of all time (!!!) Fifty Shades of Grey.

But it was the story I read after that, as I lay in bed at two in the morning with unbearable acid reflux (never have kids, you guys) that did me in and solidified my addiction. The University of Edward Masen, the tale of a volatile, dark professor, his impressionable young graduate student and their shared past and passion for Dante, totally owned me for a summer. The story is titillating and romantic and filled with angst but with an academic twist, as it explores Renaissance art and literature at length.

The author of said story, Sylvain Reynard, eventually e-published it as two books (Gabriel’s Inferno and Gabriel’s Rapture) with the independent publisher Omnific, and just recently signed a substantial deal to publish the books with Penguin Group’s Berkley imprint. I’ve always been intrigued by Renard, a private figure who has spent much of his time using his fan-fiction fame to promote numerous charities. I was thrilled he agreed to answer some questions via email about publishing Gabriel’s Inferno, the fan fiction community, the Fifty Shades phenomenon, his charitable work and the possibility of his stories one day making it to the big screen.

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