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10 Photos Of David Duchovny And Gillian Anderson Being Adorable Through The Years

I have never seen a full episode of The X-Files, nor could I tell you which one is Mulder and which is Scully. And yet when I heard last night’s rumor that former co-stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are in luv and shacking up together, I immediately lost my mind with excitement. You don’t need to be a File-head (that’s what you call yourselves, right?) to appreciate how magical it is when co-stars on a show/film filled with UST (that’s unresolved sexual tension for you internet newbs) actually get it on.

I asked X-Files super fan and awesomely hilarious comedy writer Annie Stamell why this rumor sparked such a frenzy of excitement, and she told me: “Ask any female fan of the X-Files, and the only person they’d be okay with dating Duchovny over themselves would be Gillian Anderson.”

Sadly, Duchovny’s rep said today that there is nothing going on between the pair. To which I say: SO WHAT! I can still find these two adorable and I can still dream of a day when they fall in love IRL. Until then, I should probably watch an episode or two.

Below: 10 glorious photos of David and Gillian being absolutely precious through the years.

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McKayla Maroney, Vault Queen And Posh Spice Twin, Is Today’s Olympian To Watch

McKayla Maroney is an adorable, sixteen-year-old girl who just so happens to be “far and away the best vaulter in the world.” Not a bad spot to be in before even being able to drive. The athlete is the US Gymnastics Team’s resident vault pro, and she’s so good that she was brought to the London games solely to compete on the vault. Her moves in the all-around competition were practically perfect (hence that gold medal hanging around her neck), and she’s competing today in the individual vault and is the obvious favorite to snag the top prize.

If her moves alone aren’t reason enough to love her, we’ve got a list of 9 other awesome things to adore about McKayla. If you don’t trust us, trust Lady Gaga — the singer wrote her the gushiest tweet we’ve ever seen.

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Report: Kristen Stewart Lands Coveted Indie Role In Lie Down In Darkness

Kristen Stewart has landed the lead role in the indie film Lie Down In Darkness, reports Vulture. Directed by Scott Cooper, the film is based on a novel by William Styron about a seriously screwed up family living in 1950s Virginia. Kristen will play Peyton Loftis, a beautiful young woman with a crippled sister whose “intense physical beauty makes her the object of her frigid mother’s jealous hatred and the target of her father’s incestuous, alcoholic lust.” (Did anyone else just dream-cast John Hawkes as the dad?)

Kristen expressed her passion for Peyton in an interview with Elle earlier this year, saying that she wanted the role “more than anything I can possibly taste or touch in my life. I want to play her so bad.”

Jennifer Lawrence was also dying to play Peyton, but she’s stuck making blockbuster sequels to The Hunger Games and X-Men all through out next year. It’s interesting to note the similarities in the actresses’ careers and desired roles. Two women who do amazing work on both sides of the film spectrum. Maybe we’ll see them share the screen one day?

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Kristen Stewart’s And Robert Pattinson’s Next Projects: An In-Depth Look Ahead

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson
The past week has been a tumultuous one for Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and their fans, after the actress confirmed (and quickly apologized) that she had cheated on her boyfriend and Twilight co-star with her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders. Currently every celebrity publication has a jillion stories up about the affair and the couple’s possible split, filled with anonymous sources and loads of speculation. So let’s walk away from the gossip for a bit and take a look at what lies ahead for each of the actors and their careers. While their personal lives might be stuck in a rough patch at the moment, their creative pursuits have never been better, with new roles (on- and off-screen) and possible awards-season appearances on the horizon. Consider this a pleasant palate cleanser from that toxic rumor mill that’s currently churning away extra hard right now.

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Taylor Swift Dating Conor Kennedy – Has Massachusetts Found Its New Queen Of Camelot?

To the rest of the world, the news that Taylor Swift, 22, is dating Conor Kennedy, the 18-year-old son of Robert Kennedy Jr, is just another juicy gossip story. But to us Massachusetts natives, this is THE love story of the year. Liking the Kennedys is just what we do. It’s an unexplained and unquestioned rule of growing up in the Bay State, like calling milkshakes frappes and liquor stores packies. They are are our royals, holding court at the top alongside James Taylor, Tom Brady, and Mr. Dunkin Donuts. 

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The 25 Most Insane Photos From The Olympics Opening Ceremonies

Here in Los Angeles I’m waiting to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremonies on TV in a few hours. But over in London it sure looks like they’re having a supercalifragilicious expialadocious good time. Chimney sweeps! Ravers! Children jumping on beds! Giant Voldemort-like puppets ready to eat you alive! It’s like Harry Potter and Mary Poppins met up with The Clash for the world’s weirdest acid trip. Here’s 25 of the most insane Opening Cermonies moments so far. USA! USA!

(And check out the 50 Hottest Olympians Blazing London This Summer, too!)

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The Stars Of Step Up Revolution Had A “Crush Situation” And Lots Of Awkward Moments Dancing Together

We’ve already declared Step Up Revolution the guilty pleasure movie of the summer, and now we can show you one of the reasons behind our pick: The ultra-hot chemistry between the film’s stars, Ryan Guzman and Kathryn McCormick. According to the film’s director, Scott Speer, whom we spoke with last week at the film’s press junket in L.A.: “They fell for each other, which is always a huge help.” Added producer Adam Shankman, “Both are really talented and both are really, really nice, and I hadn’t seen that since we cast Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan [in the first Step Up film]. And we know what happened there — they’re married.”

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5 Reasons Step Up Revolution Is The Best Guilty Pleasure Movie Of The Summer

I walked into see Step Up Revolution with zero expectations, and found myself cheering and clapping through the whole thing and – dare I confess – getting choked up at one moment. My 3-D glasses fogged up, guys – it was that good. And also a little bad — in the best way possible. The dancing, the script, the love story and the wonderful cheesiness of it all earned it my vote for Best Guilty Pleasure Movie of the Summer. Not convinced? Here are five reasons why you should be.

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Looking Back At Our Interview With Rupert Sanders: SWATH Set Was “Very Intense,” Calls Kristen “Raw And Primal”

Well, here we are. In light of the, um, events of the past 24 hours, we’ve been digging through our old videos and posts from the Snow White and the Huntsman press junket I attended outside London in May (which Robert Pattinson was at, on the sly). Previously we had only published a snippet of our conversation with the film’s director, Rupert Sanders, but here’s our chat in its entirety, airplane interruption and all.

In our conversation he complimented the film’s “two incredibly strong female actors” and said of their time on set: “Everything was very intense. We were shooting in a very intense way, we were shooting very organically. I threw Kristen of cliffs, Imade her ride horses, fight dwarves…it’s a very primal film. It’s very intense.”

As for Kristen Stewart, with whom Sanders has admitted to having an extramarital affair, he said this: “She’s very vital, very on the edge, very rebellious, which I like. She doesn’t play by anyone’s rules, she’s just got all those things that make a very modern and intoxicating Snow White.”

He added that when he and the producers first met Kristen, he thought, “Wow, there’s something really raw and primal in this woman.”

Lord knows it’s been a very intense day filled with a lot of raw emotions and primal reactions to the news that Rupert and Kristen did indeed have some sort of relationship. I’m not sure my interview gives us any real insight as to what went on between these to that lead  to their cheating and today’s implosion, but it is nonetheless interesting to go back and watch.


Kristen Stewart Issues Most Heartbreaking Apology We’ve Ever Heard For Cheating On Robert Pattinson

Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross: Everything We Know About The Other Couple In This Robsten Rumor

Some Thoughts On Us Weekly‘s Kristen Stewart Cheating Allegations, From Your Resident Kristen And Rob Fangirl

Did Kristen Stewart Cheat On Robert Pattinson?

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Some Thoughts On Us Weekly‘s Kristen Stewart Cheating Allegations, From Your Resident Kristen And Rob Fangirl

Hello, Kate Spencer here. I think I’ve now well established myself as a “person who likes Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson a whole lot,” and my boss has asked me to hop online and type up a little something about this evening’s rumor bomb: that Kristen “was caught by photographers in a series of steamy rendezvous with her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders.” (Us Weekly‘s words, not mine.)

People also ran a story about the allegations, in which their source said: “Kristen is absolutely devastated. It was a mistake and a complete lapse in judgment. She wasn’t having an affair with Rupert. It was just a fleeting moment that shouldn’t have happened. She never meant to hurt anyone. She’s a good person who just made a bad choice.”

I also know that Rob and Kristen have been photographed together quite a lot recently, both at press events like Comic-Con and the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday and out and about in Los Angeles, where they left friend Bobby Long’s concert holding hands just last week. All accounts are that they are as close and happy as ever.

Let me be very clear: I like Rob and Kristen, and I like them together. I know how devoted the fans are and understand the reasons Kristen is admired as intensely as she is — she comes across as a genuine, grounded and good person, with a clear sense of self and a sensitive, self-deprecating side. It’s what makes Us‘ and People‘s charges seem particularly out of character.

The thing I have always admired about Kristen is that she’s always come across as an authentic person, flaws and all. She has never pretended to be anything but human. And human beings make mistakes. And whether or not this recent round of gossip is true, false, or somewhere in between, it’s a valuable thing to remember: The celebrities we admire truly are just like us. They love, they hurt, they try their best, they work at things — their jobs, their relationships, themselves. Sometimes they succeed and sometimes they screw up.

Lord knows I have screwed up many, many times in my life.

And if I may have an Oprah moment here … I know this to be true: that a gossip tabloid is just that — a tabloid filled with gossip. That the only people who really understand the workings of a relationship are the people involved in it. That people can work through things that seem impossible to overcome.  And that whatever goes on between two people — both good and bad — is their business, no matter how public their lives may be.

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