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Exclusive: Emilia Clarke Says Daenerys Has A Few Romantic “Journeys” On Next Season Of Game Of Thrones

I interviewed the cast of Game of Thrones high atop the WB booth in the middle of the main Comic-Com exhibit hall on Friday afternoon. Many had just come from the first few weeks of shooting season three, and we did our best to dig up a few tidbits about what the future holds for our favorite wannabe kings and queens.

Emilia Clark plays Daenerys Targaryen, widow of Khal Drogo and Mother of Dragons (if you haven’t watched the show or read the books, stop reading this post and get to work), who spent season two wandering the desert dealing with deserters, dragons and creepy dudes in the city of Qarth. We asked the actress if her character might get back in the saddle and give the ol’ romance thing a try again. “There’s a few interesting journeys that she goes on” said Emelia, “and there’s a lot of new stuff that goes on for her. I can’t talk about and all I want to do is talk about!”

Not only is her character popular, but “khaleesi” has become a much-used pet name amongst couples. Emilia offered up her thoughts on why so many people connect with Daenerys. “I think she’s a character that lots of people and women can relate to,” she said. “The way they’ve written her you really can care for her because you can see her vulnerability.”

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Exclusive: Game Of Thrones’ Women Are “Not To Be Messed With,” Says Star

Michelle Fairley, who plays Lady Stark on Game of Thrones, is just as fierce in real life as her character is on the show. And oh-so friendly, too! (Like, take a Lannister or two prisoner as revenge, friendly.) Since she plays such a powerful matriarch on the hit show, we asked if she thinks the Game of Thrones women are stronger than their male counterparts. “I think nobody should be confused about the female characters in Game of Thrones,” said Michelle. “They actually are incredibly powerful. They’re incredibly strong and they’re not to be messed with at all. They’re capable of plotting and scheming just like the men.”

Spoken like a true Stark, wouldn’t you say?

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Exclusive: That Time I Talked To Rob Zombie About His “Cool” Friend Kristen Stewart

Here’s one of those short but sweet moments that can only happen here at Comic-Con. I spent yesterday morning and afternoon very frantically covering Breaking Dawn, but I assumed I was done with Twilight for a bit when I rolled into PetCo Park for VH1 Classic’s Dawn of the Con party. Not so! My first interview was with Rob Zombie, and for some reason the first thing we talked about as the cameras started to roll was…Kristen Stewart. Yes, I seem to bring Twilight with me wherever I go!

“She’s cool,” said Mr. Zombie before sharing the details of how they met through her BFF Scout Taylor Compton. “It’s not that great of a story,” said Rob. Aw, I still think it’s cute! Check out the clip above – and follow all our Comic-Con coverage here!

[And yes, I know there are no vampire teeth in the Twilight saga…sometimes nerves can make weird things pop out of my mouth. D’oh!]

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Taylor Lautner Praises Kristen Stewart: “She’s Transformed Herself Into This Sleek, Sexy Vampire”

Kristen Stewart just can’t take a compliment — and it’s really, really cute. The actress pretended to hide under the table at the Breaking Dawn press conference when co-star and close friend Taylor Lautner complimented her transformation as Bella Swan. As if that wasn’t enough, she then mimed a shoveling action for a bit as Taylor praised her work. “Kristen has done such a good job over this whole franchise,” he said, as she hid her face. As the audience laughed, Robert Pattinson moved his head at lightening speed to figure out what was so funny.

Taylor continued: “She’s always been clumsy, awkward, and relatable,” he said of her portrayal of the pre-vampire Bella Swan. “And now she’s all of a sudden transformed herself into this sleek, sexy, vampire.” Check out Rob’s reaction when Taylor drops that line — his look of love is to die for.


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Rob And Kristen Get Quotable – Their 10 Best Moments From The Breaking Dawn Press Conference

Cheese-ball alert: today was a special day in the Twilight fandom. The cast kicked off Breaking Dawn press here at Comic-Con, and it was obvious they are all feeling emotional about it being the beginning of the end. As a Twilight fan and reporter I felt it too – the mix of raw excitement for the final film and deep sadness that after so much time together, this is it. I sat in for both press panels before the Hall H madness, and was impressed by the cast’s energy. Peter Facinelli and Kellan Lutz were being goofballs, Nikki Reed was sweet and sensitive, Ashley Greene was poised and professional and Liz Reaser did some amazing dance movies (imitating Michael Sheen on-set). Taylor Lautner often gets overlooked, but I love his attitude so much — he’s always ready to goof around with Rob and Kristen but is a class act to the core. Mackenzie Foy is as adorable as she seems, and she handled the attention like a pro.

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Step Up Revolution Wants Your Dance Moves For Their Virtual Flashmob

Step Up Revolution is the latest dance film in the now-iconic Step Up franchise, which we can all thank for giving us the glory that is Channing Tatum’s taut backside. The new movie is a romance (yay) set in Miami (caliente!), with Kathryn McCormick as an aspiring dancer who falls in love with a sexy dance mob leader, played by Ryan Guzman. To celebrate, the stars of the film are leading the internet in a virtual flash mob, and they need you to dance your little hearts out on video for them. Film and tweet your moves using the hashtag #stepupmob and you may be featured in the new music video for Timbaland‘s “Hands In The Air.” Sounds fun to us! Watch the video above to learn the steps and read below the jump for more deets.

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Exclusive: Andrew Garfield Wants To “Cry” With Happiness Over Spider-Man Role

Awww, isn’t Andrew Garfield just the sweetest? When he rolled up to our group of reporters on The Amazing Spider-Man red carpet for questions, he teased us and asked if we were going to take what he said out of context. Then I made some weird joke about how I was only going to ask him about hanging out with Robert Pattinson, and he laughed. Yes, sometimes you can do really awkward and silly bits with celebrities on the red carpet. In the few minutes we chatted I found the guy incredibly humble and charming, and he gave an equally adorable answer to my question about how 8-year-old Andrew might react to knowing he’d one day play Spider-man. “What a sweet question,” he replied. “He would dismiss it and be like, ‘No, I don’t think so.'”

Adds the actor, “And if he was here? Well, he is here, really, ‘cuz he’s still alive in me. And that part of me really wants to cry.”

And that was when I melted into a pile of goo on the red carpet. You can check out Andrew answering my question and talking to some other reporters in the clip above. The Amazing Spider-Man opens July 3; I was lucky enough to go to the premiere and enjoyed every second of it. Emma Stone is confident and likable as Gwen Stacey, Rhys Ifans is an empathetic villain, and Andrew, well — the actor is magnetic onscreen. It’s impossible to take your eyes off of him, and I left with one thought: Hhe’s going to win an Oscar someday.

Pictured below: Andrew being adorable at the Los Angeles premiere.

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Mark Wahlberg’s Wife Wanted A Shout-Out In Ted – Did She Get One?

There’s a really funny scene in Ted that you’ve probably caught in the trailer (and can see in our clip, above). In it, John Bennett, played by Boston’s most beloved son Mark Wahlberg, quickly rattles off a giant list of “white trash names,” trying to guess the one belonging to Ted’s new girlfriend. I talked to Mark about how this scene went down because, well, it just seemed hard to do. He tells VH1, “Well, I memorized all the names but we improvised the set up. Because, you know, it just felt like to rattle off 57 names in a kind of slow, normal way would never make it in the movie. So, I figured, if I sort of just said, what if we do it like, it’s kind of like a game show thing where I’m just talking to him and say, ‘Okay, I’m going to get a bunch of names and if I hit the name then you buzz it.’”

Mark says he didn’t sneak a name onto the list, even though he wife Rhea later insisted that he should have included hers. “That wouldn’t have been good,” says the married dad of four. “If it was her idea, she would have said, ‘Yeah, that’s funny!’ But if I just did it, she would have been pissed.” Sounds like a sitcom set-up to us!

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Exclusive: In Which We Spend 5 Minutes With Ted‘s Mila Kunis Discussing Poop

If you’re going to see Ted tonight, you may want to skip my interview with the hilarious Mila Kunis until after you’ve LOLed your way through the film, because we get a little spoiler-y up in these parts. [Language might be NSFW, too] There’s one scene that is both so ridiculous and yet done in such a realistic way (Mark Wahlberg and Mila play it perfectly) that I had to ask her about shooting it. Yes, it involves poop and yes, we ended up mostly discussing poop together — what to wear while shooting poop scenes, picking up her dog’s poop – throughout the entire interview. If you’ve ever wanted to know Mila Kunis’s process when she comes home to discover her bulldog has gone to the bathroom in her house, well, here’s your chance.

And yes – you are welcome. Ted is out in theaters today – go, go, go!



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Mark Wahlberg Sheds Tough Guy Image And Gets “Awkward” In Ted

As a Boston native, I have a seriously huge soft spot in my heart for Mark Wahlberg. I first crushed on his brother Donnie back in the NKOTB days and then dropped him to the curb the second Mark made me feel the vibrations. And then he made movies – SO MANY good movies! Boogie Nights, The Departed, Date Night, The Fighter. Not to mention, he’s an amazing producer (Entourage, RIP). Sometimes I’m like, “Slow down, Mark Wahlberg! I can’t keep up with all your awesomeness!” (And like, he owns a restaurant outside Boston called Wahlburgers, so obviously he’s the greatest person on the planet.)

All gushing aside, the actor has most often played the beefy tough guy in his work, whether it be as Marky Mark the musician to Dirk Diggler to feuding with Andy Samberg on Saturday Night Live. In Ted he takes a sharp turn from the Wahlberg we know and delivers a goofy, awkward, low-status peformance as pothead-slacker John Bennett. He totally nails it in the movie, but he tells VH1 that it was harder than it looked.

“Well the things that were awkward for me was singing, dancing, then having to fight with the bear,” he says. “Those were the scenes I was not looking forward to.”

Still, working with Family Guy‘s Seth MacFarlane, the film’s writer/director/star  made it all worth it. “Working with Seth was a blast,” says Mark. “When I read the script [I knew] that it could be something special.”

Ted is out in theaters on June 29.