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From Spidey And Gwen To The Savages’ Love Triangle: Who’s This Summer’s Hottest Onscreen Romance?

Sure, we’re into weepy deathbed monologues, blood-squirting massacres and the occasional merman scene or two (#CabinInTheWoods4ever), but what we really love to see on the big screen is, well, love. Lucky for us, the summer movie season is always packed with romance, whether it be of the action or indie variety. Not that we’re picky — we eat it all up, thank you very much.

This summer’s crop of movies offers up a buffet of romantic relationships sure to suit even the most critical of tastes. At the core of The Amazing Spider-Man is the romance between Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy, played by real-life loves Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. And of course what would a comedy about rippling male strippers (Magic Mike) be without a love story between the beefy protagonist (Channing Tatum) and his protegee’s sister (newcomer Cody Horn)?

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But equally intriguing are the more unconventional relationships coming to the big screen as the weather warms up. Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg play that perfect couple everyone loves in Celeste & Jesse Forever, who shock their friends when they decide to divorce. In Savages, Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Johnson play two dudes who band together to rescue their kidnapped girlfriend (Blake Lively). That’s right – they both date her. But the onscreen pairing we’re most pumped for? Jared Gilman and Kara Hayward in Wes Anderson‘s Moonrise Kingdom, in which they play two tweens who fall in love and plot – and execute – their escape from their small New England town.

There’s movie love for everyone out there, so what’s your favorite onscreen pairing this season? Poll it up below!

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The 20 Best Photos Of The 20 Best Boy Bands Of The Past 20 Years

Is there anything in the world more beautiful than a boy band? The gel-heavy hairdos. The choreographed moves. The matching outfits (so often suits, so often made of leather). The cuddly, goofy photo ops. Being in a boy band isn’t just a job, it’s an art form. As someone who once cried in the middle of 40,000 screaming girls when Donnie Wahlberg sang “Cover Girl,” seeing them perform live can be a life-changing experience. (NKOTB 4ever.)

Our friends over at MTV are honoring this special species of man music with their Battle of the Boy Bands, and the final round of voting begins today. In honor of the competition we’ve selected the best photos of the best boy bands of the past 20 years for you to swoon/LOL/and get nostalgic over. Be sure to view the pics while listening to our boy band playlist, featuring some of our favorite boy band jams.

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5 Emotions We Felt While Watching The New Cosmopolis Trailers

Talk about an emotional roller coaster! Two trailers for Cosmopolis dropped last night, and they are intense. The clips coincided with the announcement that the film, directed by David Cronenberg, will premiere at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival next month, which is often the launching pad for the most buzzed about and acclaimed films of the year. (The Artist won the top prize at last year’s festival and went on to win Best Picture at the Oscars.) And of course we’re also really pumped about seeing Robert Pattinson walk around in a tux for a week, hopefully alongside his lovely girlfriend Kristen Stewart, who will also be in attendance for her film, On the Road.

We went through a whole bevy of emotions and reactions while watching the two trailers, so we whipped ‘em up in a little list for you to peruse. What did you feel watching while watching them? We await your thoughts in the comments and on Twitter.

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Chris Klein Tells Us What It Feels Like To Get Hit In The Nuts By Jason Biggs. No, Really.

American Reunion opens in theaters today, introducing a whole new generation of impressionable teens to the magic of band camp jokes and pie sex. We caught up with Chris Klein at the movie’s premiere, and he told us that things on set were even crazier than in 1999. People partied, prank wars ensued, and Jason Biggs greeted him by slapping him in the nuts. That’s the spirit!

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Chris Klein Has To Wash His Feet Before Going To Bed…And Other Amazing Things The Actor Told Us

Hey guys – Kate Spencer here. I’m the West Coast Correspondent for VH1 News which is a fancy way of saying I interview celebrities on red carpets a lot. It’s pretty fun, especially when you get to talk to people you crushed on when you were 19 and wearing giant skater pants on a daily basis. Enter  Chris Klein, he of American Pie and Election and dating Katie Holmes fame. Turns out the former apple of my late 90s eye is now someone who needs to wipe his feet of before he gets in bed every night.Kinda makes me fall in love all over again!

I discovered this magical tidbit while subjecting Chris to my “speed round” questions on the American Reunion red carpet, and he was nice enough to play along. In just two minutes you can learn everyone you need to know about Chris Klein – mainly that he’s a super-clean Journey enthusiast whose spirit animal is the dolphin. Wonderful weirdness ensues in the clip above; American Reunion is out in theaters today.

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American Reunion Cast Skipped Their Own High School Reunions … And Other Revelations

I grew up on American Pie back in the day, so getting to interview the cast at the American Reunion premiere was a late ’90s high-schooler’s dream come true. I grilled Chris Klein, Tara Reid, Mena Suvari, Shannon Elizabeth and the rest of the Pie Crew on the red carpet and learned some important things. Mainly, that they all had horrible prom nights, skipped their own high school reunions and really love singing Journey. In other words, some stars really are just like us!

American Reunion is out in theaters tomorrow.

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The 5 Best Things About This Photo Of Jennifer Lawrence Finding Out About Her Oscar Nom

I don’t know if this photo of Jennifer Lawrence learning about her 2011 Oscar nomination for Winter’s Bone is real or where it came from. All I know is that it showed up on Tumblr sometime last week and I can’t stop thinking about how magical and wonderful it is, for five simple reasons.

1. The matching parental bathrobes! In kneelength, no less. So risky and carefree. And also, Mom Lawrence has thrown her hands in the air and is waving them like her daughter just got an Oscar nom, and for this I love her so.

2. That hot, hugging brother of her’s. I’ve got something he can bear hug – this bowl of popcorn I just made for us to curl up with on the couch as we watch Friends reruns together and spoon.

3. Silk pajama pants, a t-shirt, a sweater from Kohl’s that Grandma gifted you last year, and some cheap black slippers?! Jennifer, you are wearing my signature look and I like it!

4. Hello, Jennifer Lawrence’s boyfriend Nick Hoult. You are in your gym clothes at 5 in the morning which means you are a maniac and you also kind of look like you’re wearing roller skates which means you are the perfect man.

5. Oh look, a movie star decorates her apartment with things purchased at Marshall’s Home Goods. It’s official – Jennifer Lawrence is the most likable celebrity around.


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British Journalist Who Says “Women Hate Me For Being Beautiful” Gets Doused With Internet Haterade

Oh gurl. Samantha Brick is a lady – a nice looking lady – who went on a tear in the Daily Mail (of course) yesterday about how her beauty makes men do absurdly nice things like offer her free champagne and flowers. Sounds like a great life! (*looks at my own empty champagne glasses and vase, sighs*) But alas, there is a twist to this story. According to Samantha, being a “tall, slim, blonde” babe means there are “downsides to being pretty — the main one being that other women hate me for no other reason than my lovely looks.” Surely you see where this is going, person who understands how the Internet works?

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Game Of Thrones Star Sean Bean Thinks Downton Abbey Is Kinda Meh

When Sean Bean rolled up to talk to us at the Mirror, Mirror premiere recently, it was all we could do to keep from shouting “GAME OF THRONEZZZ OMG!” Yes, the show is that amazing, thanks in large part to Bean’s portrayal of Ned Stark. (His role in Mirror, Mirror is kind of blink-and-you-miss it, but pivotal and classic Sean Bean nonetheless.) We asked the British actor for his thoughts on another niche show with a mega-following, Downton Abbey. He surprised us by not being as big a fan as, well, the entire Internet seems to be. “I’ve kind of seen it all before,” he said when asked if he was into the show. “I might sound a bit flip, but I don’t think it’s representative of what the English are, of what the English were.

“I think it’s very well done and very well acted,” he continued. “It’s OK.” For more of the delightful Mr. Bean’s thoughts on Downton, and the kinds of stories of the U.K. that we should be seeing, check out our interview above. And Game of Thrones fans, take note (spoiler-y, if you STILL haven’t seen season one): The actor told us he’d be tuning in for this season, even though he’s not, uh, in it.

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Ian Somerhalder Rescues Four Kittens, Becomes Even More Adorable

Warning! This is gonna be a gushy post.

Ian Somerhalder is obviously incredibly handsome (those eyes!) but the most beautiful thing about him is his compassion for animals. (There’s that gushing we talked about earlier.) The Vampire Diaries star was honored at the Human Society’s annual Genesis Awards last week, which celebrates entertainers who support causes that protect our furry friends. Ian manages his own foundation that supports environmental and animal causes, and recently turned his birthday into a fundraising opportunity. Our interview on the red carpet was an educational experience, with Ian dropping knowledge about overfishing, conserving the Everglades and simple methods of spaying and neutering strays. It was like college, but compacted into a three minute interview with the best looking man on the planet. In other words, heaven!

Our favorite part of our convo was Ian describing how he’s currently in the process of rescuing four kittens born on the Vampire Diaries set. Once he humanely traps, spays and brings them all home, the kitties will bring his animal count up to ten. Somer-dorable.

Hey Nina Dobrez – well played, girl.