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Gossip Break: The Funniest Video On The Internet

  • We didn’t think it was possible, but Best Week Ever has found the funniest video ever. Watch above. Laugh forever. []
  • Sienna Miller was spotted lunching with Claire Danes‘ boyfriend Hugh Dancy. We’d feel for Claire, except that she kinda did that whole man-stealing thing herself. Karma-time! [PopSugar]
  • Did Nicole Richie move out because Mischa Barton hit on her man? We can dream, right. [DListed]
  • Barack Obama said thanks, but no thanks, to Lindsay Lohan‘s offer to campaign for him. [Gawker]
  • Look out! Cat lady Jocelyn Wildenstein is loose and terrorizing the streets of Los Angeles! [Seriously? OMG]

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Afternoon Snack: The Odd Couple

He Pingping, the world’s smallest man, poses under Svetlana Pankratova, who has the longest legs in the world. The pair were together yesterday in London for the launching of the 2009 Guinness Book of World Records. [Photo: FilmMagic]

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Perfect Gwyneth Paltrow “Just Can’t Diet!”

Has anyone told Gwyneth Paltrow to shut up yet? Because if not, we will. The actress got all cuddly and cute with Oprah Winfrey, and confessed on her show that she “just cannot diet.” Well, lucky her. Gwynnie continues, “It’s worth it to me to do that extra exercise so I can eat what I want and not think about it.”

Of course, if we had full days of free time to spend in the gym and then at home staring at our millions, we’d look as good as Gwyneth, too. Alas, life is cruel. Apparently, so is Gwyneth, who also confessed she had a hard time losing “these 20 extra pounds” she gained after her second pregnancy. It really shows, sister! Just checkout her hugeness in the picture above. Take those thunder thighs – and your even bigger mouth – back to London. [People. WireImage]

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Britney’s Better, But Don’t Call It A Comeback

So Britney Spears looks kinda skinny and got some handouts at the VMAs. So what? Everyone’s getting all hyper about how Brit’s on the mend, because for a few thousand dollars she can look great, and her re-hired manager Larry Rudolph has her on a tight leash. But just because it’s a lot easier to marvel over her three VMAs than her bipolar disorder, doesn’t mean that she’s all healed in the head. That takes time, and the poor girl hasn’t really had much of that these days. Her next album Circus is coming out on December 2nd, just a year after 2007’s Blackout and 2008’s breakdowns, British accents and bad influences. A source close to Spears raises concern about her speedy return, and we’re starting to see the spy’s side of things.

“Britney has been going to the studio ever since she got out of the hospital, but it was more a therapeutic exercise than anything. The people who really care about her knew that even though she wants to be the pop star she used to be, it won’t be good for her. Even her label, Jive, understood that. It’s a little unsettling to us that they’d want her to get back to recording so fast.”

Maybe all Brit needs is a big tour, lots of cash, and record album sales. But we can’t help but worry about what December will bring, seeing that success is what helped grow her problems – especially her weave – in the first place. [MSNBC. Photos: GettyImages]

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The Stars of 90210 Are Scary Skinny And No One Cares

Today on the train as we perused our copy of Us Weekly, we were horrified to actually learn something from the trashy tab: the chicks on the new 90210 are skinny (pictured above left to right: Shenae Grimes, AnnaLynne McCord and Jessica Stroup). Like way skinny – flaunting the kind of bony like that makes your stomach curl and your brain wonder: how does this person survive on one grande skinny soy latte per day? The estimated stats given were as follows:

  • AnnaLynne McCord: 110 lbs, 5’7″
  • Shenae Grimes: 90 lbs, 5’3″
  • Jessica Stroup: 105 lbs, 5’8″ (!!!)

This is not a new story, obviously; way too many women in Hollywood and beyond push the extreme skin and bones look, and just about everyone experiences the pressure to appear thin. For celebs, the emphasis seems to be on staying as skinny as possible, but, according to Entertainment Weekly, without getting “too skinny.” It’s a feat that’s virtually impossible to succeed at – does one eat three grapes for lunch as opposed to two? – and one has to wonder not just if the three actresses have dipped into the “too skinny” zone, but more importantly what – if anything – the execs on the show are doing about it. According to one source, the answer is: not much. “I know in discussions at ABC and CBS that ‘too skinny’ is no good. They talk about it as a minus point,” says an anonymous agent. “But at The CW it’s a different story. They’re trying to pull in the Gossip Girl audience and that’s the image: hyper-skinny models.”

McCord’s publicist told EW that his client chows down on “whatever she wants.” For her body’s sake, we hope that’s the case. What do you think – are the 90210 girls too skinny?

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Anne Hathaway Loves Smoking Cigarettes

Anne Hathaway was apparently smoking like a chimney at the Toronto Film Festival. Shocker right? Who knew that pile of purity allowed anything that dangerous inside her body – except for that Italian con, of course. Turns out, her “people don’t want anyone to know she smokes.” So we’re here to tell you that supposedly, she does. [NYDN. Photo: GettyImages]

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Heidi Montag Wants Orphans, But Do They Want Her?

Yesterday was Heidi Montag‘s 72nd 22nd birthday, and how did she choose to celebrate? By sending chills down the spines of orphans everywhere. While discussing the possibility of having children sired by her man-beast Spencer Pratt, she told Ryan Seacreast on his radio show, “I want, like, four. Maybe I’ll adopt 10. I want to have my own orphanage like Mother Teresa.”

Here’s the thing poor Heidi doesn’t realize – those kids are not going to want to live in her palace of plastic and blank stares. She can’t even save her friendship with programmed robot Lauren Conrad, how could she possibly improve the lives of kids? If she intends to head down the road of charity and goodwill, she could start by getting rid of her scary shoe collection. Not only do those things look more like weapons of war than comforting footwear, the money they cost could probably feed some kid for years. Priorities, Heidi. That’s what turning 72 22 is all about. [Us. Photos: WireImage]

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Gossip Break: Jen’s Jacked And We’re Jealous

Newly married Ellen DeGeneres is a Cover Girl. Hawt. [DListed]

Matthew Broderick‘s son makes Mr. Jessica Parker much cuter. Without the kid – blegh. [Seriously? OMG!]

Oh man. Jennifer Aniston‘s gloriously ripped arms have extinguished all the pity we felt for her after Mayer gave her the boot. [Jezebel]

The adorable and funny Amy Poehler is leaving SNL for bigger and better things – like a baby! Now, now. We know it’ll be hard, but dry your tears. [Celebitchy]

The 30 Worst Autobiography Pun Titles. It hurts even more to know these are all real. []

Professor Wikipedia knows everything. [CollegeHumor]

Nick Jonas turns sixteen today. Only two more years until he’s legal ladies! [MTVBuzzworthy]

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Lindsay Lohan Looks Best After Beat Down

As we all now know, Lindsay Lohan punched a paparazzi on Sunday night, after she stumbled over a barricade and mistook it for a photographer tripping her. You can see her freak out in the photo on the right, in which she looks, well, insane. But amazingly, the girl cleans up! Samantha Ronson probably spent hours scrubbing her lady friend to get her to look this fine last night at the “Ugly Betty” preview party (though, we assert again that LiLo is way too skinny these days).

[Photos: Splash News Online. Getty Images]