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Anne Hathaway Loves Smoking Cigarettes

Anne Hathaway was apparently smoking like a chimney at the Toronto Film Festival. Shocker right? Who knew that pile of purity allowed anything that dangerous inside her body – except for that Italian con, of course. Turns out, her “people don’t want anyone to know she smokes.” So we’re here to tell you that supposedly, she does. [NYDN. Photo: GettyImages]

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Heidi Montag Wants Orphans, But Do They Want Her?

Yesterday was Heidi Montag‘s 72nd 22nd birthday, and how did she choose to celebrate? By sending chills down the spines of orphans everywhere. While discussing the possibility of having children sired by her man-beast Spencer Pratt, she told Ryan Seacreast on his radio show, “I want, like, four. Maybe I’ll adopt 10. I want to have my own orphanage like Mother Teresa.”

Here’s the thing poor Heidi doesn’t realize – those kids are not going to want to live in her palace of plastic and blank stares. She can’t even save her friendship with programmed robot Lauren Conrad, how could she possibly improve the lives of kids? If she intends to head down the road of charity and goodwill, she could start by getting rid of her scary shoe collection. Not only do those things look more like weapons of war than comforting footwear, the money they cost could probably feed some kid for years. Priorities, Heidi. That’s what turning 72 22 is all about. [Us. Photos: WireImage]

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Gossip Break: Jen’s Jacked And We’re Jealous

Newly married Ellen DeGeneres is a Cover Girl. Hawt. [DListed]

Matthew Broderick‘s son makes Mr. Jessica Parker much cuter. Without the kid – blegh. [Seriously? OMG!]

Oh man. Jennifer Aniston‘s gloriously ripped arms have extinguished all the pity we felt for her after Mayer gave her the boot. [Jezebel]

The adorable and funny Amy Poehler is leaving SNL for bigger and better things – like a baby! Now, now. We know it’ll be hard, but dry your tears. [Celebitchy]

The 30 Worst Autobiography Pun Titles. It hurts even more to know these are all real. []

Professor Wikipedia knows everything. [CollegeHumor]

Nick Jonas turns sixteen today. Only two more years until he’s legal ladies! [MTVBuzzworthy]

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Lindsay Lohan Looks Best After Beat Down

As we all now know, Lindsay Lohan punched a paparazzi on Sunday night, after she stumbled over a barricade and mistook it for a photographer tripping her. You can see her freak out in the photo on the right, in which she looks, well, insane. But amazingly, the girl cleans up! Samantha Ronson probably spent hours scrubbing her lady friend to get her to look this fine last night at the “Ugly Betty” preview party (though, we assert again that LiLo is way too skinny these days).

[Photos: Splash News Online. Getty Images]

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Heidi Montag Has Her Cake And Eats It Too

Happy staged birthday, Heidi Montag. It must have been kinda sad to know in advance what gifts you were getting – a new purse and YSL ankle booties, OMG! – but you fake it so well. We consider your acting skills to be a birthday gift – to us. Also, that’s a pretty tall glass of champagne there. We know it takes a substantial amount of booze to stomach looking at Spencer, but check yourself before you wreck yourself (anymore than you already have).

[Photos: Pacific Coast News]

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Jamie Biden: Joe’s Nephew Sexes Up Politics

We enjoyed this little tidbit today in the NY Daily News about Senator and Veep candidate Joe Biden‘s nephew, Jamie Biden. Then we worked it out on Google, only to discover he’s some hot rocker who’s in the band Bloody Social with Sienna Miller/Lindsay Lohan/Kate Moss ex and model, Jamie Burke. The pair met in NYC when Biden came across Burke puking outside of Bungalow 8, so logically, they formed a band together. Biden is described as a “policy wonk” who dropped out of law school at Fordham to pursue music. Also, he dates model Amy Bracco, who is really, really hot. Seriously, he should join his Uncle Joe out on the campaign trail and give that sex pot Levi Johnson a run for his money. [Photo: Getty Images]

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Perez Sez: John Mayer Likes Anal?

We were just listening to the Howard Stern show this morning, and guest Perez Hilton was on dishing the dirt with Howard and his clan. The most interesting tidbit? Perez alleges that John Mayer supposedly was very into anal sex with Jessica Simpson (Perez revealed he got this info from her girlfriend), and that Mayer also is apparently down with some super kinky stuff. Let’s just say if you like water sports, urine luck! This is all just according to Perez, of course, so take it with a grain or two of salt. But we gotta wonder – if this is what Mayer might be into, what does that say about our golden girl Jennifer Aniston?  [Photo: WireImage]

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Pat O’Brien Accuses Co-Host Of Making People Want To “Vomit”

Sure, Pat O’Brien thinks his job is giving us the latest in Kelly Ripa‘s hair color, but really what he’s good for is going batsh*t insane. The Insider host was in to Iowa to cover Joe Biden on the campaign trail, and while there he sent this scathing email back to the staffers on his show and Entertainment Tonight:

“Hi, folks, I just spent a couple of days in Iowa – I’m a little bit of a favorite son there – and I spoke with maybe a thousand people and was very hands-on. Even Joe Biden said, ‘You should be running (for president)!’ But what I came away with was, these people can’t afford gas, books, food or schools or movies! …I tried to tell them we care, but they didn’t buy it. They wanted to, but watching Anya and Lara [Spencer] pick out accessories makes the viewers want to vomit. I’ll get killed for this, but I’m actually the one not afraid for my job. I want people to be happy.”

O’Brien was referring to a part of the show where co-host Lara Spencer and her stylist pick out affordable accessories and outfits, which a source says is “a very popular segment.” Pat later said of the email: “I just raged against the machine. We can change the world.” Yes. One accessories segment at a time, apparently.  [Photo: FilmMagic]