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Tom Cruises Admires His Finest Creation Yet

Robot Holmes sped across the country from New York City, where she is in rehearsals for the Broadway show All My Sons, to be with her man Tom Cruise last night on the red carpet of this flick Tropic Thunder. Tom took some time to let Katie shine in all her glory. She really has that ‘I’m empty inside’ glow! Check out more pics of the pair below. Katie’s already back in NYC today – she couldn’t wait to get away from Tom’s grasp!

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Tila Tequila Kisses Her Girlfriend, Likes It

Good news! Tila Tequila is still stringing along Yahoo! heiress Courtenay Semel. The pair were spotted over the weekend out at an LA club “giving each other lap dances and sneaking in kisses in the corner.” How sweet! We found them getting skanky for the camera at an event last Thursday. MTV has announced that Tila’s hit show A Shot At Love is coming back for a third season, but the starlet’s name is mysteriously absent from the title. Has Tila moved on from her show and found love for real this time?  [NYP]

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Britney Spears is Totally Gonna Bone Russell Brand

Well what do you know – Britney Spears and Russell Brand have palpable chemistry in these promo ads for the VMAs! Brand is a notorious sex addict who penned a book about his appetite for women. “I had a harem of about 10 women, whom I would rotate in addition to one-night stands and random casual encounters,” he wrote of his horniest days. Britney is, well, Britney. And that seems to be a dangerous combination.

Tune in to the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards on Sept. 7 at 9PM ET.

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Sex And The Olympics – French Swimmer Shakes Off Naked Pics

If you were paying attention during the Olympics last night, you might have caught a little video piece on French swimmer Laure Manaudou. She snagged a gold medal in Athens in 2004, but is best known for her, uh, ‘work’ out of the pool. In 2006 Laure fell in love with Italian swimmer Luca Marin, and very publicly left her coach and country to train – and bone – in Italy. “Between Italy and France,” she announced, “I have chosen Luca Marin, the love of my life. I want to live with him and have a baby.”

Except that didn’t totally work out as planned. The Italian club she joined in Turin kicked her out for “a lazy attitude,” and she and Marin broke up in the middle of the European Championships last December, where, after fighting in front of their teammates and the press, she threw her engagement ring in the pool. Voila! Adding to the scandal were the slew of naked pics (and a video) of Manaudou that leaked onto the web just hours later. The culprit remains unknown and Marin denies being involved, but you know, it sure as hell doesn’t make him look good.

To make matters worse, Marin is now dating Italian swimmer Federica Pellegrini, who is a world record holder and is competing against Manaudou in the Olympics this summer. Pellegrini now trains under Manaudou’s ex-coach and beat her world record – today! – in the 200 meter freestyle.

If you can handle more of the drama, check out pics of all three sexed up swimmers below. And those naked pics – NSFW of course – can be found here.

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Hef’s Girls Freak Over His New Flame

Yay! We’re excited to post about the latest drama plaguing the Playboy mansion, just so we can stare at slutty pictures of the Girls Next Door. Apparently things have been getting a little crazy at chez Hugh Hefner, due to his recent interest in a Ukrainian model named Dasha Astafieva. The brunette hottie first appeared in a competition to score the cover of the nudie mag, and now Hef is apparently escorting her on photo shoots and holding her hand! You know Holly Madison ain’t having that sh*t. A source tells the National Enquirer, “Dasha’s natural endowments and beauty stunned Hef. Dasha has upset the pecking order by pushing her way into Hef’s heart. The competition for his attention is really intense among the girls because of her.” [PerezHilton]

In other words, it’s cat bunny fight time.

For more of Dasha, feast your eyes on the video of her performing a bizarre backwards striptease, above.

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Mens Relay Team Wins The Gold, Lusty Lady Fans

Oh hello there, muscles. The USA mens 4x100m freestyle relay team clinched the gold metal last night, beating the pompous French team (who had trash talked our guys and promised to “smash” them in the competition) by just .08 seconds. World records were broken and gold medals were won, but our focus was elsewhere – mainly on every exposed American swimmer body part we could find. These dudes (Michael Phelps, Jason Lezak, Garrett Weber-Gale and Cullen Jones) are hot in regular clothes, but dripping wet and cheering in a half-torn off body suit contraption? Yes, please.

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President Bush: Operation Butt Cheeks

President Bush and clan are at the Olympics this week and from the looks of it, our Commander in Chief is having a grand ol’ time checking out some volleyball ass and raisin’ the roof alongside Mitt Romney and Bill Gates. Crazy faces? American flag? George Bush has got ‘em! Leadership skills and a good vocabulary? Not so much.

Good times below.

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Hayden Panettiere’s Dad Busted For Beating Her Mom

Heroes star Hayden Panettiere is now embroiled is some serious dysfunctional family drama, after her dad Alan was arrested at 3:00 AM this morning for domestic violence. He supposedly clocked the actress’s mom in the face after arguing over some dude Lesley Panettiere was chatting with at an event Hayden hosted on Sunday, claiming she was “disrespecting” him. Looks like he did a pretty good job of that himself! Papa Panettiere is now locked up and facing a $50,000 bail and a permanent reputation as a douchebag.

Before things got violent, Hayden stepped out with her much older boyfriend, Milo Ventimiglia, hosting a benefit for her beloved whales in Hollywood. Pics below. [TMZ]

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