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Gossip Break: Seezinz’ Skinz

Flavor of Love 3‘s Seezinz follows the lead of other FOL greats and shows us some skin. Thanks. [Bossip]

Amy Winehouse‘s dad is in denial, and thinks a “friend” spiked his daughter’s drink with the drug ecstasy. And the friend’s name rhymes with Mamy Minemouse. [DListed]

Yes, we are made of stone, but even we cracked at the cuteness of Matthew McConaughey and his baby. [Seriously? OMG!]

These Gossip Girl guys might be getting all LoRonSon on each other. Or maybe we all just wish they were. [WWTDD]

Hef‘s girlfriends look really…plastic. Still. [ONTD]

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K-Fed Loves Living Off Of Britney’s Bank

We have to hand it to Kevin Federline. He didn’t seem that smart back in the day when he was giving Britney piggyback rides on the beach while chain smoking Salems, but his master plan of knocking Brit up with some cute kids, makin’ her crazy, and then dumping her ass and stealing her millions really worked! Bravo, young man.

K-Fed was busy getting his golf on this weekend – where he smoked cigs on the course like the class ex Mr. Spears that he is – and told People, “Been having a good summer, I can’t complain.”

He declined to comment on his recent “raise” in child support from $15,000 a month to $20,000, of course, but we’d guess it’s pretty damn awesome. He did say his kids are “good,” which is obvious to anyone with a brain. They don’t have to live with crazy mommy anymore, which sounds pretty good to us!

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All Obama Needs Is A Vag Flash

As the old saying goes, politics are dirty. But taking it down to Paris and Britney’s level? That’s just straight up crotch flashin’ nasty. And yet that’s just what presidential nominee Senator John McCain has done in his new ad (watch it above), comparing Barack Obama mania to the paparazzi-fueled hype that surrounds Hollywood’s hottest tramps (who really aren’t all that hot anymore).

John McCain has got to be kidding himself if he thinks anyone is going to believe that Obama is just like Hollywood’s tramp army. Our country digests as many tabloids as they do Big Macs, and we know our celebs! Aside from the fact that Obama’s missing $3000 worth of hair extensions, the only thing this guy has flashed in his life are his fist-bumping skills.

We’ll change our tune when Michelle Obama is replaced by Adnan Ghalib. [via Huffington Post]

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Ali Lohan Meets With Porn Director, Mommy Gets Pissed

On last week’s episode of Living Lohan (a.k.a 101 Reasons Not to Let Your Kid Go Into Showbiz), the show’s tortured starlet, Ali Lohan, was seen auditioning for a horror flick in front of two old dude producers. Turns out our pals at TMZ have identified one of the men as Peter Davy, whose past work includes the tragic tale “Bun Busters 12″ and the uplifting “Breast Wishes 14.” Yep, Peter’s a porn producer.

The meeting was set up by Ali’s agent (nice one!) and Dina, of course, freaked the f*ck out. But doesn’t it pretty much sum up the future of Ali’s career? She should just get used to meeting with porn directors now, because that’s what she’ll be doing for the rest of her life – especially if her Mom’s management skills have anything to do with it. Until then, we’re waiting with baited breath for the first installment in the Loving Lohan series.

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George Clooney’s Ex Needs a Reality Check

Remember George Clooney‘s ex-girlfriend Sarah Larson? Of course you do. She’s so famous, you don’t even associate her with the Cloonster anymore! She’s her own person! Her own brand! Famous for…oh, right – for f*cking George Clooney. But that didn’t stop Sarah from requesting that George’s name be removed from promo material pimping her appearance at Las Vegas club Tao last week.

“Sarah feels she is famous enough now,” a source reported. “She doesn’t want to be regarded as some famous guy’s ex.” So friends, from now on regard her as who she really is: A cocktail waitress who appeared on Fear Factor.

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Sam Lutfi Can’t Stop Stalking Britney Spears

Remember ol’ crazy face Sam Lutfi? You know, the BritBrit hanger on who alleged drugged up the diva in an attempt to control her? Yes, that winner. After Britney’s parents filed a strict restraining order against Sam, he’s been nowhere to be found, probably because he’s been busy working double shifts at Denny’s. But apparently Sam is back on the scene and ready to fight the restraining order that’s kept him away from Britney, her pill supply and her credit cards since February 1st. A hearing is scheduled for tomorrow to address whether the restraining order should be made permanent, and Sammy’s supposedly coming to fight!

“Sam won’t sign a permanent stay-away,” says a source nuts enough to be friends with the guy. “If they want to go to trial, he will go to trial. He did nothing wrong.” Oh come on, dude. We all saw her weave for those six months of friendship. He did A LOT wrong. Like, 3000 plastic hairs worth of damage.

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Another Perfect Couple Fails To Keep It Together

Let’s pour one out for the latest random Hollywood couple to call it quits. Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong have ended their magical love affair. It’s shocking, considering all the things they had in common, like their bank accounts and…their money. They were practically the same person! Still, we are relieved to know that there is now animosity or anger between the two, says a pal, “just sadness.”

We know who’s not sad right now – the single celebs standing in line waiting to date these two. Drew Barrymore and Justin Long just broke up, wouldn’t it be fun if they each rebounded with Lance and Kate? They’re all running out of famous people to bone and they gotta get their drama fix from somewhere! [Us]

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Jessica Simpson Doesn’t Know Much

Bimbo turned bimbo/country singer Jessica Simpson has released the cover of her new album on her website. Apparently all chicks in the country lounge around on wooden benches in $1000 dresses wasting their sweet summer days practicing their favorite ‘desperate face’ pose. It’s a good look for her! It almost makes us forget that underneath, she’s a rich divorcee who makes a living hawking cheap shoes and acne cream.

The title of her album has obviously been shortened down from some longer, super-dumb question our gal Jess has asked along the way.

  • Do you know why John Mayer dumped me?
  • Do you know what my sister’s phone number is? She seems to have changed it without telling me.
  • Do you know if fat free cheese still has fat in it?
  • Do you know when I can take these smelly cowboy boots off?

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Heidi Thinks She Can Afford A $15 Million House

Whoever said The Hills wasn’t funny?

Heidi Montag is moving out of Hollywood (yay!) to escape “the drama.” Sadly, she hasn’t yet realized she’s normally the one to cause all the cat-fighting. But you know, it’s hard being that self-absorbed. Heidi and her man-beast Spencer Pratt are searching for a house in the $15 million range, which means they’re gonna have to stage a lot of bikini pics to save up! That or sell 15 million crappy tank tops from her junk fashion line. Either way, it will probably take them a few years – they’ve blown all their cash on lip injections, after all.

Heidi knows her price range is “a little bit expensive,” but says “we want to get one house where we want to stay and build a family in.” Just the thought of these two “building” some babies makes us vomit harder than Shia LeBeouf after a night of binge drinking. Eek.

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Wino Hospitalized For Mixing Prescription Drugs

Amy Winehouse headed back to her home away from home last night – the hospital. The singer was packed up in an ambulance and whisked off as her dad looked on and friend Remi Nicole freaked out. The doctors released Amy this morning, and her dad summed up the drama, saying, “She’s fine, she just mixed up her medication.’

Translation: she’s high on crack. [DailyMail]

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