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Very VH1: Friday Free For All! We Talk Breaking Dawn, Glee, Chris Brown And Nicki Vs. Mimi

It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday! On today’s episode of Very VH1 we’re getting down and dirty with a group chat about the day’s biggest stories: the most dramatic Glee episode ever, Chris Brown‘s weird confessional video about loving two people, Nicki and Mimi‘s intense feud, and the new Breaking Dawn: Part 2 soundtrack. We’re opinionated, we’re live, and we’re chatting with you! Today, 2PM est – just watch the video below and click on the icon in the top right corner to chat with us.


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The Pitch Perfect Cast Reveals The Song They Hated Singing Most In The Film

It’s one of the best song of the ’90s, but when you have to sing it over and over again, Ace of Base‘s “The Sign” gets old realllll quick. This according to the ladies of Pitch Perfect, who had to sing it constantly as part of the Bellas’ routine in the movie’s a cappella competition. Adorably, a few of the stars are still into the song, but most of them Never.Want.To.Hear.It.Again.

“There are two different scenes that we sing those songs,” Anna Kendrick told VH1 Celebrity. “So the second time we had to shoot that sequence of songs for a couple days in a row, when we had already done it for a couple days in a row, I really wanted to pull my eyes out.”

Brittany Snow, on the other hand, said “Eternal Flame” was her least favorite song. “I’m still all right with I saw the sign,” she said.

“You’re a sick puppy,” Anna replied.

“I know. I liked it.”

After you go see Pitch Perfect, come back and tell us which songs it got stuck in your head forEVER.

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Rebel Wilson Was In A Christian A Cappella Group, And 9 Other Things That Will Surprise You About The Pitch Perfect Cast

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A Twilight Fan Analyzes The Breaking Dawn: Part 2 Soundtrack Song List

I was excited to write up my reactions to the just released Breaking Dawn Part 2 soundtrack listing, because I truly love the previous soundtracks from the franchise and think Music Supervisor Alex Patsavas always does a killer job cultivating tracks that suit each film’s mood. However, I know that my deep entrenchment in the Twilight fandom might make my opinion a little biased. Yes, I drink out of a giant Twilight cup and can identify every pair of Kristen Stewart‘s sneakers out of a shoe lineup, so my thoughts are certainly tainted by years of Twi-obsession. So take these silly, quick comments with a couple grains of salt, okay? They’re my unedited, unresearched, immediate reactions. Besides, we all know this soundtrack could be made up solely of songs by The Wiggles and I’d still love it.

1. Where I Come From — Passion Pit

  • I thought their last album was a dud, but I like these guys and imagine this song will be fun for a shot of a lighthearted giggle shared between Edward and Bella or a wide-shot of the Volvo cruising along those curvaceous roads that apparently curl through Forks like a cement river.

2. Bittersweet — Ellie Goulding

  • Her voice is wonderful and haunting, but I’m a bit less enthused knowing it’s produced by her boyfriend, Skrillex. I expect some serious “womp, womp, wub, dub” happening in the middle, and can really only imagine a ridiculous wolf pack transformation taking place over dubstep. Just feels so jort-y, ya know?

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Today on Very VH1: Chris Brown And Rihanna, Celeb Body Issues, Pretty Little Liars And More!

Today on our live Very VH1 video chat, we’re talking Chris Brown and Rihanna (are they really back together?!), celebrity body issues — from breastfeeding after-baby to our obsession with celebrity boobs (with Kristen Stewart being the latest), and our predictions for the fourth season of Pretty Little Liars. Plus VH1 Top 20 host Jim Shearer stops by so we can gush about Solange‘s new single. Join us at 2PMest/11AMpst by watching the video feed below and clicking on the icon in the upper right hand corner to join the conversation!

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Rebel Wilson Was In A Christian A Cappella Group, And 9 Other Things That Will Surprise You About The Pitch Perfect Cast

We’ve spent all of our spare time in the past couple of weeks obsessively Googling the Pitch Perfect cast, until it dawned on us that we could channel all this useless knowledge into an actual blog post. Thus, here we are, presenting you with the 10 very useful bits of surprising trivia you will definitely want to know after seeing Pitch Perfect.

1. Rebel Wilson was in a Christian a cappella group in high school.

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Very VH1 Plays Way/No Way With This Week’s Most Ridiculous Tabloid Stories

Hey dudes! Join us today in our live video chat as we dissect the most ridiculous tabloid stories fresh off the newsstand. The hilarious Halle Kiefer will be on-hand to share her wisdom, and of course we want to know what you think of the latest magazine gossip stories. Stupid? Slightly believable? We’ll be gabbing about it all at 2PMest/11AMpst. Please come ready to chat, shoot the shizz and share your opinions – we’d be nothing without you!

Check out the show below, and click on the icon in the upper right hand corner of the “screen” to open up the chat box.

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Very VH1 Talks: T.I. And Tiny, New Solange And Taylor Tunes, Breaking Dawn Poster

Today on our daily n’ live web show Very VH1 we’re talking VH1′s T.I. and Tiny and their adorable kids, debating which is better: the new Solange jam “Losing You”or the new Taylor Swift track “Red,” and dissecting just what’s going on in the new Breaking Dawn poster. Also I’ll probably gush about finally watching — and loving — The Vampire Diaries. Join us today at 2PM with our special guest, VH1 Senior Editor and Shows/burrito expert Liz Black. Watch the show below and participate in the chat by clicking the little box in the upper right hand corner. Whee!

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Rebel Wilson’s 15 Coolest Looks

All it took was one look at Rebel Wilson‘s outfit at the Pitch Perfect press junket for me to instantly become obsessed with her. Her hair was perfectly coiffed, and she was dressed in a pink “R” varsity jacket, little velvet pirate slippers (like these) and massive name plate rings a guy in jail made her. I got really excited to dig into her various red carpet outfits of the past, and discovered that she seems to be really into classic glam with the occasional twist. Observe her elegant garnet number above – understated, pulled together and beautiful, with just a touch of bad-ass mixed in.

Check out 15 of her coolest looks in the gallery below – a couple are a little weird but most are seriously sleek, sweet and sometimes sexy.It’s evident that she approaches fashion with a serious eye as well as a sense of humor. And her best accessory? That insanely gorgeous smile.

Exclusive Video: Rebel Wilson Was In A Christian A Cappella Group In High School

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Introducing Very VH1: Our Daily Live Web Show About All Things Celebs

Are you desperate for a break in your work day that’s filled with LOL-packed chit-chat about celebs? Then join us today – and every day! – at 2PM EST for Very VH1, our live n’ daily web show all about movies, music, TV, and pop culture ridiculousness. We’re dishing about the most current stories with the best VH1 personalities and entertainment experts And the coolest part is that you’re not just a viewer – everyone watching can participate in our live chat running in real time next to the video feed, and we’ll even be bringing viewers on-air with us. It’s easy – just tune in to the video above (or click on this link) at 2PM EST/11AM PST and we’ll be there gabbing away. Chime in or just watch – it’s up to you.

How do I know it’s so freaking awesome? Because I’m your host (*waves and shakes your hand*) and I’m up to discuss anything and everything happening in Hollywood. I also drink out of a giant Twilight cup and sometimes my cat walks on-screen, so it’s pretty much the best thing ever. See you there!

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Pitch Perfect’s Rebel Wilson Reveals Her “Dorky” A Cappella Past

Here’s the greatest thing we learned recently: Pitch Perfect star Rebel Wilson was in an a cappella group called Twelve Voice at her Christian high school. Amazing, right? The actress told us what it was like being part of Australia’s “dorkiest” singing troupe, in which she had to wear “peasant blouses and long velvet skirts.”

“There was no dancing, there was no cool choreography or cool songs when I sang a cappella,” she said. “We’d have to stand like this — we weren’t allowed to do any cool moves — and just sing church songs.”

She then blew our minds by singing us an example of the kind of tunes they got down to. A terrible song has never sounded so awesome.

“I thought a cappella was totally dorky, and then when I came to America and saw The Sing-Off, I though, ‘It’s pretty sweet,’” she said.

But if you really wand “pretty sweet,” you have to see Rebel as Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect, in which she handles singing her heart out and getting belted with burritos with grace.

Also, please check out Rebel’s amazing ring bling, which she told us was made for her by a guy in jail. Read more…