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10 Things Channing Tatum Does Better Than You | Infomaniacs – Ep. 1

Sexy actor Channing Tatum is obviously one smokin’ hot piece of meat, but did you know that he can also cook an actual piece of meat? He’s a chef. And a restaurant owner. What a renaissance guy. Cooking is just one of the 10 things Channing Tatum can do better than you—or me—or any of us. To find out more about Channing’s sexiness, beatboxing, and his love of The Goonies, check out Infomaniacs!

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Which Celebrity Won Their Breakup?

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-Jasmine Grant

It’s quite the feat to step out of the more famous shadow of your spouse, but its certainly possible if you play your cards right. Take Amber Rose for example. After reading her infamous ex Kanye West‘s new in-laws for filth on Twitter, Rose has earned a slew of #TeamAmber fans — proving not only that she can hold her own, but that she doesn’t need to be rapper arm candy (to Yeezy or Wiz Khalifa) to maintain her status as a self-proclaimed “bad bitch.” Read more…


Why Hillary Clinton Would Vote For Scandal’s Mellie Grant

Scandal Mellie For President

-Jasmine Grant

What’s given season 4 of Scandal a much-needed edge is its spot-on reflection of real life American democracy. First lady Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young) has been dragged through a whirlwind of BS since her husband (Tony Goldwyn) was elected president. In spite of Fitz’s constant betrayal, she’s kept a level head — convinced that a political future of her own would one day make living in the shadows of Olivia Pope worth it. Read more…


‘Whiplash’ and the Troubling Notion of Success by Any Means Necessary

Whiplash JK Simmons

-Doc Coyle

In the wake of three wins at the Academy Awards highlighted by J.K. Simmons seemingly inevitable taking of the Best Supporting Actor Oscar, jazz master class meets boot camp themed film, Whiplash, is very fresh in my mind. Like many other viewers, I have to say that I flat-out loved the film, and also like many others, the film affected me in a very personal way. Read more…