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The Letter C Doesn’t Always Stand For What You Think It Stands For

This is not a joke. I seriously thought that The Big C, the new show on Showtime starring Laura Linney, Gabourey Sidibe and Oliver Platt, was about Laura Linney being a huge jerk. Or, you know, a c*nt. I was all like, “What a hilarious concept, Showtime! Also, well done, because if I were to cast a c*nt it would definitely be Laura Linney because she is the premiere actress of her generation and plays those types of women really really well. Not like she is one. I don’t know Ms. Linney. I’m sure she’s an excellent person. Anyway, good work, Showtime, I’m sure this show will prove to be awesome!” That’s exactly what I thought! Up until 1:15 of the trailer.

Booo! It’s about cancer!! I mean, obviously someone, probably the writer, thought that The Big C might elicit my reaction, perhaps not quite so literally. Or maybe not. I really just want this show to be about Laura Linney being a c*nt minus the cancer. I especially love the part where she tells Gabourey Sidibe that she can’t be both “fat and mean.” She can either be fat and jolly or a skinny bitch. That is so c*nty! And hilarious! More of that, please!