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5 People Who Attended The Oscars That I Had To Google


Even if you’re not a blogger, it might’ve been a good idea to watch the Oscars with your trusty laptop (or even your smartphone!) by your side. Not to entertain you while the show goes on for THREE LONG BORING HOURS, but so you can quickly Google any mysterious faces you see along the red carpet. Even if you didn’t, I did, because god forbid I don’t know who is who and what’s going on during Hollywood’s Biggest Night. And thanks to Google, now I know the Wikipedia history of anyone who came within a 50 foot radius of that golden statue.

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A Best Week Ever Taste Test Of The Least Likely Oscars Nominees To Get Their Faces On Cupcakes


Best Week Ever HQ had a special cupcake surprise today. Our local treats shop had an array of Oscar nominee cupcakes–everyone from Jennifer Lawrence to…Emmauelle Riva? Riva’s deserving of the Oscar, but not sure local cupcake fans would go for the 85 year old French nom. But hey, what do we know? She looked delicious and so did Best Actor nominee Daniel Day-Lews–who we’re sure would love to know that we’re about to bite into his face…

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Doing Some Weird Stuff In Asia With His Bourbon

Leo DiCaprio Bourbon

We all know about the secret celebrity market of starring foreign commercials for product they’d never actually use. Some call it “Japandering” and others just called it…The Business. Either way, it’s a very real thing and thanks to the Internet, these commercials usually made it back to The States–where we can use them to forever shame said celebrity. This week in “WTF Leonardo DiCaprio” (an ongoing feature I just invented, natch) the Pussy Posse’s leader drinks Jim Beam in Asia in which what seems to be the wrong way. But what do I know? I’ve never drank bourbon in Asia.

Snowball in your bourbon, Leo?

by (@lindseyweber) Once Remade The Entertainment Tonight Theme Song, Or, How Is This Real?


Apparently, a few months ago technologist, hologramist and man-whose-name-auto-corrects-to-an-URL, (seriously, that’s a link), added Theme Song Innovator to his illustrious resumé. It’s not surprising that Will is continuing to push the envelope in his creative endeavors, but to tell you the truth, he just looks bored here.

Do you think will.iam should have been given the opportunity to remix(?) Entertainment Tonight‘s theme song? Should we let him remake more theme songs? Should we let him wear promotional Beats By Dres in more promotional videos? It’s up to you.

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Facebook Genius (And Actor) Vin Diesel Covers Rihanna’s “Stay” Exclusively On Vinbook


I would never assume you don’t already know about Vinbook, I have more respect for you than that, but for those in the dark,  it is a magical place on Facebook where actor Vin Diesel creates beautiful images and words to share with his fans. I wouldn’t call myself a diehard Vin Diesel fan (that spot is exclusively for Tom Hanks)…But with the addition of Vinbook in my life, I think I might be becoming one.

I beg of you to check our Vin’s karaoke below, and become a FAN on Vinbook.

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Put The “Val” In Your Valentines With These Val Kilmer Valentine’s Day Cards

Val Kilmer Valentine's Day Cards

Happy Valentine’s Day. Whether or not you have your own Valentine, we all have Val. And that Val is Val Kilmer (@ValEKilmer), the World’s Most Prolific Celebrity Selfie Taker. If anyone is wondering what he’s been up to recently, the answer is taking pictures of himself and posting them to Twitter. Oh, and he’s starring in a play about Mark Twain, playing Mark Twain. But that’s irrelevant.

What matters is Valentine’s Day and how yours can be enhanced with a little extra Val.

Click to enlarge, print and send to your very own VALentine.

Put a Val in your Valentine’s Day!

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Paul F. Tompkins & Maya Rudolph Cover Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’ “Home”

Two Best Week Ever favorites, our former host Paul F. Tompkins & Up All Night‘s Maya Rudolph, got together to sing the web’s all-time most favorite twee-soaked heartbreaker, “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros for The Paul F. Tompkins Show 9th Anniversary Special. Synchronized whistles and all, the two even mimic the song’s spoken word love ode. Alas, it’s no Jorge & Alex Narvaez, but we’ll take these two performing a duet wherever the location.

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