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That’ll Be Quite Enough Anne Hathaway 2: The Return of Anne Hathaway

In case you forgot, Anne Hathaway has the tendency to be insufferable, and she’s not busy doing much to help fight that. On a special Oscars edition of Zach Galifianakis’ Between Two Ferns, almost all of his guests played themselves as straight men to Zach’s wacky interview tactics. But you know who took it 100 steps further, playing a drunk(?) version of herself? You guessed it: Anne Hathaway.

Watch (& cringe) along with us below

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Hey Alex Trebek, Call Us Maybe! Yeah, We Went There (And So Did Jeopardy)

Carly Rae Jepsen made her Jeopardy debut last night, and she wasn’t a guest performer (does Jeopardy do that yet?), but she was in the highly coveted categories spot during the show’s Teen Tournament. I’m not entirely sure what these Carly Rae’d categories actually asked, but if they were all about Carly’s extensive Canadian background, we would have ACED IT. 

Ever wanted to hear Alex Trebek sing?

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In Honor Of The New Fast And Furious 6 Trailer, Here Is Ludacris Saying “They Got A Tank” For 2 Minutes

The upcoming Fast 6 aka Fast & the Furious 6 aka Ludacris is in this one is bound to be the the series’ greatest. I know this because someone told me so, and I trust their judgement. I also know this because I saw New Year’s Eve in which Luda was seriously undervalued.

To celebrate, here’s a video that a genius named Brian made in which Ludacris says “They got a tank” on repeat. It’s pretty much all you need.

And maybe the trailer, too. It’s wacky.

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Can We Please All Chip In And Rent Grey Gardens This Summer? Please?

Grab every scarf and grab the train: We’re headed to Grey Gardens this summer. The Grey Gardens, the one once famously inhabited by Edith Ewing Bouvier Beale aka “Big Edie” and her daughter Edith Bouvier Beale aka “Little Edie,” is available for rent this summer. For just $125,000 you can inhabit a cleaned-up version of the estate for both June and July. That gives you two full months to perfect your best Jessica-Lange-As-Big-Edie impressions AND see if you persuade Drew Barrymore to come over for tea. (You totally can.)

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Beyonce Uses A Blue Toothbrush And 5 Other Questions That Denmark Wanted To Ask At The Super Bowl Junket

Thanks to today’s wackadoo press conference featuring Beyonce, we now know that she can sing live. (Although, did we really not know that before? The woman has literally been singing non-stop since she was 6 years old.) Anyway, due to lip sync rumors that turned to be tragic realities, Beyoncé admitted she lip synced only AFTER proceeding to sing the Anthem live…at the press conference. That’s Beyoncé for you! Haters to the left! Wait, but she loves haters? Make up your mind, B.

Argue amongst yourselves whether the best part of this magical junket was Bey singing directly at her haters OR the press conference’s very last question, asked by a gentleman from Denmark, as to WHAT COLOR TOOTHBRUSH BEYONCE USES. I didn’t think Beyoncé used a toothbrush–what with her robot teeth all perfect and shiny 24/7–but she claims to use a blue one (“or blue and yellow?”) and therefore all blue toothbrushes are now worth ~$10 more at your local Walgreens.

The Man From Denmark also had two other questions, but he didn’t get to ask them. Here is what I think he meant to inquire: 

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Today’s Challenge: Guess The Plot To The Recently Greenlit Entourage Movie With Emoji

My clever friend and fellow Entourage enthusiast (Is there a messageboard for us somewhere?) Pauline texted me this afternoon with a clever idea for a game to celebrate the recent news that the HBO show is heading for the SILVER SCREEN.

The game? Guess Entourage: The Movie‘s plotline using just the emoji in your phone. Here was Pauline’s initial submission and then my additional suggestion:


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