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Vampire Diaries‘ Joseph Morgan: “Not Everyone’s Going To Like” The Season 3 Finale

It feels very bittersweet to be talking about the season finale of The Vampire Diaries when we have four more episodes to go — but in vampire time four weeks must feel like a blink, so I guess it’s not too soon. When Klaus himself, Joseph Morgan, stopped by the VH1 offices earlier this week, we knew he wasn’t going to give us actual details about what will go down between the Originals, the Salvatores and the rest of the Mystic Falls gang at the end of the show’s third season. Still, could he at least tell us how he reacted when he read the script?

“There was no one there with me when I got the script, but I tell you I got goose bumps reading it,” Morgan told us. “I know people have standard things that they say … but I genuinely, actually had a physical reaction to reading it.”

But like every frustrating, exhilarating, WTF-inducing TVD finale and mid-season finale before it, we will have mixed emotions, Morgan warns.
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Jason Segel Would Prefer A Three-Day Engagement, Actually

First off, I have seen The Five-Year Engagement, and I can tell you that it absolutely cements my opinion that Jason Segel is the best romantic lead of our time. He is just so believable and endearing and frustrating and lovable. Anyway, /gush off. At the New York premiere of the film last night, VH1 News’ Janell Snowden played coy about the fact that he is fully, openly dating Michelle Williams now, and instead got him to speak hypothetically about whether he would ever consider a super long engagement like the one in the movie.

“My plan is to get her to marry me as quickly as possible, so that she doesn’t find out who I really am,” he said. “I’ll do it romantic, but I’ll do it over a three-day weekend. We’ll meet on a Friday, have our first date on Saturday, get engaged by Sunday and get married on Monday.”

While that does sound romantic in its own way, I am rather enjoying what we’ve seen of his slightly more extended courtship of Williams. She was at the premiere (though she didn’t walk the carpet), and the Daily News reported that they were holding hands during the afterparty at the Museum of Modern Art, where Segel gave an impromptu dance performance to “Don’t Stop Believing.” Yep, that would definitely sweep me off my feet.

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Jason Segel Talks About Dating Michelle Williams, Is Already The Best Boyfriend

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The Next Mel Gibson Rant Remixes Coming Soon, We Hope

We suspect that at this moment there are DJs, MCs, video editors and very smart kids hard at work in their basements/studios to deliver what we crave most: remixes of the latest < strong>Mel Gibson rant, recorded by screenwriter Joe Eszterhas‘ son in Costa Rica in December. The shouts don’t quite include as much vivid imagery as his phone tirades about how Oksana Grigorieva dressed, and we really wish that some of the crazy talk Eszterhas alluded to about the Beatles and the Jews were included in this little recording, obtained by But we see some potential in his rhythmic “F—!” repetition. Also, we have a clear contender for the chorus: “Who wants to eat?! Who the f— wants to eat?! Go have something to eat! Hurrrrraaaaayyyyyy!” And if someone can illustrate what it looks like when he pushes over a totem pole, that would be magic. These masterpieces can’t come soon enough.

Just to refresh your memories, here are a few inspired takes on his 2010, um, hook. NSFW, obvs.
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Your Next Vampire Obsession? Julie Kagawa’s Blood Of Eden Series Optioned For Movie

We’ll still have our Cullens, Eric Northman and the Salvatore brothers gracefully prowling across our screens for a bit longer, but I think it might soon be time for some, er, fresh blood in the vampire game. So does Hollywood, apparently. Palomar Pictures and Harlequin Teen announced today that a book that isn’t even out until next Tuesday, Julie Kagawa’s The Immortal Rules, has been optioned, along with the sequels that will follow it in the Blood of Eden series. The movie would be produced by Joni Sighvatsson, who has made a number of dark and twisty movies, such as Killer Elite, Brothers, Wild at Heart and Basquiat.

Part of the excitement for Immortal Rules stems from the immense popularity of Kagawa’s fairy series, The Iron Fey. The new novel takes place in a future when vampires rule the world and humans are kept like cattle to feed them. Allison Sekemoto was one of those humans, who dreamed of fighting back against the vampires until she was turned into one.

Incidentally, Kagawa fans, the above photo is an outtake from the Immortal Rules cover. We like how her warrior stance and the book’s whole post-apocalyptic setting is bringing the genre back to gothier territory than Twilight, TVD and True Blood (not that there’s anything wrong with vampires in the sun, too, we just like variety!).

Between Blood of Eden and the long-awaited Vampire Academy adaptation, we are holding out hope for a long future ruled by blood-sucking fiction.

Pick up the book on April 24 and come back here to play fantasy casting with us!

[Photo: Harlequin Teen]

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Cosmopolis, On The Road Compete For Cannes, Our Hearts

Anyone got frequent flier miles they want to share? Extra space in their suitcase? A steamer we can stowaway in? The official lineup for the 65th annual Cannes Film Festival was announced today — and yes, we already knew about most of the major films that would be premiering there, but it’s just making us really want to head to the south of France May 16-27 … even more than usual. The fest will feature your typical roster of amazing films from Europe and the rest of the world, but this year there will also be a lot of Hollywood’s favorite stars, albeit in artsy form, showcasing their flicks: Robert Pattinson in the David Cronenberg-directed Cosmopolis; Kristen Stewart and Garrett Hedlund in On the Road; Bruce Willis, Tilda Swinton, Ed Norton, Jason Schwartzman and Frances McDormand in the Wes Anderson flick Moonrise Kingdom; Brad Pitt in the mob movie Killing Them Softly; Nicole Kidman, Zac Efron, John Cusack and Matthew McConaughey in Lee Daniels’ The Paperboy; Reese Witherspoon and McConaughey in Mud. Yes, you read that right. Matthew McConaughey is in two Cannes films. And Kstew and RPattz are in direct competition for the Palm D’Or.

Man, we can’t wait to see the red carpet pics from the festival this year. Unless a fairy godmother appears in the next few days with some Air France tix for us.

And here is a tough choice for you to make:

[Photos: MK2 Productions, Focus Features, Alfama Films]

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Vampire Diaries’ Joseph Morgan Compels Us To Love Him With Good Deeds

What is it with those Vampire Diaries boys? We all know about Ian Somerhalder’s tireless efforts to basically save the world with his foundation, but he’s not the only Mystic Falls resident putting his vampire skills of persuasion to very good use. For the second year in a row, Joseph Morgan, who plays the not-so-charitable Original vamp Klaus, is asking fans to help him raise money for Positive Women for his birthday on May 16. The organization’s mission is to empower women and eradicate poverty in Swaziland.

“I actually started supporting Positive Women just before I got the role in Vampire Diaries,” Morgan told us. “I put out a Youtube video encouraging people to donate and of course no one watched it because no one knew who I was, and then suddenly I got the role of Klaus and it became the fifth-most watched video in the NGO because that was the only footage of me talking!”
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Dick Clark Dead At 82, Remembered By Ryan Seacrest, Al Roker, Snoop Dogg, More

Dick Clark, the pioneering TV host of American Bandstand, passed away this morning after suffering a heart attack. We’ll have a complete obituary of America’s Oldest Teenager over on VH1 Tuner. But here, we’re focusing our attention on the outpouring of remembrances from a not-so-surprisingly wide variety of celebrities on Twitter. The New Year’s Rockin’ Eve host touched a lot of lives. First up, naturally, is this reaction from the man who took the New Year’s reins from him, Ryan Seacrest.

Other broadcasters, from Al Roker to MTV alum Dave Holmes, were also saddened by the news.

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Rihanna To E.L. James: The Time 100’s 22 Most Influential People On This Blog

Every year, Time does a pretty decent job combining pop culture personalities with businesspeople and super important political types for their 100 Most Influential People list, and this year is no exception. We’ll let you read about Hillary Clinton and Anthony Kennedy on your own time. We’re going to recap the people on the list who have some pretty hefty influence on these very blog pages. Here’s how they rank — in our expert opinion of ourselves — and why:

22. Tim Cook: For being Steve Jobs’ successor as CEO of Apple, from whom we will be buying lots of things until the end of time, even though we are still PC people.

21. Marc Andreessen: For being the co-creator of the first widely used web browser (Mosaic), who now owns part of, like every social media platform we use. So, thanks!

20. Walter Isaacson: One more geeky entry here for the Steve Jobs biography, since every other person we know has been reading it.

19. Louis C.K.: For being one of the most consistently funny people on TV and Web ever.

18. Jeremy Lin: Not necessarily for what he’s done for the Knicks as much as for what he’s done for punny headlines and tweets.

17. Raphael Saadiq:
For making old-school soul so now.

16. Tim Tebow: For being the suspected football boyfriend of every “good” girl in Hollywood. And maybe now New York, too?
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Birthday Girls Suri Cruise And Kourtney Kardashian: Who Wears It Better?

Today, April 18, is the birthday of two lovely ladies from very famous families: Suri Cruise (who turns 6) and Kourtney Kardashian (who’s 33). That fact made us realize that they have so much more in common than we originally thought. For one, they are both fiercely stylish, but can also be painfully cute. And they both manage the constant hounding of paparazzi with grace. Though the eldest Kardashian sister clearly seeks out the spotlight more than Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s daughter, we fully expect all those dance and gymnastic classes to inspire Suri to seek out the stage sometime soon. And just because it’s Wednesday and we’re feeling a little silly, we invite you to play a little game of “who wears it better” with these two.

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Michael Jackson Bodyguard Renews Claims He’s Blanket’s Biological Father

Matt Fiddes, a U.K.-based martial arts master, is renewing claims he made back in 2010 that he is the biological father of Michael Jackson’s youngest son, Prince Michael II, a.k.a. Blanket. “I am going to lodge my DNA and formally ask the Jacksons for access,” the 32-year-old, who worked as Jackson’s bodyguard during his time in the U.K., told the Daily Star. “Michael is their father and I do not want that to change, but I want the children back in my life. The only way that’s going to happen is through legal action. I think Blanket is mine but I want final proof.”

Fiddes, who runs a chain of martial arts schools, first made this claim back in 2010, when he told the Daily Mail that he donated sperm to Jackson in 2001, a year before Blanket was born. “He said he wanted a fit, athletic son. He offered me half a million pounds but I said no,” Fiddes told the tabloid. “I was already a multi millionaire and I didn’t need the money or want to take his. He was a friend and I said of course I would help. There was no contract, no confidentially agreement. He was very thankful and respectful and even rang my mum to ask her if it was okay with her.”
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