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Madonna’s Most And Least Madonna-Like Quotes Of The Week

We always think of Madonna for being the star who constantly reinvents herself — from club kid to bombshell to dominatrix to British aristocrat to sophisticated director/Super Bowl Halftime performer. But we forget that she is also very, very consistent in another way: Her public personality. You’d know that wry voice and withering look anywhere, right? In fact, we can read her quotes and just hear her voice in our head.

Case in point: The way she’s been answering questions about Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” in interviews this week. “I thought, What a wonderful way to redo my song. I mean, I recognized the chord changes. I thought it was … interesting,” she told Newsweek. And in an interview taped for The Graham Norton Show, she said, “[Gaga] did remind me of me back in the day.”

She’s even icier in the interview with ABC’s Cynthia McFadden, which airs in full on tonight’s 20/20.

“It felt reductive,” she said of “Born This Way.” “There’s a lot of ways to look at it. I can’t really be annoyed by it … because, obviously, I’ve influenced her.”

All of those seem like exactly what you’d expect from the infamous hydrangea hater. So you know what is surprising? What she says about her relationship with 24-year-old dancer Brahim Zaibat. Watch after the jump.
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Kristen Stewart Shares “Radical Spirit” (And Smell) Of Balenciaga

Kristen Stewart and Balenciaga go way back — she wore that red-and-white one-shoulder number on the left at the world premiere of Twilight back in 2008, and the black-and-brown one is from the New Moon premiere in Madrid. “Even when I first began to consider fashion and admittedly rarely knew the brand I was wearing, I always recognized and loved Balenciaga,” she told WWD today, when it was announced that she’d be the face of the fashion house’s new fragrance for women. And the way she described Balenciaga sounds a lot like the way we feel about her: “The brand is just cool. That’s the way it is. I feel drawn to it. It provokes on a number of levels. It isn’t afraid or contrived. It hits a very cool balance, always. Always pretty undeniable.”

What we find kind of amusing about Balenciaga’s side of the deal is how they seem to be distancing themselves from anything Twilight: “From her early appearance in Panic Room to her independent choice of Welcome to the Rileys, I’ve always sensed her progressive character,” Balenciaga creative director Nicolas Ghesquière told the trade paper. “In 2006, I invited her to appear in a project shot by Bruce Weber. Since then, I’ve always wished to collaborate with her further, knowing that she shares the radical spirit of Balenciaga.”
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Critics’ Choice Movie Awards: Our Favorite Speeches, Toasts And Deaths

For some people, an awards show is all about who wins and who’s snubbed. For those people, we have this list. For others, however, it’s about all of those other moments in-between — the awkward speeches, the hilarious skits, the cutaways to the tipsy A-listers sitting at tables full of empties. Here’s a list of our favorites from the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards (in chronological order):

» Octavia Spencer began her Best Supporting Actress speech with a flustered, “Well I’m not prepared, I wasn’t a Girl Scout.” But then she pulled it together and quite elegantly thanked a whole lot of people.

» Christopher Plummer in his pink shirt, said he was “completely turned on” by his Supporting Actor win. “At my age, I need all the help I can get in that department.”
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Critics’ Choice Movie Awards Winners List

Whew! We’re winding down the evening here after the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, but you know awards season 2012 has just begun. The winners here have a preeeetty good chance of taking home Oscar gold, so as you peruse this list and gallery, let us know if you think they got it right this year!

Best Picture: The Artist

Best Actor: George Clooney, The Descendants

Best Actress: Viola Davis, The Help

Best Supporting Actor: Christopher Plummer, Beginners

Best Supporting Actress: Octavia Spencer, The Help

Best Young Actor/Actress: Thomas Horn, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
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Critics’ Choice Movie Awards Red Carpet 12 Best-Dressed

Oh, yeah, people. After yesterday’s PCA dress rehearsal, awards season 2012 got really fired up at the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards tonight. Our appetites for sequins and lace and tuxes are whetted. We are ready to spend the next month debating whether blue is the new black, whether the mullet dress should go the way of the mullet, and whether men can make it onto the best-dressed list without looking absolutely silly (we’re talking to you, Christopher Plummer).

So, now that we’ve gushed over little sisters Elle Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen, and we’ve been pondering the fact that all those gothic ladies were wearing romantic black at 3 in the afternoon, it’s time to commit to a best-dressed list. From the adorable Thomas Horn and Berenice Bejo to the deliciously elegant Charlize Theron, Michelle Williams and Sir Ben Kingsley, to Brad Pitt and h here are our 12 favorites from the evening. Disagree? Well, tell us in the comments!

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5 Reasons To Watch The Critics’ Choice Movie Awards Tonight

First of all, you shouldn’t actually be reading this. You should be over at right now, watching our own Mark Graham, Best Week Ever’s Michelle Collins and a slew of bloggerati in our red-carpet live stream. But if you aren’t yet convince that you should watch the CCMAs on VH1 at 8 p.m. ET, here is why we’re watching (other than the fact that, well, they pay us to):

1. It’s how you’ll win the office Oscar pool. Seriously, the Broadcast Critics Association have the best record in predicting the nominees AND the major category winners.

2. You will get to see George Clooney talking about meaningful things when presenting Sean Penn with an award for doing meaningful things (actually called the Joel Siegel Award). No man can move me to care about important things like Clooney. Also Leonardo DiCaprio, Bob Dylan and Olivia Harrison will be presenting an award to Martin Scorcese. And we expect big things from the other presenters: Vin Diesel, Kirsten Dunst, Donald Glover, Dustin Hoffman, Mindy Kaling, Ben Kingsley, Diane Kruger, Melissa McCarthy, Elizabeth Olsen, Patton Oswalt, Paul Rudd, Maya Rudolph, Jason Segel and Owen Wilson.

3. We want to see more from Cocoa Rodriguez, the horse from War Horse. Or, maybe just more of hosts Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer dressed as Charlie Rose.

4. We’ve been promised an entire audience made up of puppets.

5. Of course, it’s another chance to see what stars like Tilda Swinton, Michelle Williams, the ladies from The Help and Bridesmaids and other standouts of the season will wear. Stay tuned right here on TheFABlife for a red carpet gallery!

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Kristen Wiig Gets Darren Criss’ Awards Season Vote

Darren Criss’ new Broadway career is to blame for him missing last night’s People’s Choice Awards and won’t be at the Golden Globes this Sunday. But while he’s filling Daniel Radcliffe’s shoes in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, he’s also crossing his fingers for awards season wins for his co-stars on the big and small screens.

“Kristen Wiig is up for several awards and of course I’m rooting for her,” Criss told VH1 this week. The two recently starred together in the upcoming comedy Imogene, in which Criss plays a young Backstreet Boy impersonator who winds up in a relationship with Wiig’s character, a woman who’s been placed in her mother’s custody after faking a suicide attempt. Of course, it’s her previous down-and-out character in Bridesmaids that’s earning all the kudos this awards season: Bridesmaids won Favorite Comedy Movie at the PCAs, it’s up for Best Ensemble and Best Comedy at the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards tonight, and she’s up for Best Actress – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy at the Golden Globes, where the movie is again competing for Best Comedy.

“I’m a little biased, but she doesn’t need my good vibes! She did a killer job in Bridesmaids,” Criss noted. “I think it’s tough to be a funny Hollywood lady. It’s a tough business, it’s a man’s business, comedy. It can be kind of tough. She’s risen above the ranks of many. I wish nothing but the best for her.”

Of course, Glee is also nominated for Best Comedy Series at the Globes. But Criss isn’t too upset about missing the award show to perform as J. Pierrepont Finch on Broadway, calling it “a fine reason to not go to the Golden Globes. I’ll take that any day!”

Head over to at 6 p.m./ET for our live red carpet stream from the CCMAs, then tune in to VH1 at 8 p.m. for the big show. Of course, keep it locked here for galleries, interviews, fashion analysis and more!

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John Green Talks Fiction, Swedish Hip-Hop And A Fault In Our Stars Movie

The more than 150,000 fans who preordered John Green’s novel The Fault in Our Stars got their signed copies on Tuesday. By today, they are probably wishing they’d also received a coupon for Sephora with their purchase, because seriously, those up-all-night-crying eyes are not a good look. The superstar YA author’s latest is a tearjerker of Jody Picoult levels: It’s about a girl, Hazel, who’s had terminal cancer in her lungs for years, and a boy, Augustus, who had his leg removed due to bone cancer. Luckily, though, it’s also a John Green novel, so there are just as many laughs as there are gutwrenching sobs.

“You have no idea how sad I wanted it to be,” Green told us on the phone on Monday, when we jokingly asked him if he ever wanted to write a “happily ever after” story. “My responsibility is to try to tell true stories. To me a true story is always hopeful, but never simply, uncomplicatedly happy.”

Just to be clear, by “true” he doesn’t mean nonfiction. Though the Looking for Alaska author was inspired to write TFIOS (as fans call it) after befriending a girl with terminal cancer, he is very careful to warn readers that the book’s Hazel is not his late friend Esther.

“There are a lot of particularly superficial similarities between Esther and Hazel. The main superficial similarity is that they’re both very empathetic people,” he said. “But in a lot of ways they’re very, very different, and since Esther isn’t here to defend herself, it was important to me to not claim a close association.”
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Blue Ivy Carter News: Baby’s First Billboard Hit

The jaded reporters among us (OK, yours truly) didn’t really think those baby sounds in Jay-Z’s “Glory” really were Blue Ivy Carter, even though the proud papa labeled it “featuring B.I.C.” It just seemed like they would have better things to do than to head into the studio this week. But you know, through the wonders of the modern age, and being Jay-Z and Beyonce, it probably wasn’t that hard, so we’ll buy it. Baby girl is bound to be a prodigy. And today we have news that the track will be #74 on next week’s Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Songs Chart. Given she was less than 2 days old when the song dropped, she’s officially the youngest person ever to have a Billboard hit. points out that Blue is not necessarily the youngest person ever to record a Billboard hit, mind you. Stevie Wonder recorded his newborn daughter Aisha being born for 1976′s “Isn’t She Lovely,” but the song didn’t chart until she was almost 2 years old.
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People’s Choice Awards Cutest Moments

The People have spoken. They apparently like Supernatural more than The Vampire Diaries, but we’ll forgive them for that, because they made some other good choices that wound up giving us a pretty cute People’s Choice Awards on Wednesday night. Like any awards show, there was singing, dancing and overly scripted jokes. Also there were kisses and giggles and sweet thank yous. We thought we’d highlight a few of our faves:

10. We saw Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence bonding backstage with co-star Liam Hemsworth’s gf Miley Cyrus. Good thing they get along nicely!

9. Emma Stone, daring to be different in her awesome green tux jacket, managed to make a clichéd message sound sweet: ” You have to stay true to yourself and don’t be afraid even if people say what you do isn’t cool.”

8. Paul Wesley called Ian Somerhalder “Smolderholder” as he opened the envelope for the Favorite Comedy Movie award.

7. Lea Michele pointed out her cousin in the audience WHO LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE LEA MICHELE.

6. Ian Somerhalder was sitting next to Nina Dobrev when she won Favorite TV Drama Actress, but he tweeted her anyway: Congratulations Nina!!! You won!!!! People DO like you;) You rock babe, truly.”

5. Chloe Moretz realized she’s too young to really say “when I was a kid” and then she ended her speech like she was on the phone with all of us, “All right, bye.” Bye, Chloe, see you soon!
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