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So, What Do We Think Of Robert Pattinson’s Hair?

Well, it’s not like this is the first time he’s done this to us. Still, after waiting for hours to see Robert Pattinson appear at the People’s Choice Awards (sometimes known as the Twilight Awards, only this year, there was no actual eligible Twi-movie), it came as a bit of a shock. There he was, sitting in the front row with Betty White, sans his adorably mussed locks. And when he got up to accept the Favorite Drama Movie award for Water for Elephants, he seemed a little shocked himself — how does one accept an award without running your hand through your hair? Well, he did it like a champ, of course. Anyway, more on the PCAs soon, but in the meantime, let’s hear your thoughts (eulogies?) on RPattz’s buzzcut in the comments below.

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Michelle Williams Vs. Carey Mulligan: Which Pixie Is This Week’s Hotness?

As a short-hair girl myself, I always feel a special kinship with other ladies I meet who dare to shear their flowing locks. So I wonder, too, if this year’s awards season darlings Michelle Williams and Carey Mulligan feel like they’re sisters of a sort, due to their adorable blond ‘dos. Or maybe, as Hollywood is wont to do, they’ve been forced into a rivalry by half-blind casting directors who see them as interchangeable. I hope not, because the Shame and the My Week With Marilyn stars are both awesome in unique ways. But, contrarily, we decided to promote a different kind of rivalry, by making you vote for them in this week’s Hotness poll.

We’ll get plenty more chances to see future Mrs. Daisy Buchanan Carey and the all-American Dawson’s Creek alum Michelle in the coming weeks, since they’re both nominated for, like, everything, beginning with the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards tomorrow night — head over to at 6 p.m. ET to see if they’re walking the red carpet. But in the meantime, peruse this gallery of the two lovely ladies and vote!

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Blue Ivy Carter News Update!

If the rate of stories about Beyonce and Jay-Z’s blessed babe continues, we might have to start an entirely new blog devoted to Blue Ivy Carter. But in the meantime, here’s a little roundup of the latest B.I.C. headlines we love and loathe:

» NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg didn’t exactly confirm rumors about the special treatment Bey got at Lenox Hill Hospital, but at a press conference on Tuesday, he defended the practice of letting rich people upgrade hospital services. “If [the hospital] got paid a lot of money and it let them provide services to other people who don’t have insurance or can’t afford it, I’m not so sure it’s a bad thing. … I don’t think you should keep people from seeing their babies, or whatever, but have different services for people who are full-paying patients.”

» The horrifying theory that Blue Ivy is some kind of reference to the devil was perpetuated by vandals who wrote, “Beyonce had her baby. Satan is on Earth” on the sign of a Beulah Hill Baptist Church in West End, North Carolina church, according to TMZ. Speculation that her name is an Illuminati reference still abounds, too. We just think it’s pretty!
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Halle Berry Engaged To Olivier Martinez, Maybe

Are Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez engaged? A few weeks ago, when she was photographed wearing a big emerald sparkler on her ring finger, the speculation was rampant. And now, People is saying it’s true — because a rep at Gurhan jewelry says Olivier did in fact give her a diamond and emerald engagement ring. (Side note: What is it with gossipy jewelers these days?)

Well, he bought the ring and she’s wearing it. But is that a confirmation that the couple, who have been dating since late 2010 after they met on the set of Dark Tide, are actually tying the knot? Maybe it’s just, like, a promise ring or something. After all, Halle did declare back in 2007 to InStyle: “I will never, never get married again. Actually, it’s just that now I’ve come to a place where I think two people can share their lives without the ring, without the piece of paper.”
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Darren Criss Is “Certainly Happy” About Glee Friends’ Return

We like to deliver news to you, dear readers, but you know what’s sometimes more fun? Delivering news to the people whom the news is supposed to be about. Case in point, yesterday, we were all excited about the story that instead of shuffling Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Chris Colfer and other Glee stars off to a spin-off after their characters graduate this season, they’ll be staying on the original show. And it just so happened that Darren Criss (whose character Blaine is still a junior at McKinley High) hadn’t even heard the news until he stopped by the VH1 office for a chat.

“I’m in Broadway Worldlandplace right now,” Criss said by way of explaining his ignorance on such matters while taking over for Daniel Radcliffe in How to Succeed in Business. “That’s wonderful news [about the seniors staying], because I’m certainly happy to have my friends around longer. I always thought they would stay. Maybe they graduate from school but that doesn’t necessarily mean they leave. Ryan [Murphy] is a sharp cookie, as are the other writers. I am more than confident that they will find a really cool way to make it work in the story.”

We also told Darren about the rumor that Grant Gustin, who plays gay troublemaking Warbler Sebastian, is rumored to be returning to season four as a series regular.

“If there are whisperings of that stuff happening, that’s great,” Darren said. “I really like him a lot and I think his character’s such a great addition to the show and he’s such a talented guy. He’s a good guy too.”
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Agyness Deyn Enters The Stripper Movie Race With Pusher

Watch out, Channing, Matthew, Joe and Alex, there’s a new fake stripper in town. Like many a beautiful person before her, model Agyness Deyn isn’t content with just one career. She’s also trying her hand at acting. After a small role in Clash of the Titans, the 28-year-old landed the part of Flo, a “strong-minded stripper” in Pusher, a movie about a drug dealer whose life spins out of control over the course of a week, the Telegraph reports.

Agyness sounds like she’s been seriously bitten by the acting bug, too. She’s making her stage debut in London in The Leisure Society beginning in February. “When I did Pusher in the summer, it was like: this is what I’m supposed to be doing,” she told the Evening Standard. “I just loved it so much and it excites me to be able to do it. I want to do it as much as possible — film, theatre, everything.”

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Justin Bieber Outlines His 12-Year Michael Jackson Plan For V

Justin Bieber’s 18th birthday is still more than a month away (March 1, if you don’t have your calendar marked), but V Magazine got a jumpstart on the celebration, putting him on the cover of its music issue. In the accompanying interview, the always-cautious Biebs doesn’t reveal anything too earth-shattering, but he does show us just how ambitious he really is.

Asked what his goals are, Bieber answered frankly, “My goal at the end of the day — right now — I want to be successful and be great at what I do. But eventually, I want to become the best at what I do. I want to be the best. In the world. I want to be better than anybody that’s ever done it. And in order to do that, I need to strive to be the best, be good to people and treat people with respect, and work as hard as I can. Because for me, I work so hard and this consumes my life, and it’s not worth it if I’m not the best.”

The savvy singer says he isn’t content to be known as a “teen superstar.” He’s ready to put in the work for the long term, and reach Michael Jackson-like status by the time he’s 30.
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Meet The Guy Who Makes Miley Cyrus LOL: Douglas Booth

Before today, we knew LOL as the movie starring Demi Moore and Miley Cyrus that had to have a pot-smoking scene removed because of Miley’s salvia incident. Now, a trailer of the pic is out, and it looks like a standard-issue teenage rebellion movie. Except for the fact that it stars Miley Cyrus and Demi Moore. And also, this: Douglas Booth.

Because, wow. Those cheekbones. Those lips. We are seriously looking forward to when Masterpiece airs Great Expectations this spring (he’s Pip to Gillian Anderson’s Miss Havisham), and we might have to check out the Starz Pillars of the Earth miniseries. And here’s an interesting way to get your start as a heartthrob: the 20-year-old model-turned-actor played Boy George in the TV-movie Worried About the Boy.

Well, LOL (which is based on a French movie by the same name) still has no release date, but we will be looking forward to marking that on our calendars now. And after that, he’ll be in Romeo and Juliet opposite Hailee Steinfeld and Paul Giamatti, with a screenplay by Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes. In the meantime, browse this gallery, and then watch him fulfill our every dream by performing in what looks like a Lost tribute band and then inviting Miley to PARIS.

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Jay-Z Drops “Glory” For Blue Ivy, Reveals Beyonce Had Miscarriage

Papa Jay-Z himself is celebrating the birth of daughter Blue Ivy Carter on Saturday with a new track he just posted on his Life and Times website. Warning to the sensitive: The song, called “Glory,” featuring B.I.C. (oh, as in Blue Ivy Carter, we get it), will make you cry. And in a couple of instances, Hov reveals that Beyonce had a miscarriage before she was pregnant with Blue.

“False alarms and false starts/ All made better by the sound of your heart/ All the of the pain of the last time/ I prayed so hard it was the last time,” Jay says toward the beginning of the song. Later, he refers to it even more clearly, “Last time the miscarriage was so tragic/ We was afraid you’d disappear, but nah, baby, you magic.”

He repeats a refrain you’ll often hear from new parents, “The most amazing feeling I feel/ Words can’t describe what I’m feeling, for real,” and then goes on to use her name: “Baby, I paint the sky Blue, my greatest creation was you. Glory.”

We also like how Jay is already speaking with wonder about her talent: “Did you wiggle your hands for her?” (Doing the “Single Ladies” dance?!) And though he admits she doesn’t yet know what swag is, she was “made in Paris” just before Beyonce shot an album package, so like the rest of us, he expects big things of his “Lil B” (not to be confused with the Based God, of course).

Question for you guys: Do you think the baby in the track is actually Blue? Or just a stock baby sound?

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Glee To Bend Space And Time For Rachel, Finn And Kurt’s Return?

Ever since Glee creator Ryan Murphy told Ryan Seacrest last summer that New Directions’ seniors would indeed graduate after this year, fans have been through a kind of roller coaster. First, we thought Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, Cory Monteith and the like would be getting the boot after season three, as their characters broke out of Lima, Ohio. Then there was talk of a spin-off. But on Sunday, Fox Entertainment chief Kevin Reilly told the Television Critics’ Association: “There will not be a Glee spinoff but those characters will graduate and it’s led to a very interesting idea that I think is going to really give us something cool to dig into next season.”

And thankfully, a couple of those stars decided not to leave us in suspense any longer: Michele (Rachel), Colfer (Kurt) and Monteith (Finn), at least will be back. Still no word on whether Brittany, Santana, Quinn and Puck will also remain.

“[Ryan Murphy] told me his plan and I will tell you it’s incredibly groundbreaking and it’s revolutionary for television, the way he’s figured out how to use these graduated high school characters on this TV show,” Michele told E! Online this morning.

” A lot of people are sad there won’t be a spinoff but I think they’re going to be very very excited to find out what’s in store – I’m very excited by it,” Colfer told The Insider. “Ryan’s idea is kind of revolutionary. It’s the best of both worlds. Everyone is going to like it.”

So, what do you think Ryan’s “revolutionary” idea will involve? Vote in our poll after the jump and share your own suggestions in the comments. (Bonus question: What do you think of Lea’s very un-Rachel-like blue dress from last night?)
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