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Shatter Me Author Takes Things “To Extremes” For Dystopian Week

We’ve already told you how much we love Tahereh Mafi’s Shatter Me. But since it’s Dystopian Week, and you’ve had a chance to hear from the likes of Delirium author Lauren Oliver here, Divergent‘s Veronica Roth on and Legend mastermind Marie Lu on Hollywood Crush, we thought it was only fair to let Mafi tell you a little bit more about her dark vision of the future and what she hopes it does for people in the present. Also, we just really, really wanted to talk to her.

Shatter Me takes place in a world under military rule following a series of environmental disasters, but that world doesn’t come from a very dark mind. “I’m not a pessimistic person by any stretch of the imagination — I do have high hopes for our future — but I do wonder sometimes if we’re going to be OK,” she told TheFABlife. “I definitely would say that I’m concerned about the environment. I’m definitely concerned about what we’re doing to it and what’s happening to society.”

Check out the status of all the dystopian movie adaptations in the works over on NextMovie.

After watching “a lot of documentaries,” especially one that described how male fish have started to develop female reproductive systems due to estrogen polluting the water, Mafi relished the idea of using her fiction to show others where this could lead.

“In fiction, we’re given this opportunity to take things to extremes and to examine life in hyperbolic situations and to really ask questions about what might happen,” she said. “I just imagined a world where things had gone badly. It’s a not-too-distant future. It’s not a world that is incredibly unfamiliar to us.”
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Pippa Middleton, Kardashians And Katy Make Barbara Walters’ Most Fascinating List

Ooooh, we can’t wait for these interviews! Barbara Walters announced nine of her 10 Most Fascinating People of 2011 today, and while we’ve certainly heard a lot from all of them, you just know there will be new, emotional dirt revealed when the special airs on December 14 on ABC.

Pippa Middleton, Katy Perry, the Kardashians and Simon Cowell seemed like pretty obvious choices. We kind of forgot about all that Donald Trump business earlier in the year, so thanks for reminding us, Babs. To some of us, the most fascinating thing Derek Jeter did this year was break up with Minka Kelly, but there are probably more sporty things he has to talk about. Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson also made the list, for reasons beyond just being adorable. And then the most fascinating person will be revealed during the show. (We’re confused by the numbers here — are the Kardashians all one person but Eric and Jesse are two people? Someone, please explain.)

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Who do you think should be #1? Courtney Stodden? Jub Jub the St. Bernard? Coco? Write in your candidates in the comments below!

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Exclusive: Courtney Stodden Wants To Bring Back “Classy Old Hollywood”

Yesterday, we told you how Courtney Stodden has been living “like a princess,” since marrying 51-year-old Doug Hutchison. But what would the 17-year-old be doing if she hadn’t married him?

“If I hadn’t married Doug, I would still be pursuing my music, definitely,” Courtney told TheFABlife. “I would probably still be involved in acting and learning that. I would probably be down the same path I’m on now, but I wouldn’t be blessed with this gift of great success so early on. But I’d still be pursuing the same thing.”

That’s basically the most self-aware thing we’ve ever heard her say. Courtney has already recorded the three songs streaming on her website and YouTube channel — “Crazy,” “Car Candy” and “We Are America” — and she says there’s more on the way.
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Ricky Martin To Guest-Star On Glee – Who’ll Be Next?

According to, Ricky Martin is next in line for a guest role on Glee. He’ll play “the hottest Spanish teacher ever in the history of Ohio,” and we guess, make Mr. Schue (every once in a while we’re reminded that he’s a Spanish teacher too) feel insecure about himself. As fans of Ricky from his early General Hospital (post-Menudo, pre-“Vida Loca”) days, we are very excited. He’s also supposedly singing two songs on the show. OMG, we really want him to help Santana through her tough time coming out — Naya Rivera blew us away at the end of “Mash Off” two weeks ago.

After returning to the stunt-casting well a few too many times in seasons one and two (Gwyneth Paltrow, Britney Spears, Neil Patrick Harris, Kristen Chenoweth, John Stamos …), the show seems to have been taking a break from guest stars in season three. But now we’re ready to see some familiar faces appear at McKinley High. How about you?

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Was Quitting Twitter Paulina Gretzky’s Cleverest Move?

Taking a page out of the Miley Cyrus playbook, Paulina Gretzky is making more headlines this week because of quitting Twitter than she ever did while she was on it. Well, that is to say, she was making headlines on sites like Coed Magazine before quitting, thanks to her many sexy Twitpics. But now that the 22-year-old daughter of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky shut down this font of cleavage-tastic photos, she’s an even hotter commodity. We chalk this up to supply and demand.

While she’s not posting any more pics on Twitter, you can go to her official website (from 2009), and learn about her music career. Oh, look! Her song “Collecting Dust” was featured on Laguna Beach. And her much more innocent album cover makes her look like a Beverly Hills, 90210-era Jennie Garth. You can also go super old-school and visit her MySpace page for more of her music and photos. See how this worked? Now we are all aware of her work. Good move, Paulina. (We like this theory better than the one that Papa Wayne made her take it down ’cause it made him look bad.)

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Watch Out, Katniss, Legend’s Formiddable Dystopian Heroes Are On Your Heels

If there’s one thing we love about dystopian novels for young adults, it’s the idea that in the future, smart, brave teenagers will save the world from the terrible, oppressive world the grownups created for them. The Hunger Games‘ Katniss gives us hope for the next, next, next generation. In Marie Lu’s Legend, which is in stores today, we have two brilliant 15-year-olds ready to kick ass, if they don’t kill each other first. And for day two of Dystopian Week, we’d like to introduce you to Day and June.

Legend (the first in a trilogy, of course) is already in development as a movie — produced by Twilight‘s Wyck Godfrey and Marty Bowen, and directed by Jonathan Levine, who’s making zombie-in-love YA adaptation Warm Bodies for Summit right now. (Head over to Hollywood Crush for an interview with Lu about the book and her involvement in the movie.)

We’ve been hearing about it for MONTHS now, so we were almost worried the book couldn’t possibly live up to the hype. If it were just up to the action sequences and the vision of a dark future in which the Republic of California is a country under military rule, at war with the Colonies (the rest of the former U.S.), the novel might not be such a phenom. It’s the characters that make it so. Day has been living on his own since he escaped execution at age 10, and now he’s the Republic’s most-wanted criminal, due to his daring, Robin Hood-esque pranks. He robs banks and sets military equipment on fire, but mostly just tries to steal enough to provide for his mother and brothers while he and his young sidekick Tess live in the streets.

June is the Republic’s most promising prodigy and is nearing her graduation from college and into a military life at just 15. She’s looking forward to following in the footsteps of her brother Metias, who’s raised her since the death of their parents.
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Shailene Woodley: Rising Star Or Wilderness Survivalist?

Shailene Woodley is heading into awards season with major buzz for her breakout role in The Descendants: She lost out to Felicity Jones at last night’s Gotham Awards, but she did win awards at the Hamptons International Film Festival and the Hollywood Film Festival, and today she received a nod for Best Supporting Actress at the Film Independent Spirit Awards. It’s a bit hard to reconcile all those shiny kudos with the down-to-earth girl who walked past our office this morning chatting about the evils of corporate farming. But when the 20-year-old star of Secret Life of the American Teenager starts chatting about the environment, we can see the earnest, passionate nature that works in her acting as much as in her real life.

“If I wasn’t acting, I’d be either studying massage therapy or probably in the woods with some random group trying to survive in the wild, and I’m not kidding, just to see if I could do it. Or going to herbalism school,” she told TheFABlife.

And when we asked her about her personal style, this California girl was way more Berkley than Hollywood. “At home, I only shop at thrift stores and vintage stores, a) for, like, the environment, but b) because you find the best clothes ever that way and they’re super comfortable,” she said. “I’m always in baggy jeans and a white T-shirt. And no bras, I hate bras.”
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Exclusive: Courtney Stodden Gives Us A Peek At Her “Princess” Life

It’s taken a few months, America, but we may finally be accepting the fact that Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison are the real thing. I mean, why else would we see the 17-year-old aspiring starlet and her 51-year-old actor husband going to church and the mall together on Sunday? Not for the photo op, surely! Anyway, we here at TheFABlife had the chance to take a little peek into the everyday lives of this fascinating couple — not the Dr. Drew-style peek, either — when Courtney answered a few questions on camera.

First up, we wondered, with their age gap, do Courtney and Doug have the same taste in music, movies and TV shows? (Subtext: Is that, at least, like hanging out with someone’s dad?)

But Courtney said they do like some of the same things and have been introducing each other to new ones. “There’s fine lines in between what we share and what we teach each other,” she said enthusiastically. “I’ve turned him on to Maroon 5, Train and all the new awesome bands. And he’s turned me on to some of his music. We’re batting that back and forth and exploring each world.”

And like many a kid raised on Nick-at-Nite, Courtney knows her old-timey TV shows, like, erm, “I Love Lucy’s.”

“I love I Love Lucy’s, The Honeymooners, Green Acres. We love that kind of stuff,” she said. “But it’s so cute: Doug calls Maroon 5 ‘Monsoon 5.’ He’s like, ‘YEAH! Monsoon 5!’ It’s so embarrassing, but it’s darling too.”
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Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian Give Up On Romance?

Well, we may envy Kim Kardashian‘s and Lady Gaga‘s fame and fortune (and wardrobe), but maybe we should be happy not to be them. In separate magazine interviews, both ladies sound pretty downtrodden when it comes to love.

While admitting to “hopeless romantic” tendencies, divorcee-to-be Kim says in Glamour’s January issue, “I think I need to not live in a fairy tale like that. I think I maybe need to just snap out of it and be a little more realistic.”

While her split from Kris Humphries has meant big ratings for Kourtney & Kim Take New York, Kim seems quite serious about the personal cost of her breakup. “At this moment in my life, I feel like maybe I’m not supposed to have kids and all that,” she tells the magazine. “That’s how I feel. Maybe my fairy tale has a different ending than I dreamed it would. But that’s OK.”
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How Will Delirium’s Love Cure Translate To The Screen? Dystopian Week Begins!

It is an angst-ridden time for fans of young adult books and their movie adaptations: We’ve seen Breaking Dawn Part 1 too many times, the March debut of The Hunger Games seems eons away, and they still haven’t announced the rest of the Mortal Instruments cast. That’s why we here at TheFABlife have teamed up with our friends at Hollywood Crush and NextMovie to bring you Dystopian Week! A week of interviews, movie updates reviews and guest blogs all about these dark fictional depictions of the future is sure to cheer us all up about the present, right? First up, we’ve got Delirium author Lauren Oliver.

Delirium poses a scary question: What if the world decided that love is the root of all of our problems, and scientists discovered a way to cure us all of this terribly destructive “disease” (amor deliria nervosa) on our 18th birthday? Lena Haloway can’t wait to get the cure, after seeing it kill her mother and nearly destroy her sister. But then, of course, she meets a boy named Alex.

Shortly after the book, part one of a trilogy, hit shelves in February, it was snatched up by producers Paula Mazur and Mitch Kaplan and is now slated for movie adaptation by Fox 2000.

“I know that we’re trying to move forward and put directors onboard, think about casting,” Oliver told TheFABlife last week. “I love the producers, and I love the script writer, with whom I’ve met. I’m definitely very much in touch with the producers, and I will read and comment on the script eventually. One of the reasons I really wanted to work with them specifically was that they got on the phone with me from the start, explained their vision, and it really felt like a collaboration from the start.”
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