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Safetysuit And The Art Of Laid-Back Rocker Chic: Style Seen

Until they began performing on yesterday’s Big Morning Buzz Live, you would have been forgiven for thinking the members of Safetysuit were a group of, say, hip graphic designers who’d wandered up from another floor in the building. They’re not the flashiest of rock stars. Nor does their rugged urban look scream up-and-coming-band-from-Oklahoma. And we totally dig how their understated T-shirt-and-jacket combo speaks to a confidence in their music.
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Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber And Puppies. Enough Said.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber still kind of remind us of a pair of puppies — their cuteness makes me want to sneak them into my bag and take everywhere. Put them in a picture with real puppies and I come close to spontaneous combustion. So this morning was the danger zone for me: The young couple stopped by D’Arcy’s Animal Rescue Center in Winnipeg, Canada, last Friday, according to People, and Selena took home a 10-week-old husky mix she’s named Baylor.

The blue-eyed pup brings the actress/singer’s rescue dog count up to six. And the Biebs, who has a papillon named Sammie, made a PSA for PETA last year encouraging adoption over buying dogs from pet shops and breeders.
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Your Halloween Guide To TV: Ghosts, Martha Stewart, Witches And Butt-head

So, we’re a little bit obsessed with Halloween here at VH1 headquarters. (One glance at Best Week Ever should prove that much.) And since I finished my costume a week early this year, I have extra time to enjoy how much every other TV network in the country is also obsessed with the holiday. From vampires and witches to fairy tales and murderers, it’s as good a time to stay indoors as it is to go bobbing for apples — that’s what the kids do these days, right?

Monday: Martha Stewart’s Haunted House
8 p.m. Hallmark
Martha doesn’t do anything halfway, but Halloween has always been an excuse for her to go extra craft-crazy. Tonight, she’s teaching you how to create a haunted house and has Justin Long, one of the least-scary actors on the planet, do something to spook small children. My glue gun is ready!

Tuesday: Zombies: A Living History
8 p.m., History Channel
Lots of historical experts scare the sh– out of me with their talk of how the zombie virus could actually come to be, while actors moan and shuffle in the background. Watch the trailer here and you’ll see why I may stay indoors forever.

Wednesday: American Horror Story
10 p.m., FX
As anyone who’s ever watched anything before knows, Halloween is the night when the barrier between the living and the dead is thinnest. That’s got to make living in a haunted house extra fun! What’s even more fun/super creepy? Having Zachary Quinto as your interior decorator.
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Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon Put Twins’ Unbearable Cuteness To Work

While Jessica Simpson is off maybe possibly selling her hugely surprising pregnancy news to OK! for a reported half a million, we have to applaud the latest move from Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. After showing off Monroe and Moroccan on 20/20 last Friday, they launched a website,, that features photos absolutely designed to make your womb ache. Also, they are designed so that you can purchase them from, and the proceeds go to the Fresh Air Fund’s Camp Mariah.

“We deliberated for so long about how to reveal the first pictures of our babies to the world,” reads a message on the site. “We just didn’t want to do the typical thing and display them in a tabloid (not that there’s anything wrong with that :)).”

Check out two more pics after the jump. Do it for the kids!
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Joss Whedon’s Doing Shakespeare Behind Our Backs

Surprise, Buffy/Firefly/Avengers/Dollhouse/Dr. Horrible fans! Joss Whedon has been cheating on you. OK, not really, but he was really sneaky and for some reason wrote and directed an entire movie, somehow based on Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, in secret. That’s according to a website that popped up on Sunday night, which simply announced the “completion of principle photography” and featured the above pic and a cast list that includes Angel/Dollhouse alums Amy Acker and Alexis Denisof, Firefly/Serenity’s Nathan Fillion and Sean Maher, and other Whedonverse and non-Whedonverse actors. “A film by Joss Whedon based on a play,” it says at the bottom of the page.

Whedonites are probably scratching their heads about all this secrecy — is it a rejection of the hype that usually accompanies Joss projects?
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Sarah Hyland, Tyra Banks Send Us Fantasy Shoe Shopping

On a Friday morning, sometimes, all you want to do is throw on your favorite jeans and last year’s well-worn thigh-high boots. But not if you’re going to be on TV, of course. And certainly not if you’re Tyra Banks or Modern Family‘s Sarah Hyland, who were both sporting some fierce (sorry) footwear on this morning’s Big Morning Buzz Live. After spotting them on the Shoe Cam, we did a little research/fantasy shopping.

Tyra was helpful enough to mention that her very Gaga-esque, curve-heeled black pumps were from Walter Steiger. And there are available at Barney’s for just $750! (Sigh.)

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We’ve Found Tyra Banks’ Weakness: Algebraic Equations!

How time flies. It seems like just yesterday (OK, eight months ago) that we were all marveling at Tyra Banks’ decision to enroll herself in Harvard Business School. Now she’s been through two terms already and is set to graduate in February. So not only was she juggling her America’s Next Top Model duties and writing her debut young-adult novel, Modelland, but she’s also wrapping this up in three semesters?

In an effort to improve the self-esteem of normal human beings, when Tyra stopped by for today’s Big Morning Buzz Live, we had to ask if there was anything actually challenging her in school.

“My most difficult class at Harvard Business School would have to be finance,” she replied. “For the first 30 minutes of the class, I’m raising my hand, I’m all into it, ‘cause it’s kind of like theory and just like, the social part of the case. The last hour it’s all like Einstein and algebraic equations and craziness. And I’m just like, what the hell is going on? Please don’t call on me because it won’t be pretty.”
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Hanson Win This Week’s Hotness!

It was a battle that spanned 61 countries and kept you awake and refreshing at all hours of the day and night. But now, fans of Hanson, NKOTB and Backstreet Boys, your hard work is done. By the time polls closed at 9 a.m. ET, Hanson was clearly the winner of this week’s Hotness. The count was 8,009 to 6,321, and those NKOTBSB loyalists put up a good fight, evening the tally at more than a few moments in the past three days. And we have good news for all of you: There IS enough room in this world for more than one all-grown-up boy band from the ’90s!

And at last, Hansonites, you can ice your mouse-clicking fingers and rest those wrists … right after you watch this online-exclusive video of the guys perform “MMMBop” in the Big Morning Buzz Live studio and flip through a gallery of them singing their thanks to you for proving their everlasting Hotness.

Got a person or group you want to see nominated for our weekly Hotness poll? Tweet it to @TheFABlife with the hashtag #hotness!

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Breaking Dawn Isn’t ALL About The Wedding, Right?

“It’s a relatively momentous moment for this series.” — Robert Pattinson

“I’ve sort of been ramping up to do that scene for like three years.” — Kristen Stewart

“I think it’s going to be really exciting.” — Taylor Lautner

These comments from the actors in the latest Breaking Dawn promo are some of the least surprising quotes you’d ever hear about the wedding. (Not that haven’t already watched them four times anyway.) I mean, duh, after everything Bella and Edward have been through, it’s a relief to see them get that fairy-tale ending. Except, as most of us who read (or who are married, for that matter) know, it’s not the end. It’s over by page 74 of a 754 page book.

So, this morning, we’d like to pose this question. What else are you looking forward to? Actual poll after the jump, ’cause it’s ALL SPOILERS. And feel free to add your own choices in the comments!
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Dina Lohan’s Memoir: What’s The Opposite Of Helicopter Parenting?

In Lohan news today: Parenting is hard! Dina Lohan has been shopping a memoir to publishers, as if there were things she hasn’t already spilled to every news outlet that will pay her to. In the prologue that TMZ obtained, the showbiz mom basically shirks the blame for everything that’s gone wrong in Lindsay Lohan’s life.

“How could I deny my daughter the chance of a lifetime?” Dina says of letting LiLo start her career so early. “How could I hold Lindsay back from her dream of becoming an actress? So, I listened to others and sent my daughter to Hollywood with a few pieces of luggage and a chaperone.”
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