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Twi-Links: Selena Sides With Team Jacob

  • Selena Gomez is all about Team Jacob. Maybe cuz Taylor Lautner‘s her ex? [TwilightLexicon]
  • The New Moon soundtrack can now be previewed online, and it sounds damn good. What we wouldn’t give to listen to it in Edward’s Volvo, or bedroom, or…. [Stereogum]
  • Peep pics of the Eclipse set and try to figure out the scene they’re shooting. [RobstenLovers]
  • An Australian tabloid claims Kristen Stewart has confirmed her relationship with Robert Pattinson. That quiet, private girl? Yeah right. [Spunk-Ransom]
  • Kristen, Rob and Tay may be live in the flesh to present the latest New Moon clip at the Spike Scream Awards. Yep, that’ll make us scream for sure. [TwilightGossip]
  • Buy this Twilight-themed jewelry box, in which you can store all the vintage diamonds Edward gifts you, ladies. [BellaAndEdward]
  • Remember when RPattz looked loony in Rome? Enjoy the memories. [Robsessed]


Billy Ray Wants Miley To Tweet Again

miley & billy ray cyrus

Billy Ray Cyrus has taken to his Twitter to hound daughter Miley about returning to the messaging service. While we obviously sympathize, there is just so much wrong about this.

Miley. You are a light in a world of darkness. You were born”Destiny Hope Cyrus” for a reason.You can’t leave everyone now.We r countin on u.

I understand “it is true one bad apple spoils the bunch”.But listen to the words of your songs “Stand… for what ya believe in”…Remember?

First off, if the issue that she’s not on Twitter anymore, so why write to her on Twitter? Does he assume she checks his page? Second, while any dad loves to embarrass his daughter, shouldn’t he be bringing up her full name and song lyrics at the kitchen table rather than on a website? And third, if your biggest beef with your kid is that she no longer wants to expose her inner thoughts online, consider yourself incredibly lucky. And shave off that damn soul patch—you’re almost 50.

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A New Low For JoGo?

jon gosselin and mr. scoop

While Jon Gosselin‘s arrival at his twins’ birthday party turned out to be a non-event (Kate let him stay until the children went to bed), his arrival in Reading was not without amusement.

As Daddy waited for Mady & Cara’s bus with his paparazzi friends, an enterprising young dog waste remover known by the alias “Mr. Scoop” arrived, possibly because someone reported a piece of s— in the parking lot. Seizing the opportunity to publicize his poop scooping venture, Mr. Scoop asked JoGo to pose with him by his truck. While confused, everyone’s favorite allegedly reluctant reality star was happy to do so. Maybe he empathized with Mr. Scoop’s enterprising spirit.

Frankly, JoGo was more appropriately dressed to help Mr. Scoop with a payload than to spend some quality time with kids. It’s a birthday party for 9-year-olds, bro, not a kegger at Juniata College. Clean up.

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Gossip Break: President Obama Wins Big


  • President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize! USA! USA! [Buzzfeed]
  • Elizabeth Taylor tweeted all about her heart surgery. She’s on the mend. Hurray! Now go #followfriday her. [DListed]
  • Did you watch “The Office” wedding last night? They spoofed everyone’s favorite wedding vid, and it was kinda adorbs. [PopEater]
  • Vogue packs their new cover full of super hot ladies. [PopSugar]
  • We’re in a debate with Michelle at over “Glee” – she loves it, we’re on the fence. Luckily, she’s swaying us to her side with this piece of singing hotness from the hit show, Mark Salling. [BWE]
  • Dina Lohan has named her shoe line – wait for it – SHOE-HAN. FML x a million. [PITNB]
  • The Cruise family is just one big constant love-fest. [LaineyGossip]
  • Marge Simpson is taking it all off for Playboy magazine. She’s not quite Daphne from Scooby-Doo, but we’ll take it. [EvilBeet]
  • Love serial killers and hardcore sex? There’s a porno for that (based on the show “Dexter,” of course). [Videogum]

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Diva Style Shot Of The Week: Pascale


We asked you – our glamorous readers – to send in pics of yourselves that best show off your diva style. Our blog team then picked one of your photos to be featured  here on TheFABlife, and we’ve got our final diva on deck!

Meet Pascale, who is 33 years old and hails from Florida and NYC. She describes her style as “sexy, chic, colorful and fabulous” and tells us she can’t live without her favorite M.A.C. products, Philosophy’s Purity cleanser, and the bangles she designs herself (Pascale’s House of Bling Bangles, ya’ll). Pascale’s style icon is none other than the sexy Kim Kardashian, and is inspired by her skintight bandage dresses – just like in her awesome pic above! [Thanks to our sponsor, Samsung’s brand new DualView camera]

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Soulja Boy Arrested For Fleeing Police

soulja boy

Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em is out on a $550 bond after spending Wednesday night behind bars for running from police in Atlanta. Police Captain Jason Bolton says authorities were checking out reports of a party at an abandoned house. “You couldn’t really tell what was going on,” Bolton said to MTV News. “But about half of the group ran from the officer on foot. He ordered, of course, for them to stop.”

The cop soon learned that Soulja Boy was one of those who fled, and the rapper was charged with obstruction of justice—a misdemeanor—when he returned to pick up his Range Rover. No court is currently set and the rapper has yet to comment.

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Marcia Cross Wants Us To Eat More Fries

When we think of Marcia Cross, eating a nice big plate of potatoes is possibly one of the last things we’d think of (we normally think about who’d win between her and Nicole Kidman in a Waxy Face-Off). But the impossibly slim, diet-conscious Marcia is now flogging Rooster potato brand to the Brits. Yep, the country that loves chips (OK, fries) more than life itself, coming a close second to crisps (OK, chips) is being sold them by a woman we very much doubt lets many of those carbs pass her lips. Ever.

But, hey, they wanted her so much they’ve apparently paid her $5m for this ad where Marcia storms off in a huff at being asked by her “agent” to advertise potatoes. How desperately post-modern.  [Video: YouTube]


Taylor Lautner Gets Wet For Rolling Stone

taylor lautner

Taylor Lautner spent a relaxing day at the beach for a Rolling Stone photo shoot yesterday, engaging in some of his favorite pastimes: posing on his motorcycle, playing football in the surf, and doing flips and handstands while soaked to the bone in a white t-shirt and jeans. Despite all the attention, he’s still just your average 17-year-old…with serious abs.

We can flip higher, but you can still check out Lautner’s acrobatics in the gallery below.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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Kristen Stewart, Lip-Biting Beauty

Our pal Dan over at College Humor noticed something funny about Kristen Stewart: the girl gets off on biting her lip – a lot. In just about every movie she’s in, she’s constantly chomping down on her pretty pink mouth. We’ve seen her do it in interviews too, so it must just be some strange habit K-Stew can’t kick. Perhaps she’s just practicing her vamp moves for Breaking Dawn?


Drunk David Hasselhoff Punches Doctor, Taken To Hospital (Again)

David Hasselhoff is so far off dealing with his alcohol issues, it’s becoming seriously sad. The former actor and reality star had been drinking “for days” at the St Martin’s Lane hotel in London when his worried assistant called a doctor – whom Hasselhoff then punched out. He was then taken to dry out in hospital – the fifth time he’s suffered from alcohol poisoning this year.

“On this occasion he became so drunk he wet his hotel bed – ruining two mattresses – and was becoming a real pain for staff. His assistant Joe Townley was so concerned he called out a doctor. David was furious and lashed out at him – but mistakenly hit the doctor. They decided they had no option but to lock him in the basement until an ambulance arrived,” the Sun reports.

The Hoff had apparently been carried out of Simon Cowell’s birthday party on the weekend, and also been shouting at hotel guests before the intervention was staged. He spent two nights at a private hospital before being discharged yesterday.