Rihanna Pulls A Grace Jones For Italian Vogue


“Project Runway’s” Nina Garcia said recently that the ’80s are back. So are the ’60s, ’70s and ’90s. But whatever. The new cover of Italian Vogue, featuring Rihanna splashing water from a bucket instead of blocking it with her umbrella, definitely looks like a throwback to ’80s style icon Grace Jones.

In the shoot, by Steven Klein, Rihanna has the same angular makeup, including Grace’s patented Cat Eye on Steroids look. Rihanna also sports a Grace Jones-like vertical hairdo and even a similar badass glare. Now if someone could just get Rihanna to recreate this iconic image, we could die happy. [Photo: Vogue Italia]

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Gossip Break: Did Joe Francis Beat Up Brody Jenner’s Girlfriend?


  • Douchebag Showdown: Brody Jenner and Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis got in a taser-infused brawl after Francis allegedly kicked Brody’s girlfriend Jayde Nicole. And this, friends, is why Los Angeles scares us! [PopEater]
  • Oh happy Friday: Ladies, we’ve got pics of Bradley Cooper at the gym. [PopSugar]
  • Wanna smell like Kim Kardashian? Now you can! [DListed]
  • Britney Spears takes her sons and her new weave to a Broadway show. [PITNB]
  • Did Soulja Boy just create emo hip-hop? [Videogum]
  • Every time Mark Wahlberg gets nominated for an Oscar, before sure to remind yourself of his workout video roots. [Buzzfeed]
  • The Men Who Stare At Goats looks pretty awesome for a movie with the worst title ever. [BWE]

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Miley Cyrus: Soaked And Singing On “The Today Show”

VH1 Diva Miley Cyrus took to the stage in Rockefeller Plaza this morning to perform on “The Today Show,” gettin’ down for a sea of fans despite the gnarly weather.  Before singing such hits as “The Climb” and “Party In The USA,” the singer chatted with Matt Lauer and revealed herself to be surprisingly mature for someone who’s just 16 years old.

“I’m not here to say I’m perfect ’cause I’m far from it,” said Miley. “My mistakes are kind of a little bit harder because they are in front of millions and millions of people. It’s hard sometimes to smile about it, but it also makes you want to try harder the next time.”

The singer performed live in the pouring rain to a huge gathering of fans – watch video of her doing “Party In The USA” above and “The Climb” below. And be sure to watch Miley on “VH1 Divas,” airing live on Sept. 17 at 9PM EST. Until then, check out the official Divas site, follow the VH1 Divas Twitter and watch videos by the artists in the lineup. Plus, leave a testimonial for one of the divas at

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Elle Macpherson’s Dog Is New Fashion Superstar

Elle Macpherson

Believe it or not, those amazing Elle Macpherson model genes haven’t just passed on to her two cute sons. No, the supermodel effect stretches far and wide, even to her pet dog. A news release has announced that Elle’s labradoodle Bella Macpherson (ahem) has landed a top “five figure” gig as the face of designer dog accessory brand Dogside.

“We’re delighted to have Bella on board and are certain she will be able to turn the heads of the nation’s eight million dogs,” says a rep. Pix of Elle’s (admittedly) cute dog strutting her stuff are available here – we just hope Elle herself doesn’t have to endure any future diva tantrums and phone-throwing from the newest star in the household. [Photo: WireImage]

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Megan Fox Loves Kissing Girls


Surprise, surprise – more TMI from Megan Fox, who just can’t seem to keep her perfect lips shut. The actress told our pals over at MTV News that she’s way more comfortable kissing women than men. In her new flick, Jennifer’s Body, Fox sucks face with the nymph-like Amanda Seyfried, who apparently doesn’t share Fox’s lady lust.

“I feel much safer with girls, so I felt more comfortable kissing her in the movie than kissing any of the other people that I had to kiss,” Fox said of her co-star. “I think she was extremely uncomfortable. I don’t think that — I know that. She was not comfortable and there was a lot of laughing — like, giggling fits that happened in between takes.”

Hey, give the girl a break, Megs. Not everyone is as secure in their sapphic desires as you are. Besides, maybe she was just nervous to be kissing the sexiest woman in the world?


Pussycat Doll Still Dating Leo, According To Pussycat Doll

Pussycat Dolls

Our favorite Pussycat Doll, the limelight-loving Kimberly Wyatt, is up to her old tricks again. Always going after the maximum attention – especially since many of the group have complained about Nicole Scherzinger grabbing all the headlines – we applaud her blatant publicity attempts. In London, Kim attended the launch of the MOBO awards, and wore her third outfit of the day to do so – a hideously tacky dress made of metallic strips. Gloriously horrible.

Kimberly also ensured she got a mention by referring to the recent reports that Leonardo Dicaprio hooked up with her bandmate Ashley Roberts - and inferred it was still going on. “I’m so pleased for Ashley,” Kim said to The London Paper. “Leo is the most talented actor in the whole world.” Bingo! We bet Leo’s pleased that his GF’s bandmate has such loose lips. She’s a clever girl. [Photo: Splash News Online]


Alexa’s Last-Minute Trip For Love


Alexa Chung – style goddess, TV star of the US and UK, and also a damn good girlfriend. In a whisper-thin gap between filming commitments for her MTV show It’s On With Alexa Chung she’s jetted back to Britain to support her boyfriend, Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner, in concert. Watching in London’s Brixton Academy, Alexa had to view the hip band from the VIP area, as reportedly every time she went into the crowd she was mobbed by fans. The couple later moved onto the cool Dex club – and despite having jetted thousands of miles, jet lag, and a late night, she still looked amazing.

Is there nothing this girl can’t do? [Photo: Splash News Online]


Paris Hilton: The New Angelina?


We wanted to say something mean and biting about the fact that Paris Hilton‘s on a charity trip to Guatemala, visiting sick children in local hospitals and generally trying to reinvent herself as a Saint Angelina-type. But actually, it’s really refreshing to see a photo of her that doesn’t involve her trying to out-smolder the cameras outside a nightclub, or embark on another shopping trip with her sister Nicky.

The socialite kept fans updated via Twitter, gushing, “It’s the most rewarding and beautiful feeling to give back. It’s not hard, anyone can do it…It was a pleasure, those children touched my heart and soul. My outlook on life is so different now.” Uh-huh. It would be nice if this new outlook lasts a bit longer than her last charitable plans when she left prison a couple years back. [Photo: FilmMagic]


Spotted: August

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Chris Brown Parties After Sentencing


What would you do after you just received a sentencing of probation and community labor for assaulting Rihanna? Hang your head in shame or go home and think about how it all got to this? If you’re Chris Brown, you head over to Hollywood club Guys and Dolls to rock it out!

Chris showed up at the lounge just hours after receiving his sentence, and danced to Michael Jackson‘s song Dirty Diana. What would the King of Pop have to say about all this?

“He didn’t seem to care at all that everyone was watching him,” says a source. “He was in a totally good mood, just hanging out with his buddies. Then all of a sudden he decided to put on a little show. Everyone went wild.” [Photo: Getty Images]