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Bunk From The Wire Knows A Thing Or Two About Twerking

If you missed Wednesday’s Very VH1 Spreecast with Wire and Treme vet Wendell Pierce, today is your lucky day. The co-star of NBC’s brand new The Michael J. Fox Show, which premiered last night, was born and raised in NOLA, the epicenter of the twerking phenomenon. We couldn’t resist asking him what he thought of this craze going national, but we were totally surprised (and delighted!) by his colorful and scholarly remarks on the subject.

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Celebs Predict The End Of Breaking Bad: Do You Agree?

At the Emmys this past Sunday, Daily Show correspondentĀ John Oliver said what everyone was surely thinking: that we’d all rather be home watching the second to last episode of Breaking Bad. Now just a few days separate us from the final 60 minutes of Vince Gilligan‘s masterpiece, a show more addictive than the pure meth its main character sells. Every fan has a theory about how it is all going to end (including the author of this here post), and so we asked famous fans walking the Emmys red carpet to predict what happens to Walt and Jesse. Their theories gave us the chills – watch and freak out to the video above and share your predictions in the comments.

[And yes - there are spoilers. Come on now, people.]

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Happy Birthday, Anna Camp! Here Are All The Reasons We Want To Be Your BFF

Anna Camp
We feel so lucky to live in this era of comedy where the hot chicks aren’t relegated to sitting in the corner and looking pretty while the boys get all the funny bits. Instead, ladies like Anna Camp get to deliver jokes, throw themselves into slapstick and have real dialogue — while still looking foxy as hell. That’s probably why we have a feeling that Anna and us would make great friends. She would give us hair advice, get the cute boys to come to our tables and still be willing to get onstage to sing the entire TLC catalog with us at our bachelorette party. She’s just totally game for things like that. Or, well, here are things she’s done to make us think so:
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Michael J. Fox Show, We Have Your Spinoff: The Wendell Pierce Show!

If you missed yesterday’s Very VH1 Spreecast with Wire and Treme vet Wendell Pierce, you must have very warm legs right now — the rest of us got the pants charmed off of us. (Sorry!) We could basically listen to his voice for hours, which is why we’re thrilled that he co-stars as Michael J. Fox’s newsroom boss Harris Green on The Michael J. Fox Show, which premieres tonight with two episodes tonight at 9 pm ET on NBC. And that’s also why we were thrilled when a fan (OK, it was me) asked: What would “The Wendell Pierce Show” be?
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10 Shows That Handled The Death Of A Cast Member

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Glee returns tonight for its fifth season, tasked with handling the loss of original cast member Cory Monteith following his death in July. The show will dedicate its third episode to Monteith (slated for October 10), in an hour that plans to address Finn’s death as well as the perils of drug addiction.

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Best Week Ever’s Jared Logan Sits Down With A Very Apoplectic Kanye West

Kanye West has kept a pretty low media profile since releasing Yeezus earlier this year, which is why it came as a complete shock to everyone in the entertainment and journalism industries that he decided to sit down with Best Week Ever‘s Jared Logan (!) to give his first longform interview about the project. The two discuss everything that Yeezy’s myriad fans hoped and dreamed they would: Water bottle design, Jar Jar Binks, and leather jogging pants. Sit back and enjoy the most spectacular two minutes and 31 seconds of your day, week, month, year and, quite possibly, life! (And don’t forget to tune-in to a brand new Best Week Ever tomorrow night at 10PM/9C!)

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On-Set Stitches: 15 Movies That Almost Killed Their Stars


Although there are obviously glamorous parts, being a movie star has some serious job hazards. You can get burned, drowned, stabbed, strangled, hanged, or just straight up get the crap kicked out of you. But it’s all in a day’s work! Read on to see 15 movies that almost (accidentally) killed their stars. These celebs are tougher than you think! Thank god for insurance…

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