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[VOTE] Who Is The Hotter Couple?: About Last Night Edition

This Valentine’s Day, the hilarious Kevin Hart is teaming up with Regina Hall, Michael Ealy and Joy Bryant. The foursome is joining forces and starring in the romantic comedy, About Last Night which features two couples and explores their contrasting views on relationships.

The film hits theaters on February 14, but leading up to the premiere we want you to rally and decide which of these two couples, Kevin and Regina or Michael and Joy are the hottest couple. Vote for your favorite twosome on Twitter using the hashtags #KevinAndRegina or #MichaelAndJoy to trigger the love meter. Your votes will not only pick the hottest couple, but every time you vote you’ll also be entered for a chance to win a film inspired trip to LA.

On Valentine’s Day we’ll reveal who takes the trophy for hottest couple and release a special greeting from the winning couple.

Go to ALN.VH1.COM and watch the battle unfold!

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Paris Hilton’s Cleavage Holes, Sean Lennon’s Confounding Colors + The Week’s Worst-Dressed

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Fashion Week is here, so prepare to be bombarded with inventive looks you know cost more than your monthly rent. Not every celebrity is hitting the marks this fashion week, or understands that snow is no excuse to look shabby.

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Try Not To Get Hissss-terical: Here Are Some Hot Babes Holding Snakes

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The “snake scarf” is a ubiquitous staple of celebrity. It’s a mark of decadence and courage, screaming, “Look how rich and brave I am!” as a giant python languishes around ones neck. A trend, like most weird-ish celebrity penchants (see also: chair dancing; pube skimming pants) that was immortalized into the pop culture psyche by Britney Spears, who by now is basically The Pope of all that is wonderfully gaudy and ostentatious about pop music. We bow before you and your serpent king, all powerful Britney.

While we’ve all held a snake at some time or other in our lives, it’s likely said snake wasn’t the reptilian kind we’re talking about here (*chuckle!*). The latest inductee into the snake grabbing celebrity crew is, obviously, Beyoncé, who, for Blue Ivy’s birthday, got up close and personal, stroking a giant snake as it pressed against her tiny body. It’s probably also important to note that the snake was similar to the one Britney brandished at the 2001 MTV Music Awards — or in other words, watch out Brit, Bey is coming for you.

A symbol also of sex and yeah, penises, the snake has found its way into the hands and across the bodies of many of our favorite stars. Most of them are naked, too, with snakes strategically positioned against their breasts and vaginas, raising the stakes on the power of suggestion. From Adam and Eve metaphors to jungle themes and vampires, we’ve got everyone from Salma Hayek to Kate Moss doing the sexy snake thing. Try not to get hissss-tertical as you browse our gallery of sexy babes holding snakes.