Chris Noth Is Engaged! For Real!

chris noth & tara wilson

Law & Order star Chris Noth has announced his engagement to girlfriend Tara Lynn Wilson less than a month after denying their impending nuptials. Entertainment Tonight Canada made the announcement this weekend, but after the brouhaha over September’s rumors (“I have not said I am engaged. Until I do it’s all BS,” Noth told Gossip Cop), confirmation was definitely necessary. Whether Mr. Big was fibbing about his relationship status last month or if the gossip mill was indeed getting ahead of itself, we’re just glad things worked out.

Noth and Wilson, together for over seven years, had a son, Orion, in January 2008. Check out the adorable couple in the gallery below.

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While You Were Praying For a Mad Men Spin-Off “Betty, Don and Betty’s Hair in Rome”

katie and son on a jon tree face

  • Tom Cruise went for a jog with wife Katie Holmes and son Connor. But as a reader of Oh No They Didn’t points out, they were joined by an entirely unexpected guest: ANGRY TREE FACE.
  • Gwen Stefani has turned 40 years old. Scientists deduced this by counting her layers of abs.
  • Kate Gosselin is claiming that ex-husband Jon has taken $230,000 out of the couples joint bank account. Hope his children like diamond-and-emerald-studded 24K Ed Hardy hoodies for dinner.
  • Lindsay Lohan made her Paris Fashion debut as an “artistic adviser” for Emanual Ungaro, where models walked the runway wearing nothing more than leggings, freckles, collagen, and the distant look of a 48 year old woman wondering where her life has gone.
  • The script for the Arrested Development Movie is in the works! Sadly, due to scheduling conflicts involving the show’s extremely in demand actors, the first hour and a half feature Annyong and Lucille exclusively. (Dream movie.)

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Jon Drains Family’s Bank Account Of $200K

Jon Gosselin continued his confusing PR campaign this weekend, in which he attempts to charm disillusioned “fans” by doing shady, slimy things. According to Kate Gosselin‘s lawyers, ol’ JoGo got busy with the couple’s cash this weekend, withdrawing over $200,000 from their joint bank account without telling his ex-wife. Classy!

Apparently the money came from a bank account Kate uses to pay the family bills, and neither Gosselin is allowed to touch it without the other’s consent. In true reality whore form, Kate showed up on “The Today Show” this morning to flaunt her tears and reverse mullet in an attempt to gain the public’s sympathy. Yep, we’ll admit it – it kinda worked on us. Watch above.


Katy Perry And Rihanna: New BFFs?


Two singers fresh from break-ups with budding romances linking up in Paris for a little fashion and girl talk? Sounds like a match made in heaven! Rihanna and Katy Perry have been seen together all over Paris recently during Paris Fashion Week, swapping fashion advice at the Jean Paul Gaultier show, then sitting side by side at Karl Lagerfeld yesterday morning.  RiRi and Katy’s friendship has been in the works for awhile, with Rihanna, Katy, and Katy’s then-boyfriend Travis McCoy partying together in NYC in July and Rihanna attending Katy’s concerts in New York in July and in April in Barbados, and the pair even having some fun in the sun on a Barbados beach, but looks like nothing like the excitement of the City of Lights can cement these girlfriends’ BFF status. [Photos: Splash News Online]

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The FABlife’s Libby Keatinge is at Paris Fashion Week from Sept. 30 to Oct. 8, reporting glam details about celebrities, fashion, runway shows, and parties. Follow the action here and on Twitter at LibbyTheFabLife!


Lindsay Lohan Talks Nipple Slips


Lindsay Lohan definitely brought her party girl reputation to Emanuel Ungaro‘s runway show today at her debut as “artistic advisor.” The models who wore the Lindsay-inspired short pink dresses, blazers with heart-shaped pasties covering their nipples, and spandex bandeau tops looked more like they were ready to dance on the table at a Hollywood club than walk down the runway.

Of taking a cue from Pink, and sticking the heart pasties on both the models’ nipples and heads, Lindsay told TheFABlife, “It’s not good to show your nipples so they should be covered.” Well, of course! And heart-shaped pasties are the best way!

“I really appreciate everything that goes into, like, any article of clothing. I think it’s fantastic and I think it’s so expressive in many ways,” Lindsay told TheFABlife.

Expressive indeed! When Lindsay walked hand in hand with Ungaro’s designer Estrella Archs at the end of the show, tears filled her eyes. This marks the second time in a week that fashion has made Lindsay sob! Get this girl a handkerchief with a big pink heart on it ASAP! [Photo: Getty Images]

The FABlife’s Libby Keatinge is at Paris Fashion Week from Sept. 30 to Oct. 8, reporting glam details about celebrities, fashion, runway shows, and parties. Follow the action here and on Twitter at LibbyTheFabLife!


Rihanna And Katy Perry Trade Fashion Advice At Jean Paul Gaultier


Where’s the best place to talk fashion? On the runway, of course! A Jean Paul Gaultier clad Rihanna and fresh-from Russell Brand‘s pad in London Katy Perry swapped fashion tips while sitting across the runway from each other at the designer’s Paris fashion show. “I love your jacket,” Katy told Riri while sitting across from each other in the front rows at the show. Rihanna smiled back and pointed towards the backstage where Jean Paul was before the show began.

Katy, Rihanna, as well as Dita Von Teese and French screen legend Catherine Deneuve took in the designer’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection, which resurrected Madonna’s 80′s cone bra and featured silk peach jackets paired with glittery black and white leggings, green silk trenchcoats, and all denim jumpsuits, and long flowy orange and white dresses. “Gaultier was FAB!” Dita wrote on her Twitter after the show. “Lots of new ways to wear luscious peach satin circle-stitched bullet bras. LOVED IT!”

“TRUE!” Katy Twittered back.

Luckily for TheFABlife, we nabbed a coveted front row seat after an usher grabbed us from the standing section and placed us in an empty seat right in the front row, where we could see all the action from the best row in the house, right across from Janet Jackson, who smiled when the DJ played her late brother Michael Jackson‘s song “Bad”! It MUST have been the crushed velvet Margi Kent dress and Tuleste jewels we were wearing. After the show, France 5 even interviewed us about our opinion of the show. Magical! [Photo: Getty Images]

The FABlife’s Libby Keatinge is at Paris Fashion Week from Sept. 30 to Oct. 8, reporting glam details about celebrities, fashion, runway shows, and parties. Follow the action here and on Twitter at LibbyTheFabLife!

by EXCLUSIVE: Matthew Morrison’s Unit!

Here at (or is that GleeWGlee.TGlee?), we strive to bring you as much information about our new television obsession Glee as possible. That includes, as it were, painstaking recaps of each episode as well as interviews with our favorite characters.

But today, the ground beneath us shook, as comedian and co-worker Brian Faas sent us an email with an ever-intriguing title: MATTHEW MORRISON’S UNIT. And inside this digital faberge egg of dreams, we found this:


YES. That is the star of stage and Glee, Matthew “Mr. Schuester” Morrison, riding the NYC subway like the common man, and doing what most any of us do: Staring down at our iPhones/iPods, wishing no one to look at us while secretly wanting everyone to look at us. And he is sitting next to a sign that says Unit. Making this post’s title the most accurate one of all time!

When I asked Brian what sort of celebrity Matthew seemed to be, this was the response I received:

(Ahead, more pics of Matthew wearing “straight guy sneakers” — Brian’s words — as well as a first person report.)

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Is John Mayer Macking On Jennifer Aniston Again?

john mayer & jennifer aniston

Oh, not this again. OK! Magazine says John Mayer has been leaving his former Friends star-with-benefits Jennifer Anistonflirty texts, phone calls, and romantic requests.” Did he leave a CD in her wonderland or something? E!’s insider says “Jen and John? That’s just not happening again. Ever,” but doesn’t actually contradict the story. After all, what would stop a cad like John from making half-hearted sexy talk to an alienated ex just for his personal entertainment? Let’s say he’s chilling with some young pick-up after a long day at the studio. “Hey, John. Did you really date Jennifer Aniston?” “Yeah, I hit that. Want me to call her right now and prove it?” We’ve all seen his comedy bits—you know he’s done worse (legal note: we do not actually know if he has done this, let alone something worse).

Then again, karma may be rearing its ugly head on John. Kristin Cavallari, who we bet would get a big kick out of pranking Aniston, told Ryan Seacrest this week that she once spurned Mayer—remember his “I never high-fived her with my penis” twit?—because she didn’t want to be “another notch on his belt.” That E! source says Mayer wouldn’t be bummed by “someone from The Hills turning him down,” but that only goes to show how little he cares about what the ladies think. Block him, Jennifer! He’s trouble!

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4 Minutes Buys You The 100 Greatest Youtube Moments

Do you have 4 minutes to spare?  It’s Friday after 5 PM, so of course you do.

This video, which i’m proud to say I discovered via Ryan Seacrest’s Twitter, features the 100 Greatest Moments of Youtube in 4 Minutes. Some of them were actually new to me — specifically the low flying airplane (which is terrifying.) Anyway, this is a nice stroll down “Waste Time At Work Memory Lane.”

Ahead, the list of videos featured!

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Jon Gosselin’s Crazy Train Rides On

Jon Gosselin

What is your deal, Jon Gosselin? Jon was once the averagest Joe on television, patiently taking his eight children to the zoo as Kate henpecked away on the once banal Jon And Kate Plus 8. But somehow the balding former IT analyst became a lover-juggling, rumor-stirring man-animal whose every move sets the gossip world afire. Jon became JoGo, turning his sunglasses to the paparazzi and taking meetings with champs like Christian Audigier and Michael Lohan. It’s been weird.

But to hear him talk on Larry King Live last night, he wants nothing more than to get his children off this crazy train, however belatedly. “I had an epiphany…and I said, ‘I don’t want to be this person anymore,’” said the reluctant JoGo. “I’m asking not to be on the show and I’m asking my children not to be on the show. I mean, I don’t want them to film anymore. I don’t think it’s healthy for them. And I—the reason I don’t think it’s healthy for them is that we’re going through a divorce right now. And I don’t think it should be televised….’” With that, a nation of concerned parents clutched this penitent papa to their bosom, wailing for The TLC Corporate Machine to let those children be.

Or maybe not. Kate’s laywer scoffs that these pleas are “less a change of heart and more a change of strategy,” and a TLC staffer told the Chicago Sun-Times “this is all about him trying to milk this thing for all the money he can.” Meanwhile, JoGo was caught checking out real estate in LA before his interview—where better to avoid publicity—and Star is crowing that Hailey Glassman, the honey JoGo said was “empowering” him on Larry, may have revealed their break-up on Twitter. Do you think he has his kids at heart, or is this just a ploy for a payoff?

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