MJ’s Kids To Star In A&E Reality Show; We Pray They Mean ‘Hoarders’

michael jackson's kidsIn today’s bit of “Things We Know Aren’t True But Will Wish Upon a Star For Even Though It’s Cruel”, Us Magazine reports that the Jackson children will star in their very own A&E Reality Show, merely months after their beloved father Michael Jackson passed away under suspicious circumstances.

And while our deepest fantasies have these children clearing out their papa’s Neverland Ranch on a special episode of Hoarders, you didn’t think we’d get that lucky, did you? In fact, the show is to be called The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty, and will feature a total of five hours of Jackson family footage, including a total of 23 Jackson family members — save eldest sister Rebbie Jackson who won’t have any part of it.

So, good idea or typical Jackson family tactless nonsense? We think it’s a bittttt too soon to put these kids, who have always been shielded from the spotlight, on their very own “How to Cope with Dad’s Death” reality show.

But for selfish reasons, we’re kind of excited. Because if Prince Jackson playing chess is any indication, this show will be (sung in the key of D) freaking adorrrrrable.

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Rihanna’s Freaky New Hair ‘Do


Our precious RiRihater of rumors – is back in New York City, and she’s apparently toughened up she showed up at the Chanel show in Paris last week wearing a muff. The starlet – who is considered a fashion icon despite her young age – rolled into Gotham in all black (how NYC of her) with her blond-ish hair slicked back on her head like some strange tribute to both Grease and Alien. What do you think of Rihanna‘s look, fashionistas? [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Megan Fox: The New Armani Underwear Model

megan fox

After the failure of Jennifer’s Body and her complaints about those Transformers movies, it’s good that Megan Fox has something to looked forward to. Armani announced today that the actress will take over their Emporio Armani Underwear campaign in 2010, gracing magazines and billboards with her skivvies starting in January. She’ll also be doing the Armani Jeans campaign as well, if you want to see her wearing clothes.

Fox will be replacing Victoria Beckham as the company’s female face (yeah, that’s it, face) just as Christiano Ronaldo pushed David Beckham out of Armani’s Y-chromosome throne last month. Unlike the Beckhams, there are no plans for Fox and Ronaldo to appear together—not that anyone really wanted them to share camera time anyway.

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Robert Pattinson “Still Can’t Get A Date”

robert pattinson

You’re playing with fire, Robert Pattinson. The Twilight star has brazenly suggested that no one wants to get to know the real RPattz. “Girls scream out for Edward, not Robert,” the poor soul told the Sydney Morning Herald from a promotional event for New Moon in France. “I still can’t get a date.” Oh noes! Does Kristen Stewart have him trapped in the friend box? Does his breath smell like blood slurpees?

Maybe the Twilight madness just has the poor fellow confused. “To be honest, I still don’t really understand what’s going on. Like yesterday, I was having lunch down the road. We were in this place for a couple of hours and suddenly there was like 400 people outside on the street. It was just so nuts and it’s like that all the time now.” We, Robert? As in you and another person? As in a date? As in a date with Kristen Stewart? Fess up!

Check out the dateless wonder in the mega gallery below.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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World’s Smallest Man Finally Old Enough to Buy World’s Tiniest Porn


This is Khagendra Thapa Magar, a 2 ft tall teenager from Nepal who, upon turning 18 years old, officially becomes the world’s smallest man. While he is telling media outlets that his only two wishes in life are “to be officially recognised by the Guiness World Records and to find a wife”, his face in the above photo tells a different story. One that involves hundreds of dollars worth of porn.

Also, he is officially the most prosh thing I have seen all year. So good on you, Tiny Guy.


Did Pamela Anderson Break Child Labor Laws?

pamela anderson, adelaide gault, david lachapelle

Pamela Anderson‘s trashy taste in fashion may have finally crossed the line. According to Page Six, child labor advocates are concerned about Baywatch star employing her make-up artist’s 9-year-old daughter, Adelaide Gault, to hold up the tail of her panty-flashing gown at the Hollywood Style Awards last weekend. “I would want to speak to the child to ask her if it is something she willingly did,” said a rep for the Child Labor Coalition. Nine is very young, and an awards ceremony is a long time for a child to be out holding a dress.”

Attendees were shocked by Anderson’s treatment of Gault during the ceremony. “She didn’t even have her own seat and had to sit at Pamela’s feet, where people nearly stepped on her to get to the stage. The girl looked uncomfortable and kept tugging on her dress to get her attention, but Pamela waved her away…After she presented David LaChapelle with an award onstage, she shouted ‘daughter’ in front of the whole auditorium, and slapped her leg like she was calling a puppy. The girl rushed up to grab her train.” Frankly, we wouldn’t be surprised if naughty LaChapelle (who sandwiched Gault along with Anderson on the carpet) was behind the whole thing. Someone alert Nancy Grace!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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Blake Lively Goes Wild

blake lively

Another night, another movie premiere for Blake Lively. While the Gossip Girl star played it casual at Monday’s Stepfather premiere, Lively pulled out the plumage for last night’s Where The Wild Things Are premiere in New York. Maybe the subject matter inspired her to wild out a little, but how often does someone wear a bustier top to a kid’s film? Party on, Blake!

Check out red carpet fashions from Lauren Ambrose, Karen O and others in the gallery below.

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Bridget Marquardt Set For UK Reality Fame

She’s recently been eclipsed by the baby-making antics of her fellow former Girl Next Door Kendra Wilkinson, but you can’t keep a Playboy bunny down for long, y’know. Bridget Marquardt is reportedly in talks to appear in the forthcoming series of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! in the UK – and we for one think it’s a brilliant idea.

The show’s been kind to its US competitors over the years, making stars and giving spin-off TV series to former jungle denizens David Gest and Janice Dickinson. Well, before we forgot about them again, that is. Anyhow, Bridget + bikini + gross Bushtucker Trials + British tabloids = gossip gold. Do it, Bridget, do it!


We’re Still Worried About Amy

Proof that all is still not well in Amy Winehouse’s world (apart from that underwhelming performance at the weekend). 1) She’s wearing a cheesy ‘Pink Ladies’-style top that says “Blake’s Girl”. 2) She’s still drawing freckles on her nose. 3) That’s probably enough evidence, isn’t it?