American Idol Recap: 5 Moments We Loved, March 3

It’s always hard to pick just five top moments to talk about because for all the moments that stand out, there’s plenty of decent talent that gets overshadowed by the drama. So, just to quickly give equal time to all parties involved before moving on to the good stuff, we’d like to mention the people we won’t be mentioning below: Von Smith, Arianna Afsar and Felicia Barton. There. Even playing field.

5. Tears and Near Tears

Is it us or were there more tears than usual on the show last night? As soon as she finished her performance, Pleather-pants-wearing Taylor Vaifanua burst into tears (of joy, she said) and damply made her way through the judges’ table. Then the judges reamed out Alex Wagner-Trugman for roughhousing with a microphone stand and he was borderline misting up (more about him in a moment). Jorge Nunez, after a major bonding session about music, pride and accents was moved to tears because he had come so far. Choked up, he told the judges he couldn’t think in English and then Ryan told America to dial uno-uno if we wanted to vote for Jorge. This group of performers was definitely a strong crew (way better than last week) and the emotions were running as high as the talent.

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The Most Fabulous Celebrity Engagement Rings

When celebrities get engaged, it’s all about love – yeah right! When stars decide to get hitched, everyone will be looking at the engagement ring, so it better be a good one! When Hayden Christensen recently popped the question to OC starlet Rachel Bilson, he did a very good job of picking out a classy diamond for his lady love. How did other stars fare when they decided to make their love forever? From Jennifer Hudson to Beth Ostrosky to Carmen Electra, it’s all about the bling. Check out our gallery of the most fabulous celebrity engagement rings! [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Coast Guard Calls Off Search For Missing NFL Players

Oakland Raiders linebacker Marquis Cooper, NFL free agent Corey Smith and former University of South Florida football player William Bleakley are all still missing after departing for a fishing trip in Florida on Saturday. Their friend and fishing companion, former USF football player Nick Schuyler, was found yesterday clinging to their capsized boat (see pic above).

Schuyler told investigators that their anchored boat was overturned Saturday evening, and that the friends clung to it until somehow separating early Monday morning. All off the missing men were reportedly wearing life vests, which may enhance their slim chances of survival as time runs out.

Still, the coast guard is calling off their search, even as family members refuse to give up hope. “He doesn’t back down,” Bruce Cooper said of his son Marquis. “He’s just an extreme fighter. What I’m holding on to is that he’s out in the water right now, just fighting.”  [Photo: GettyImages]


Bret Michaels’ Dream Girl Is A Jennifer Aniston/Angelina Jolie Combo

Rock of Love Bus star Bret Michaels stopped by Ellen today and revealed that his dream girl is a combination of Brad Pitt‘s famous ladies.

When Ellen DeGeneres probed Bret about what his perfect woman was like, he explained that she needed to be a combination of good and bad. When Ellen asked who exactly that would be like, he explained that his heart beats for a “combination of Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston.”

Bret also insisted that although this is his third season of Rock of Love, he is not “doing it for great TV” but really is trying to find love. Bret also revealed that he and Rock of Love 2 winner Ambre Lake are still in touch, but it just didn’t work out.

“She and me still get together and talk, but it didn’t pan out,” he says.

According to Bret, he may not have to look for love any more! When Ellen asked if he found someone on Rock of Love Bus, which is now done taping, Bret enthusiastically answered, “Absolutely!”

Which one of the Rock of Love Bus girls do you think Bret “absolutely” finds love with? [Photo: Getty Images]

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Police Have Been To Octomom’s House Eight Times!

When we hear the disgusting tales of Octomom Nadya Suleman‘s cramped living quarters and messy house, we often ask why authorities do not investigate the situation. The answer is – they already have!

For every one of Octomom’s new spawn, the police have paid a visit to the home of Nadya Suleman. That’s right – a report reveals that police have been called to the home of the Octomom eight times.

In July 2008, the Department of Children and Family Services were called by a neighbor who reported that Nadya’s six kids “were not clean or being fed properly.” Officials then concluded that the report was “unfounded.”

That’s not all! Over the last two years, cops have been called by neighbors (for the front door being left open), Nadya’s own kids, and Nadya herself when one of her children “went missing” but later turned up following grandma around the block, and when a neighbor supposedly pulled a gun on a photographer waiting outside of the OctoCrib.

When it comes to cops patrolling your pad, eight is enough – but for some reason we feel like this won’t be the last time the popo get a dispatch to the Octopad. [Photo: Getty Images]


Usher To Chris Brown: “Have A Little Bit Of Remorse”

Most celebrity acquaintances seem determined to be as diplomatic as possible over Chris Brown‘s abuse charges, but photos of the singer jet-skiing in Miami have inspired one of Brown’s most famous rivals to call the guy out. Usher gave his two cents in a behind-the-scenes video shot by producer Jermaine Dupri, even hinting at the infamous photo of Rihanna‘s bruises leaked by TMZ.

I’m a little disappointed in this photo…after the other photo? C’mon, Chris. Have a little bit of remorse, man. The man’s on jet skis? Like, just relaxing in Miami?

Usher’s serious mood was undercut by singer Johnta Austin, who shadowboxed to Dupri’s audible amusement during Usher’s remarks. Ironically, Austin appeared with Brown and Bow Wow on the single “Shortie Like Mine” in 2006.

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Gossip Break: Tom and Katie’s Dangerous Dinners

  • Rihanna and Chris Brown are ruining their careers – and our appetites – by holing up together at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. [DListed]
  • Pete Wentz dreams about Johnny Depp (and not his wife) at night.  [Wonderwall]
  • Smart people agree – the Vanity Fair cover with Seth Rogen and pals in body suits is super dumb.  [Jezebel]
  • Is it March already? Read these tips before heading out to Daytona Beach for spring break.  [CollegeCandy]
  • Gisele Bundchen Mrs. Tom Brady wears short shorts.  [PopSugar]
  • Sean Penn is fighting to get Harvey Milk‘s birthday recognized in the state of California.  Awesome!  [Hollyscoop]
  • Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have their security lock down a restaurant before they even enter the joint.  Sounds relaxing!  [I'mNotObsessed]

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Britney Ensures Tour’s Success With Nipple Tassels

Tonight marks the start of Britney Spears’ first tour in over five years, and the Cheeto-lover is apparently shaking in her flip flops over her return to the stage. But we’re here to reassure BritBrit – and her fans – that everything is gonna be just fine. Nip-tastic, in fact, thanks to our girl’s concert costume changes in which she rocks it out for the kids in nipple tassels.

Yep, Brit has taken Madonna‘s pointy bra and re-imagined it for 2009 – more skin, more boob, and less work for the imagination. In the above video of her “Circus” tour rehearsal, Brit shakes her money makers like the medicated starlet that she is. If you can forget that Kevin Federline once was all up in her boobs, it’s all sorts of hot.



In today’s Spotted, we have a hot television couple waiting for a table and a newly engaged starlet keeping herself in shape by hiking in the hills. See who Scandalist spotted and contribute your own celebrity sightings by e-mailing us here.

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Citizen Scandal: Woman Calls 911 Over Missing McNuggets

Latreasa Goodman had every right to be pissed off. She’d ordered 10 McNuggets from a Florida McDonald’s on Saturday, and the cashier had taken her money. Now she was being told that they were out of McNuggets, and that “all sales were final.” How can a McDonald’s be out of McNuggets on a weekend afternoon? And why wouldn’t they give her a refund? Sadly, Goodman eradicated all sympathy by calling 911 three times to report the emergency, despite being told each time that an officer was coming. From the police report:

I called 9-1-1 because I couldn’t get a refund and I wanted my McNuggets…This is an emergency. If I would have known they didn’t have McNuggets, I wouldn’t have given her my money, and now she wants to give me a McDouble, but I don’t want one. This is an emergency…my McNuggets are an emergency.

Goodman will defend herself in court over the misdemeanor at a later date. Meanwhile, McDonald’s gets to keep up this bullshit “McNuggets = McDouble” policy without repercussion. Where’s the justice in that?

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