BeBe Winans Arrested For Assaulting Ex-Wife

Gospel singer Bebe Winans, best known for his records with sister CeCe Winans, was booked yesterday for assaulting his ex-wife. According to the police report, Winans got into a argument over custody issues with the woman last month, pushing her to the ground in front of their children. Ironically, the arrest of Winans, who starred in Oprah Winfrey‘s The Color Purple musical with Chaka Khan, came on the same day as Winfrey’s Rihanna-focused episode concerning abusive relationships. After working as solo artists for over a decade, Winans and his sister were planning a reunion album for later this year.

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Top 25 Greatest Idol Alumni Videos

American Idol as a TV show is about as successful as you can get, but people might not realize just how big the empire is. Okay, some of its former contestants probably realized after it was too late that conquering movies was maybe not their thing (From Justin to Kelly to … nowhere). But if you consider their musical track record, it’s pretty impressive. Since the show started in 2002, there have been more than 200 songs by Idol alums to hit the Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart. David Cook even had 11 songs from his self-titled debut hit the chart in 2008 in the same week.

We took into account album sales and chart-toppers and threw in a dose of personal favorites to bring you our list of The Top 25 Greatest American Idol Alumni Videos. Some artists show up a few times (Kelly Clarkson bookends the list) and a certain someone only shows up once because his baby face is just too sweet to stare at for too long (David Archuleta, we’re looking at you…). Our methods aren’t scientific, but they do take things like over-cuteness into account.

25. Kelly Clarkson – “My Life Would Suck Without You”

The latest of Clarkson’s singles, it made our list because while it’s a great song, the video sticks to the Clarkson formula that all other Clarkson videos adhere to – shots of Kelly performing with the band, spliced with shots of Kelly freaking out on/about a guy in a series of dramatic reenactments.

24. Bo Bice – “Witness”

Bice’s hair blows so freely — in the wind, in his convertible, by the sheer power of song — throughout the video, we couldn’t turn away. Viewers loved it too, the song spent three weeks at #1 on the VH1 Top 20 in December 2007.

23. Daughtry – “Over You”

“Hi, my name is Sara. Only it’s not, it’s Jessica Szohr, of TV’s Gossip Girl. I’m sorry I just cried throughout this whole video while wrapped in a towel. Actually nevermind – that was probably pretty hot. You’re welcome.”

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Flashback Lunch: George Clooney—The ER Years

George Clooney may be a major movie star, but he’ll never forget where he came from. Despite needing a prime-time guest spot like 1995 MTV Rock’n’Jock teammate Dan Cortese needs another day without work, the Burn After Reading actor showed up on ER last night, making smoochies with Julianna Margulies and letting everyone know what happened to Dr. Ross since he left for Seattle a decade ago.

Watching him return to his roost, we couldn’t help but feel a little conflicted. On one hand, he’s had an impressive, varied career far beyond that of your average TV hunk. On the other hand, watching him do his old bobblehead shtick again was oddly satisfying. He even kept from giggling!

Check out some ER-era fashion mistakes and high-profile hob-knobbing in the gallery below.

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Kelly Bensimon’s Fight With Boyfriend: Was It Fake?

The Real Housewives of New York are certainly a lively, colorful bunch, but now they suspect that their co-star Kelly Bensimon may have staged a fight with her boyfriend in order to get attention and drum up buzz about her for the next season.

At the launch of Housewives’ Bethenny Frankel‘s diet book, Naturally Thin, the wives and their cohorts were all abuzz about Kelly’s arrest a little over a week ago, for allegedly assaulting boyfriend Nick Stefanov and giving him a black eye and a gash on his cheek.

“You’d see me hitting the bottle before you’d see me hitting a man!” Bethenny snipped.

At the same party an “insider” (or possibly a Housewife who just didn’t want to be named?!) said, “Kelly truly is the most desperate housewife now!”

Another insider revealed, “No one likes her. She hasn’t endeared herself to the ladies on the show – or anyone else.”

Several suggested the fight was fake and that Kelly was just trying to cook up the drama so she would get signed on for next season.

“Kelly is ruthless. Some who know her think she planned the attack with Nicholas. He’s speaking of her too positively for this to be domestic abuse. Shouldn’t he be angrier? It’s also convenient that Kelly timed the leak of her arrest to the day a new episode of the show aired,” said another “insider.”

Kelly reportedly appears to be in the weakest position because she is not tight with her other co-stars, Alex McCord, Ramona Singer, Jill Zarin, and LuAnn de Lesseps. Indeed, she was the only one who did not come to either Bethenny’s book signing or book release party. Meooowww! [Source: NYDN; Photo: Getty Images]

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50 Cent: Releasing Porno Starring Rick Ross’ Baby Mama

The beef between Miami rapper Rick Ross and Vitamin Water mogul 50 Cent is about to get taken to a new level. The musicians have been going after each other with rhymes and malicious cartoons (seriously – cartoons) for a while, including one that Ross put up on his Myspace page entitled “Gay Unit Workouts.” Surely you can imagine the plot of that lamely named clip. But revenge mastermind Fiddy got Ross back by convincing the mother of his son, Tia Kemp, to shoot a revealing video (watch it above) about her ex. In it she  bashes Ross, accuses him of having fake, rented bling, and then goes shopping for fur coats and Gucci shoes with her ex’s rival.

Of course, 50′s not stopping there. He’s apparently somehow acquired a porn tape of Ross’s other baby mama sexing it up on film, and he’s going to release the whole thing – with his own personal commentary. We gotta hand it to Fiddy – he’s not f*cking around, and we kind of admire how far he’ll go to bring someone down. Then again, maybe we’re just saying that so he won’t mess with us.


Is Brit Dating Her Agent Or Not?

In 2008, following a vacation in Costa Rica, rumors flew that Britney Spears was dating Jason Trawick, the talent agent credited with getting her back with her parents and on straight and narrow after her meltdown. The buzz died fast, but now it’s starting all over again, with E! News reporting that the pair are going on secret dates.

Neither is willing to comment on the matter, and E! can’t even get all their sources to agree that there’s anything to it. But this would help explain why Britney was confident enough to allegedly tell K-Fed he was too fat and financially dependent for her to find attractive anymore. Has she finally met Mr. Right? Or at least Mr. OK And Already Rich?

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Shiloh Seeks Amy

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been saying they want more kids, so they must be happy that their 2-year-old daughter Shiloh has an imaginary friend.

Shiloh’s invisible pal, named Amy, has reportedly joined Brangelina’s already full house of six little ones.

“Shiloh says she likes Amy more than Knox and Viv,” says a source close to the family.

At dinner, Shiloh sometimes announces, “Amy’s not hungry!” and pushes her plate away. [Source: Star; Photo: Getty Images]

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Kanye Charges $1000 For Sneakers

Wanna own a pair of shoes designed by the coolest man in the world, Kanye West? It’s gonna cost you – a lot. But who’s worried about dropping cash in this current economic climate?

The rapper’s footwear (peep pics of the shoes here) is a collaboration with iconic fashion house Louis Vuitton, and comes in three different styles – Don’s (named after the Louis Vuitton Don himself, perhaps?), Jasper’s – (in honor of Kanye’s brother), and the Mr. Hudson (after the artist who worked with him on his latest album).

But if you wanna stick your feet in a pair of the haute couture kicks, it’s gonna require that you drop some serious cash. The cheapest pair will apparently run you around $870, and if you wanna splurge on a pair of Jasper’s with leather tassels, it’ll cost you $1140. Considering the price and Kanye’s blogging style, we think he should rename his whole line and call it “!!!!!!” Kinda fits, right?  [Via ONTD. Photo: GettyImages]

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Chris And Rihanna’s Duet – Yep, It’s Real And “Sweet”

We were in a bit of denial about this duet recorded by Rihanna and Chris Brown, but People has confirmed that it is indeed, the real deal. The pair came together – after, of course, Chris allegedly got violent with RiRi – to record with producer Polow Da Don, who said of the couple: “They are both great artists to work with, and I wish them well.”

The song the pair created together apparently is “sweet and sentimental,” says a source on the inside. It also, “expresses the challenges of a love relationship.”

By “challenges,” does the spy mean fighting over who does the dishes or alleged physical violence? Cuz there’s a bit of a difference.  [Photo: GettyImages]


Lady Gaga: Look At Me, I’m Mad!

“Hi, boring day-job civilians, I’m Lady Gaga! Do you like my suit made of bubbles? I expect you’re wearing totally conventional outfits, like tops and pants that keep you covered up and protected from the cold. Lame!  Things are going great for me at the moment, everyone’s loving my innovative look — especially the cardboard skirt, too — and totally controversial, ground-breaking , modern outlook. I mean, I feel like writing music is like mind-blowing, irresponsible, condomless sex. And don’t forget I make those short-movie crevettes! God I’m so interesting. And I think about things in a totally different way. Obviously I would really just like to put on a pair of jeans and watch Dancing With The Stars with a bag of chips, but that would be letting you all down, wouldn’t it? Now, I’m off to see about wearing a garden spade on my head for my new ‘look’. Bye!” [Photos:  Splash News Online]

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