This Should Be a Federer Offense!

The following video is proof that Roger Federer is not only a tennis player, but also an actor. Indeed, here is his audition footage from Rookie of the Year 2: How The F*ck Did He Make That?

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Elton John’s Adoption Request Denied


Superstar Elton John has spoken of his intention to adopt. The legendary rock star said 14-month-old boy Lev had “stolen his heart” when he met him on a visit to his orphanage in Ukraine, as part of a trip with his charity AIDS foundation. “David (Furnish) always wanted to adopt a child and I always said ‘no’ because I am 62 and I think because of the traveling I do and the life I have, maybe it wouldn’t be fair for the child,” he said.

“But having seen Lev today, I would love to adopt him. I don’t know how we do that but he has stolen my heart. And he has stolen David’s heart and it would be wonderful if we can have a home. I’ve changed my mind today.”

The singer’s adoption request has been negged by the Ukrainian government due to a  law which prevents unmarried couples from adopting. But wait – Elton and Furnish married in the UK in 2005.  Lame move, Ukraine!  [Photo: AFP]


2009 VMAs ROUND-UP: Highlights, Lowlives and Gaga

During last night’s rousing 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, myself (along with some fellow VH1 bloggers) spent the better part of the evening “Live-Tweeting” the event from the comfort of our sad little homes. This did not prevent me from wearing my finest (crotchless) gown and enjoying the show more than I’m comfortable admitting. Below, I’ve reprinted my tweet-cap from last night, along with some all new and pretty special photos, comparisons, live performances and highlights.

9 PM

  • OK guys, after some technical difficulties, here we are: THE VMAs. Madonna looks amazing, and not entirely unlike a Pre-Cog.

  • The VMA stage looks glorious! As does JLo’s gold neckerchief thingy dress.
  • Katy Perry’s cameltoe is so epic, they should start calling it a Katytoe. As my friend Tom put it, it’s a Camelfoot.
  • 2009 VMAS MTV katy perry

  • ps The thing I’m most excited about at this 2009 VMAs? MUSE MUSE MUSE MUSE MUSE MUSE MUSE MUSE MUSE MUSE MUSE MUSE MUSE
  • OMG Lady Gaga…. Was there a fire sale at the Phantom of the Opera Barn?
  • 2009 VMAS MTV lady gaga phantom

  • Russell Brand’s crotch is like a Tootsie Roll pop: How many licks until the joke becomes unfunny?
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The 10 Best Dressed Stars At The MTV VMAs


Amidst the shocking moments and outlandish performances at last night’s MTV Video Music Awards was some glitzy and glamorous fashion. Metallic frocks dominated the arrivals, with Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and Leighton Meester rockin’ silver and gold. Keri Hilson looked impossibly bangin’ in a satin jumpsuit and Beyonce flaunted her curves in a ruffly scarlet number. Peep our Top 10 countdown to see which artists, actors, and reality stars ruled the Radio City red carpet.  [Photos: Getty Images]

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Susan Boyle Covers The Stones; Mick Jagger Rolls Over in Living Grave

Bet you thought you’d never hear the words Susan Boyle again, right? Wrong. She’s back. And hello, of course she’s back! After all, her handlers bought her a comb. A comb. You think they’re going to let that go to waste? Unlikely.

Boyle is back! And much like those other kinds of boils, the ones that are warm, tender, and full of pus, it seems that Susan will be equally hard to get rid of. Today, we get her latest project: A cover of The Rolling Stones song “Wild Horses”. Just because Mick Jagger is still alive doesn’t mean he can’t do some competitive grave rolling while listening. I love heavy-handed elevator muzak as much as the next musical theater fan, but she honestly sounds like a deranged elderly woman singing to herself after accidentally getting locked in her local market’s meat locker. And that ain’t right.

And after listening to this, I would honestly like to beg wild horses to drag me away. It. is. that. bad.


6 Theories Behind Kanye West’s VMAs Outburst


By now, most of you have seen firsthand and/or read about Kanye West’s unbelievably childish and rude interruption of Taylor Swift’s Award Acceptance for Best Female Video. These antics actually got Kanye kicked out of the VMAs. If you missed it, here is video of the occurrence:

Here are 6 Theories:

6. HE’S GONE FULL RETARD We’re actually serious about this. Only a few hours after the incident, Kanye blogged a sort of non-pology, saying that he’s sorry for what he did, but still believing that the action was completely and totally necessary BECAUSE BEYONCE DESERVED IT YEEZY. Read this and cry a blood tear that this man is definitely wealthier than you are:


Top 5 Theories Ahead.

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Style Wars: Lauren Conrad Vs. Kristin Cavallari

They may not be on the same show anymore, but rivals Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari still have to come to the same events and compete for camera time. At last night’s VMAs, Cavallari stuck to the shiny theme that so many others were enamored by (en-armored by? ‘Cause it looks like — nevermind), going for a tight disco ball minidress, while LC opted for a demure “I’m totally more mature than that lying skank” look. Was LC’s look too blah, or was Kristin just one of the many sequined starlets? Who turned more heads before heading back to “The Hills?” And most importantly, can you feel the rain on your skin?

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The 10 Worst Dressed Stars At The MTV VMAs


Not even piles of money and stylists can prevent fashion disasters, and the red carpet at the VMAs is one of the riskier events where oh-so-much can go wrong. Judging from last night’s showing, there were disasters a’plenty. Whose outfits weren’t up to snuff? Let’s have a look.

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EXCLUSIVE: Jon Gosselin To Debut “Gosselin Gear” Clothing Line


Who needs Ed Hardy? Jon Gosselin is going to start his own clothing line. “I’m doing a line called “Gosselin Gear,” Jon told The FABlife while hanging out at the Hotel on Rivington House of Hype post-VMA party.  As for that rumored line with Ed Hardy owner Christian Audigier? “I think Christian just used me to get publicity,” Jon told us.

How about the rest of his life? “I’ll be officially divorced in a couple days,” Jon said gladly. Although he and Kate Gosselin are hammering out custody issues, Jon was in good spirits and also confirmed that things with him and girlfriend Hailey Glassman are “great.” [Photo: Getty Images]