David Archuleta Raps!

David Archuleta may look (and sound) like Ed Grimley, but the American Idol runner-up has a thug’s heart. Lil’ Archie was talking about rap with the DJs at Kiss 95.1 in Melbourne, FL when he surprised them by doing a bit of T.I.‘s “Live Your Life.” While his take on Rihanna‘s hook was predictable enough, his rapping suggests that he won’t be dropping a mixtape anytime soon.. Imagine a drunken Michael Cera speedreading and you’ve got an idea of what you’re in for. Check it out after the jump.

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Drew Channels 1994 With Tongue Ring

Drew Barrymore can’t seem to let go of her David Letterman-flashing glory days. The actress, who turns 34 this month, has been sporting a tongue ring around town. Apparently she got it last year, but we’ve avoided looking inside her mouth until recently.

“I got it and then I’ve been single ever since… I did it for myself. I always wanted to get one,” she says. The best part, according to the star, is that it totally helped her get skinny! Ah, celebrity body image, you are a remarkable beast. “I couldn’t eat, couldn’t drink for two weeks,” she said, describing the aftermath of her piercing. “Great diet in a weird way.”

You can check out the piercing in the pics below. We did, and all we learned is that Drew opens her mouth way too much in photos.  [Photo: WireImage]

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Kellogg Flakes On Michael Phelps’ Endorsement Deal

Although many late-night munchie-loving stoners  beg to differ, Kellogg Co. feels that cannabis and cereal do not go well together. On the heels of Michael Phelpspot-smoking picture hitting the Internet, Kellogg announced that Michael, who appeared on Frosted Flakes and Corn Flakes cereal boxes, will be dropped from his endorsement deal with the company.

“We originally built the relationship with Michael, as well as the other Olympic athletes, to support our association with the U.S. Olympic team. Michael’s most recent behavior is not consistent with the image of Kellogg. His contract expires at the end of February and we have made a decision not to extend his contract,” Kellogg said in a statement.

USA Swimming has also joined in on punishing Michael for his Mary Jane-loving ways by suspending him for three months and withdrawing financial support as a period of “reprimand.”

“This is not a situation where any anti-doping rule was violated, but we decided to send a strong message to Michael because he disappointed so many people, particularly the hundreds of thousands of USA Swimming-member kids who look up to him as a role model and a hero,” USA Swimming announced in a statement.

Lucky for Michael he has plenty of other big-bucks sponsorship deals that aren’t going anywhere. Visa, Speedo, luxury watch maker Omega, and PureSports are all sticking by the eight-medal Olympian. Phew! The champ can still kick back on the couch, take a nice phat bong rip, and just shake his head at Kellogg while reading the newest issue of High Times – Whatever dude, they’re such flakes! [Source: Us Magazine; Photo: Getty Images]


Flashback Lunch: Bob Dylan Gets Soy Bombed

What was the most memorable performance in the history of the Grammys? We’re tempted to go with 1985′s batshit “Synthesizer Medley,” which finally put Herbie Hancock and Stevie Wonder on stage with Thomas Dolby and Howards Jones (don’t ask), but it’s really all about Bob Dylan‘s “Love Sick” from 1998. Not only was Dylan unfazed by the spastic gyrations of a shirtless stage crasher with “Soy Bomb” written on his chest, the Album Of The Year winner dropped a searing guitar solo once the interloper was removed from the set.

What took security so long, anyway? Did they think his interpretive dance was Dylan‘s idea? Sadly, Soy Bomb’s interruption meant we’ll never see rows of hipsters snapping their fingers behind a band at the Grammys again.

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Mickey Rourke Flashed In France

Mickey Rourke’s been a huge star in France since the eighties, and it looks like he still drives the frogs wild. Mickey was leaving his hotel the morning after the Paris premiere of The Wrestler when a young fan made him say hello to her little friends. We’re sure Mickey was tickled, though a little annoyed to be upstaged after marveling the nation with his gaga fashion ensembles. The blinding blue jacket with the “Sinful” hat! The mesh shirt worn with a suit jacket and hood! No wonder they eat this guy up.

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[Photo: Splash News Online]

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Renee Zellweger Dons Jessica Simpson Fat Suit

Okay. Low blow, we know. Not to mention we have the opposite opinion. The real question these pictures pose: Who knew Renée Zellweger would make such an excellent drag queen? And yet the New in Town star looked more like a drama queen than the men in drag from a Harvard theater group who honored her for being their Woman of the Year. RuPaul, take note. Even you could learn something from Renée’s confidence and style. [Photos: Splash News Online]

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Citizen Scandal: Woman Carves Name Into Date’s Arm

You know how it is — you go out, have a few too many beers and end up back at some girl’s house for a bit of fun. Next thing you know you’ve woken up with a killer hangover and blood pouring from your arms and back after your date’s got busy with a Stanley (craft) knife during the night. Yikes.

That’s just the wake-up call that greeted Wayne Robinson of Blackburn, Lancashire after he went back to Dominique Fisher‘s home last June. Not only had Dominique “thoughtfully” carved her name into Wayne’s right arm, she’d also added a star to his back (just like Victoria Beckham, no?) and a few artistic slashes to the left arm. She’s now been found guilty of unlawful wounding and faces sentencing later this month — although she claims they were both awake while she did it.  Yep, that sounds realistic. And what’s also realistic is that she’s probably going to stay single for a very very long time indeed now.

If there is a copycat crime following Dominique’s act, expect to hear “Date Carving” enter our lexicon.


Lily Allen Texts Simon Cowell A Sexy Message

Lily Allen is a bloody genius. Who else could keep churning out newsworthy gossip bits on an almost daily basis while their new single is out (and now it’s at number 1 in the UK?). The latest missile to fire from her lips is the revelation that she sent Simon Cowell a sexy text. By accident, of course.

“I was kind of seeing this guy and then it was over. So I texted my godmother in Jamaica and told her and as a joke I said, ‘Maybe my next conquest should be Simon Cowell.’ You know when someone is in your mind and you accidentally text them? He replied, ‘Sorry?’” she says.

As much as you think Lily and Simon are an odd pairing – and we know she likes her older men – an even more WTF utterance from our Lil is in this month’s UK Glamour. Age really is no barrier for the 23 year old, as she confirms she wouldn’t mind a go at an 86-year-old artist.  “I thought, ‘I want to shag Lucian Freud’,” she told the mag. The girl is a publicity machine.  [Photo: Splash News Online]


Blake Hopes To Prove Amy Worse Than He Is In Court

Despite Amy Winehouse’s recent protestation that she really wants to make up with her fellow junkie enabler loving husband Blake Incarcerated, it looks like their divorce is taking a vicious turn. Blake and his lawyer are said to be compiling a “dossier” on the star’s bad behavior during their time together.

“Blake is totally serious about this. He’s hired a top lawyer and is compiling a file of Amy’s errors throughout their short marriage, he’s even  decided to contact  the men Amy’s meant to have slept with. Blake wants them to testify to prove that Amy was unfaithful during their marriage,” reports The London Paper.

Well, not that we’re applauding Blake’s pretty low actions (in this marriage, there cannot be any moral high ground, surely?), but he shouldn’t have any problems compiling her sh*t list. Just a five minute Internet search should do it. [Photo: FilmMagic, Getty Images]


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