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Sean Drops Out Of Films For Family Reasons, But Is It Really Rehab?

Sean Penn

Sean Penn has dropped out of two films for “personal reasons,” leaving the showbiz world to speculate about why one of the most powerful actors in Hollywood would suddenly go into hiding. Penn has bailed on the flicks Cartel and Three Stooges, which he was set to stare in alongside Benicio Del Toro and Jim Carrey. Variety says, “Penn is taking an undetermined sabbatical — possibly as much as a year — to focus on his family.”

But Gawker points in the direction of a NY Post blind item, that bears striking similarity to Penn and his problems. It says, “Which actor is on hiatus due to a drug relapse? He claimed he needed time off because of the heartbreak of his public split, but he’s actually headed to rehab.”

What do you think – could the two be connected?  [Photo: WireImage]


Katie Price Crawls Out Of Club With New Stud

After spending yesterday in her bikini, Katie Price slipped on a short blue frock and matching thigh-high boots for the night’s festivities in Ibiza. “It’s been a f—ing nightmare but I’m going to have a wicked time. I’m well up for it,” the reality star reportedly told her friends. Unfortunately, a day of sun and Sangrias—and a night of God only knows—Price had to be helped out of the Eden nightclub by model Anthony Lowther at 2:30 a.m.

This isn’t the first time Lowther’s had his arms around the estranged wife of Peter Andre, either—the pair reportedly went on a kiss-crazy club crawl in London earlier this month. At least someone’s making sure she gets home safe!

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Tori Brings Her Bikini, Family To Hawaii

Tori Spelling

While there’s really nothing cute about Tori Spelling in a bikini, we can’t help but coo at these pics of her family frolicking on the beach. The happy Spelling-McDermott clan got cozy in the water this week while vacationing in Hawaii. We’re surprised to see them looking so down to earth – if it wasn’t for Tori’s freakishly skinny bod and bizarre feud with her mother, we’d actually call them normal! [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Rihanna-Drake Rumors Heat Up

rihanna drake

Last month, Rihanna was caught making out with Drake, the DeGrassi star turned rapper. Despite the “just friends” denials that followed, Drake yelled “shout out to Rihanna, I love you baby!” on stage soon after and the stars continue to spend time together. Last week they both attended a Black Eyed Peas concert, and Monday night the pair showed up at the afterparty for Year One on the Empire Hotel roof. “She and Drake were attached at the hip…they are definitely together, but really trying to be discreet,” says Page Six‘s source.

Drake has a Top 20 single, “Best I Ever Had,” and he’s the opening act for Lil Wayne‘s “America’s Most Wanted” summer tour. Are they trying to avoid the attention a public relationship would receive—or is his career benefiting from the gossip?

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Sam Ronson Ends It, Lindsay Accuses Her Of Cheating


It’s over – again. Samantha Ronson has totally ended things with Lindsay Lohan, after pal Nicole Richie encouraged her to break it off. Apparently Nic loathes LiLo, even though they were BFFs back in the day, and has purposefully been inviting Sam to hang out with one condition – no crazy redheads allowed.

Nic apparently convinced Sam to cut Lindsay lose at dinner last night, after she previously forbade Sam from bringing her to a mutual pal’s birthday party last week. “Nicole refuses even to be in the same room as Lindsay,” says a source.

Now Lindsay is – as expected – freaking out over Twitter. Some of her recent posts include:

  • “I love being alone. Feels safe coz I can only trust myself…ya, sad. But I’m cool with it : ) that’s y I share it with others in films”
  • “Why do people cheat?”
  • Why do people cheat? When love is always standing right in front of their face (s) ?? Sr?”

Hm – we wonder who that last one is directed at. Any guesses?  [E! Online. Photo: GettyImages]


Report: Victoria Beckham Gets Boob Reduction


New image, new boobs? That’s what the Sun is claiming today, anyhow. Now that she’s a serious fashionista, Victoria Beckham has allegedly had another boob job, but this time to reduce the overinflated chest that balanced precipitously on her stick-thin frame. “Victoria has wanted her implants taken out for a while. She felt that was part of her old WAG image — the big hair, big boobs, fake tan — and that she has moved on since those days. She had the op three weeks ago and is very pleased with the results,” says a source.

VB was pretty flat-chested during her Spice days, but she amazingly grew some perfectly round orbs that tickled her chin after having first son Brooklyn. She originally denied ever having surgery, but referred to them in her 2007 program Coming To America, saying, “I really thought that one of my silicones was going to fly out of my armpit then.”

We guess the proof of this claim really is in the pudding, or the puppies, so to speak. What do you think? [Photos: Splash News Online]


Michelle Pfeiffer Is Still Smokin’ Hot


Note to just about every over-40 in Hollywood: this is what growing old gracefully looks like. Michelle Pfeiffer turned up at a screening of her latest movie Cheri looking totally gorgeous and – shocker! – age appropriate. OK, not everyone can pull off a clingy white dress and look that stunning. But it’s totally refreshing that 51-year-old Michelle appears not to have chosen to freeze, plump, erase or fill most of her face in order to look “younger.” And she looks even hotter for it. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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We Want Sienna’s House


Got a spare $1.6m? If you do, you could do better than buy Sienna Miller‘s old London pad, which is up for grabs for nearly $500,000 off the original asking price! Sienna’s two-bedroom house in Paddington, London, has apparently been sitting on the market unsold for five months — and after seeing the pics, we’re lusting over the open-plan layout that gives this London house a loft feel, the floating staircase and mezzanine floors. But the real icing on the cake is the super-cool sunken Turkish bath which takes up the whole of the basement level. Amazing. Just imagine the stories that room could tell. Ugh, now our head’s full of a naked Rhys Ifans, her ex-boyfriend. Maybe not. [Photo: WireImage]


Taylor Swift Turns Gangsta With “Thug Story”

The 2009 CMT Music Awards kicked off with a spoof music video that pairs Taylor Swift, country music’s brightest (and cleanest) new star with T-Pain, the hip-hop/R&B hit maker who has love for raunchy lyrics. Taylor (known as T-Swizzle here) raps over T-Pain’s Auto-Tuned crooning in the original song.

The scariest part of this gag is that Taylor not only shows off some comedic skills, but she could probably be a decent rapper with a little practice. Is there anything this girl can’t do? The 19-year-old singer and songwriter took home video of the year and female video of the year for “Love Story.” Check out pics from last night’s show.

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Michael Cera Has A Look

michael cera

Michael Cera hasn’t let fame get to his wardrobe. The Superbad star, in NYC to promote Year One, stepped out in an twee ensemble identical in all but color to the clothes he wore at Sundance in January. But hey, guys aren’t very imaginative, right? All that matters is that they clean up for important occasions. Like last night’s Year One premiere, where Cera traded his casual attire for—a sweater and jeans. Sigh. Invest in suits, Michael. You won’t always be 21.

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