Gossip Break: Susan Boyle Is An O.G.

  • It was only a matter of time before the Susan Boyle parodies hit. Will anyone top this? [PopSugar UK]
  • Heidi and Spencer ban the paparazzi from their wedding. Wait, now we’re confused … [PITNB]
  • Will Beyonce‘s Obsessed be the worst movie of the year? [dlisted]
  • Move over Ashton Kutcher, Hilary Duff is getting her Twitter on. [Just Jared]
  • Buzzworthy picks the top 10 most fabulously horrible album covers ever. We’re partial to The Black CrowesAmorica. [Buzzworth]
  • Join the Speidi Green-Screen Photoshop Challenge, or just gawk at the submissions. [Best Week Ever and Videogum]
  • Did you know that Speidi and the disgraced Rod Blagojevich were hiking buddies? [BuzzFeed]
  • College kids don’t study anymore. They just have orgies. [COED Magazine]


Rihanna Hits The High Seas In Barbados


Rihanna shows off her slammin’ figure as she drives a speedboat in Barbados. The singer has been vacationing in her hometown on the Carribbean island, visiting with family, and hanging with new BFF Katy Perry. [Photos: Splash News Online]

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Letterman Wants To See Lauren Conrad Naked

Lauren Conrad looked smoking hot on Late Night With David Letterman last night, so we shouldn’t blame the host for getting a little skeevy. In between dissing her exes Spencer Pratt (“a snake”) and Brody Jenner (“a load”), Letterman let her know how “horrible” it was that Pratt lied about there being a sex tape of her, as he’d really like to have seen it. Umm, yeah.

With all the mean stuff they said about Spencer’s beard, it’s also no surprise that Conrad probably won’t be attending his upcoming wedding to Heidi Montag. Pratt and Montag have been too busy missing each other to comment on their Twitters yet.

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Dane Cook’s Half Brother Stole Millions From Him


This is not funny! Comedian Dane Cook has reportedly been cheated out of millions of dollars by his half brother and former manager Darryl McCauley.

“It’s a terrible betrayal,” Dane said of the allegations that Darryl swiped his money and put it in his own bank account, while being paid $12,500 per month to work as his business manager.

Dane said he and his half brother worked together for several years until one day he “…woke up … and a lot of stuff was missing. There is a good chunk of money that is certainly not accounted for. That’s all I can say about it at this point,” he said.

Darryl is currently in jail awaiting a pre-trial conference. [Source: Us Magazine; Photo: Getty Images]


Anoop Quitting School To Be A “Pop Star”

anoop desai

When Anoop Desai was bumped off Idol Wednesday, we assumed he ‘d return to Chapel Hill as the most popular master’s student in UNC history. But why settle for one town’s single ladies when you could have the world’s, right? “My wildest dream was that I would be a pop star,” Desai told reporters. “And thanks to this show, that dream is going to become a reality.”

I plan on pursuing any record deal I can get…Right now that’s my number one priority. My only priority…I want to go the pop and R&B round…I am looking forward to making that album.

Anoop’s talents didn’t always match his self-satisfaction, so it’s uncertain whether he could be the next Ne-Yo or just another Justin Guarini. But unlike most contestants, he’ll always have grad school to fall back on.

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Spencer Buys Heidi A $250,000 Wedding Gift


Spencer Pratt wants his soon-to-be wife Heidi Montag to be all iced out at their wedding this Saturday, and the Hills villain reportedly dropped $250,000 on jewelry for Heidi to wear on the big day.

“He bought her earrings, two diamond chain bracelets, a necklace and their wedding bands,” a source says.

Heidi will reportedly wear the new bling when the pair wed (for real this time) at the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Pasadena, CA. [Source: PITNB; Photo: Getty Images]


Susan Boyle’s Home Makeover Enrages TV Bosses


Here’s Susan Boyle’s “Amazing New Look”! The caterpillar eyebrows are gone, she’s smartened up her outfits and the hair’s a shade of brunet rather than wild grey for the Britain’s Got Talent and YouTube star. But show bosses aren’t happy. Why? Because she did it, rather than letting them do it.

“Bosses on the ITV1 talent show which catapulted her to stardom were frantic as they wanted to keep her just the way she was ahead of the finals,” reports the Sun.

Translation: We had an expensive show makeover planned of our own, which we were going to show as a tear-filled montage while playing James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful”. Now with your $50 dye job, and MIND OF YOUR OWN, you’ve ruined it for us! [Photos: PA, Getty Images]

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Britney’s Weave Wants The Spotlight

Check out this video of Britney Spears performing in concert last night in Oakland, California. In it, she loses a chunk of her fake hair while performing the most awkward acrobatic act we’ve ever witnessed. It must kinda suck being the extensions attached to a crazy bird like Brit. We’d try to run away too if we had the chance.   [via TMZ]


Miley Keeps It Short And Sweet


It looks like scary shoulders are here to stay, style-wise! First Victoria Beckham, then Kate Moss and now they’ve tumbled down the fashion chain to reach Miley Cyrus. The teen queen sported a toned-down version of those super shoulders at the UK premiere of the Hannah Montana movie, but it was the super-short length of her Herve Ledger dress that fueled the most headlines. We think she looks fierce, but what do you think of Miley’s red carpet look? Fab or fail? [Photo: Splash News Online]

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