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Lindsay Looks For Love While Laughing At Herself

Finally, Lindsay Lohan and her people (her mom and sister, natch) have gone and made a smart PR move on her behalf. The video above just dropped from our friends at Funny Or Die early this morning, and in it, LiLo pokes fun at everything that’s made her famous. No, not her movies, she’s going for the gritty stuff  – her boozing, her arrests, and her lack of cash flow. It’s a funny and smart way to redeem herself, and even better, reminds us that she can still really act.


Madonna And Mercy Look Adorable Together


Wow, look at this picture of Madonna with little Mercy! Doesn’t she look like a beautifully-shot-and-possibly-airbrushed devoted mother? It’s amazing how this stunning portrait of WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN has found its way out into the public domain just as Madonna continues her appeal to adopt the little girl from Malawi, after it was initially rejected. I mean, I’m sure we’re not being emotionally manipulated by this gorgeous pho…aw, just look at the way she’s nestling into Madge’s arms! And Madonna does look amazing for 50, doesn’t she? How could any judge (maybe even one called Esmie Chondo) resist letting this cute pair stay together? Not that we’ve been swayed in any way, we have definitely made our minds up independently on this one. Ahem. [Photo: Reuters]


The Most Amazing Talent Show Contestant Ever?


A new series of Britain’s Got Talent kicked off in the UK a few days ago, and when Susan Boyle walked onto the stage, the judges, audience and viewers at home were convinced they were in for another stomach-clenching embarrassing turn. The middle-aged Scot, who confessed on-stage to being a virgin, also seemed to irritate Simon Cowell before she even opened her mouth to sing. But then she did – and now she’s being hailed as the most incredible find of all three series. Just watch the YouTube clip, which has already been viewed more than two million times on YouTube, to find out why. And realize that perhaps it’s better not to judge too quickly sometimes.

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Was Whitney Fired From Her Fake Job?

Whitney Port

According to the NY Post, City star Whitney Port was overlooked for a promotion at Diane Von Furstenberg - and the gig went to her frenemy, social-loser Olivia Palermo. The rag reveals that Whitney is apparently filming scenes for the show’s second season at her former employer’s office – People’s Revolution. Reps for the hit series have no comment, but all will be revealed soon enough! Was Whit just not cut out for her cut out for her uh, job, or did Diane give her the boot?  [Photo: GettyImages]

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Gossip Break: Golf Fans Gone Wild

  • The best thing about The Masters was this guy in the audience grabbing a woman’s boob. Golf clap!  [Buzzfeed]
  • Miley Cyrus thinks Alice In Wonderland is “all about ecstasy.” Um, okay, smarty-pants.  [DListed]
  • Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal love working out almost as much as they love each other.  [PopSugar]
  • Blake Lively claims she feels “like a tranny.” Um, how do you think the rest of us feel, Blake?  [PopEater]
  • Gwen Stefani‘s cute clan goes Easter crazy.  [PITNB]
  • Rihanna is recording a new album. We expect some awesome anti-love anthems!  [GossipGirls]
  • Tori Spelling talks to everyone except her mother.  [Seriously?OMG]

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Mel Gibson’s Wife Finally Realizes He’s Nutty, Demands Divorce

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson‘s wife Robyn has filed for divorce from the actor, to whom she’s been married for 28 crazy years. The pair were married in 1980 and have seven(!) children together. There’s no prenuptial agreement in place, which means Robyn could get her hands on at least half of Mel’s $900 million stockpile of cash.

Robyn cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the divorce, and they’ve apparently been separated for two and a half years. Perhaps Mel’s crumbling career and lust for getting hammered and using anti-semitic slurs finally ruined things for her. Regardless, with a lawyer like Lauren Wasser on her side (Britney’s lawyer, natch), Robyn’s sure to get some compensation for all the nuttiness she’s put up with over the years.

Of course, the official word from the couple is…nothing. In a statement, they say, “Throughout our marriage and separation we have always strived to maintain the privacy and integrity of our family and will continue to do so.”  [Photo: WireImage]

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Tila Tequila – Robbed, Hacked, Stalked And Scared


Someone hacked into Tila Tequila‘s Twitter account and posted some of the creepiest messages we’ve seen in a while. “Tila Tequila is dead,” read an update posted early this morning. It was followed by another that read, “I just broke into her house, killer her and her dog. Logged onto Twitter to tell you guys. She was signed on already. Tila Tequila is dead.”

Ugh – that’s scarier than snacking on bull penis! The reality TV starlet finally logged into the account at around 4AM to clarify what was going on. Apparently someone broke into her house, shattered everything, and then locked her dog in the trunk of her car. She tweeted, “Then I found my dog locked in the trunk of my car!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been crying all night. THis is f*cked up. I’m sad and shocked and bye”

According to her twitter, Tila will be switching homes in order to avoid this sort of drama. She wrote, “Im moving into a different house very soon because I have a stalker who is very much so endangering my life at the moment.” Hm. Seems like the wrong thing to publicize when there’s a stalker shoving your dog in the car trunk.  [Photo: GettyImages]


The Obamas Welcome ‘Bo’ To The First Family


President Barack Obama has fulfilled the promise made during his acceptance speech to daughters Malia and Sasha. The family has made their much-anticipated decision for First Dog, landing on a Portuguese Water Dog, of the same lineage as the “Porties” of Senator Ted Kennedy. The initial hoopla that Obama cannot accept gifts has since dissolved as it’s been revealed that the pup was previously sold to a private owner and had been returned to a Texas kennel, so it is technically being “re-homed” to the Obama residence. The newly named “Bo” (rumored to be after Michelle‘s late father) will have a Presidential homecoming ceremony tomorrow, when he is presented to the Obamas by Senator Kennedy. [Source: TMZ]

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Citizen Scandal: Woman Held At Gunpoint For Her Fried Chicken

A Jacksonville, Florida woman was closing up after finishing her shift at  a Popeye’s Chicken and Waffles, when she says she was followed home by four men in a car who wanted her box of chicken she was bringing home from work.

The men allegedly yelled, “Give us the chicken!” but the victim and her boyfriend continued walking and ignoring them.

The suspects then reportedly turned off their lights and pulled over and the couple became alarmed.

One of the men then reportedly jumped out of the car with a shotgun and yelled, “You know what time it is! Give it up!” He then said that they should “put down the chicken or he would shoot them.”

The suspect then pointed the shotgun at the woman and her boyfriend pleaded with the gunman to spare her because she was two months pregnant. The suspects then took her purse and her chicken.

They must have been hungry!