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Mimi Was Kinda A Virgin On Her Wedding Night

Mariah Carey may dress like a horny sixteen year old, but deep down our Mimi is just an old-fashioned girl! Yes, Mrs. Nick Cannon has revealed that she and her hubby did not seal the deal before their wedding night.  “It’s not that we had no intimacy,” said the butterfly-obsessed star, “we just didn’t have complete intimacy.”

The pair only dated for two months before they wed, so it’s not that weird that there was no peen-on-vag action. After all, the most popular band in America is made up of three hot, virginal brothers. What’s most shocking is that Mariah Carey, lover of the 1-inch jean skirt and string bikini top, has actual values. She tells the Daily Mirror, “But we both have similar beliefs, and I just thought that it would be so much more special if we waited until after we were married. And it was, and it still is.”

Almost as special as Mimi’s side boob in the pic above, taken at last night’s World Music Awards.  [Photo: WireImage]


World Gasps As Brangelina Spends Some Time Apart

Last time we saw Brad Pitt, he was talking to Oprah about the Obama acceptance speech in Chicago. Now Angelina Jolie‘s on the red carpet in LA with a man dressed up like Kung Fu Panda to promote the movie’s DVD release. Wait a second…they’re not in the same city! Oh my god, is it splitsville for Brangelina?!

With Pitt visiting friends in NY rather than scurrying to Jolie’s teat, some are concerned about what their solo jaunts might signify. “They’ve never really been apart since they met on the set of ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith,’ so it’s odd,” said a source for the New York Post. It would seem the working couple simply have conflicting schedules, forcing them to blather about their children on difference coasts. Jolie has even suggested that more kids are on the way (“It’s chaos in our house, but it’s so much fun. We’ll definitely have more”), but that’s no reason we shouldn’t break out into hives at the thought of these two superstars spending time apart.

Check out the gallery for shots of Jolie making time with a giant panda and Dustin Hoffman (hey, if Mickey Rourke has a chance with Evan Rachel Wood…), while Pitt skips around NYC dressed like Guy Caballero.

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Nicole Kidman And Charlize Theron: Hottest New Celesbian Couple

Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron are about to star in a new movie together – as a married couple! These two hotties will co-star in the film, The Danish Girl, which tells the story of husband and wife Einar and Greta Wegener. The male Einar, to be played by Nicole, posed as a woman for the female painter Greta, played by Charlize. The portraits became quite the rage in Copenhagen and in 1931, Einar went the extra mile and underwent a sex change operation. Taking on these challenging roles is why Nicole and Charlize are added to our list of Hollywood’s Hottest Celesbians. Check out our gallery of reigning celesbians! [Source: People; Photo: Getty]

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Britney’s Baby Hospitalized For Seizure

OMG! Little Jayden James Federline was apparently rushed to the hospital after falling ill during a family vacation to the singer’s Louisiana hometown. The little guy inexplicably suffered a seizure yesterday afternoon, and the entire Spears clan hauled ass to the hospital where JJ was treated. Poor BritBrit was supposedly so distraught she refused to leave his room and requested a bed so she could sleep beside him.

This is the first time Brit’s been allowed to travel with her boys since all her custody regulations fell into place, and the poor girl can’t seem to catch a break. Her ex is even jetting down south to join her at JJ’s tiny bedside, where they’ll surely reminisce awkwardly about the fam’s last trip to the hospital. Let’s hope Jayden makes it out faster than his mama did.  [Photo: Splash News Online]


Lindsay Lohan Insists She’s No Lesbian

Although Lindsay Lohan has been photographed everywhere from dancing in the DJ booth to vacationing in Mexico with her lady love Samantha Ronson, still Lilo insists she is not a lesbian. “I think it’s pretty obvious who I’m seeing,” she tells the new issue of Harper’s Bazaar. Lindsay describes Samantha as “wonderful” and reveals the pair are madly in love. Still, when asked if she considered herself bisexual, Lindsay says, “Yeah, maybe,” but a lesbian, “No.” Regardless, we at Scandalist still think Lindsay and Samantha are two of Hollywood’s hottest celesbians. Check out our gallery of the happy celesbian couple![Source: New York Post; Photo: Getty]

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Hudson Suspect Not Going Free, Girlfriend Says He’s Involved

William Balfour, the only suspect in the triple murder of Jennifer Hudson‘s mom, brother and nephew, will not be walking out of jail today. Balfour is currently being held on a parole violation, but was thisclose to being released if there were no other violations found to keep him behind bars. His pregnant girlfriend is responsible for extending his lockdown, after she told cops he was in possession of a gun that matched the one used in the murder.

His girlfriend has also told authorities that Balfour confessed to being involved in the murders, and he has admitted to being at the Hudson home the morning the family members were gunned down. Looks like confession-watch has officially started.  [ChicagoTribune. Photo: FilmMagic]


Birth Dating: Who’s Older? Mackenzie Phillips Or Sinbad?

Troubled One Day At A Time star Mackenzie Phillips recently shot back into the spotlight when she was caught with drugs at LAX airport. Untroubled A Different World star Sinbad has not recently shot back into the spotlight. Both were born on November 10th. Which one is older? Get the answer after the jump.

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Morning Joe Has No Idea He Just Said “F*ck You” On Air

The fascinating thing about this clip from MSNBC’s Morning Joe isn’t that host Joe Scarborough refers to Obama’s campaign staff as “good, decent, steady men that don’t go around flipping people off or screaming ‘f*ck you’ at the top of their lungs.” Slip ups happen. What’s amazing is that, despite the flabbergasted expressions and giggles from everyone else on set, Scarborough appears to have no idea what he just said, or even that his co-stars are making fun of him. Why did he think they were laughing? Is he too used to befuddled stares and mocking disbelief? You can bet Keith Olbermann got a big kick out of his cluelessness.


Amy Winehouse Ignores Her Blake Soon-To-Be-Rehabilitated

If you read drama into Amy Winehouse‘s absence from Blake Fielder-Civil‘s prison release, you might be right. While she’s off smacking photographers and scaring small children, Sophie Schandorff, the model who mouthed “I love you” at his trial, has announced on Facebook that she’s “celebrating the return of her sailor.” Permission to dock granted!

But if Schandorff gets the seaman, don’t expect Winehouse to pay his rehab bills. According to a source for The Sun, “Blake thought he would click his fingers and she’d stump up the 30 grand. But so far she has refused. He’s not happy.” Blake, sneaking out of rehab (not a good sign), told the paper, “Tell Amy, ‘I love you and I wish I could be with you.’ I just can’t wait to get this over and done with and see Amy again.” The feeling isn’t mutual, though—Wino is reportedly meeting with divorce lawyers instead. Who knows? Maybe she’ll gain enough inspiration from the split to finally record another album.

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Box Office Beat: Zoo Animals Bring In The Cash

Short on cash in this craptastic economy? We suggest making an animated film about animals featuring the voices of risqué comedians and Today Show hosts. The folks over at Dreamworks are rolling in cheddah this morning after the kiddie comedy came in #1 over the weekend. See the latest trailer above.

1. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa: $63.5M

2. Role Models: $19.3M

3. High School Musical 3: $9.29M

4. Changeling: $7.28M

5. Zack & Miri Make A Porno: $6.52M