PDA Alert! Slumdog Stars Cozy Up In A Cafe


Yay! Some happy-Friday news from the Slumdog Millionaire stars to see us into the weekend. After the distressing story concerning young star Rubina Ali, here’s a more life-affirming picture — one that clearly shows the flick’s lovebirds Dev Patel and Freida Pinto leaning in for a kiss. Snuggled up outside a cafe in Israel where she’s filming her new movie Miral, they pretty much dispelled that lame claim that they’re “just friends”. Awww. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Now It’s Jade: The Musical


OK – we’ve had Sister Act and Legally Blonde, the musicals. We’ve accepted the fact that nowadays ANYTHING is considered perfect fodder for a singing’n’dancing extravaganza. But the death of UK reality star Jade Goody? Apparently so.

“[One of the] various projects we’ve got in the pipeline is a musical we’ve got coming out in about four months time and its going to be the story of her life. We’re going to be on the search for who is going to play Jade,” her friend Danny Hayward said.

Of course, it’s the natural next stage to cash in on celebrate a celeb’s life following autobiographies, TV specials and magazine tribute issues. We are horrified can’t wait to see how they turn her poverty and drug-stricken upbringing, antics on Big Brother, and battle with cancer into some alternately peppy or heartfelt showtunes. Sigh. [Photo: WireImage]


Britney Spears “Lacks Capacity” To Testify In Court

britney spears

She may be a world-touring, 27-year-old mother of two, but Britney Spears is in no shape to speak for herself. An LA Superior Court judge denied an attempt to make her testify at a hearing to place permanent restraining orders on ex-manager Sam Lufti and lawyer Jon Eardley.

Eardley’s lawyer tried to force Spears to appear, arguing that her wishes aren’t truly being represented by father Jamie. But after hearing closing arguments Tuesday, the court announced to the press that “there was a finding of a judge of the Superior Court that she lacks the capacity to testify.” Even if this is just to protect her from hangers-on, their decision begs the question: will she ever be able to run her own life again?

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Gossip Break: Leighton Wants To Be A Rock Star


  • Madonna may not be able to adopt a kid, but she can still f*ck one!  [DListed]
  • Without sounding too creepy…we want to kiss Gwen Stefani‘s lil’ baby!  [PopSugar]
  • Brad Pitt ditches the kids to spend a little alone time in the sky.  [PITNB]
  • Leighton Meester is set to release an album. Blair Waldorf Sings The Blues? [PopEater]
  • Sean Hannity has offered to be water-boarded for charity – let’s make this happen people!  [Buzzfeed]
  • This is quite possibly the best list the web has ever seen, complete with two – two! – Urkel appearances. Ladies and Germs, we present The Top 10 Sitcom Cameos Made By Other Sitcom Characters.  [BWE]


The Week In Gaga


Whether she is rocking an oversized yellow handbag, her purple wig, or her signature pantsless getup, Lady Gaga always looks original. Over the last seven days, the lady has shown that wherever she is becomes her personal runway.

Gaga started off the week with an in-your-face shimmery yellow tube dress accessorized with an oversize hat, checkered umbrella, chunky platform heels, and clutch. Then she went all S & M on us when she busted out wearing thigh high boots and a black leotard. Gaga then outdid herself in a sheer black jumpsuit with her purple wig and later covered her nipples with black tape white snapping back at the paparazzi with her own camera.

Lady Gaga’s most prized accessory however, is her precious China teacup, which the singer claims has apparently taken on a personality of it’s own! “She hasn’t got a name but she’s quite famous now,” she told The Sun.

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Man Eats Giant Cheeto, Lives To Tell Tale

World's Largest Cheeto and the Optimus Maximus from Gizmodo on Vimeo.

Our friend Adam who works over at Gizmodo was granted the greatest gift of all time  – a giant f*cking Cheeto – which he then devoured over his fancy-pants expensive computer keyboard. Lucky for us, he documented the entire thing in the video above, and it’s not pretty (unless, of course, you dream of being covered in delicious fake cheese flavoring). When Britney Spears finds out about this, she’s gonna rip out her hair extensions in a jealous fit of rage.

Adam was kind enough to grant us an exclusive interview over IM about his feat – which took him over sixty minutes to accomplish. Read on for all the dirt on what eating a giant Cheeto is really like!

TheFabLife: How did you get the giant Cheeto?
Adam: The Cheetos PR people gave it to me. Apparently they’re now selling golf ball sized Cheetos and made this for publicity. As far as I know, it’s the only one. At least I hope it is.
TheFabLife: How long did it take you to eat?
Adam: About an hour.
TheFabLife: Last question, describe the taste of the giant Cheeto in three words.
Adam: Stale Styrofoam Sh*t. It really did taste like Styrofoam. In the middle, where there’s no orange, there’s no cheese flavor…so it’s flavorless and just gross texture.


John Mayer Dating A Waitress?

mayer & jancan

Star Magazine claims they’ve found John Mayer‘s new girlfriend—or at least one of them. The lucky lady is Scheana Marie Jancan, one of those aspiring model/actresses that has so far found more success as a waitress. Mayer’s allegedly been hitting up the honey ever since she served him at the Grand Havana Room. Something to tell the grandkids, right?

“She has always thought he was hot, and she said yes right away, writing down her cell phone number on a napkin,” said a friend. “They flirted the whole time, and he told her she was cute…he’s very tender, sweet and creative.” Since that undoubtedly atypical night for Mayer, they’ve been chilling at his Cali home. “Scheana said she has loads of fun there; it’s like spring break!” That’s a healthy way to look at it, Scheana—one week of hazy debauchery.

This isn’t Jancan’s first brush with notoriety—in 2004, she was part of a lawsuit against Hooters after she and others were secretly videotaped changing clothes during a job interview.

Check out some photos of Scheana Marie in the gallery below.

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Dead Victim’s Panties Found In Craigslist Killer’s Home


Alleged “Craigslist Killer” Philip Markoff reportedly had a proclivity for collecting the underwear of his slain victims. Authorities have reportedly found panties in his home belonging to his latest victim, Julissa Brisman, whose funeral is pictured above.

Philip is charged with killing Julissa, a masseuse whose advertisement on Craigslist allegedly led to the pair setting up a meeting, and had his house searched by authorities who found a hollowed out “Gray’s Anatomy” textbook with a handgun inside and underwear belonging to the victim.

“There are various items of all kinds of ilk that we feel are connected to (the) incidents . . . that are subject right now to forensic examination,”  Lt. Detective Robert M. Merner said when referring to the “souvenirs” allegedly discovered in Philip’s Quincy, Mass., apartment.

While Philip is currently suspended from Boston University, other women claiming to be his victims have come forward, including a college friend of his who said she once had a scary encounter with him where he pushed her up against a wall and tried to kiss her.

“No, Phil, get off me, stop kissing me, I’m not interested in you, what are you trying to do?” Morgan Houston pleaded.

Luckily another male friend walked by and pulled Philip off of her.

“I don’t know what would have happened,” she said.

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal on Wednesday called on Craigslist to stop what he calls “pimping and prostitution in plain sight,” while Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster defends the sight saying, “compared to human society as a whole the risks of Craigslist are low, but they’re not zero.” [Source:; Photo: Splash News Online]

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Beyonce’s Bad Voice – We Got Punk’d!


Precious Lady B was the butt of a serious Internet joke this week, when the entire world (oops – our bad!) was fooled into thinking she secretly had a terrible voice. Turns out, the soundboard recording was fake, created by a 26-year-old Beyonce fan and spread by millions on the web after it was played on the Howard Stern Show on Tuesday.

“I don’t even listen to Howard Stern,” revealed creator  Matthew Zeghibe. “I was just trying to make a point. I wanted to show people how easy it is to manipulate someone’s voice. If I can do it with a clip I pulled off of TV, imagine what they are doing on records and during live performances. The entire industry has been so manipulated, because there’s such an emphasis on perfection, so when something like this happens, it causes such a stir.”

There you have it – that fake recording was created not to ruin the celebrated songbird, but to reveal the music industry as a fraud. Still, Beyonce’s not amused, and she called the whole mess “completely ridiculous.” Lucky for all of us, so is her awesome – and very real – talent.  [Photo: WireImage]