Paris’s New Girl Crush

OMG! Paris Hilton has a new BFF and it’s a pretty unlikely person. The socialite turned up to the African First Ladies Health Summit in Los Angeles (why?) and cozied up to the British Prime Minister’s wife, Sarah Brown. She twittered gushingly after their meeting about her, which is pretty surprising to us, as just a few months ago, Paris revealed she thought the British PM was Gordon Ramsay.

“Just had an amazing conversation with Sarah Brown, Gordon Brown’s wife. She is such a smart, beautiful, inspirational woman. What an incredible event!” she tweeted. Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised. Because Paris, like totally is really deep and totally loves causes and issues because she actually really cares, and the whole shallow partying thing which she’s done for ten years solid is actually like, a total act. Yeah. And Paris followed up her new-found love of philanthropy by going shopping at Dolce e Gabbana with sister Nicky the next day. That’s how she rolls!


Kate Moss Boldly Goes


Gah! Has Kate Moss made a rare fashion misstep? We know the new Star Trek movie has garnered rave reviews, but should it really be the catalyst for a whole new trend? Supermodel Kate was out in London for the launch of a new diamond – of course! – and dinner at Nobu when she wore this glittery space-age creation. Of course, we’re not suggesting Kate looked anything other than stunning. That would be style heresy. But the actual dress with its shiny plastic “mom made this for the school play about space exploration” feel and those frightening Victoria Beckham-style shoulder pads just don’t do it for us. [Photo: Splash News Online]


Mischa Feuds With Pixie Over New Crush

Mischa Barton has swapped falling out with the LA party crew of 2005 for doing more of the same with the London hipster crew of 2009. Instead of feuding with former BFF Nicole Richie over Joel Madden, she’s falling out with party sibling Pixie Geldof over edgy British comic Noel Fielding.

“Pixie is really into Noel, but Mischa’s taken a real shine to him too. And when Mischa arrived in town she got Noel’s attention as well, and seemed to be loving it. She finds him a charming guy… At the weekend they all ended up in Mischa’s hotel together. Neither of the girls was happy about it but neither was prepared to leave him to the other one,” says a friend.

Granted, with his penchant for skintight leggings, quirky looks and diminutive status, Noel’s hardly your typical ladykiller. But compared to Mischa’s former conquests – Cisco Adler, Luke Pritchard and human oilslick Brandon Davis – Noel looks like quite the catch to us. Well, it’s all relative… [Photos: Splash News Online, ]

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RiRi’s Life Is A Beach: Then And Now


Rihanna‘s been spotted looking beautiful on the beach in Barbados, alongside new BFF Katy Perry. The two frolicked in the warm water, jet skiied, and cruised on a boat together while flaunting some eccentric water wear.

Back in August, the songbird brought her former flame Chris Brown back to her home country, and they  spent most of their time splashing around and spooning on jet skis. Looks like she’s ditched him for a cuter pop star with better taste in bathing suits!

Check out RiRi and Katy on the beach and revisit Rihanna and Chris in happier times in our pics below. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Randy Jackson Taken Out By “Longtime Admirer” Condi Rice

randy jackson & condi rice

When Randy Jackson spouts crap like “I’m sitting on the fences with the horses on this one” and “This whole Utah vibe, you know what I’m sayin’? This whole salt of lake…” on American Idol, it’s hard to imagine why anyone would seek out his wisdom—let alone a former Secretary Of State. But Condoleeza Rice recently sought a private meeting at the Beverly Wilshire with the former Journey bassist, having found him “absolutely intriguing,” according to an insider.

“She’s a longtime admirer of Randy and enjoyed the opportunity to meet him in person and talk about their common passion for music,” her spokesperson told Us magazine, whose source claims Jackson was “mystified” but decided to attend. Maybe she knows something we don’t—or maybe she didn’t know he’s been married since 1995.

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Gossip Break: Beyonce’s Seriously Bad Voice

  • Listen to the clip above. Is Beyonce secretly the worst singer in the world?  [DListed]
  • Tim Gunn hasn’t been on a date in 26 years. So much for making his sex life work.  [SOW]
  • While Lindsay Lohan shrivels into a tan prune, former BFF Nicole Richie is flying planes while pregnant.  [PITNB]
  • Mariah Carey is the “least green” celebrity out there. As if she’d know what that means, anyway.  [Wonderwall]
  • OH.MY.GOD.YOU.GUYS. Heidi Montag is going to be officially Mrs. Albino Devil as of this weekend!  [PopSugar]
  • Fred Durst is engaged – sorry ladies.  [PopEater]


Happy Earth Day 2009: The Top Ten Most Environmentally Friendly Celebrities


Today is Earth Day 2009! When it comes to protecting the environment, some celebrities talk the talk, but some really walk the walk. From sitting in a tree to preserve a garden to filling their rides with biodiesel fuel, these celebrities really go the extra mile to keep things green. [Photos: Splash News Online]

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British Star Claims Gay Affair With Gavin Rossdale

gavin rossdale with marilyn, gwen stefani

Years after the rumors were first brought to light by Boy George in his 1995 autobiography, British club legend Marilyn (who had a top ten hit in the UK with “Calling Your Name“) has confessed that he and Gavin Rossdale had a homosexual relationship in the 1980′s. “He was the love of my life,” Marilyn told InTouch Weekly. “We were together five years, but it felt like 40.”

Marilyn and Rossdale, now married to Gwen Stefani, have always denied the relationship, claiming they were merely “good friends.” But Marilyn now claims he played along to protect the former Bush singer’s career. “He was just becoming successful in America…I agreed to lie against every grain of my being.” Rossdale has yet to comment on Marilyn’s turnaround.

If the allegations are true, this wouldn’t be the first sexual skeleton to come out of Rossdale’s closet. In 2004, a paternity test confirmed that he was the father of model Daisy Lowe, now 20. Rossdale and Stefani have been married since 2002, and have two children.

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Is It Baby #3 For Britney?


It’s just a rumor – of course – but we’re gonna help spread it: Ryan Seacrest is alleging that Britney Spears is pregnant with her third child. Apparently he took to the airwaves today and revealed on his radio show that he heard the news from a “reliable source.”

Honestly, the only source we’d trust these days is BritBrit herself, and we’re not sure she’s allowed to say a peep under her father’s conservatorship, much less sneak away for an unprotected bone-fest. What do you think – could the pregnancy rumors be true?  [Photo: WireImage]