Gossip Break: Fishsticks In Your Mouth

Kanye West has finally apologized for his raging ego…and all it took was his own South Park episode. [Dlisted]

Anderson Cooper‘s 85-year-old mom is publishing an “erotic tale” involving vegetables. Your mom probably isn’t, so be glad. [PopEater]

Everything you wanted to know about Bristol Palin‘s MySpace account (but were afraid to admit). [Gawker]

Dallas Cowboy Martellus Bennett thinks it would be odd if Angelina Jolie farted while feeding him pancakes or spaghetti. We do too. [Videogum]

What televangelist used to work in porn? [Buzzfeed]

There are slutty animals, and then there are slutty animals. [BWE.TV]


Prince Crushes On Salma Hayek In New Song


Prince is using the power of music to let Salma Hayek know just exactly how he feels about her. In a new song, called “Valentina,” named after Salma’s daughter, Prince sings,

“Hey Valentina, tell your mama she should give me a call/When she get tired of runnin’ after you down the hall/And she’s all worn out from those late night feedings/and she’s ready for another rock n’ roll meeting”

But Salma, who is super busy being married and breast feeding the world’s hungry, is likely not available. That’s OK, though. Prince has a plan B – Salma’s pal Penelope Cruz. In the song, he lets Penelope know he will take her too when he sings, “If Penelope wants to Cruz there ain’t no way that we ain’t gonna dance.” [Source: Us; Photo: Getty Images]


LA Pitcher Nick Adenhart, 22, Dies In Car Crash

nick adenhart

LA Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart died from injuries following a car crash this morning. Adenhart was riding in a Mitsubishi with three others (none connected to the Angels) just after midnight when a red minivan ran a red light, slamming their vehicle into a power pole. Two passengers died at the scene, and one remains in critical condition. Despite an attempted operation, Adenhart passed “mid- to late morning,” according to a team representative.

“He lived his dream and was blessed to be part of an organization comprised of such warm, caring, and compassionate people,” said his family in a statement. Adenhart, who played in the majors for less than a year, was 22 years old.

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Britney Spears’ Vancouver Concert Put On Pause

Last night at Britney Spears‘ concert in Vancouver, the singer stopped the show after fifteen minutes and three songs, reportedly due to a “ventilation issue” from a nicotine and ganga-happy crowd who almost caused the show to go up in smoke! After approximately forty minutes, the singer, who is a smoker herself, resumed the show, and ended her performance with the oh-so-classy line,

“Rock out with your cocks out. Peace motherf*&kers!”

This joins the list of other genius outbursts from Britney on her Circus tour, including:

  • “Thanks Vancouver, you were wonderful. Don’t smoke weed.”

And our personal favorite,

  • “My p*%sy was hanging out!”


Bob Barker Talks Boobs, Porn On Today Show

bob barker

Meredith Viera‘s interview with longtime The Price Is Right host Bob Barker was a little more sex-obsessed then you might have expected. Barker not only described a contestant’s breasts falling out of her tube top (“she came on down and they came on out!”), he confessed to almost taking a role in porn while working as a model/radio DJ in Florida.

I went to see a photographer [in Hollywood], he said “I have no work for you, but a fella down on Santa Monica Boulevard, he may have some work for you.” So I went down there, and…this fellow, he worded it carefully…and gradually it dawned on me that he was offering me a job in a pornographic movie! I assured him this was not my thing, and I got out of there, but I couldn’t get wait to tell my wife…I said, “Dorothy Jo, I got offered a job in a pornographic movie!” She said, “did you take it?”

Despite the easy segue (“maybe your wife knew you liked to…”), the multiple sexual harassment suits brought by former employees and Price models failed to come up. With Barker even signaling the size of his girth (to Al Roker‘s horror), we couldn’t help but do a double-take when “ANN & AL…COME ON DOWN!” flashed on the screen. Huh huh huh, “ann & al.”

Video after the jump.

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Passover Hotties: Top 40 Jewish Hollywood Beauties


Happy Passover! Today Jews around the world celebrate God “passing over”  the houses of the Jews when he killed the first born in Egypt. In honor of this special day, we are republishing our fabulous list of the top Jewish Hollywood Beauties. Maybe you can’t have leavened bread, but there are plenty of hot buns in this gallery to make up for it! L’Chaim!

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Flashback Lunch: Frankie Avalon Cannot Be Stopped

frankie avalon

Frankie Avalon was the surprise guest on American Idol last night, entertaining Simon Cowell (Avalon’s “Venus” is apparently Simon’s birth year jam) and confusing young fans of the show, who have no idea who he is. According to Ryan Seacrest, Avalon almost didn’t make the show due to an allergic reaction. “Paramedics were called,” the host wrote on his Twitter. “Close call but we love him!”

While we’re disappointed that no mention was made of Avalon’s movies like Bikini Beach and Beach Blanket Bingo (better than Grease!), there was something sweet about watching Simon beam for an entire song. Who knew he had a sentimental side?

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Quentin Tarantino Returns To American Idol, But Will He Sing?

Quentin Tarantino, who served as a guest judge on American Idol in 2004 (check out his cruel cutdown of Diana DeGarmo above), will return to the show next week, when the Top 7 take on “Songs Of The Cinema.” This time Tarantino will act as the cast’s mentor instead of a judge. Should be fun, but we’re worried the presence of a piano might force the Pulp Fiction director do something unwise: sing. While his soundtracks deserve all the respect they’ve been given, the man cannot sing. And he has tried. Proof after the jump.

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