Accidental Incest Blind Item Commenters Obsess On Usher put up a particularly juicy blind item today about a “triple-threat entertainer” who secretly fathered a child out of wedlock. Turns out that child became a “triple-threat entertainer” himself…and started dating his daddy’s daughter through another marriage (ugh). Pops supposedly put a kibosh on the relationship, but not before the kid lost his cherry (double ugh). Scarily, commenters everywhere are overwhelmingly pinning this one on Usher and Ben Vereen, the pop star’s “godfather” and father of Karon Vereen, who dated Usher when they were teenagers.

This isn’t the first time the rumor has surfaced, and evidence against the theory is that Usher looks hella similar to younger brother James, which would suggest they have the same father. We at Scandalist certainly have no frikkin idea whether this is true or not. But for the sake of stomachs everywhere, we hope this is just an urban legend, and not the plot of “Confessions, pt. 3.”

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Katie’s Cleavage Sells

Katie Price, renaissance woman, strikes again. This time with a hair care range. Now the model/actor/writer/singer can add curling tongs and straighteners to her resume. The words “HOT” and “TURN ON” are printed on her hair dryers in big block letters.

Sounds more like a line of dildos to us. But, hey, they’ll probably sell. It’s not by chance that Katie, along with her husband Peter Andre, have accumulated a fortune that’s estimated to be around $60 million.

Like her equestrian clothes for riders and horses, all of her new products are pink. Another similarity: Katie’s cleavage is central to marketing them. [Photos: Getty Images]


Ivanka Trump Converting To Judaism For Marriage

Father Donald may have taught Ivanka Trump to worship the almighty dollar, but she’s converting to Judaism before she marries New York Observer owner Jared Kushner. According to¬†Page Six, Rabbi Haskel Lookstein is handling the conversion. “She and Jared were in shul during all the holidays and ate in the sukkah every night,” says their source.

Ironically, Donald got in a bit of trouble with Jewish groups in 2005, when he failed to punish an Apprentice contestant for calling another competitor a “tight Jewish boy.” Still, we expect Papa will be fine with his daughter’s choice—after all, Kushner is a good, sweet, real estate heir and newspaper owner.

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Skinny Britney Sweats In Tiny Shorts

Things keep looking better and better for Britney Spears. Just last year around this time, Britney was dressing up as a bar wench before swapping costumes with a stranger at an L.A. nightclub. Now she’s all about her comeback, as is evidenced from the above video from

Another step in the right direction? Britney’s father Jamie Spears will remain conservator of her estate indefinitely. The agreement, previously set to expire on New Year’s Eve of this year, entitles Spears’ father to act on her behalf for all her financial and personal affairs. Brit’s dad, who’s been in control of her affairs since she was hospitalized last February, is now in charge indefinitely, and apparently, that’s the way Britney wants it. Her attorney reportedly explained she could have opposed the arrangement, but the singer supported it. [BritneySpears; AP]


Birth Dating: Who’s Older? Ben Foster Or Gabrielle Union?

In 2000′s Bring It On, Kirsten Dunst faced off against Gabrielle Union in a high school cheerleading competition. In 2001′s Get Over It, Ben Foster fell for Dunst while acting in a high school musical. Both Foster and Union were born on October 29th, but which actor is older? The answer is after the jump.

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Joaquin Phoenix Quits Acting For Music

Joaquin Phoenix’s performance as Johnny Cash in Walk The Line may have gone to the actor’s head. At a recent benefit, Phoenix dropped a bombshell on the crowd. “I want to take this opportunity … to give you the exclusive and just talk a little bit about the fact that this will be my last performance as an actor. I’m not doing films anymore,” he told the crowd at an event in San Francisco.

Instead, Phoenix told the crowd, he’d like to focus on his music, and honestly, when uttered by an actor, are their two more terrifying words in the English language? Need we remind him of Keanu Reeves and the ill-fated Dogstar, or maybe we need to get nasty and lock Joaquin in a closet with only Eddie Murphy‘s “Party All The Time” and Bruce WillisThe Return of Bruno playing on repeat.

Why don’t you start with directing, Joaquin? Try that. [People; Image: Getty Images]


Ashley Van Dyke, Race Car Driver/TV Host, Arrested For DUI

As a host for SPEED TV and as a race car driver, Ashley Van Dyke has tried to make a name for herself as the meeting place of fashion and racing. Now she’s achieved her greatest fame yet—as a DUI arrest.

According to TMZ, Van Dyke failed a sobriety test after bugging out on a traffic cop, announcing “but I’m a race car driver!” While this arrest probably won’t do much for her racing career, the notoriety might actually improve her name recognition and help her nab more TV work—not to mention some photo spreads. Check out the gallery below for steamy shots of Ashley.

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Ping Pong Robot Not For Wimps

If you’re not seriously into the sport of ping pong, don’t even think about watching this video. You wouldn’t get it. You wouldn’t notice that this ping pong training machine is made of solid metal, has the ability to oscillate wildly, and spits out balls as fast as 90mph. But here at Scandalist we’re hard-core ping pong fanatics. In fact, we’re thinking of blowing $1,300 on the new Prakttismate Table Tennis Robot — model PK1, of course.

Below, lunch break at our bureau in China. …


Jennifer Aniston, Celebrities, Live In Our Brain

Finally, a scientific study that makes us happy! Apparently, we all have Jennifer Aniston living in our brain. No, that’s not quite it. Basically, the fact we can recognize a picture of Jen and John at fifty paces, but not be able to change a plug is fine.

“The ‘Jennifer Aniston neuron’, as it has been dubbed, helps explain why we are able to recognize familiar faces so quickly. When shown a picture of the Friends actress, a particular cell in people’s brains is fired up. Photos of other celebrities — such as Halle Berry, Tom Cruise or Oprah Winfrey — spark a reaction in entirely different cells, the study by neuroscientists at the University of Leicester showed. … It appears that we assign individual cells to recognize faces we see regularly — from television stars and politicians to close friends and family,” explains the Telegraph.

Excellent news. We’re happy enough to have a Cheryl Cole brain cell. Even an Amy Winehouse one is OK. But this study throws up a worrying thought. Does that mean there’s a special brain cell in all of our heads for Kerry Katona? And Peaches Geldof? And even Kim Kardashian? God. [Photo: WireImage]