Lindsay Lohan Seeks Financial Bailout From Modeling Industry

What is this world coming to? Lindsay Lohan is broke. It seems that not even a gig on a major network show like Ugly Betty will pay for a Maserati and a $30k Rolex these days. According to the New York Daily News, money woes have put an additional strain on Lindsay’s already-strained relationship with girlfriend Samantha Ronson. Not only is Lindsay “spending like crazy” but the “money being spent is mostly Sam’s because Lindsay doesn’t really have any of her own at the moment,” a source told the newspaper.

Fret not, Lindsay fans. The modeling industry is swooping in to bailout the starlet and her credit-swapping schemes. Responding to Lindsay’s recent statement in Nylon Magazine to “do ad campaigns and model more,” a senior VP at IMG Models told the New York Post: “She’s a beautiful girl and obviously knows a lot about fashion. Providing that she was contractually free, we would take a meeting.”

Little people rejoice! The trickle-down effect is on its way. [Photo: Fornarina]

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Matt Lauer Injured By A Deer

Oh sweet, sweet, slow news days, how we love you. Without you, stories like this would just slip through the radar! But today we can celebrate this glorious tidbit – that revered news journalist Matt Lauer was injured this weekend, after swerving on his bike to avoid hitting a deer.

The Today Show host separated his shoulder on Sunday after flipping over his handlebars.  He is having surgery to patch things up, which means he and his bald spot will be back to make the news sound better than it really is later this week.  [Us. Photo: Splash News Online]

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The 50 Fugliest Celebrity Hairstyles Ever

Celebrities aren’t immune to major fashion faux pas. In fact, they seem addicted to committing them. Sometimes stars don’t know the right outfits for their bodies or think that cutting up their faces will somehow do the trick. Similarly, they don’t always make the best decisions when it comes to their hair. Check out 50 of the most jacked-up celebrity hairstyles that we could find. While all 50 could have easily belonged to Amy Winehouse, we dug around and also included 49 other culprits — from Britney Spears (no, not the bald look) to Lady Gaga.

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Pete Doherty: Amy Winehouse Is Hardcore

When Amy Winehouse was just a little known jazz singer (yes, this was once the case), Britain’s drugged-up singer du jour was Pete Doherty, and the tabloids couldn’t get enough of his near-daily arrests for possession, chaotic lifestyle and permanently out-of-it appearance. Then he and Kate Moss hooked up and the celebrity world spun on its axis even further. So it’s a little worrying to report that even Pete thinks Amy has taken it a little too far with the old pharmaceuticals.

Talking to the Observer magazine about a possible duet between the two that never ended up happening, Pete says, “I think we’re very different. Really, really different. She’s hardcore.”

Good lord. When Pete Doherty’s intimidated by someone else’s capacity to imbibe, you know that’s something.

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Demi Moore’s Ass, Courtesy Of Her 12-Year-Old Husband

We know Demi Moore enjoys being married to Ashton Kutcher – he can entertain in the bedroom and has a few more months to go before he becomes a botox junkie. But the downside of bedding a dreamy man-child is that while his body may be 30 years old, his brain is still stuck in his 7th grade homeroom.

So while sex with Ashton is surely amazing, he might just snap a picture of Demi in her granny panties after the party’s over. And since she’s just that lucky, he might even post it on Twitter too! This, friends, is what marrying a cougar is all about – juvenile humiliation.  [Photo: Ashton Kutcher]

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Reese Witherspoon Looks Incredible

We don’t know what magic Jake Gyllenhaal is weaving, but it’s sure having an amazing effect on girlfriend Reese Witherspoon. The 32-year-old mom of two rocked up at the Monsters Vs Aliens premiere looking hotter than we’ve ever seen her before. Touseled blonde hair, beautiful makeup, edgy leg-baring dress – we’re stunned. Gone was the preppy “type A” neat-haired uber-achiever-look of old, and in its place is a whole heap of sexy.  [Photos: Splash News Online]

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Celebrity A-List Kids In Need Of Haircuts

Two of the cutest celebrity children were out and about this past weekend, but even though they’ve got everything an under-5 could wish for, a recent haircut isn’t one. Gwyneth Paltrow took her children Apple and Moses out for a fun day in New York, and it’s clear that Moses has inherited his mom’s a) disdain for the paparazzi and b) long blonde locks. And stylish miss Suri Cruise turned up for an A-list playdate with Romeo and Cruz Beckham at the Children’s Art Center in Santa Monica, although we’d be surprised she could see them through those eye-covering bangs. On-trend it is, practical it isn’t. Someone get these children to a hairdressers! [Photos: Splash News Online]


Bruce Willis Marries Underwear Model

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore have one of the most amicable divorces in Hollywood (hey, probably the world) — and now he’s followed in his ex-wife’s footsteps by getting married to a sexy younger spouse. Bruce, 54, got hitched 30-year-old British lingerie model Emma Heming in Turks and Caicos on Saturday. Of course, Demi and Ashton Kutcher were in attendance along with their daughters, and Ashton filled his time in the luxury Parrot Cay resort tweeting, “watching my wife steam my suit while wearing a bikini. I love God!” and posting a nice pic of Demi bending over. It’s amazing the insight we get these days, no? Congrats to Bruce and Emma, anyhow! [Photo: FilmMagic]

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Jade Goody Dies At 27

British reality star Jade Goody died this morning of cervical cancer at the age of just 27. The mother of two had “deteriorated dramatically” in the past few days and she had been in a coma-like state for the past 48 hours. She passed away on Mother’s Day in the UK, and sadly wasn’t able to see her young sons Bobby and Freddy for a last time, as they had planned to give her a homemade card and flowers.  Since receiving her terminal diagnosis earlier this year, Jade had married boyfriend Jack Tweed in a poignant ceremony and had herself and her sons christened only two weeks ago. She discharged herself from the Royal Marsden cancer hospital ten days ago to allow herself to die at home in Essex.

Jade first shot to fame on the third series of Big Brother in the UK, and immediately became well-known for her outspoken personality and ridiculed for her lack of general knowledge. But once outside the house, she became the most successful ex-reality star ever seen, her life story, loves and dramas gracing the covers of countless magazines. She parlayed her fame into huge success, with a biography, perfume and countless reality shows to her name.

But Jade also experienced a spectacular fall from grace in January 2007, when she went back into the Big Brother house, but this time on the Celebrity version. Clashing with Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty, she was accused of racist bullying. The fallout ruined her career, with the British media publicly denouncing her, many shops refusing to stock her products, and Jade making many public tearful apologies protesting her innocence. Over time, she rehabilitated her image and made up with Shilpa. At the time of receiving her cancer diagnosis last summer, she was appearing on the Indian version of Big Brother and heard the news on live TV.

After announcing the news, Jade made her cancer battle public, and bore criticism and praise from all corners for her very honest approach to fighting the disease — and her aim to earn as much money as possible to leave to her sons. “It’s not to buy flash cars or big houses. It’s for my sons’ future if I’m not here. I don’t want my kids to have the same miserable, drug-blighted, poverty-stricken childhood that I did,” she said.

Her wedding to boyfriend Jack was broadcast on British TV two weeks ago, and was unbearably bittersweet as the bald star wore her dream dress. Jade lived her life through the public spotlight in a way that no one had ever done before, and was probably the first reality superstar created by TV. Her legacy has resulted in unprecedented numbers of young women going for smear tests, and the British government has announced a review to lower the age of cancer screening. The death of this funny, sparky girl is a tragedy that has already been hailed as a life-saver for many others who may have otherwise missed the first signs of the disease. [Photo: FilmMagic]


Paula Abdul’s Style Through The Ages

Having been in the public eye for more than 20 years, Paul Abdul has endured plenty of scrutiny for her reality show, her relationships and especially for the video she made featuring one MC Skat Kat (we give her a pass for that because it’s the punchline to many a joke around here).

When she hit it big in 1987 it was the height of bad fashion and big hair, and Paula was drawn to those two things like moths to a flame. It’s an addiction she’s never been able to kick.

Unlike a lot of celebs who get famous, get a stylist and start dressing for success, the graph of Paula-Style has some major ups and downs. The woman’s fashions are more inconsistent than her emotions – some days good, some days so very very bad and we’re going to have a look at all of it, from A (armbands) to Z (zebra stripes).

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