The Rashid Khalidi Scanda-List

Who is he?

  • Rashid Khalidi, a Professor of Arab Studies at Columbia University.
  • Khalidi’s statements about the relationship between Israel and Palestine has caused considerable controversy, and possibly cost the Professor a position at Princeton University.

Why is everyone talking about him?

  • In 2003, then-State Senator Barack Obama gave a speech at a farewell party for Khalidi and his wife, claiming visits with his fellow University of Chicago professor were “consistent reminders to me of my own blind spots and my own biases…It’s for that reason that I’m hoping that, for many years to come, we continue that conversation—a conversation that is necessary not just around Mona and Rashid’s dinner table, [but around] this entire world.”
  • Khalidi was referred to as a PLO spokesperson in several articles in WorldNetDaily earlier this year, though he had never held any such position and has never approved of terrorist bombings.
  • Based these articles, Republican groups have claimed that Obama has shown sympathy for anti-Israel activists.

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Hef’s Twins Take Over Halloween

Karissa and Kristina Shannon are really ushering in their new era as Girls Next Door 2.0 by hosting their first party at the Playboy Mansion this weekend. One guest at Hugh Hefner‘s Halloween party told Scandalist, “The twins were excitedly showing guests around. They are really thrilled about their new home and want everyone to know who they are and that they are the new game in town.” Also in attendance were Hef’s former girlfriends Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt, and Kendra Wilkinson, who didn’t seem to mind the awkward run-in with their ex-boyfriend’s new ladies. Check out the photos from the party! [Photos: Splash]

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Dita Decides On Witty Halloween Costume

Dita, Dita, Dita. Is there nothing you can’t do? Not only can she lounge around naked in a bathtub shaped like a martini glass and tolerate Marilyn Manson for years on end (two things that only strippers and, well, no one can do), she’s also quite the wit!

For Halloween this year, Dita Von Teese is planning on being normal. Says the burlesque dancer:

I’m going to look like a normal girl, put some bronzer on, some spray tan on and wear some jeans. People will ask me where my costume is! I would never do this in normal life, that’s why I’ll do it at Halloween. It’s a bit funny and people think I’m not wearing a costume but I really am.

Above is what we imagine Ms. Von Teese will look like, but after this, we think she needs a new shtick. We get it, Dita. You dress fancy. [INO via DListed]

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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Ali Lohan Will Regret This Decision

Dina Lohan showed up at Animal Fair magazine’s costume party last night with her favorite pet, daughter Ali. We normally feel nothing but apathy towards the mess of Lohans romping the earth, but there’s something undeniably sad and relatable about Ali dressing up like a sexy cat for Halloween.

The costume comes at the height of her awkward pubescent glory, and captures everything that is miserable about the American tweenage experience. Nothing says “I’m 14″ like an outfit that combines cute and horny. Plus, can you read her body language? Translation: “See my slouch? I hate life.”

We feel you, girlfriend. [Photo: GettyImages]

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Katy Perry Defends Self…With Spoon

You know what? We’re starting to like this girl-kissing Katy Perry. About a week ago, The Sun reported that Ms. Perry had outraged the families of knife-murder victims by posing with a knife in a recent promotional shot. Perry, not one to sit and take criticism where its unwarranted, responded on her own blog with the above photo and the following:

But I DO condone eating ice cream with a very large spoon.
Dear Sun:
You deserve a time out. Your “journalistic” approach has half the soul of the National Enquirer. Shame on you.

Some of us at Scandalist thought Katy should have apologized and others didn’t think she was being irresponsible at all. We just thought she looked mighty uncomfortable with a knife by her eye. But honestly, if we go after Perry for the tenuous connection between posing with a knife and insensitivity towards knifing victims, then where does it stop? Is Beyonce being callous to schizophrenics with I Am…Sasha Fierce! And how many animals had to die for Britney‘s weave?


One Tree Hill Love Triangle Confirmed By Chad Michael Murray

Rumors have swarmed around One Tree Hill stars Sophia Bush and James Lafferty for a while now, but it took a slip from co-star (and ex-husband of Bush) Chad Michael Murray during an interview with CW Morning News to confirm their relationship.

Now it’s just easy, you know you’re just friends and she’s got James and James and I are friends, so it’s like one of those things…

Yeah, one of those things where you marry your co-worker, annul the marriage five months later, and then—a couple years later—accidentally (or not?) out your ex’s months-long secret relationship with another co-worker. Who hasn’t been in that kind of situation?

Meanwhile, signs point to One Tree Hill gearing up for a seventh season. Maybe Bush can sink her teeth into Lee Norris before the inexplicably long-lived show finally goes off the air. Mmmmm…Lee Norris.

[Photo: WireImage]

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Jonas Brothers To Revolutionize Film With Farting Dog Flick

What, you thought nothing could surpass the cinematic excellence of films like Schindler’s List and Platoon? Then you don’t know the Jonas Brothers, my ignorant friends. The trio of bushy-browed virgins are banding together to flaunt their acting chops in the family-friendly, gag-inducing flick, Walter the Farting Dog. The brahs will play musicians – an obvious stretch – who help their parents take care of the gassy pup after its owner passes away. Director and fellow famous brother, Peter Farrelly,  described a hilarious scene from the flick: “By the time they’ve driven the dog home, everybody’s head is out the window of the family station wagon but Frankie, and only because he has a serious sinus problem and doesn’t notice the stench coming from Walter.”

He does not elaborate as to which Jonas is playing Frankie, but does it matter? They all generally look like the same robot, just with varying emo haircuts. Naturally, we smell a hit.  [Photo: GettyImages]


Celebrities Offer Condolences To Jennifer Hudson

From her American Idol family to politicians, the world is reaching out to Jennifer Hudson offering condolences after tragedy struck her family . Read some of their heartfelt words below.

Paula Abdul: “This is a horrific tragedy and my thoughts and prayers go out to Jennifer and her entire family. The time I had to get to know Jennifer and forge a wonderful friendship with her while she was on Idol was very special to me, and I personally can’t imagine a greater loss for any family.”

Simon Cowell: “I was horrified when I heard the news. This is an appalling tragedy. My thoughts right now are with Jennifer, and her family.”

Barack Obama: “Michelle and I were absolutely heartbroken to learn about this unimaginable tragedy and we want Jennifer to know that she is in our thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time.”

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Jessica Simpson Is #1 In Russia

Congratulations are in order to Scandalist‘s favorite divorcee under 30, Jessica Simpson. The singer’s acting career has been marked by one failure after another here in the America, where her last film, Major Movie Star, was never even released. But the flick debuted in the Russia on October 9th, and found a comfy home in the number one slot. Do our friends in the former communist stronghold have bad taste, or just a crappy selection of movies to choose from? Apparently Major Movie Star has no release date set in any English speaking country. Maybe Jessica just sounds a lot better in Russian.

Check out the English version of the trailer below – is it #1 caliber or just plain crap?  [FoxNews. Photo: GettyImages]


Birth Dating: Who’s Older? Julia Robers Or Jami Gertz?

Erin Brockovich star Julia Roberts and Jami Gertz of Still Standing were respectively nominated for Worst Actress (Mary Reilly) and Worst Supporting Actress (Twister) at the Razzie Awards in 1997. Both were also born on October 28. Can you guess which one is older? Read the answer after the jump.

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