Posh And Family So Happy To Be Back In UK


We know she’s hardly ever pictured smiling, but Victoria Beckham‘s stroppy expression took on a whole new level of misery when she turned up in London last night. She and her sons went to Wembley Stadium to watch England play a World Cup qualifier match vs Ukraine (which we won 2-1, yay!), although dad David Beckham only came onto play for a few minutes. They’ve hardly been back on home turf for any amount of time recently, and judging by Posh’s pout here, she’s hardly thrilled by the experience. Huh. [Photos: Splash News Online]

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Russell Brand And His Nipples Join London Protests


Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of London yesterday to protest about climate change and the banking system in the run-up to the G20 summit today – and surprisingly among their ranks was Russell Brand.  Seemingly confused about the weather — he was wearing a woolly hat but a nipple-flashing shirt — he gave a typically eccentric answer when asked why he was there.

“I always come to these kind of things, I’m very interested. I am interested in learning and interested in why these people have come to this. I wonder what alternatives there are and I think it makes people cogent of them. I think it’s also very beautiful,” he said. While we’re not pinning our politics to any one mast, we’d wonder whether someone who flies around the globe on a regular basis and earns a lot of money from the capitalist system is really best placed to campaign against them both? Just sayin’. [Photo: Splash News Online]


The Drinks (And Romance) Are On Amy


One of these days we really want to be out in the same place as Amy Winehouse. Not only did she buy everyone in the Hard Rock Cafe in London a tequila shot when she went out there for dinner, she also tried to matchmake her bodyguard and a waitress.

“She insisted the waitress take her guard’s number, and tried to force him to plant a kiss on her. She was desperate to get them together,” says the London Paper. Awww.  Although it didn’t seem to work , with her bouncer merely removing the drinks that had built up on her table. No fair!  [Photo: Splash News Online]


Alexa Chung Is Coming Your Way

Americans give the English Barack Obama (for a couple days, at least), and the English are giving us another TV presenter to take over the schedules just like Cat Deeley. Currently the darling of the stylish London party scene (she’s mates with Kelly Osbourne, the Geldof girls and Lily Allen amongst others), Alexa Chung has presented countless music and fashion-based TV shows and has been heralded by the style press in London as the coolest girl going. Which she kind of is. And she’s headed to Brooklyn (of course).

“Alexa has been offered a big show over there so she’s heading off this summer. She’s picked out an apartment really near to Daisy Lowe‘s in trendy Williamsburg in Brooklyn, close to where Peaches Geldof moved last year,” says a source.  Agyness watch out – let the hipster-off begin!

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Idol Recap: Megan Is Free As A Bird


During the results shows, we always feel a little bad for the contestants since their flaws are re-pointed out for the purpose of bringing everyone up to speed, and then we feel bad for being critical too. While we tend to flip-flop our support for Anoop Desai and Matt Giraud, we do stand by our criticisms of Megan Joy, and finally this week America also seemed to get sick of her too. Anoop and (for some unknown reason) Allison Iraheta were also in the bottom three (seriously America, what’s your beef with Allison?), but poor Megan was sent home to weepily reunite with her baby and caw softly to him to her heart’s content. Some of our other favorite moments follow.

5. The Get-Along Gang

During the “What do these guys do all week?” video we learned a lot about what goes on at their Hollywood mansion – a chef comes in and makes Scott MacIntyre special chocolate cake, Kris Allen practices his sexyface in the mirror, and everyone gets along.  There’s a lot of hugging and laughing at the mansion. These guys like each other so much that they do impressions of each other and the songs they’ve all sung. Trust us when we say that we once learned the hard way that doing what you think is a hilarious impression of a friend can lead to severed ties, so we’re impressed that these guys are so good-natured about it. Ryan made them all do some of the impressions on stage, with Matt Giraud and Allison Iraheta impersonating a riff-happy Danny Gokey and Anoop impersonating a yelly Kris Allen. Awkward much?

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Bridget Moynahan To Gisele Bundchen: Back Off Mami


Bridget Moynahan is reportedly super pissed at Gisele Bundchen for telling Vanity Fair that her baby with Tom Brady is “100% her own.”

Not so fast! Bridget’s gaggle of gal pals put Gisele on blast via the New York Post‘s Page Six, telling the paper, “If Gisele loved Bridget’s child like he was ’100% her own,’ then she would not talk about him in the press.”

Bridget’s crew also went on to accuse Mr. and Mrs. Tom Brady of lacking “discretion and respect” and Gisele of being “desperate for attention.”

In Vanity Fair, Gisele said of Bridget and Tom’s son John, “It’s not like because somebody else delivered him, that’s not my child-I feel it is 100%”

Bridget could hardly let the leggy model take credit for nine months of incubating and hours of birthing her little one. “Hey Gisele-real mothers don’t call their kids ‘it,’” Bridget’s friend snapped. [Source: New York Post; Photo: Getty Images]


Life’s A Beach!


Kelly Osbourne and fiance Luke Worrell splish splashed and rode jet skis in Miami yesterday. The happy couple later rode a Hummer golf cart with her mom Sharon Osbourne on their getaway in sunny Florida. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Lindsay: Ready To Fake Sex Tape For Millions?

Lindsay Lohan Porn

This story is ridiculous and today is April 1st, so please take it with a billion grains of salt. It could totally be BS, but we are hopin’ and prayin’ that it’s not. WWTDD is alleging that Lindsay Lohan may be in talks to film a sex tape and then release it, all the while pretending it was stolen and leaked without her permission. The actress is strapped for cash, and the porn producer that is lending her his Maserati is supposedly offering her millions to do this sex flick.

Apparently Lindsay could pick the dude (who would remain anonymous), and the video would be relatively hardcore and released in two parts, with a total of six different scenes. It’s origin would be attributed to her trip to Mexico last September with Sam Ronson, (which doesn’t totally make sense as she’d then be the logical sex partner, but we’ll take it).

Is Lindsay crazy/broke enough to do something like this? We’d say no, but this is the girl who got coked up, stole a car and tried to run her assistant off the road. Anything is possible!  [Photo: WireImage]

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Is The Rihanna And Chris Oprah Show Reunion For Real?


It’s not quite Diddy‘s Miami mansion, but it’ll sure do! Rihanna is apparently in discussion with Oprah Winfrey about appearing on her show, under one condition – it’s gotta be done with Chris Brown by her side! She supposedly wants an on-air apology from her allegedly abusive ex – in person. Awkward!

“She’s been having second thoughts about them being back together,” a source close to RiRi revealed. “Agreeing to go on Oprah’s show and tell the world how sorry he is will help make up her mind.”

Oprah’s people are denying everything of course, but we wouldn’t put it past Lady O to try to snag this interview -  if only so she could lecture them both!  [Photos: GettyImages]