Celebrities Send Their Condolences To Natasha Richardson’s Family

The world was shocked to hear of Natasha Richardson’s sudden and tragic death, and celebrities around the world have expressed their condolences to Liam Neeson and his family.

Mia Farrow: “Natasha is irreplaceable. I cannot think of anyone kinder, more generous, thoughtful, smarter or more fun. She is the godmother of two of my children. The Neesons and Vanessa (Redgrave) have always made me feel a part of their wonderful family. My thoughts and prayers are with them.”

Kevin Spacey: “There are no words to express how tragic Natasha Richardson’s untimely passing is for the theatre community. Her passion, devotion and talent will forever be etched on those who saw her work on the stage. The bloodlines of greatness were always there and she committed herself to every role she tackled.All of us at the Old Vic Theatre Company mourn her loss and send our heartfelt wishes to Liam and her family. We hope that the warmth we all feel about her will bring some comfort to those closest to her, who shared her life, her wit, her style and know that she will never be forgotten.”

Alan Cumming: “The term ‘life force’ seems trite but that is what she was: a woman who powered through life and fascinated everyone she encountered. I have been thinking about the times I spent with her since I heard the news of her tragic accident, and the strongest memory I have is of her laughter, her unmistakable throaty laugh. I think that’s a great way to remember someone.”

Jodie Foster: “Natasha was brilliant, beautiful, funny, talented beyond measure, as emotionally raw as she was razor sharp. … May Liam, her beautiful boys and her loving family hold her close as they move through this tragic moment.”

Oprah Winfrey : “I just want to say how deeply saddened I am, we all are, by the sudden passing of actress Natasha Richardson yesterday. Our thoughts and prayers are with her husband Liam Neeson , their two sons, the rest of their family and friends. Yet another reminder of how fleeting life can be and how precious. We need to value every moment.”

Lindsay Lohan: “She was a wonderful woman and actress and treated me like I was her own. I didn’t see much of her over the years, but I will miss her. My heart goes out to her family. This is a tragic loss.”

Padma Lakshmi:
“She was great. She was lovely. She was just like one of the gang. She was very, very articulate. She was very, very opinionated. She was very compassionate. She had a very sophisticated palate.”

Dame Judi Dench: “She had an incredibly luminous quality, that you seldom see, and a great sense of humor. I thought she was a really great actress.”

Kelly Ripa :“She was a lady. I can’t tell you enough what a good person she was, and fun and vivacious and the most full of life.”

Demi Moore Twittered:
“I am sending out prayers for Natasha Richardson and her family. A real reminder of how precious life is and how quickly it can be gone.”

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Flashback Lunch: Charles Manson Ages Gracefully

The LA police have released a new photo of Charles Manson, almost 40 years after his followers committed a series of brutal murders in Hollywood, including that of Sharon Tate, Roman Polanski‘s pregnant wife. Manson has been denied parole eleven times since 1978. His next hearing will be in 2012.

Check out the gallery for photos of Manson throughout his decades in prison, as well as links to his famous TV interviews.

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Audrina “Dead Eyes” Patridge To Star In New Reality Show

Apparently reality TV-hater Justin Bobby has no influence over his on-again off-again girlfriend. Audrina Patridge, best known for her bringing her probably-silicone boobs, lifeless eyes, and excellent fake interning skills to The Hills, is stepping out on her own two pedicured feet with her own reality show. Cue blank stare from Lauren Conrad…now!

The, uh, actress (?) is partnering with Mark Burnett‘s production company (the Survivor creator who brought us all the magic of bug-eating and starving for millions) to bring us the next installment of her life on camera, after her time on MTV’s hit show ends this spring.

“I wanted to collaborate with the best possible team for my first big project after The Hills,” Patridge told People. “Mark Burnett really understands my vision and I am excited about the concepts we’ve developed that will show people a different side of my life.”

In other words – more boobs, less dead eyes. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Stephen Colbert’s Ego Approaches Astronomical Proportions

While promoting the upcoming animated film Monsters Vs. Aliens on the Today Show this morning, Stephen Colbert proudly detailed his latest stunt. NASA is hosting an online contest to name a portion of the space station currently called Node 3. The Colbert Nation has successfully put “COLBERT” in the lead by over half a million votes. Additional (and boring, in our opinion) contenders include “Legacy,” “Serenity,” and “Earthrise.” With voting ending tomorrow, and a promise from NASA that they’ll honor the voting results, it looks like Colbert may have entered a new level of stardom. Diddy will be so jealous.

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Ed And Jessica Grossed Out By Their Own Love

Gossip Girl stars Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr are now totally “out” with their on-set relationship, but are they really into it? The pair first awkwardly kissed in public last month, and this week they strolled the streets of NYC with the token small dog and trendy hat in tow.

“Jestwick” (eh, we’ll keep working on it) locked lips, but they were more into wiping after the kiss than they were when their tongues were intertwined. Maybe Jess is as grossed out by Ed’s bizarre straddle stance as we are? Peep his moves below, tight Levis and all. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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LeAnn Rimes’ Alleged Lover Denies Affair

Eddie Cibrian, LeAnn Rimes’ alleged lover, is denying that he is having an affair with his Northern Lights co-star.

“It is a fabricated story that is using random snapshots as connective tissue to create a scandalous relationship,” he said in a statement.

LeAnn, who married former backup dancer Dean Sheremet at 19, and Eddie, who is married and has two children with model Brandi Glanville, have reportedly been getting hot and heavy on the set of their new Lifetime movie and were even caught smooching on security cameras.

LeAnn addressed the alleged affair in a somewhat vague statement yesterday on her blog. “This is a difficult time for me and my loved ones,” she said. Her husband, on the other hand, enthusiastically Twittered “I Love My Wife!!!!” [Source:; Photo: Getty Images]


Rihanna Shows Her Face, Pulled Over By Police

Rihanna made a rare public appearance sans-sunglasses last night, one of her first since the alleged assault by boyfriend Chris Brown (the couple are “taking a break” at the moment). The singer went to the Les Deux nightclub in LA, where she reportedly partied with Hayden Panettiere and Katy Perry. Shorty after leaving the club, her car was pulled over by police for having tinted windows and lacking a front license plate.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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Oasis’ Liam Gallagher Turns Fashion Designer

Want to dress like a has-been 90′s indie rock icon? Of course you do! So it’ll be right up your street that Oasis singer Liam Gallagher is joining the esteemed ranks of Gwen Stefani, P Diddy and, er, Katie Price by launching his own clothing line. The one-time hard man of Britpop, who was once better known for wearing cagoules back in the day, is going to turn his hand to designing a range for men.

“I’ve started a clothing range called Pretty Green. It’s going to do clothes I like; if people like it, cool, if they don’t, they don’t,” he says. Big on the hard sell, eh, Liam! The range drops in June, but we’re still unconvinced by a man who wears leopard-print loafers. [Photo: Splash News Online]


Katie Holmes Gives Up On Glamor Again

When she rocked up to the Japanese premiere of Valkyrie looking like the glam tousle-haired princess of old, we thought Katie Holmes looked ace, sexy and gorgeous — and about ten years younger. But in actual fact, it was just a massive tease, as she’s quickly returned to “harrassed mom” look, taken out those extensions and replaced that showbiz grin with her trademark half pursed-smile, half cry for help (we like to think). Seriously, why bother? It must have been hours and hours of work just to make everyone remember how cute you were in Dawson’s Creek. Sigh. But at least Suri looks super-stylish (yet again).  [Photos: Splash News Online, ]


Interview: Jason Segel Wants A Man Date With Barack Obama

Jason Segel, who made a name for himself by starring on Judd Apatow‘s cult TV hit Freaks & Geeks, has the same laid-back, California vibe that he exudes in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. He also has a razor-sharp wit. Maybe this is why he seems like a natural fit to co-star as Paul Rudd‘s new Best Dude Forever in I Love You, Man — an exploration of male friendship that opens tomorrow (March 20). We spoke with Jason about the real-life nature of his man friends, whether he’s a “girlfriend guy” or a “guy’s guy” and what Hollywood hunk he’d most like to have a man date with. Answer: The First African-American President of the United States is more his type.

Scandalist: I Love You, Man has a hilarious cast, including you, Paul Rudd, Andy Samberg, Rashida Jones, Jon Favreau and Jaime Pressly. Which one of you was the “class clown” while filming the movie?

Jason Segel: I’d have to say Andy. Andy Samberg. He’s hilarious from the moment he arrives on set, which is 6 a.m., to the moment he leaves. But there was this one moment … Forgetting Sarah Marshall had just come out when they began filming I Love You, Man, and I was feeling a little down because Forbidden Kingdom had beat it by $1 million. A woman approached me on the way to set, and said: “I just need to tell you I saw the movie this weekend and I loved it.” When she walked away, Andy turned to me and said, “She thinks you’re Jet Li.”

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