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Hugh Hefner Tweets Like Your Grandpa

Hugh Hefner

There’s something so adorable about watching your parents or grandparents figure out technology. Ya know – it’s like when they leave a voicemail on your phone and end it with, “love, mom, ” like a letter. They get it, but not completely.

So it was extra precious to see that 83-year-old Hugh Hefner has signed up for Twitter and is now updating his site. Hef’s always been, uh, young at heart – what with the reality shows and the super-sexy girlfriends that travel with him like a pack of wolves. But online, the guy actually sounds his age for once!

Since joining the site yesterday, Hef has tweeted about playing dominoes and Uno with his girlfriends and his favorite Cary Grant movie. Even better, he signs off with his name at the end of every post. Grandpa Hef is gonna take the web by storm!  [via Buzzfeed. Photo: GettyImages]


Who’s Older? Gina Gershon Or Elizabeth Hurley?

gina gershon & elizabeth hurley

In 1996, Gina Gershon steamed up the screen with Jennifer Tilly in the erotic thriller Bound. A year later, Elizabeth Hurley had Mike Myers screaming “yeah, baby!” in Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery. Both actresses were born on June 10th. Which one is older?

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Kelly Rutherford’s Ex Wasn’t Told About Birth

kelly rutherford, daniel giersch & hermes

If you thought the birth of Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford‘s second child with estranged husband Daniel Giersch would stop their drama if only for a day, think again. The German businessman says that he was not invited to attend, or even told he had a daughter!

I was never informed by Kelly about the birth of our daughter, nor was I invited to attend. In fact, I found out about it through Internet reports like everyone else. Although this sickens me, I am of course overjoyed that our baby was born healthy.

Rutherford’s rep denies his claims, asserting that Giersch was contacted immediately after delivery and asked to visit. Yet another matter for the court solve, apparently!

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Daisy Lowe Cant See A Thing


Daisy Lowe, you’re a gorgeous girl. Were all in envy of your super-cool style and your hipster life in London and New York, and love the fact you actually smile all the time rather than looking like a big old grumpy bum. But for God’s sake, get those bangs out of your eyes! Do you even know where you are most of the time? Seriously, we’ll give them a little trim with some nail scissors if you cant be bothered to go to the salon. [Photo: Splash News Online]


EXCLUSIVE: Chris Brown’s Bodyguards On Double Duty


A new report suggests that Chris Brown has hired a slew of bodyguards to protect him from pissed-off Rihanna fans, but his security’s behavior at LIV nightclub at the Fountainbleau hotel in Miami on Saturday night suggests they are on double duty – rounding up girls for the alleged woman beater who faces an assault hearing later this month.

A witness tells The FABlife, “A group of girls were dancing by Chris and his entourage, which included singer Omarion, trying to get their attention. Then the bodyguards went through the group and selected certain girls to come over and dance at their VIP table with them. The bodyguards grabbed each chosen one by the arm and led them to Chris’ table.  It was like they were picking out apples in the grocery store!”

The group had a great time dancing on the couches and getting close where “Chris kissed several girls on the lips,” but took particular interest in a petite, light-skinned black girl, who he “paid the most attention to and danced with the most.”

The party started to wind down at 4:30 am, when “Chris signed the check and then took a group of about ten girls to the lobby of the Fountainbleau,” where he is reportedly staying. [Photos: Splash News Online]

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Kristin Roots Through Heather’s Dirty Laundry


Bad luck, Kristin Cavallari. There you were, in possession of a fierce Herve Leger dress that showed off your amazing bod to its best, plus with those paparazzi-baiting slashes that were sure to grab you headlines. All you needed to do was wear it to a glam event in L.A. (check!) and make sure that no-one else, say Heather Graham, perhaps, had worn it the day before you, and already garnered those ‘OMG look at her dress!’ headlines. Oh. Whoops!  [Photo: Splash News Online]


Fergie’s Sexy Switcheroo


Fergie must not have been satisfied by the response from fans when she arrived at The Late Show with David Letterman yesterday. Not long after she showed up in jeans and a jacket, she burst back out the door in a slinky, silver-and-snaky-green dress, showing plenty of skin. Bet that got their attention!

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Britney Spears Is Dating Her Agent


Those pesky rumors about Britney Spears dating her agent Jason Trawick just keep popping up, but this time reportedly it is for real.

“They are totally and definitely dating,” a source says. “Her dad loves him. He’s the best thing that happened to her.”

Rumors surfaced back in March that Britney and Jason were hooking up, and he has often been photographed vacationing with her and spending time with her sons.

“They’re very sweet together,” the source ads. “He makes Britney really happy, and he’s great with the boys.” [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Mel B. Won’t Stop Talking About Sex

Spice Girl Mel B Sex

She’s never been shy, but we can’t be the only ones getting a bit tired of Mel B‘s constant divulging about her sex life with husband Stephen Belafonte. With the world going crazy for the former Spice Girl’s crunchy abs, she’s taken the opportunity to tell us all how she manages it. And obviously it’s mainly down to sex.

Telling the UK’s Grazia magazine that she’s honestly not body obsessed (yeah right), she reveals, “On top of all my exercise, I have sex with Stephen five times a day. Maybe that has something to do with [my body shape]? I have to admit, I’m a nymphomanic with him. Its sexercise!”

And if that wasn’t enough for her daughters’ friends to read about in the future, Mel continues in a more graphic vein with Closer magazine: “My advice to women who are unfulfilled in the bedroom is to invest in a sex toy. I use a little vibrator called a Pocket Rocket – and it does the trick every time. My hubby and I have a great time together – I’m not sure if it’s because we’re the same age (34), but we both have very high libidos.” Yep, think that’s enough now. [Photos: WireImage]


Britney Spears Deluded About Size Of Boobs

Britney Spears Bra
This week seems to be all about Britney Spears‘ boobs. After photos surfaced of her posing topless, it now appears that she is seriously confused about just how big her assets are. In a bizarrely hilarious report, it’s claimed that Britney went on a shopping trip to swank London store Harvey Nichols, and insisted she try on an Elle Macpherson bra in an A cup size.

“The assistant advised her, in the kindest possible way, that she might need a larger size suggesting a B cup or a C. Britney went completely silent it was really awkward. She left the shop looking upset,” says a report. Well, not as upset as she’ll be when she actually tries to wear that bra out and make it look like it fits her boobs in any way at all. [Photo: WireImage]