What politician was spotted cruising in his Dodge Charger in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles?

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Mel Gibson Gives $42 Million To Church For Anti-Semite Father

According to Fox 411, the Holy Family Catholic Church (unrecognized by the official Catholic Church) declared $42 million in tax-free assets. Ironically, the Catholic Charities Archdiocese of NY only declared $3.4 million in 2006. So how does a Malibu church with a congregation of less than a hundred raise that kind of money? Easy. Mel Gibson.

The church was allegedly built by Mel for his father, Hutton Gibson, famous for denying the holocaust, calling John Paul II “Garrulous Karolus the Koran Kisser” and suggesting the 9/11 attacks were done by remote control. If Mel is genuinely sorry for his anti-Semitic remarks in the back of that cop cruiser two years ago, why is he setting aside so much money for his hate mongering poppy? Maybe he just likes keeping a giant pile of money somewhere safe and tax-free.

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Afternoon Snack: Busted Business Woman

You know what this picture makes us think of? That “Proud To Be An American” song. Because only an American dude – 42-year-old Fredric Koetter of Alabama – would dress up as the female owner (who is 76)  of a hair salon and break into the ‘Curl and Style’ to see what he looks like pretending to be that poor, old lady. Clearly the answer to his burning question is: like a dude in a cheesy top no dignified woman would ever wear, with a really terrible fake tan. Cops found Koetter at the salon and arrested him; he now faces third-degree burglary charges and up to 10 years in prison.

Yep. That makes us proud. [Photo: Splash News Online]


Celebrity Birthwatch: Boy Baby Boom!

OK, if two births count as a boom (they do to us). X-Files actress Gillian Anderson gave birth to her second son, Felix Griffiths, last week in London. And British actress Billie Piper delivered little Winston Fox today at the swanky celeb birth depot Portland Hospital. Cuteness! Bring on the MySpace photos/OK! photoshoot! We’re not fussy, we just wanna see.

PS. If you’ve never heard of Billie Piper, a quick history lesson. Teen pop star aged 14, got married age 18 to broadcaster and presenter Chris Evans who was 16 years her senior, spent years bumming around with Chris, then reinvented as actress, divorced Chris – but remained friends in the most amicable celebrity breakup EVER, she even went to his recent re-marriage – found fame in Dr Who and now married to fellow actor Laurence Fox. Got up the duff. Phew. [Source: Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Photos: Splash News Online]

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Lindsay: Giving Up Girls For Gossip Guy?

While we refuse to believe that Lindsay Lohan could love anyone other than the fabulous Samantha Ronson, Big Apple spies want us to think otherwise. Never! Apparently, while all alone at the big Diesel party in Brooklyn last week, Lindsay rubbed thighs with Gossip Girl pretty boy, Chace Crawford.  According to the trash-talking sources, Lindsay:

  • Threw herself at the doe-eyed Chace.
  • Made sure their bodies were touching at all times.
  • Gave him dirty, f*ck me looks, whispered in his delicate ears, and turned every comment “into an innuendo.”
  • Currently texts Chace 3-4 times a day, much to the amusement of his Gossip Girl cast mates.

Here’s a thought: has anyone considered that maybe sweet, innocent Chace was possibly the one rubbing all over Lindsay, if any rubbing occured at all? We know it’s revolutionary to suggest that Lindsay may just not be a slut (anymore), but perhaps it’s become a little too easy to accuse Linds of wanting to bang every penis in sight. Plus, she’s got a girlfriend people! Sorry Chace, but we think you’re gonna have to get laid elsewhere (Scandalist says: Call us!).  [Photos: WireImage, GettyImages]


Audrina Gets Soaked

Audrina Patridge is always in a bikini. This time, however, it was for a good cause. The Hills star appeared on Ellen and as part of Ellen’s effort to raise money for breast cancer awareness by dunking celebrities in her dunk tank, Audrina hopped on in for the cause. After a few tries, Ellen hit the target and Audrina was soaked. Audrina also spoke out about her off-again BFF Lauren Conrad, and those nasty rumors that LC hooked up with Audrina’s ex Justin Bobby.

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Failed Child Actor Becomes “Power Rangers Star” By Committing Murder

Things aren’t looking good for Skylar Deleon. The 27-year-old felon has been convicted of multiple murders, including tying a middle aged couple to the anchor of their yacht and throwing them overboard. His lawyers will try to avoid the death penalty by describing a life of agony and abuse from his drug dealing father, who later died of AIDS.

One thing has improved for him, though—his resume! Despite only appearing on a single episode of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers in 1994 (as the line-free “Roger”), Us Magazine calls Deleon “a child star on TV’s Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers” in an article headlined “Power Ranger Star Convicted in Three Murders.” Hear that, Deleon? You weren’t a glorified extra on an episode of a crappy kids’ show! You were a star! It may have taken the murder of three innocent people to receive this belated recognition, but now you have it.


Baked Beauty Queen Busted Over Unpaid Restaurant Bill

A sparkly tiara really gives some people a sense of entitlement, or, at least makes them think they deserve some free snacks. Lindsay Evans, the reigning Miss Teen Louisiana USA, and her three friends skipped out on their $46.07 bill at a Bossier city restaurant over the weekend. After racking up the charges, the ladies left the restaurant without paying, but the beauty queen accidentally left her purse behind.

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Is Jennifer Aniston Pregnant? Did John Mayer Respond In Song?

When Jennifer Aniston was spotted with ex John Mayer recently, we at Scandalist assumed she wanted another slice of what Mayer has been serving Rolling Stone cover models for years: no attachments, no promises—just some easy action with the young king of blooze. But now a new rumor is brewing that we didn’t expect: a baby!

Sources at Australia’s New Weekly magazine claim that Aniston rang up the AWOL poon bandit after she discovered John’s weiner had left her a little Mayer. Here’s what those sources have to say!

Jennifer is over the moon. She doesn’t want to be a single mom, so she is willing to give John the chance to prove his parent potential. John has written a song about their time together and played it to Jennifer who was incredibly touched.

After the cut, the lyrics* to John’s touching song to Jennifer.

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Tara Reid: The Real Housewife Of Miami Beach

Caution: Some things in this picture may be younger than they appear.

Oh Tara Reid. Where did you go wrong? Er, I guess Scandalist knows the answer to that question: boob job, nipple slip, 37 gallons of Patrón, cheesy rainbow-beaded, bejeweled bikini. But we’re still holding on to the girl who was in the Big Lebowski, and we’re having a hard time letting her go. But hey! Tara’s busy bringing 1994 back in her aqua velour vest n’ booty shorts combo, and she’s got no time to worry about that whole career crisis thing that might be bringin’ her down. This is probably a good thing, as Tara seems to have bigger things to fret about: mainly how she let her cute 34-year-old self morph into a washed up mess, with racoon eyes and skin that appears to be washed in cigarette butts and Dunkin Donuts hazelnut coffee. Come on ol’ girl, you’re not a 54-year-old divorcee just yet  – though if she was, she could probably nail down a lucrative reality TV career. On second thought, maybe we’ve just figured out her next move. Someone call Tara’s agent! [Photo: Splash News Online]

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