Did Kanye Dump Amber For Cheating?

kanye west, amber rose & cassidy

Get ready for another moody album from Kanye West. The hip-hop rumor mill is swarming with word that the star has dumped model Amber Rose for cheating on him with Philly rapper Cassidy. Gyant Unplugged was the first to make the claim.

Apparently while Ye is hard at work in Hawaii on Rihanna and Jay-Z’s albums, among others, Amber’s been trying to step out him with none other then Philly rapper Cassidy.

It seems the rumors in the streets about Amber Rose being nothing more than a bi-sexual opportunist is true because I hear she strived to keep her thing with Cassidy on the low.

From what I understand, word got back to Ye’ and he cancelled that chick I-M-M-E-D-I-A-T-E-L-Y!

No word yet on Amber’s spin from the situation, but its definitely over.

West has yet to interrupt the architecture and fashion posts on his blog to comment, but if this news is false—we’re sure he’ll let us know.

Update: Cassidy is now denying any romantic involvement with Amber Rose.

Take a look at Kanye and Amber’s potentially brief—but totally fabulous—relationship in the gallery below.

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Mary Carey Returns To Her Roots


Porn star, VH1’s Celebrity Rehab patient, and recovering alcoholic Mary Carey has returned to XXX films, much to the dismay of Dr. Drew Pinsky. To avoid temptation and the risk of relapse, Pinsky urged Carey to ditch the hardcore world of adult films during her stay at his rehabilitation center.

Carey’s comeback film, Celebrity Pornhab with Dr. Screw, hits the racks on June 2nd.

[Photo: Splash News Online]


Penelope: “Cruzing” Out Early To Avoid Orlando Bloom?


Penelope Cruz dipped out early from the Hollywood Dominoes Party she was hosting Monday night in Cannes, and reports suggest it was to avoid her ex Orlando Bloom and his model girlfriend Miranda Kerr.

Penelope, who dated Orlando after splitting with Tom Cruise in 2006, allegedly didn’t want any awkward run-ins with her ex. Penelope reportedly sneaked out when no one was looking during the A-list bash to avoid any encounter.

Fellow partygoers like Paris Hilton and Lily Cole were allegedly stunned by her abrupt exit, but the party continued without the Oscar winner. [Source: Mirror; Photo: Splash News Online]


Is Jacko’s “Cancer” Reason For Delay?


Is Michael Jackson‘s concerts called off because of his skin cancer? The Sun is sticking to its (denied) story that Jacko is suffering from the disease — and is holding it up as the reason his O2 gigs have been postponed. To the dismay of fans the world over, it was announced yesterday that the erstwhile “King of Pop’s” sold out comeback concerts would be delayed, some until March 2010.

“Jacko, 50, will have a painful skin-shaving op [today] in a bid to rid his flesh of potentially lethal growths. Layers on his chest and nose will be removed. And after tests, doctors will decide if he needs radiation gun therapy to zap affected areas,” it says.

Yikes. If it is actually true, and we were Jacko, we’d come out and admit it, especially as he keeps being spotted leaving medical centers (as in the pic above). Putting off your concerts for a life-threatening disease = totally OK. Putting off your concerts because you’re just not organized enough or “ready” = totally lame. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Spider-Man Actress Commits Suicide


British actress Lucy Gordon, who appeared in the recent Spider-Man 3 film, has taken her own life. The body of the 28 year old was found in her Paris apartment yesterday, and her agent confirmed she had commited suicide.  Lucy, who also worked as a model, played reporter Jennifer Gordon in the 2007 film, and had just completed a biopic of the French singer Serge Gainsbourg, in which she played his lover Jane Birkin. [Photo: Getty Images]


Pitt Took Basterds Role Because He Was High?


What finally convinced Brad Pitt to take on the role of an American army officer in Quentin Tarantino‘s Inglorious Basterds? Was it the fantastic script? The chance to work with QT? According to Brad, it was an all night session with some booze and the Mary Jane that made Brad sign on to the film.

“Quentin came to visit some time at the end of the summer, we talked about backstory, we talked about movies – I get up the next morning and see five empty bottles of wine right on the floor, five, and something that resembles a smoking apparatus – I don’t know what that was about – and apparently I had agreed to do this film,” Brad told reporters on Wednesday at the Cannes Film Festival.

Hopefully those six Brangelina babies weren’t anywhere nearby! [Photo: Getty Images]


Angelina Jolie Shows Some Leg


Everyone at the Cannes Film Festival has been waiting for the much anticipated premiere of Brad Pitt and Quentin Tarantino‘s Inglorious Basterds, but once Angelina Jolie stepped out on the red carpet wearing this sexy Versace gown, all anyone was talking about was how the mother of six looked fabulous while showing off her legs with a thigh high slit.

Angelina’s tea rose colored dress inspired gasps from fans who lined the Palais des Festival to catch a glimpse of the sexy humanitarian as she walked the red carpet with her babydaddy. The couple, who walked the red carpet for the third time at Cannes, couldn’t keep their hands off each other, engaging in some serious PDA while they posed for the cameras. [Photos: Splash News Online]

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Kris Allen Wins Idol! No One Can Believe It!

If only every American Idol episode was as good as THIS one! Is everyone as stunned as us that Adam Lambert didn’t win? (The judges sure seemed to be!) We’ve been anti-Adam all along but we always expected him to win so it was okay to feel that way. Now we’re just speechless. Except not really … Part two of the season eight finale was so jam-packed and full of entertainment, nary a moment could be called filler. Ryan Seacrest warned us on Tuesday to set our DVR’s to go overtime (Idol even showed up in our DVR as running till 10:07pm which we thought was hilarious – sorry Fox 5 news, hope there were no new swine flu developments today!) and we figured it would be loads of crappy appearances and 20 renditions of the already-hated finale song “No Boundaries.” But it was so much more. We have 10 favorite moments for you, but right now we need a moment to regroup from all this excitement. Way to keep us entertained, Idol. HOLY SHIT. Kris Allen!

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Gossip Break: Kate And Katie Plus Crazy

shaquille o'gosselin

What celebrity doesn’t look better with Kate Gosselin‘s hair? [Buzzfeed]

Not that Kate’s laughing. [Gossip Girls]

Possibly because she’s crazy! [PopEater]

Also not laughing, possibly crazy? Katie Price. [PopSugar]

Ann Curry is lucky Brad Pitt didn’t bite her hand off. [Dlisted]

America will soon have the chance to watch Willem Dafoe get his nuts smashed. [Vulture]

Meet Miley Cyrus‘ new “boyfriend.” [PITNB]


Paris Hilton: Queen Of Cannes

paris hilton & doug reinhardt

If you thought Paris Hilton was going to spend most of her time at Cannes in that skimpy swimsuit, you are sorely mistaken. The socialite has been making the scene with boyfriend Doug Reinhardt, attending the premiere of Inglorious Basterds, hitting the parties and holding a cocktail event for her Paris, Not France documentary—all while wearing everything from flowery summer dresses to leg-baring roman togas. While Doug and Paris have several days left to smooch, it’s time to take a look at their recent adventures in France.

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