Idol Recap: An Extra Wildcard Squeaks By

“Tonight it’s about us, believe it or not,” Simon Cowell told Jesse Langseth, the first contestant in the Wildcard Showdown last night, after saying her song was self-indulgent. We just thought it was boring, not self-indulgent, but Simon had a point, these Wildcards had better bring it because their Idol futures were in the judges’ hands. Those who didn’t got the old see ya later — including Ricky Braddy, Von Smith, Tatiana del Loco and Jesse “Self-Indulgent” Langseth. The four — yes, they let an extra one through! — contestants selected as wildcards are Jasmine Murray, Megan Joy Corkrey, Anoop Desai and Matt Giraud.For the first time ever, Idol has a Top 13 instead of a Top 12. Here are five moments we loved from last night’s show.

5. We Be Jamsy

“I’m doing one of the jamsiest songs around,” Megan Joy Corkrey said of “The Black Horse & The Cherry Tree” by KT Tunstall. (Side note: Our friend calls her KT Turnstyle, which is all we can ever think about when we hear this song). If there’s one way to describe Megan’s dancing it would be jamsy, so even though she made that word up, it actually worked for us. Simon is a big fan of Megan and he professed his love to her, as did all the other judges. She has a very Hollywood smile. Even if she isn’t the next American Idol, we can see her playing Kirsten Dunst‘s sister in a movie, if Kirsten Dunst ever makes another movie.

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Simon And Terri Just Can’t Let It Go

Hang on, hadn’t you two broken up? Simon Cowell and “ex-girlfriend” Terri Seymour looked very cozy together on the red carpet at a fundraiser last night in Hollywood, sparking rumors the two may be back together. Earlier this week, Terri spoke to Britain’s Closer magazine, where she admitted that she’s still working on the renovation of his house, as well as staying in freakishly-close contact.

“Looking after Simon’s a full-time job when you go out with him — and I’m still doing it now! I’m still overseeing and finalizing his new house. I’ve project-managed it all, right down to the furniture. Simon and I speak six times a day, and I see him all the time. We’re happy as we are. We still see each other as much as when we were together,” she said.

Right. That sounds like a healthy break-up to us, giving each other plenty of space to move on and all that. Any new girlfriend/boyfriend of these two is going to have to be VERY understanding. Possibly even blind. [Photo: Splash News Online]


Robin Williams To Undergo Heart Surgery

Robin Williams has postponed the remaining dates of his Weapons Of Self-Destruction tour so he can undergo an operation to replace his aortic valve. “I’m so touched by everyone’s support and well wishes,” said the 57-year-old Academy Award winner in a statement. “This tour has been amazing fun and I can’t wait to get back out on the road after a little tune-up.” He did not specify when and where the surgery would occur, but the shows would likely be rescheduled for the fall.

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Chris Brown Allegedly Beat Every Inch Of Rihanna’s Body

The violent argument that led to Chris Brown (pictured in court) being charged with two felonies today allegedly began when his girlfriend Rihanna, named as Robyn F. in the case, discovered a three-page text message on his phone from “a woman who Brown had a previous sexual relationship with.”

“Words cannot begin to express how sorry and saddened I am over what transpired,” Chris said in a statement released by his spokesperson.

According to a sworn statement by LA Police Detective DeShown Andrews, A LOT of brutal violence transpired, in which Chris disturbingly beat practically every inch of Rihanna’s body, from her face to her feet. Troubling details include:

  • Chris punched Rihanna repeatedly, even after she put her head in her lap and attempted to block his violent blows with her knees, leaving her with contusions on her legs and feet
  • Chris put her in a head lock with his right hand and continued to drive with his left hand after Rihanna attempted to make a phone call to escape
  • Chris bit her fingers
  • Chris applied pressure to her arteries when she took his keys away causing her to be unable to breathe and lose consciousness
  • He punched her and bit her hand after she attempted to escape by gauging his eyes out
  • Rihanna screamed for her life

Read more gruesome details from the affidavit after the jump:

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Gossip Break: Sorry Katie, This Will Not Catch On

  • Katie Holmes attempts new ‘bead-in-hair’ trend, fails.  [DListed]
  • Can you guess who’s sporting a rat’s nest? Hint – it’s not an Olsen twin.  [Seriously?OMG!]
  • Lauren Conrad is officially leaving The Hills, which means The Spencer and Heidi Show is only a heartbeat away from becoming a (fake) reality. [Wonderwall]
  • Brad Pitt is playing politician on Capitol Hill.  [Jezebel]
  • Shia LaBeouf wants to bone co-star Megan Fox. Him and the rest of the country.  [CelebSlam]
  • We’re rooting for this hot goth internet nerd on the new season of America’s Next Top Model!  [Buzzfeed]

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Amy Winehouse Cleans Up As Blake Gets Dirty With 16 Year Old

No one wearing a sweater like that could be on drugs! Amy Winehouse stepped out today to get some food, do some shopping, and check in with the police. If not the picture of health, she certainly looks better than she did wandering around town four months ago. Keep it up, Amy!

Meanwhile, estranged husband Blake Fielder-Civil is rumored to be seeing a new girl—and we mean girl. His rumored flame is 16-year-old student Francesa Morralee. “Fran thinks it’s glamorous to be seeing Amy’s man but she’s only 16.” a source told The Mirror. “She likes to have a good time but certainly doesn’t do drugs. With Blake’s reputation he is not the best role model.” Maybe, but we’re sure he wouldn’t treat Miss Morralee immorally. After all, Amy is his one true love and he wants to win her back, right? Right?

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Vince Vaughn Is Engaged

Vince Vaughn has popped the question to his Canadian real estate agent girlfriend Kyla Weber.

“She’s so happy and excited. They clicked from the beginning,” a friend said.

The source also says, “Vince has met Kyla’s whole family in Calgary. And she met his family in Chicago. They loved her!”

Will Vince’s ex Jennifer Aniston be invited? “Kyla never mentions Jennifer Aniston,” the friend blabbed. OK, so Jennifer probably won’t be there, but more importantly, does this “friend” think she is going to be in the wedding? She’s blabbing all over the place. [Photo: Getty Images]

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Happy Birthday, John Edwards’ Maybe-Baby!

The child of John Edwards‘ former mistress, Rielle Hunter, turned a year old on February 27th. Little Frances Quinn celebrated the big 0-1 with a giant candle, as rumors continue to swirl about who her father may be. That section on Frances’ birth certificate may have been left blank, but the National Enquirer is still pointing its questionably-accurate finger at Edwards, alleging that he recently confessed the truth to his wife Elizabeth – that he is the dad.

Mrs. Edwards is releasing entitled Resilience: Reflections on the Burdens and Gifts of Facing Life’s Adversities in May, and apparently it’s causing Rielle to bust out a bit of the crazy. “The last thing John wants right now is for Rielle to go public before Elizabeth’s book comes out, make new headlines and trigger a nasty battle between the two women,” says a source close to the dysfunctional trio.

We’ve got the baby pic for you above. What do you think – is that precious little lady an Edwards?

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Citizen Scandal: Woman Bites Off Boyfriend’s Tongue

40-year-old Tracy Davies is on trial for causing grievous bodily harm with intent after biting her boyfriend’s tongue off during a makeout session.

Davies and Mark Coghill, 45,were celebrating his birthday after a night at the pub with two bottles of vodka. Davies eventually became upset about her childlessness and Coghill attempted to comfort her. Things got a little more intimate, and Davies asked him to kiss her with his tongue. He did, and she bit down. Hard.

“Obviously this caused him pain, he pulled back, and the tongue came clean off in her mouth,” said the prosecutor. “She had the piece of tongue in her mouth, he saw her take it from her mouth, and it fell to the floor.” When Davies finally called an ambulance, she greeted them with a plastic bag. “She told police: ‘We have had a domestic. I have bitten his tongue off. Here it is.’” Good luck finding someone to impregnate you now, lady.

Davies claims to have no recollection of this: “We were both very drunk at that stage…the next thing I remember was Mark coming in to where I was with his tongue in his hand saying I did it. I didn’t know what to do.” Pleading not guilty, she says that she only took responsibility because he convinced her she had done it. Ah, the “I was so drunk, who knows what I did” defense. Works every time.

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The Greatest Marriage Of Our Time Was A Sham!

If you’re into shoulder pads and helmet hair, then Ivana Trump‘s a catch. But we never believed that her hunky, young, Italian husband, Rossano Rubicondi, was down with the beehived beauty, and now we know that the couple’s love was as fake as Ivana’s entire face.

Apparently their 2-minute marriage was a total sham, arranged to propel both Ivana and her boy toy back onto the sweet, sweet D-List. “Ivana wanted to be back in the spotlight, and Rossano’s career needed a jump-start, so the two agreed – via a contract – to the nuptials,” revealed a source.

After marrying in April 2008, Rossano starred on a reality TV show where he was caught cheating on his beloved meal ticket. The marriage busted last November, but not before they got the fame they desired. He’s “been sleeping with girls,” while Ivana’s nailing a 22 year old. We wouldn’t exactly call that fame, but hey – they’re not the first to mistake sex with celebrity. Right, Paris and Kim? [Photo: Splash News Online]