Single Geri Halliwell Laps Up Attention At Premiere, Guy Ritchie’s Pub

Geri Halliwell. Ahhh, Geri Halliwell. How to describe your totally blatant attempts to hog the limelight last night following your tragic engagement breakup with some Italian bloke we’ve already forgotten about? Dressed in a thigh-skimming gold dress, you made a “surprise” attendance at the Boat that Rocked premiere, which coincidentally had thousands of paps in attendance.

After the movie, you then made another totally-out-of-character visit to a pub. Not just any pub, but the Punchbowl pub in Mayfair, which happens to be part-owned by Guy Ritchie, who happens to be single now after splitting up with Madonna, who happens to be the person you wish you were (after all, you did name your daughter Bluebell Madonna after her?)

Funnily enough, there were armies of paps outside that place, too. What a shame – we’re sure you were just after a nice night out to quell your broken heart.  [Photo: Splash News Online; ]


Sienna Miller’s Ex Turning Into A Lech

There comes a time in a man’s life when he’s no longer able to pass off touchy-feely behavior as youthful exuberance or sexy flirting, and it just seems like pervy weird-old-man stuff. Unfortunately, Sienna Miller‘s ex Rhys Ifans still thinks he’s able to get away with it, despite being in his forties.

At the premiere of his latest movie The Boat That Rocked, Rhys took advantage of the film’s 1960s setting by demonstrating some very 1960s behavior and resting his hands upon some poor models’ asses on the red carpet. How very “cheeky.” He was also overheard saying to a journalist he’d dance for her “if you take your clothes off.” And he wore sunglasses on the red carpet at night. Sigh. Get a grip, grandad! [Photos: Splash News Online]


Jen Dumped John Over Twitter

Was John Mayer‘s incessant tweeting behind his split with Jennifer Aniston? We’d like to think it was the fact he is the official Worst Boyfriend Ever, but Britain’s Star magazine is plumping for the first reason. In their new issue they claim that Jen got riled by John’s near-constant updating of his Twitter page when he also claimed he was too busy to call her.

“Every few hours, sometimes minutes, he’d update with some stupid line. And in her mind, she was like: ‘He has time for all this Twittering, but he can’t send me a text, an email, make a call?’ So she called him and ended it,” the magazine reports a source saying.

We hope this totally spurious story does have some truth in it because a) it’s so totally high school and we love the fact celebrity romances are as juvenile as they were when we were all 17, and b) it means Jen wasn’t totally blinded by his troubadour “I’m so sensitive but underneath beats the heart of a true bastard” schtick. [Photo: Getty Images]


New Job Opening For Hipsters As Agyness, Albert Split

Calling all too-cool-for-f*cking-school hipsters! Do you dress like you’ve just fallen over in a charity shop covered in glue? Do your friends still think you look incredible and set trends wherever you go? Have you changed your name from something totally normal (Laura Hollins) to something bizarre and almost unpronounceable? Are you in a relationship? Good! Agyness Deyn and Albert Hammond Jr have split and an opening has arisen for a new leftfield celebrity couple to show us the way in hair color, co-ordinating bright jeans and insane hatwear. Good luck, edgy twosomes! [Photo: Splash News Online]


Bridget Marquardt: New Job, Same Uniform

Bridget Marquardt may have a new gig, hosting Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches on the Travel Channel, but the required attire is quite similar to that of her days in the Grotto. If it ain’t broke, or sagging, don’t fix it!

See more pics of Bridget hard at work on the set of the new series:

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[Photo: Splash News Online]

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Why Aren’t We Hating On Ed’s Flabby Gut?

After all that drama about Jessica Simpson‘s minuscule weight gain, you’d think someone, somewhere would be up in arms about Ed Westwick‘s pasty flab-fest, which he gleefully flaunted in Miami. The actor looked less than sexy while vacationing this weekend with co-star/girlfriend Jessica Szohr, and the pair celebrated their escape from New York with some shots and booze at 11 o’clock in the morning.

We know trashing people’s bods is not a mature thing to do – regardless of their gender – but since the criticism of women isn’t going anywhere soon, shouldn’t we just start bashing the boys?

Ed isn’t just an actor, he plays Chuck Bass -  the object of desire for both men and women who crave a little hate-f*cking with a rich asshole every now and then (Blair Waldorf included). Jessica Szohr may not like her manipulative man-whores ripped and tight, but we sure do. And it wouldn’t hurt to toss a little of Lindsay Lohan‘s tanning spray on there, too. Give us something to lust after, Ed! Those tattoos aren’t hiding your inability to hit the gym.  [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Gossip Break: Lance Armstrong Really Hates His Collarbone

  • Get well Lance Armstrong! The cyclist and butt kicker of cancer broke his collarbone today while cycling.  [Us]
  • Amy Winehouse got a little too irie in St. Lucia, and now thinks she’s a reggae star.  [DListed]
  • Natasha Bedingfield tied the knot this weekend. [Wonderwall]
  • Here are 7 things you didn’t know about Mickey Rourke. Not included is this secret tidbit: he used to be hot.  [Spike]
  • Zac Efron has wisely bailed on the Footloose remake.  [GossipGirls]
  • Simon Cowell‘s sunburn is crazier than Paula Abdul.  [Seriously?OMG]
  • Jennifer Aniston is Mayer-less in NYC.  [Jezebel]
  • No really, we mean it this time – this is the best cat video ever.  [BWE]
  • There’s another pregnant man ready to give birth!  [Buzzfeed]

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Even The Horses Are Embarrassed For Katie Price

If you ever dream about becoming famous, let these photos of Katie Price be a warning to you. Despite what Lindsay Lohan wants you to believe, celebrity is not glamorous, it’s not even fun. You will sell your soul while selling horse-riding clothes as you pose in silver heels with a pair of tiny ponies. And for what? So Tara Reid can ignore you at parties. Tell us Katie, is it worth it?  [Photo: WireImage]

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Lisa Ling’s Sister Jailed In North Korea

Journalist Lisa Ling has covered some harrowing places during her career, but none so scary and dismal, we imagine, as the North Korean jail her sister currently calls home. The former View co-host (who now does stories for Oprah Winfrey‘s show) is surely a bit freaked out today, after the North Korean government confirmed this weekend that is has detained her sister, Laura Ling.

Ling and fellow journalist Euna Lee were doing a story about North Korean refugees in China, and were picked up by gun-toting soldiers when they crossed the border into the communist nation. They were busted for “illegally intruding,” and while the U.S. goverment is closely monitoring the situation, they have yet to be released. If we know Lisa (and after watching thousands of View eps, we do!) she’s probably already in China solving the case right now.  [NYDN/ABC News. Photo: WireImage]