Solange Throws Mic Stand At Fans

Last week, Solange Knowles opened for Estelle at the House Of Blues in Chicago. It was supposedly a great gig—except for when she threw her mic stand and almost cracked someone’s skull. While she meant for it to stay on stage, that extra oomph she gives everything in life sent the heavy prop flying into the audience to stunned gasps. Obviously concerned, she muttered “didn’t mean to hit you there” and ran from the stage. Solange twittered about the incident soon after (“I really felt bad. Didn’t mean for it to go into the crowd. Oops.”), and now there’s video for us all to enjoy. Watch yourself, Sol! You’re not famous enough to get away with killing fans. Yet.

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Chris Brown And Rihanna Reconcile At Diddy’s House

It’s the moment we’ve all not been waiting for – Rihanna and Chris Brown are back together, trying to make it work. The pair crashed at Diddy‘s Miami mansion this weekend for some relationship work, and in Chris’ case, some jet-skiing. Because nothing says “I’m sorry for beating the sh*t out of you” quite like acting like a douche-bag on a tiny water scooter.

“They are definitely together and care a great deal about each other,” says a friend of the couple. “They feel like staying in and working through their issues.” But the only one staying in was Rihanna, who remained hidden all weekend while Chris took multiple play breaks.

Meanwhile, more celebrities are blabbing about their violent fight, like Mehki Phifer, who supportively said of Chris that “people make mistakes.” When are celebs gonna stop getting their terminology wrong? It’s not a “mistake” – it’s abuse.

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Watchmen Star Curses Out The Haters: “Suck My D—!”

The creators of the upcoming Watchmen film have gone to great lengths to stay faithful to the legendary comic, with a couple big exceptions. One involves a giant squid, and another involves turning all-American Olympian Ozymandias into a new-wave priss with a German accent. British actor Matthew Goode, who plays the hero, has a message for those who don’t approve of his skinny, nipple-suited ass, via The Sun.

The negative feedback is relayed by my friends. I think the fanboys aren’t particularly happy – there are a load of people they’d have rather had in before me. It’s already being slated before they’ve seeing anything. But if fanboys still hate the film after going and seeing it, they can all line up and suck my d—. I don’t give a f—. I’m having a child and that’s more important to me – so I don’t give a f—. Grow a d—.

He’s also shooting a romantic comedy in Ireland with Amy Adams, so it’s not like pissing off the nerd contingent will ruin his career. If anything Watchmen‘s failure might save him from a lifetime of sci-fi conventions appearances.

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Madonna and Jesus Get Their Grub On

Madonna and her Brazilian model pal Jesus Luz headed out in the New York snow to grab some dinner last night. These two have been spending quite a lot of time together. Over the weekend, Madonna, 22-year-old Jesus, and Madonna’s children David Banda and Lourdes went to the Kabbalah Center together.

Jesus’ mother recently told the New York Post that she believed Madonna had kidnapped her son and is controlling his every move. A source close to Madonna, however, says that “she is seeing where it goes. She loves showing her ex that she can still get the hottest, youngest thing out there.”

Guy Ritchie Who???

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Amy Winehouse Jets Back From Longest Vacation Ever

We thought it was never going to happen – but Amy Winehouse has finally stopped being on vacation. Arriving back from her two-month jaunt to St Lucia, Amy put all that good work at looking  and behaving vaguely normal behind her. Instead, she reportedly got into a fight on the plane when a man gave her “strange looks.” And she dusted off the old beehive wig, shook out those ballet pumps and squeezed on her skinny jeans again to rock out like it’s 2008.

As if our sense of déjà vu wasn’t enough, she’s arrived back just as estranged husband Blake Incarcerated has been released from jail, and gone straight into the arms of model Sophie Schandorff who’s been spotted at his parents’ home. And her mother-in-law Georgette has made it crystal clear that she’s not welcoming her back with open arms — telling a tabloid paper the divorce is still happening and labeling Amy “a trollop.” Nice welcome home, no? God, if we were Amy, we’d have that post-vacation Depression Face on as well. [Photo: Splash News Online]


Don’t Ever Dump Katy Perry

When she’s not busy wearing so-kooky-it-hurts outfits, Katy Perry likes to scare the crap out of men. Well, if making threats to chop them up counts (and we think it does), any sensible guys fantasizing that the single fox could be their next conquest will be looking somewhere else now.

“We will love you so much, make you beans on toast and butter your bread. But if you break our heart, we will take the butter knife and cut you into little pieces and put you in the freezer,” she says.

Mmm, ready-to-microwave-ex-boyfriend! Yummy. Has anyone seen Travis McCoy recently?


Shakira Confuses Self With Ship

Despite her breasts being so small and humble, Shakira is a total superstar. And like the hugely famous icon she is, she’s also prone to spouting incoherent babble at times.

“I think I’ve crossed to the other side of the river already. I’m on the other shore … I’ve been through so many storms and my ship has encountered so many unexpected things that now I am strong on the shore. Unless something dramatic happened in my life to change me, I don’t think I could forget myself now,” she says in response to the question, “Who is Shakira?”

We are totally confused, but also strangely impressed by her ability to stretch a metaphor to breaking point in just a couple of sentences. Beat that, other celebrity divas! [Source: Sunday Times magazine, Photo: Getty Images]


Lindsay Lohan Converting To Judaism

Oy vey – Lindsay Lohan looks to be converting to Judaism for reals. The professional skinny was spotted attending Sam Ronson’s half-brother Joshua’s bar mitzvah in London this weekend, also attending synagogue the day before. The Daily Mail reports that when asked by a snapper whether she was switching religions, she replied, “I’m trying,” as well as updating her Facebook status to “I’m converting.”

Mazel Tov, Linds. Although if our estranged dad was Michael Lohan and a practising Pentecostal minister, we might think about putting some further theological distance between us, too. Still, it’s good to know things haven’t changed too much in LiLoLand. During the same trip to London, the committed shopper managed to spend a whole hour in a shop that sells only tights. And then she and Sam went out to party at Bungalow 8 in London, taking miniature bottles of Jack Daniels in their car beforehand. And then they had a little row when they left. Phew. What a relief. We can’t cope with too many changes in one day. [Photo: Splash News Online]


Jennifer Hudson: ‘I’m In A Very Good Place’

In one of her first appearances since the tragic murder of her mother, brother, and nephew, Jennifer Hudson sat down for a chat with Oprah before performing her hit “If This Isn’t Love.”

Although Oprah did not directly ask the Dreamgirl how she is doing since the tragedy, Jen said, “I’m good. I’m really good. I’m just glad to be back and be back working and just doing what I love to do…I’m in a very good place.”

Although Jennifer recently had the honor of performing the national anthem at the Super Bowl, she admitted it was emotionally difficult. “There was just too much going on for me to take it all in. I’m just like, I’m glad I made it to the end of the song. That’s how I am. OK, I got this now, I’m home. I’m going home now,” she revealed.

Despite the tragedy, Jennifer seemed focused on the blessings in her life, like having Whitney Houston present her with her Grammy. “As soon as she stepped out on the stage, I lost it. That’s when I got emotional,” she said.

She also said things with her and fiance David Otunga are going well. “He’s making plans for us,” Jen said. [Photo: Getty Images]


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