Idol Recap: Jasmine Murray, Jorge Nunez Sent Packing

Turns out America doesn’t give a crap about you no matter how uplifting your English as a Second Language backstory is or how many gorgeous sisters you have back in Mississippi. The two finalists sent home last night on American Idol‘s first finals results show were Jorge Núñez and Jasmine Murray who proved they just couldn’t satisfy America’s taste for the King of Pop. Pack your bags and say goodbye to the insane Hollywood mansion we got a glimpse of last night, kids. No more black light bowling or steam room for you guys. As sad as their departures may be, we still found five choice moments to discuss.

5. The Judges’ Save

After announcing that Jorge was eliminated from the competition, Ryan Seacrest told him “I’m going to have you sing while the judges chat,” presumably about whether or not Jorge deserved “The Judges’ Save,” which is the new twist to season 8. Seacrest explained that the judges would allow one “save” this season in case someone they thought was worthy needed a second chance after being voted off. There will be only one save, it must be unanimous, and the week after the save, two people will be eliminated to make up for it. We LOVE that Ryan even bothered to tell us that during Jorge’s performance the judges would “deliberate” in case they deemed him save-worthy, because while Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell appeared chatty, uh, Paula Abul and Kara DioGuardi not so much. Paula was on her feet the whole time. But of course we know Paula expresses herself through dance.

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Hef, Bridget And Kendra Root For Holly On DWTS

When they said they were always going to be friends, these four really meant it. Holly Madison has a very big cheering section as she competes on Dancing With The Stars – it includes her ex-boyfriend Hugh Hefner, Bridget Marquardt, and Kendra Wilkinson. In fact, it was Hef who told his ex about her last minute role on DWTS.

“I called her and gave her the news on Monday,” Hef said. “She had a week to prepare, less than a week.”

Holly’s other GND co-stars Kendra Wilkinson and Bridget Marquardt are also supporting Holly.

Bridget said, “I know she has tenacity. I know she’ll stick with it and give it her all.”

Kendra added that she was “jealous” of Holly’s stint on DWTS, and thinks that because Holly is a “quick learner,” she will bring a lot to the table.

Hef also got a little philosophical about how their relationship has turned out. “It’s remarkable when you think about, the beginning of that relationship with all three of the girls and the beginning of the television show and then to have it all come to with everyone I’m so proud of them.” Hef also said he voted for Holly “many times.” Check out our gallery of all that Hef and the girls have been through over the years! [Source: People; Photo: Getty Images]

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Gossip Break: Kelly Pees In The Shower

  • Kelly Clarkson pees in the shower, and knows you do too.  [DListed]
  • Michael Ian Black‘s F*ck It List is for all that crap you never want to do in your lifetime.  [Buzzfeed]
  • Gisele Bundchen takes her step-son to the park, makes being a step-mom look totally cool.  [PopSugar]
  • Paris Hilton is groveling for a role in the upcoming Twilight sequel.  [PITNB]
  • The Jon Stewart-Jim Cramer feud will climax in a face-to-face meeting on The Daily Show tomorrow night.  [Gawker]
  • Gossip Girl spoiler alert – it looks like a certain annoying someone gets arrested!  [Seriously?OMG!]
  • Idol star Adam Lambert gets Blingeed!  [BWE]


Define “Ready-To-Wear”

Alexander McQueen unveiled his Fall/Winter 2009 ready-to-wear collection in Paris yesterday, and Bjork‘s favorite designer did not disappoint those looking for drama. Check out the gallery below for some of the more striking ensembles from his “ironic and illusory exploration of the concept of re-invention.” Mugatu approves.

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Pussycat Fail

On another famous lady we might possibly like this head shawl-shirt; Nicole Richie could probably pull it off with ease. But on Nicole Scherzinger, lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls, it’s making us insane. Allow us to explain.

  • She wore this yesterday, outside, in New York City, where it was 46 degrees. We get that she has to sass it up for the cameras, but her fellow ‘cats somehow managed to throw on their coats before going outside.
  • Did we mention it was cloudy too? Surely Nicole could have figured that out when she put on her shades and her world instantly became pitch black.
  • The ribs.
  • And her hip bones.
  • Oh – and her itsy-bitsy stomach. Let’s just say that anything that looks emaciated and frail on her body needs some nourishment and love. Nicole’s a pussycat, not an alley cat. Feed yourself, Nic!
  • The bottom half of her outfit is straight out of 2003. We know the boots are Louboutins, but labels mean nothing when good style is lacking.  [Photo: GettyImages]
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If You Could Walk In Octomom’s Shoes

…they would be pretty snazzy. Nadya Suleman stepped out the other day wearing some expensive new duds, including $195 Tory Burch flats. Who knew you could dress so fashionably while being unemployed and on food stamps? How does the mother of 14 do it?

Nadya also scored a new pad for her abnormally large brood. Octomom’s father Ed Doud reportedly purchased a $564,000, 4-bedroom home in La Habra, CA for his baby-loving daughter. Tomorrow Kaiser Permanente, the hospital where the octuplets have been since their birth, will inspect her new home before authorizing her eight new babies to go home with her.

In related completely random Octomom news, paramedics were called to Nadya’s soon-to-be new house when one of her neighbors ran over his wife.

Nadya’s already bringing the crazay to the neighborhood! [Source: TMZ; Photo: Getty Images]

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Megan Fox And Brian Austin Green Are Still Together And In Counseling

We hate to break it to you, but Megan Fox has not completely kicked Brian Austin Green to the curb. The pair has “hit a rough patch,” says an insider, and they are entrenched in counseling to try to mend their broken love.

The pair have been spotted together since their split, and a friend of the couple says that they’re definitely still together. Another source revealed that, “These two are very much in love and plan to be together for a long time. They decided to enter counseling in hopes of staying together. It was a mutual decision. Lots of couples go to therapy together, and they are committed to try and make it work.”

Poor Shia LaBeouf! Cock-blocked again – and by former drug addict David Silver, no less. That must hurt. [Photo: FilmMagic]


Citizen Scandal: Woman Injured By Dildo Stuck On Saw

A novel attempt at foreplay sent a Maryland woman to the emergency room last weekend. Seems her lover stuck a dildo onto the end of a saber saw, apparently planning to Home Depot that ho deeper. Unfortunately, the saw quickly cut through the plastic and, well, things got bloody. Funny—it totally worked on MacGyver.


Mandy Moore & Ryan Adams Are Married

Mandy Moore secretly married singer Ryan Adams in Savannah, Georgia on Tuesday, according to their representatives. The pair—dating on-and-off for more than a year—announced their engagement last month. Both have had their share of high-profile relationships, with Moore dating Wilmer Valderaama, Zach Braff and DJ AM, among others, while Adams has been connected to Alanis Morrissette, Parker Posey, Winona Ryder, Lindsay Lohan and Leona Naess.

Ironically, while Mandy’s sixth album is due in May, Adams says he’s retiring from his band, The Cardinals, to focus on a literary career.

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17 Hottest Irish Maidens

In honor St. Patrick’s Day (this Tuesday), we’ve rounded up 17 Celtic beauties who’ve got the luck of the Irish in their gene pools. Check out our pot o’ golden pics!

17. Lucy Lawless

16. Jojo

15. Drew Barrymore

14. Mariah Carey

13. Bridget Moynahan

12. Mandy Moore

11. Laura Prepon

10. Jenny McCarthy

9. Jennifer Connelly

8. Heather Graham

7. Kristen Bell

6. Katherine Heigl

5. Lindsay Lohan

4. Rosario Dawson

3. Vanessa Hudgens

2. Rose McGowan

1. Anne Hathaway

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