Rep. Tim Mahoney, Accused Of Paying Mistress $100k+, Apologizes To Family, Denies Wrongdoing

A day after Rep. Tim Mahoney was accused of paying mistress Patricia Allen $121,000 in hush money, the Florida politician claimed “full responsibility” for his actions and apologized to his family without directly admitting to an affair. He also denied any legal misconduct, suggesting he would be cleared by a House Ethics Committee investigation, which he’s requested. “I want to be clear that I have not misused campaign funds and I am confident that when all the facts come to life I will be completely vindicated.”

Ironically, Mahoney, a Democrat, fills the seat formerly held by Republican Mark Foley, who infamously resigned after accusations of sexual misconduct with adolescent Congressional pages. As of now, Mahoney is still planning to run for re-election in November against Republican Tom Rooney.

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Worlds And Warriors Collide In Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe

Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe, coming out for XBox 360 X & Playstation 3 in November, allows players to match their favorite superheroes and villains against the infamous video game’s violent martial artists. Check out these interviews with Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon to learn how this unexpected crossover to came to pass.


Hef’s Twins: From Handcuffs To Haute Couture

Hef’s new twins are really enjoying the 180 degree turn their lives have taken. Earlier this year, Karissa and Kristina Shannon were on probation stemming from their battery charge, and now these two bubbly blondes are front row at LA Fashion Week. “They’re a lot of fun,” Hef’s ex Holly Madison said of the twins, who she introduced to Hef after she directed their playmate pictorial this summer. Of their criminal background, she said, “I think that they’re in a good place right now and hopefully will stay out of trouble. I just hope they can take this new fame with a level head.” [Source: Us; Photo: Splash News Online]

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Angelina Jolie Training Son To Be A Samurai

Guys, stop the hating. Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and their growing family are just like regular people! They go to the movies, they eat Cheetos, and they buy their kids knives – just like your parents did. How quaint!

Angelina has purchased a bevy of sharp objects for her oldest son Maddox, continuing a tradition started by her own mother. “My mom took me to buy my first daggers when I was 11 or 12,” explained the practical and logical Mom-gelina. “And I’ve already bought Maddox some.” Of course she has! Who needs an X-Box when you can have daggers. Angie continues, “We also talk about samurais and the idea about defending someone as good. We talk about everything.”

Even blood vile necklaces, Ang?  [MSNBC. Photo: WireImage]


Don Cheadle Replaces Terrence Howard In Iron Man 2, World Pleasantly Surprised

When the future looks so daunting and uncertain, it’s important to cling to whatever shreds of hope we can find. For that reason, Scandalist is proud to share that Terrence Howard has outpriced himself from the sequel to Iron Man, which will star Don Cheadle as Jim Rhodes instead. While Howard must have assumed the increasing importance of his character (remember when he stared at the armored suit and said “next time?”) would be a good bargaining chip, the negotiations instead gave producers time to consider whether America would be interested in watching this smug charm-void in a spin-off. Enter Cheadle, an actor whose public persona revolves around political advocacy rather than demanding prospective girlfriends use baby wipes on their ass.

While he won’t be flying through the air with Robert Downey Jr., Howard can comfort himself with the fact that his debut album, Shine Through It, almost made the Top 30 earlier this year (Downey’s album didn’t even make the Top 100!). Plus he’ll have the time to get that physics degree he’s always talking about.

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Introducing Miss Earth 2008!

Meet Zhou Yingkun, the newly crowned Miss Earth 2008. Miss Earth touts itself as a pageant with “Beauties For A Cause” and the winner participates in environmental activities during the year of her reign. Last year’s Miss Earth Jessica Trisko led activities such as cleaning up Kuta Beach in Bali, Indonesia, where she collected debris like cigarette butts, plastic, and even dead fish. Jessica crowned the new Miss Earth at the ceremony in Nanjing in Jiangsu Province, China.

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Dennis Hopper, Former Bush Supporter, “Prays” For Obama Victory

If you assumed Dennis Hopper was a liberal based on Easy Rider, you were probably surprised to see him shooting zombie ACLU lawyers in the new movie An American Carol—oh wait, nobody saw An American Carol! Maybe that’s why Hopper is pushing so fervidly for the Democratic presidential candidate: “I voted for Bush, father and son, but this time I’ll vote for Obama.” Is King Koopa the October surprise?

The long-time Republican/longer-time crazypants donated to the RNC as late as 2004. Now he credits the current administration’s “lies” for his about-face, which he announced at an exhibition of his work in Paris. “I pray God, Barack Obama is elected.” So not only did Hopper jump the fence, he jumped the fence in France. We’re pretty sure the RNC won’t let you backpedal on that one.

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Jennifer Aniston Can’t Quit John Mayer

Or maybe it’s the other way around? How can we be sure John Mayer‘s the player in this relationship? The couple reunited for a quick hello n’ fuck session in New York City this weekend, and ended up flying back to Los Angeles together, where they “were very lovey-dovey, reported a National Enquirer spy. “They kissed several times and hugged each other tightly.”

Some may say this means Jen is desperate, hurting to get married, just wants a baby, blah blah blah. We believe otherwise – our girl has every right to hate f*ck whoever she wants! If Mayer’s sensitive emails turn her on, then more power to her. And besides, she may not be knocked up with a child, but at least she’s boning one.  [Photo: WireImage]

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Lindsay’s Luscious Orange Legs

We have no idea what caused Lindsay Lohan to go crazy with the self-tanner yesterday, but holy sh*t, did she do a number on her little legs. They’re the color of buffalo wings, while her feet are as white as a nice blob of blue cheese dressing. Try as she might, her fake-looking crimped hair does nothing to distract us from her self-tanning disaster. Could it be that there’s some truth to those rumors that Linds has broken up with gal pal Samantha Ronson, and she’s trying to cover up her emotional pain with ugliness on the outside? Oh wait, nevermind – she’s actually engaged to Sam. She must be getting wedding ready!  [Photos: GettyImages]