Katie Price: Pete Dumped Me


The PR war is on! After the shock news yesterday about Katie Price and Peter Andre‘s split — a couple who literally lived every second of their relationship through the UK media — Katie has already released a statement making it clear who wants this breakup, and who’s the dumpee, here. And it’s not who we initially thought.

“Pete is the love of my life. We have children together and I am devastated and disappointed by Peter’s decision to separate and divorce me – as I married him for life. This is not what I want and the decision has been taken out of my hands,” said Katie in a statement.

Reports claim it’s Katie — aka Jordan’s — drinking that has contributed to the split, quoting Pete as saying, “From the moment she starts drinking I lose her and I don’t get her back until the next morning. Kate’s had problems with drink. She knows she can’t handle it. It turns her into someone I don’t recognize and I don’t like.” And despite the breakup, some British bookies are placing bets on the couple getting back together before the end of the year. What is clear is that just like their relationship, we’re sure to find out more as time goes on . [Photo: WireImage]


Report: Brad And Jen Meeting In Secret


Hmmm – we’re going to file this under ‘Uh-huh‘ at the moment but it still makes us beyond excited. Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are back in serious touch, speaking “almost daily” on the phone and meeting up in secret, according to new reports. Grazia mag claims Brad got back in touch with Jen over Easter, and Jen, being totally not “uncool” agreed to put the past behind them and meet up as friends. He then apparently poured his heart out to her over his current rumored troubles with Angelina Jolie.

“It sounds crazy given their history, but I think Jen just wants to be a good friend to Brad right now. He’s in bits and she wants to help,” a friend says. And of course, Angie is far from thrilled. Naturally her reps are denying this story, but we think it sounds kind of sweet. Unrealistic, but sweet! [Photo: Splash News Online]


Duffy Rakes In $150k For One Song


A-maz-ing. There won’t be any economic miseries in Duffy‘s household this year as it’s been revealed her hit song “Mercy” was the most-played song in the UK last year — netting her a none-too-shabby $150k in royalties alone.

Nice one! Especially since it was less than a year ago that the Welsh wonder commented that she “hadn’t had any money yet” from her singing career.  That’s not the case now, clearly – buy us a pint, love?


Quentin Tarantino Wears High Heels, Talks Cannes


Quentin Tarantino put on his fiercest pair of high heels, grabbed a purse, and posed for this semi-creepy photo for the New York Times. In the article “The Call Back: Quentin Tarantino,” Quentin talks about his love affair with the Cannes Film Festival.

On when he was first aware of the Cannes Film Festival:
As a film enthusiast growing up in Los Angeles, I’ll say by 13, 14, I already knew about Cannes.

What was the screening like of ‘‘Pulp Fiction,’’ which won the Palme d’Or?
It certainly wasn’t, Oh, they’re going to win this, this is obviously the movie of its time. The violence was not 100 percent accepted, and there were some boos at the end. They were reacting against the idea that this could be considered art.

Who was the head of the jury? Clint Eastwood. And the second head of the jury was Catherine Deneuve. I think of her as the queen of France.

You were the head of the jury in 2004. Whom did you award the Palme d’or? “Farenheit 9/11″ [Photos: Jean-Baptiste Mondino]

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Michael Jackson Can’t Do London Shows, Says Promoter

michael jackson

Will Michael Jackson‘s July concerts go the way of his crazy auction? A promotion company has filed suit in federal court to keep Jackson performing 50 scheduled shows at London’s O2 Arena, claiming they have an exclusive deal with the singer.

According to the suit, Jackson’s manager Frank DeLeo signed a deal with AllGood Entertainment for a pay-per-view concert starring Michael, Janet and all the other Jacksons not named La Toya, scheduled for July 2010. The King Of Pop was to stay off stage until that gig, but he a-hee-hee-heed himself over the London all the same. Shameless!

The good news for fans is that the company would love to settle, but Jackson has refused to cough up any cash.  We expect that to change, though—if Jacko doesn’t perform this summer, how is he going to pay all the other people suing him?

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What Will Bruce Jenner’s New Face Look Like?

Bruce Jenner Before And After

Kim Kardashian recently hinted that someone in her family got a plastic surgery procedure that would appear on an episode of her show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The starlet finally revealed that it’s her step-father, Olympian Bruce Jenner, who went under the knife. Kim writes on her blog:

Twenty five years ago, Bruce was ill-advised by a doctor to have a partial facelift and a nose job. Unfortunately, the result wasn’t what Bruce had hoped for and for years since then he has been the victim of cruel taunts from the media. Since he’s turning 60 in October, Bruce felt it was time to correct the mistakes made by the previous doctor so he went to a new doctor for a second facelift. The results are amazing! Bruce looks better than ever and he is extremely happy with the result.

The results can be seen on their show show next week. Check out pics above of Bruce before and after his first face lift and nose job. What do you think his new face will look like?  [Photos: GettyImages]


Cannes Worst Dressed Of 2008


The Cannes Film Festival is one of the most glamorous events of the year, taking place in the South of France among celebrities, caviar, diamonds, and yachts, but some stars seem to slip up when it comes to working the red carpet. From Sharon Stone showing up to the amfAR benefit in an animal print gown to Natalie Portman sporting an origami-looking dress and Samantha Ronson looking like she just rolled out of bed at the Dolce and Gabbana party, some celebrities just didn’t cut it when it came to red carpet fashion at some of the most glamorous parties of the 2008 Cannes Film Festival. Check out our gallery of Cannes Worst Dressed of 2008!

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Cannes Best Dressed Of 2008


Everything about the Cannes Film Festival is glamorous, and some stars really bring on the elegance at the red carpet in the south of France. From Milla Jovovich wowing in Versace to Penelope Cruz looking like a vision in white in Marchesa, these stars really dress for the A-list occasion. See who made our list of Cannes Best Dressed of 2008!

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Gossip Break: Mr. And Mrs. Desperate For Attention

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