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Bristol Palin Dumps Baby Daddy For Being ‘White Trash’

Scandal update from Wasilla, Alaska! Apparently Governor Sarah Palin‘s daughter Bristol has dumped her baby daddy Levi Johnston for being beneath her and the Palin clan, and is refusing to let him near their newborn son Tripp.

Levi’s sister Mercede is capitalizing on the situation (smart girl!) and spilled all to Star magazine. “Levi tries to visit Tripp every single day, but Bristol makes it nearly impossible. She tells him he can’t take the baby to our house because she doesn’t want him around ‘white trash!’” Bristol won’t even allow him to watch the baby for a few hours — unless he’s babysitting.”

Mercede goes on to say that the Governer has gotten in on the act, and that she’s “lost lots of respect for her.” As she should! We thought the Palins whole deal was that they embraced their trashiness – huntin’ wolves, mutterin’ “aw shucks” and “gosh darn” and shoppin’ at Wal-Mart. It sounds like Bristol might be sipping lattes and chomping on arugula as she nurses her baby. What would Joe the Plumber think?!  [Photo: GettyImages]



In today’s Spotted, we have a country couple shopping till they drop and the most famous babydaddy in the world having cocktails in the South. See who Scandalist spotted and contribute your own celebrity sightings by e-mailing us here.

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Michael Jackson’s Even Selling Off His Music Awards, Socks

The last of five books detailing the personal items of Michael Jackson up for auction next month stands out from the others: for one thing, no statues of naked children. But almost as startling as those questionable figurines is that Jackson’s giving up industry awards (everything from platinum albums to the MTV Video Vanguard award they named after him), tour outfits, countless gloves and even a letter from Ronald Reagan wishing him well after he burnt his hair off while filming a Pepsi ad (Michael, not Ronald). No Grammys, though! He’s not that hard up for cash.

Despite Jackson’s lawsuit against Julien’s Auctions (maybe the buzz for his upcoming concerts made him rethink just how desperate he really is), the sale is still planned for April 22nd-25th. Get excited! What better way could you spend $800 than on a pair of Michael’s rhinestone socks?

[Photo: Julien's Auctions]

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Spitzer Hooker Says Yoga Saved Her Life

As if we needed further proof that yoga is awesome: Ashley Dupre, the woman made famous for “servicing” ex-Governor Eliot Spitzer as an escort, is crediting the ancient practice with saving her life. “Yoga has really helped me turn it into a huge learning experience,” revealed the ex-hooker. “I’m working hard to take what I went through and turn it into something positive. Yoga helps me focus.”

An added bonus of her new addiction? A blooming BFF-ship with a famous fellow yogi. “Russell Simmons and I have been going to the same class, and he’s just an amazing and wonderful person and spirit,” Dupre says of the rap mogul and vegan. “He’s become a mentor, and has helped me work through my issues. I feel liberated and honored that people like him support me. I’m starting to feel respected for who I am.”

If you’re hungry to support Dupre too, you’ll soon get your chance – her “pop rock” album is set to drop in January 2010.  [NYP. Photo: Splash News Online]


Paris And Doug Take Their Love Fest To Hawaii

Paris Hilton and new beau Doug Reinhardt took a romantic vacation to Hawaii where the heiress and reality star enjoyed some quality time on the beach. Paris walked on the beach with her new man, who also dated Lauren Conrad on The Hills, and splish splashed in the ocean in her blue bikini. Check out our gallery of bikini-clad Paris and Doug hitting the beach. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Chris Brown & Rihanna’s Duet: “They Were Playful In The Studio”

More information has leaked about the duet that Chris Brown and Rihanna are reportedly recording. According to a source for Us magazine, “the song was originally created for Rihanna before the fight…It wasn’t initially slated for Chris to be on the song.”

The funny thing is, the song expresses the emotions that both Chris and Rihanna are feeling at this moment—facing challenges and overcoming the ups and downs of a relationship in which you become stronger…[they] were very playful in the studio.”

TMZ claims that producer Polow Da Don pushed them to record the track as soon as possible to exploit their “heightened emotions.” “[It was] very, very emotional…the feeling in the room was pure love.” Presumably it’s not a cover of “The Beat Goes On.”

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Idol Recap: Adam Lambert Is A Screecher, Megan Corkrey ‘Kaws’

Aside from the over-the-top entrance by the judges at the top of the show, and the obvious sale on glitter at Sally Beauty Supply (it was swept liberally across all the girls’ eyes, Kara DioGuardi‘s arms and Paula Abdul‘s upper half — where she wasn’t enveloped in plumage), there wasn’t a lot of flash in last night’s American Idol. Considering the show was devoted to Michael Jackson, a man known for his sequins and sparkle, it was kind of a bummer. The big question is why would anyone sing a lesser-known Michael Jackson song? The man has 13 number one singles, why couldn’t each contestant take one? We’re looking at you, Scott MacIntyre. Here are five moments we loved from last night’s show.

5. The Battle of the Backstories

Our first favorite moment was actually several, let’s call it the battle of the backstories. We’ve run hot and cold on some contestants, but seeing their families root them on melted our hearts a little. We saw a lot of hardships being endured and a lot of familial love, like Scott MacIntyre, who has a sister who is also visually impaired, Lil Rounds‘ family of five, displaced due to a tornado, Megan Joy Corkrey and Alexis Grace‘s babies, and Jorge Núñez who even went so far as to say that since the death of his grandfather, his being on the show has helped his family stay together. No pressure there, America.  While we learned something new about many of the contestants (Kris Allen is married? He and his wife have matching aprons???) the real question is will any of this have an impact on the voting?

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Julia Roberts Forced To Sign Tacky Portrait

Sometimes even the biggest A-listers are forced to compromise their art in the name of celebrity. Perhaps you’ll be asked to eat a dog biscuit on German television, like Jennifer Aniston. Or asked to play the digeridoo, like Nicole Kidman, on, er, the same German TV show. [We really would like to watch Wetten, Dass? one of these days] Or, like Julia Roberts, attending the UK premiere of her latest movie Duplicity, be asked to autograph the tackiest ever portrait seen of yourself by some lunatic devoted fan. Oh dear. Sometimes it’s better to be a multi-millionaire filmstar recluse than venture out into the scary, bad-art-loving public, isn’t it, Julia?