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Alli Sims Misses Britney Spears, Attention

Remember how Alli Sims was going to have her own music career, based solely on her experience buying Britney Spears Cheetos? We all know how that plan played out, so now Alli is talking to the NY Post about how she’s been banned from Britney’s life. “I have no idea when I’ll see her again. I miss her every day,” Sims sadly cooed. Translation: “I miss all the free Versace bags, and the wonderful days when I was paid to brush a crazy person’s extensions in her 70-room mansion. This job at Blockbuster doesn’t pay sh*t.”

We can’t say we really feel bad for Alli, seeing as Brit’s looking a lot better without her leeching cousin at her hip. The singer, who has been dressing, dare we say, like a classy lady these days (Wow, that dress!), schlepped up to the Bronx yesterday to present a school with $10,000 for their music program. Though she still makes facial expressions that reveal her inner idiot, at least she’s being led around by people with her best interest at heart who aren’t completely shady. We hope. [NYP. Photo: FilmMagic]

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Melissa Etheridge: Come To My Wedding

Forgive our terrible play on the name of Melissa Etheridge‘s hit song, and join us in congratulating the singer and breast cancer survivor: she and partner Tammy-Lynn Michaels are getting hitched! The couple exchanged vows in 2003, but now that gay marriage is legal in California, they plan on making it official. The pair has four children together, and are now just waiting foe some down time between ballet classes and soccer practice to walk down the aisle: “we have four children,” says Etheridge, “and we’re trying to find the right time.”

Whenever that time comes, we’ll be celebrating for the happy couple.  [Us. Photo: GettyImages]


Meg Ryan An Alien, Claims British Star

Meg Ryan’s ex-husband Dennis Quaid made it clear this week he’s not her greatest fan ever, and now normally mild-mannered British star Michael Parkinson has waded into the fray. The legendary chat show host had a notoriously disastrous interview with Meg in 2003, and in his new autobiography firmly lays the blame at her moody-ass door.

“She was uncooperative from the start. One reviewer said she “glided from slight frostiness to naked hostility via snooty disdain,” he writes. “There comes a point in an interview where it serves no purpose to continue. The only question left is: ‘Why did you bother turning up and then not trying?’ She seemed as if she had been beamed into the show from another universe.”

Have a look at one of the infamous clips below (and another one here) and see what you think. For the record, Meg blames Parky for her dismal reputation in the UK, saying “His chat show has a lot to answer for, the UK public loathe me thanks to him.”

Yeah. It’s all his fault, Meg. You tried, you really did!

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Russell Brand Wants To Suckle Sarah Silverman’s Breasts

It’s worth bracing yourself for comedy’s newest coupling, after UK star Russell Brand made clear his intentions to seduce Sarah Silverman.

Russell’s already made somewhat of a ‘name’ for himself in Britain, after being linked to Kate Moss, Courtney Love, Kimberley Stewart and many, many more lucky ladies. (Can you tell we’re a bit biased?) And now, fresh from his MTV VMA presenting gig, he’s landed a one-off stand-up show on Comedy Central.

“Comedy Central is home to South Park, The Daily Show, and The Sarah Silverman Program,” Russell said. “I’m thrilled to have such esteemed neighbors. Particularly Sarah Silverman, whom I shall be troubling for cups of sugar and milk breast milk.”

You’ll agree, it’s not your average, common or garden chat-up line, but you never know, it may just work. We’re getting ready for the inevitable ‘I’m F*cking [insert A-list star name here]‘ videos, although in Russ’s case they may go on very long indeed. [The Sun; Photo: Getty Images]


Rick Astley: King of the World!

Has the Rickrolling craze just gone way too far or is this the best, funniest news ever? We can’t decide but on hearing that Rick Astley is up for Best Act Ever at the forthcoming MTV Europe Music Awards, we’re stunned, either way!

The British pop star, who experienced a second wave of fame this year when an online meme viral linked to his 1987 hit Never Gonna Give You Up, is competing against Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Green Day, Tokio Hotel and U2 to win the award.

This is Rick Astley, people! Who last had a proper chart hit in the UK in 1991. Seriously. Actually, it would be amazing if he won. Could you imagine the Bono rage? Probably worth it for that alone. …

We’ll find out at the MTV Europe awards from Liverpool on November 6.

Editor’s Note (and total non sequitur): Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie sex tape hits Internet!

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The Scandalist Scoop: Thursday, Oct. 2

Hollywood Reporter

Rosie O’Donnell to host ‘Variety Show’

Rosie O’Donnell is returning to television as host of a variety show revival from NBC. NBC will air “Rosie’s Variety Show” as an hourlong live special the night before Thanksgiving, with an eye toward expansion to a full series order should viewers embrace the project. The show’s Nov. 26 premiere date manages to trump Fox’s upcoming Osbourne family variety show, which is expected to debut in the winter or spring.


Obama tells Vibe readers ‘I need you’ in letter

NEW YORK – Barack Obama has a message for the readers of Vibe: “I need you.”

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O.J. Simpson’s Defense Rests, The Juice Fails To Testify

The defense in the O.J. Simpson case only called one witness before closing, and it wasn’t O.J. Thomas Scotto, Simpson’s friend, claimed that prosecution witnesses have tried to extort money from him and bribe him into changing his testimony. The prosecution then made him admit that he never told this story to the police. Why? Because they never asked.

And that was the defense.

Simpson’s co-defendent, Clarence Stewart, is expected to call a few people to the stand, but it looks like the Juice won’t be giving his side of the incident until the release of If I Robbed Them, if ever.

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J.Hud, Punk, And A Purple Shovel

That’s kind of how the romantic story of David Otunga aka Punk from I Love New York 2 and his proposal to Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson went down. Jennifer sat down with VH1 News and talked about her birthday surprise from her boyfriend of less than a year. After taking her for a romantic day on the beach, “he blindfolded me and pulled out a purple shovel,” Jen says. “Stop playing. Are you kidding me?” she asked. J.Hud then had to dig her way to a card that gave her some specific instructions to enjoy the scenery and then turn around for her birthday gift. The Dreamgirl turned around to find Punk down on one knee and holding a shiny diamond ring!

It seems romantic and all, but Punk has actually dug himself into a hole with that purple shovel. After a dramatic, sentimental, blinged-out proposal for her 27th birthday, what can he possibly do to top that on her 28th?

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Opens Her Cute Mouth, Goes Nuts

The combination of hot and crazy works well for Elisabeth Hasselbeck. We admit, it’s gotta be tough being the only conservative in a group of equally outspoken and sassy women, but if you can’t take Whoopi and Joy’s heat, get out of the studio, tiny girlfriend! The conversation on today’s episode of  The View of course swirled around everyone’s favorite flute playing Alaskan Sarah Palin, with Barbara Walter‘s egging Elisabeth on, asking her to inform America why she thinks Palin would be a great President. In typical View form, all hell breaks loose. Happy Wednesday!