Who’s Older? Kirsten Dunst Or Lloyd Banks?

kirsten dunst & lloyd banks

Kirsten Dunst first made headlines as a bloodsucker in 1994’s Interview With The Vampire. Ten years later, G-Unit rapper Lloyd Banks hit number one with his debut solo album, Hunger For More. Both stars were born on April 30th. Which one is older?

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Justin Timberlake’s Tequila Is A Winner


Sometimes when celebrities venture out of their area of expertise, things don’t go so well – remember Britney Spears‘ attempt at movie stardom in Crossroads?

Not so for her ex, chart-topper Justin Timberlake, whose foray into distiller of fine tequila is apparently quite a success.

“It’s actually a really nice product,” says self-proclaimed “tequila geek” Dave Kaplan of New York City bar Death & Co.

Other liquor experts agree. Head bartender Brian Miller said, “I gotta admit, I’m a little surprised,” after tasting the vanilla concoction.

Earlier this year, JT promised to release his tequila, named 901, and claimed it would be “the smoothest tequila possible.”

Looks like he did a pretty good job! [Source: NYDN; Photo: Getty Images]


Heidi Klum Is A Super-Hot Mama


By the time they’re expecting their fourth child, most people would expect to a) be looking a little careworn by now and b) be wearing one of their ancient threadbare fit-for-the-bin maternity outfits. But not Heidi Klum! Of course not — the German supermodel (who once criticized this theFABLife scribe’s legs for being shaved, not waxed) always looks inhumanly hot. She showed off her teeny baby bump — we think it’s there somewhere — under a stunning dress at at LG Mobile Phone Party. Sigh. We can’t imagine she’ll get fat ankles, either. [Photo: Getty Images]

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Lindsay Surfs The Pain Away With New Man


Lindsay Lohan may not be eating much these days, but at least she’s gettin’ out there and trying new things. The former actress hopped on a surfboard during her Hawaiian vacation, and actually looked like she was having pure, clean fun. We can’t remember a time when we saw the redhead smile this big, even when she was clinging to then-girlfriend Samantha Ronson.

LiLo is rumored to have brought along her new boy toy on the trip – a 36-year-old internet entrepreneur named Ben Holz, who is based out of Seattle, natch. Her mystery man – who once opened a bunch of internet cafes in Hawaii – had little to say about their rumored relationship, stating “I’d prefer not to say anything about the situation.”

Until we get an official word on the status of their relationship – Friends? Rebound? Soulmates? – check out pics of Lindsay relaxing, shopping, and hangin’ ten. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Brad Pitt’s 10 Most Embarrassing Ads

brad pitt

With all those mouths to feed, you can’t blame Brad Pitt for continuing his illustrious career as a Japanese ad pitchman. The star and director Spike Jonze are working on a spot this week for Softbank cell phones in NYC, and judging from this photo, we can expect some sumo-themed hilarity to pop up on the net before too long. But will it be as embarrassing as this choreographed coffee ad?

Check out nine more hysterical ads starring Pitt after the jump.

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Hef: Holly Always Welcome, But NOT As A Girlfriend


Not so fast, says Hugh Hefner, about reports that he said he wants Holly Madison back at the Mansion. Hef insists he is in love and doesn’t want to change a thing.

“I’m in love with Crystal Harris and wouldn’t change her or the Shannon twins for anyone in the past,” he says.

Regarding the report that he said Holly was “the love of his life” and that he wanted her to move back in, Hef says he has, “no idea where these crazy stories come from. It was invented by someone to create publicity.”

“Holly will always be welcome here at the Mansion, but not as a girlfriend,” he says. “I think she’s happy now and I know I am.” [Source: NYDN; Photo: Getty Images]


Susan Boyle Can Stand On Her Own Two Feet


She’s got the voice of an angel, but the feet of a beast. Britain’s Got Talent singing sensation Susan Boyle stepped out on her porch in Blackburn, Scotland wearing a fabulous blue robe emblazoned with stars. But look closely: from far away they may not look like much, but look carefully to see her rough dogs. That Susan is just full of surprises! For a closeup of Susan’s busted hooves and other celebrity feet, check out our fabulous gallery of the most sensational celebrity feet! [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Beyonce The Butt Of Another Bad Joke


Remember the whole  fake Beyonce singing incident that went down last week? Well the songbird is once again the butt of a bad prank, executed this time around by an Austrian radio station. They apparently called up the Albertina museum in Vienna to arrange a private tour for “Beyonce” and then sent over a body double to marvel at the masterpieces.

The museum fell for it, but eventually figured out they had been duped. “Her face was extremely similar, but her body was totally different,” said their spokesperson. You can check out pics of the Beyonce imposter here. We think the fake B looks nothing like the real thing, but you know, it’s our job to stare at her for hours a day. Would you have been fooled?  [Photo: GettyImages]

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Report: Rihanna Doesn’t Want To Be “The Next Whitney Houston”


According to Us Magazine, those close to Rihanna are optimistic that the singer’s recent time in Barbados has helped put her relationship with Chris Brown behind her. “She’s realizing how precious life is,” said an insider. “She’s starting to see that one wrong choice about who she loves could turn her into the next Whitney Houston.” And don’t feel offended for Whitney—the troubled singer admonished Rihanna to “not make the same mistakes I did” after the February assault.

Ronald Fenty, Rihanna’s father, is ecstatic about her determination to move forward. “[She’s] a different person, back to herself. It’s like Chris never existed. She seems reborn.” Sounds like the comeback will be in full effect once Brown’s trial is over.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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Scarlett Johansson Officially Has The Best Boobs

Scarlett Johansson is a lucky girl. She boasts an amazing acting career, hot husband, gorgeous face and now — in what surely must be the icing on the cake for her! — the best breasts in Hollywood. The naturally-endowed star has topped the poll, compiled by Access Hollywood, and even beat out Salma Hayek‘s famous baby-feeding boobs. Other stars who were “honoured” for their impressive racks were Halle Berry, Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Who needs that Oscar?

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