Gossip Geek: Ed And Jessica Make It Public

Spotted: two co-stars who aren’t good at keeping secrets. While this is hardly the first time Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr have smooched, we hope their public display of affection at last night’s Knicks game will keep her from playing coy about her romantic status in the future.

What we don’t get is why Cheech Marin wasn’t staring at the lovebirds. Doesn’t he watch Gossip Girl? We would have been whipping out our camera phones.

XDXD. Gossip Geek.

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Get Inside: Private Valentine Exclusive Clip

Just when it seems the media can’t get enough of Jessica Simpson‘s mom jeans and junk in the trunk, a hard-bodied version of J. Simp. is hitting DVD shelves everywhere. In a film not unlike Private Benjamin (1980), Private Valentine: Blonde and Dangerous (formerly titled Major Movie Star), Simpson plays fallen movie star, Megan Valentine, whose boyfriend dumps her, leaving her pouty and penniless. After a night of drowning her sorrows, she finds herself passed out on the stoop of an Army recruitment center. She then trades the D&G for fatigues and heads off to boot camp. If Simpson’s dumb blonde schtick still gets a rise out of you, grab some popcorn and enjoy the fluffy flick. Also features Vivica A. Fox as a hard-nosed drill sergeant, Cheri Oteri as a snarky recruit, and Steve Guttenberg as Simpson’s agent.

See our EXCLUSIVE clip above, where Simpson enters the U.S. Army recruitment office and begins basic training.


Flashback Lunch: Christian Bale Dance Fever

Christian Bale‘s longtime fans may be distressed to discover the actor verbally pistol whips anyone who distracts him while he’s trying to emote. But somewhere deep beneath that angry exterior is a feisty newspaper boy that only wants to be treated fairly. A feisty newspaper boy who loves to dance.

No matter how many violent sociopaths Bale plays on screen, for some he will always be Jack “Cowboy” Kelly from the 1992 musical Newsies. If he wants to make us forget his on-set meltdown, we suggest he perform these moves on a talk show pronto. There’s always Santa Fe, Christian. There’s always Santa Fe.

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Birth Dating: Who’s Older? Daddy Yankee Or Isla Fisher?

In 1994, Puerto Rico’s Daddy Yankee was a teen rapper working on his first album and Isla Fisher was a teen actress on the Australian soap opera Home And Away. Though it took almost decade for them to cross over onto the pop charts and into American movies respectively, Yankee is now popular enough to have his own fragrance and Fisher stars in the upcoming Confessions Of A Shopaholic. Both were born on February 3rd. Click on the photo to find out who’s older.

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Jenny! I’ve Got Your Number – For $365,000

867-5309 may be the most well-known phone number in pop culture history, but after years of prank calls, the owner of one of the last known remaining 867-5309 numbers will make big money getting rid of it. The number, made famous by Tommy Tutone’s 1982 hit “Jenny/867-5309″ is up for sale on EBay by New Jersey area resident Spencer Potter, who got it for free five years ago. After only four days of bidding, the price has reached a whopping $365,000!

Spencer says the bidders are not just 80s fanatics, but “a lot more mid-size or larger corporations looking to get more brand awareness.”

It’s not the first time someone has tried to unload the famous digits. An earlier attempt by another 867-5309 holder to sell was cut short by the telephone company who technically owns the number.

Spencer, however, is able to sell his 867-5309 number because it is technically a part of his DJ business, A Blast Entertainment, which he is selling as a whole on EBay.

$365,000 may seem high, but other 867-5309 holders say the number can be valued for much more. Jeffrey Steinberg, who owns the 800 and 888 versions, says he even received an offer for $1 million from a national weight loss company.

After the auction ends, Spencer plans to take the dinero and take a Caribbean vacation. [Source: CNN, New York Times; Photo: Jennifer Nicholson]


Joe Francis Arrested, Blames Flu For Court Absence

Ever ignore calls from work, show up five hours late and blame the flu? Of course you haven’t—you’re not an idiot who wants to get fired. Now imagine using that excuse in court. Judge S. James Otero issued arrest warrant for Joe Francis when he failed to show up in court yesterday morning, and the Girls Gone Wild-man blamed the flu when he finally appeared on the steps five hours later. “He’s been as sick as can be,” said Melissa Weinberger, a lawyer who has yet to drop Francis over “strategic differences of opinion.”

Despite Francis’ sniffles, the arrest warrant stood and the porn entrepreneur was dragged away by U.S. Marshals. If found guilty at his tax evasion trial (scheduled for March), the porn merchant could face up to ten years in prison.

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Cute Kid Gets High On Dental Drugs

This adorable video fondly brings back memories of that glorious day when our mom picked us up after getting our wisdom teeth pulled, and we shouted to her and the entire dentist’s office, “Mom, I’m so f*cking high right now!” That’s kind of what’s going on in this clip, except the groggy dental patient is a wee kid, and his dad has taped him as he marvels at his father’s four eyes, asking “Is this real life?”

Awwww. Dental drugs have never been more precious! [via Buzzfeed]

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Miley’s Latest Photo Scandal Draws Accusations Of Racism

Here’s a tip for Miley Cyrus: the next time someone pulls out a camera – whether it’s Annie Leibovitz or that hanger-on Mandy – hide. That’s the only way to avoid scandals like the snapshot above, which supposedly shows Miley, her boyfriend Justin Gaston, and some pals “taunting and mocking of people of Asian descent,” according to the Organization of Chinese Americans.

Miley and her reps have no comment at this time. We say if this kid is old enough to date an adult, she should at least act like one and make amends. Stay tuned …  [TheSun]

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Lily Allen Has Snowy Fun In London

The thickest snow has fallen in London for 18 years! Which means the public transport system has fallen apart with no buses, barely any trains and definitely no flights. You drive on the roads at your peril, after not enough gritters (aka, snow plows) came out to make them safe. Schools, shops and restaurants are all closed.  Er, yay! Still, even though it’s a national embarrassment that we can’t seem to cope with some bad weather, at least we can still have fun. Lily Allen joined the hordes of stranded workers in London by sledging down Primrose Hill yesterday, after making a makeshift sled out of a road sign. (And she didn’t even wear a protective helmet, although we reckon that infamous fluffy Prada hat would work pretty well) Weee! [Photo: Splash News Online]


Mischa Barton Dumped

It just gets worse for Mischa Barton. Reports now claim that Kooks bandmember Luke Pritchard has finished with her after a fling that saw them chewing each others faces off in a London comedy club only last week. Oh, how quickly love fades. And it faded as soon as the former Hollywood starlet suggested he come and see her at her place in Paris.

“He said he didn’t think they had a future and it was better they went their separate ways. Mischa was heartbroken,” reports The Sun.

Well, at least it’s semi-reassuring to know that typical sh*tty guy behaviour is universal, we suppose. But it’s also a salutary lesson of the fickle hand of fame too. Just five years ago, who would have thought that every teen girls’ idol would be a hit-movie-free fashion disaster zone who could get dumped by a spotty C-list British indie boy? Sigh. Blake Lively, you may not believe it now, but this could be your 2014. [Photo: Splash News Online]