The 10 Most Scandalist Girl Groups

Girls, girls, girls. Pop divas can be bad enough alone, but put into packs, the real drama is unleashed. The upcoming release of the Pussycat Dolls brand new album got us thinking about some of the more scandal-ridden girl groups. From meth addiction to a home-made porno, check out our list of the girl groups with the most inter-band strife.


Diablo Cody To Haters: “Leave Me The F*ck Alone!”

Someone (possibly named “Film_Fan78″) pissed off Juno screenwriter Diablo Cody something fierce lately. Seemingly apropos of nothing, Cody is throwing a fit about haters on her MySpace blog. Here are some of the many highlights.

  • “I am not Charlie Kaufman or Sofia Coppola (much as I supplicate at their Cannes-weary feet.) I’m not Paul Thomas Anderson. I’m not even Paul W.S. Anderson….I am ‘Diablo Cody’ and if you’re not a fan, go rent Prospero’s Books again and leave me the f*ck alone.”
  • “I may have won 19 awards that you don’t feel I earned, but it’s neither original nor relevant to slag on Juno. Really. And you’re not some bold, singular voice of dissent, You are exactly like everyone else in your zeitgeisty-demo-lifestyle pod.”
  • “I’m sorry that while you were shooting your failed opus at Tisch, I was jamming toxic silicon toys up my ass for money.”

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Jayde Nicole Is Not My Lover

Although Brody Jenner and 2008 Playmate of the Year Jayde Nicole were spotted getting hot and heavy at the 2008 MTV VMA’s, the Hills star insists, “She’s a great girl both inside and out, but she’s not my girlfriend-at the moment.” Brody says he and Jayde have been good friends since her pre-Playmate days.  Although Brody, who stars in the new MTV reality show Bromance, maintains they are merely “really good friends,” he doesn’t rule out the possibility of moving further with the curvaceous bunny and claims that having a girlfriend who bares all would not be a problem. “I would have no problem with knowing people can see her nude pics,” he said, “because anybody can look, but to actually be with that person is what counts.” [Source: E! Online; Photo: Getty]

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Jessica Simpson Is Never Going Away

Bad news, humans with working ears. Jessica Simpson‘s new country album, Do You Know, has sold 65,000 copies and is currently ranked number 4 on the Billboard Top 200. Now we’re no expert, but these numbers aren’t like, that impressive (Lil Wayne sold a million albums the first week Tha Carter III dropped!). Still, we’re positive that they will convince Jessica to stay in the biz and continue changing her image to whatever trend she thinks she can squeeze into. Want a mediocre and awkward hip hop album? Look for Jessica Simpson to give it to you in 2010!


The Scandalist Scoop: Thursday, Sept. 18


Brad Pitt donates money to support gay marriage

LOS ANGELES – Brad Pitt has donated $100,000 to fight California’s November ballot initiative that would overturn the state Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage.

Zits and the City? Teen novels coming about Carrie

NEW YORK – Meet Carrie Bradshaw, in her teenage years. “Sex and the City” author Candace Bushnell is writing a pair of teen novels, “The Carrie Diaries,” that “takes readers back to Carrie Bradshaw’s formative years in high school, giving an inside look at Carrie’s friendships, romances and how she realized her dream of becoming a writer,” HarperCollins announced Wednesday.

Actor Thomas Jane sentenced for DUI in Kern County

SHAFTER, Calif. – Thomas Jane has pleaded no contest to drunken driving after he was clocked doing 120 mph in a Maserati.

Motown writer, producer Norman Whitfield dies

LOS ANGELES – Norman Whitfield, who co-wrote a string of Motown classics including “War” and “I Heard It Through the Grapevine,” has died. He was 67.

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Katie Holmes’ Drunk Web Video?

Well, not exactly. Some hero out there has taken it upon herself to create a bunch of web videos impersonating our favorite trapped robot Katie Holmes, in which she hides in a closet ranting about her famous life. Her impression is so good, it’s hard at times not to believe it’s really Mrs. Cruise. They’re funny, yes – watch the one above – but some are super creepy, which is surely an accurate assessment of Katie’s day to day.  Poor thing.

More of the Katie videos here.


Wall Street’s Faces Of Horror

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell nearly 450 points today despite the government’s bailout of insurance giant AIG. On Monday, the stock market plunged more than 500 points — it’s worst single day session since just after 9/11. Even shares of Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, prestigious banking firms that posted solid quarterly results, plummeted 20 and 30 percent respectively.

We aren’t financial experts here at Scandalist, but we know pain when we see it. See Wall Street traders covering their mouths in horror and holding their heads in their hands in the gallery below. Fundamentally sound this economy is not.


The Family That Does Meth Together, Stays Together

Summer did not go very well for the O’Neal family. On the heels of Tatum O’Neal‘s June arrest in connection with suspicion of cocaine possession, her father Ryan O’Neal and half-brother Redmond O’Neal were arrested this morning for suspicion of methamphetamine possession. The Love Story actor and his 23-year-old son with actress Farah Fawcett were taken into custody after Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputies and probation officers went to their Malibu home for a routine check on Redmond, who is serving three years of probation after pleading guilty in June to drug possession charges. Both remain in custody on $10,000 bail. [Source:AP; Photo:Getty]