Final Octuplet Comes Home


Seventy-seven days after their birth, Nadya Suleman‘s infamous octuplets are all reunited. The eighth octuplet, Jonah Angel, was on his way home last night when Nadya (who says she doesn’t want to be famous but is reportedly getting a reality show), talked to the press about it.

“Jonah is coming home tonight. He’s great. They kept him because he was too small but he’s strong. It really is a miracle. I’m so excited. Tomorrow, I will have my full family here for the first time. It is a great feeling,” Nadya told Life & Style.

Jonah joins his thirteen other siblings at the infamous Octocrib, and life as part of Octomom’s circus begins.

Growing up in that chaotic house, he’ll probably have a tumultuous childhood and end up on the cover of OK! magazine in a few years with a sad forlorn face and the blaring headline, “The Eighth Octuplet – My Side of the Story.”

Good luck Jonah! [Source: Life & Style; Photo: Splash News Online]


Simon Cowell: Leaving Idol Or Chasing Dollars?

simon cowell

Despite telling the Daily Mirror that American Idol would “more likely to go” if he was to quit one of the three talent programs he currently appears on (the UK’s X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent, as well as a record and TV production companies fill out his schedule), Simon Cowell may just want his contract sweetened. He clarified his position in a statement yesterday.

Right now, the only certainty is that I’m still on ‘Idol,’ still love doing it, and still have a year under contract. So, while I am looking at all options for the future, I haven’t made any decisions.

His options, as we see it: making a shit-ton of money in England or making several shit-tons of money by suffering through a transatlantic commute. As long as those shit-tons of money are here, Simon will probably continue taking them—jet lag be damned.

Ironically, if he did decide to bolt, Fox would have to replace the once anonymous record exec with an A-list celebrity to maintain the show’s luster. The even bitchier Quentin Tarantino, maybe?

[Photo: Getty Images]


Flashback Lunch: Phil Spector Finally Found Guilty Of Murder

phil spector

After two trials, three sets of attorneys and more than six years, record producer Phil Spector was found guilty of second degree murder for the shooting death of actress Lana Clarkson on Monday. The jury took more than two weeks to reach a guilty verdict (his first trial ended in a deadlock).

While revered for his pioneering “wall of sound” production techniques (used on everyone from Ike & Tina Turner and John Lennon to The Ramones), his guilty verdict caps decades of reclusive eccentricity and violent outbursts—not to mention some outlandish haircuts.

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Candy Spelling Makes Online Plea For Tori To Call Her


Tori Spelling and her estranged mom Candy have been engaged in a war of words in the press as both promote their respective books, Mommywood and Candyland. Now Candy has made an emotional plea for Tori to call her so she can see her grandchildren Liam, 2, and Stella, 10 months .

“You say you look at my website, so I’m trying to reach you that way. I want to see you and your family-in private, like the “normal family” you say you always wanted,” Candy writes on her website,

“I’m a mother, who, like every mother, wants communication and a great relationship with you, my daughter, and your family.”

She signed it, “I am hopeful. Love, Mom.”

Tori responded by saying, “She knows how to reach me, she knows where we live.”

These two really are silly. Pick up the phone!

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Is Mel Gibson Hiding Millions From His Wife?

mel gibson

When word got out that Mel Gibson had given over $42 million to his father’s Holy Family Catholic Church (congregation size: less than 100), many wondered whether Gibson was using the church as a tax shelter. But with his wife of over 25 years filing for divorce, it looks like he might have an even better reason to build a war chest. Then again, $42 million is nothing for a near billionaire, even if Robyn is set to walk off with half.

Though tabs are crediting Mel’s topless romp in Costa Rica with Oksana for wife Robyn’s decision to separate, Mel was first spotted with the model last year in Boston. Between that and his funny fund-handling, it sounds like Mel may have been preparing for this split for a while (the actor claims that they had been separated since 2006—which would remove her entitlement for any money he’s made since). While divorce is not an option for hardcore Catholics, we’re sure his dad’s offshoot will find it in them to forgive.

[Photo: WireImage]


Chris And Rihanna Spent Easter Together


Despite reports that Chris Brown is hooking up with  new women, his rumored new love interests adamantly deny that they are anything more than “friends.”  In fact, a source claims that Chris and allegedly battered girlfriend Rihanna spent time together Easter weekend.

“They met recently. They’re friends. That’s it,” a source says of Chris and rumored new love Girlicious singer Natalie Mejia. Now with news that Chris and Rihanna spent the holiday together, could the lovers be getting back together after reportedly taking a break?

There’s nothing like a heartfelt talk over a box of Peeps to sort things out. [Source: People; Photo: Getty Images]


Marilyn Chambers, Porn Legend, Dead At 56

marilyn chambers

Marilyn Chambers, one of the most famous pornographic actresses in history, died on Sunday at the age of 56. Though foul play is not suspected, the cause remains unknown.

Chambers had already achieved some success in modeling (she was billed in films as “the Ivory Soap girl” for an early advertising appearance) when she made her porn debut in 1972’s Behind The Green Door. Despite starring in some mainstream films, including David Cronenberg‘s classic thriller Rabid, Chambers continued to appear in adult movies like Naked Fairytales and Little Shop Of Erotica until her death.

[Photo: Hulton Archive]

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Drew Is A Vision In Zebra


Forget Katy Perrys leopard print disaster, here comes Drew Barrymore rocking the zebra look and looking 100% incredible. Normally we’d think that head-to-foot diagonal stripes was going to be a Very Bad Idea, but Drew carries it off with those matching lip-and-shoes in killer red. Ahhh. We’re having a girl-crush moment that we haven’t had on Ms Barrymore since The Wedding Singer. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Lindsay Looks For Love While Laughing At Herself

Finally, Lindsay Lohan and her people (her mom and sister, natch) have gone and made a smart PR move on her behalf. The video above just dropped from our friends at Funny Or Die early this morning, and in it, LiLo pokes fun at everything that’s made her famous. No, not her movies, she’s going for the gritty stuff  – her boozing, her arrests, and her lack of cash flow. It’s a funny and smart way to redeem herself, and even better, reminds us that she can still really act.