Letterman and O’Reilly Have Old Man Argument, No One Wins

David Letterman seems to get more cranky as the years go by and the comedy that results is nothing short of brilliant. If you’ve ever seen him deal with Spencer Pratt, you’d know he has no patience for self-important, unfunny people and the fact that he can cut people like Spencer down to size while making him laugh is amazing to watch. Last night Letterman had Bill O’Reilly on his show and Letterman had a hard time making O’Reilly laugh at anything, but their battle of wits was fascinating to watch because both men don’t back down off of anything.

When O’Reilly has been on the show in the past, Dave has said things like “60% of what you say is crap,” so it was no surprise that as soon as O’Reilly got to talking, Dave told him “I think of you as a goon” (watch here), and later Dave deadpanned “Yeahhh, you’re not that entertaining.” The guys discussed Rush Limbaugh’s success, with Letterman taking jabs at Limbaugh’s drug use and weight before O’Reilly, sick of having the conversation focused on someone besides himself, said, “Do you really think it’s nice to do that to Limbaugh? Why cheap shot the guy?” Our head almost exploded watching O’Reilly chastise someone for taking a cheap shot. We managed to sit through the whole thing (including O’Reilly actually wagging his finger at the audience and half-jokingly yelling at Dave to “let me finish!”) and we came out feeling kind of icky. Please Dave, have Amy Sedaris in a poofy dress on soon to wash the badness away! [Source: The Late Show]


Holly Madison Eliminated From Dancing With The Stars

She did her best after being told she would be on Dancing With The Stars with only a week to practice, but Holly Madison sadly was eliminated last night from the ABC reality show.

Holly and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak were sent home after, for the first time this season, the contestants with the lowest scores from the judges were still at the bottom when the viewers votes were factored in.

Holly and Steve were in the bottom three, along with “Jackass” star Steve-O who talked openly about his battle with substance abuse. “I’m not used to dealing with high-pressure situations without the help of drugs and alcohol, and this is a lot of pressure. I’ve made it through, you know, so far, without getting loaded, so I feel like a complete champion,” he said.

Now Steve can go back to being a genius and Holly can go back to being a blonde bombshell, like  in our gallery below! [Source:; Photo: ]

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Gossip Break: Heidi Hurts Our Ears

  • Heidi Montag spews forth more garbage-rock.  Listen and loathe.  [DListed]
  • Violet Affleck loves ice cream, being famous.   [Seriously?OMG]
  • Our favorite April Fool’s Day prank, courtesy of our pals at Improv Everywhere.  [Buzzfeed]
  • Nothing says “I want to lose my virginity on prom night” like this vagina-shaped dress.  [BWE]
  • Britney Spears gets Photoshopped to sell Candies.  [Wonderwall]
  • The new promo pics from The Hills look fake-tabulous – just like the show.  [PITNB]
  • Uber-cute couples Nicole Richie and Joel Madden and Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens filmed a Funny Or Die video together.  [PopSugar]

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Whitney Port Hates Life In The City

Whitney Port – the most normal of the Hills trolls – hates the life she now leads on her spin-off series, The City. The leggy fashionista chatted with classy rag Cosmopolitan recently, and revealed a deep misery underneath her glossy-eyed stare.

“I break down a couple of times a week, at least,” Whit whined. “It gets overwhelming. Sometimes I think that I can’t take this anymore. I just want to live a normal life.”

You’d think Whitney would know that no one is stopping her from doing just that, but clearly she’s confused. At least she can put her ballet flats on the right feet! Luckily, she does have some sense when it comes to despicable  social climbers. Whit opened up about her loathsome co-star, Olivia Palermo and says the two “never hang out off-screen.” She adds, “Olivia kind of mothers me and looks at me as a pet project . . . I’m not some country bumpkin. I’m from Los Angeles.”

You said it girl! Now it might just be time to move back. 


Idol Recap: Hair More Entertaining Than The Music


Last night on American Idol, it was more about the hair than the music. Because if nothing else, the hair was more entertaining. It’s getting pretty easy to start weeding contestants out (we’re going to make a prediction that the final four will be Allison Iraheta, Adam Lambert, Danny Gokey and Kris Allen), because basically everyone has had a dud by this point, but some people haven’t recovered from those duds. There was no official theme for the show this week, the contestants could sing any songs that are popular on the iTunes download list, new or old. No mentors to glean important, historic lessons from either. There weren’t many highlights last night but here are a few moments that stood out for us:

5. All About The Hair


Everyone was rocking a new or improved ‘do last night. Megan Joy had a weird braidy-dreadlocky thing happening as an homage to her Bob Marley song, Allison Iraheta had the pink version of Tina Turner’s 1980’s wig, Scott MacIntyre was introduced to pomade before being given a ride in a convertible, Lil Rounds got a sleek new wig, and Adam Lambert kept his Elvis pompadour even though he was singing disco. All in all, we were focused on the follicles more than anything else this week – seems the contestants knew that we’d need something to distract us from their singing.

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Lisa Ling’s Sister Going To Court In North Korea

Lisa Ling

Ugh, it’s getting ugly in North Korea. Lisa Ling‘s sister Laura Ling is currently jailed in the communist country, and it looks like she will officially be tried for “illegal entry” and “hostile acts.”

Along with fellow journalist Euna Lee, Ling will be tried for “already confirmed suspicions,” reports a Korean news agency  (government run, natch). Both work for Current TV, and were captured on the North Korea-China border. They were filming a documentary at the time.

Ling has acknowledged that her job entails some danger, telling a group of TV critics earlier this year: “We go to a lot of dangerous places. But we don’t do it for the danger and the drama. We do it because these stories are important and they need to be told.”  [Photo: GettyImages]

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Lisa Ling’s Sister Jailed In North Korea


Happy Hump Day!


It’s Wednesday, and that means you’ve made it halfway through the work week and halfway to the weekend. Congrats!

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Hudson To Include Four-Legged Friends In Wedding Party

A few days ago Jennifer Hudson announced that she’s finally set a wedding date, but she’s not telling anyone, not even Ryan Seacrest, when it will be. She and fiancé David Otunga have been engaged since September 2008, and Husdon has some very specific plans for the wedding ceremony.

“I want my dogs to be in my wedding, I am so serious. Oscar might be the ring bearer. We’ll send them down the aisle with a little tux or something, a little dress,” she told Access Hollywood.

We respect Hudson’s privacy, but that’s something we definitely want to see. Incidentally, Hudson’s dogs are named Oscar and Grammy, after the awards she’s won. [Source: The Daily Mirror; Photo: WireImage]


Finally, Liz Lemon’s Lipsticked Teeth Available Online

The thing that had us Lizzing the most last week (you know, laughing so hard you whiz) on 30 Rock was the commercial Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) shot for a totally ’80s sexy phone service, 1-900-OK FACE.  Liz Lemon starred as Bijou, an unfortunately coiffed sex-line operator with eyebrows to die for and Mom jeans that any guy would want to have crumpled in a pile on his bedroom floor. Recognizing our love for Lemon, NBC has put  the full ad online — it’s so exciting we could throw up. [Via BWE]