Gisele Replaces Carmen Electra As Max Factor Girl

Brazilian beauty, Gisele Bundchen, is the new face of cosmetics brand Max Factor for its 100 year celebration. The iconic company is planning to feature Tom Brady’s girlfriend in their big celebration campaign. The supermodel made a very memorable statement about the partnership: “I thought it was really cool to be a part of something so old. I can’t believe something can exist for that long. For a business to stay alive for that long, it must be really good. Imagine what I’d look at 100 years old?!” Good thing they hired her for her looks. Maybe, her response should have been scripted, but yes, Gisele they are very, very old. And with genes like yours you’ll probably be just as hot at 100! Carmen Electra might be the only person not jazzed about this collaboration because she’s been the main Max Factor girl up until now. Who wears Max Factor better? [Source: The Canadian Press]


Sadie Says Sienna’s Not A Slut

Jude Law‘s ex-wife, British actress, Sadie Frost is defending her one time love rival Sienna Miller. Sienna, who was engaged to Frost’s ex-hubby after the couple divorced, has been labeled a homewrecker by the media for dating the married Brothers & Sisters actor and oil heir Balthazar Getty. Getty said that he split from his wife Rosette, with whom he has four children, but this hasn’t helped to calm the backlash against Miller. The 26-year-old actress’ home was even branded with the word slut like some sort of scarlet letter.

Frost, who insists that the actress is a “nice person,” explains: “She’s young. She’s a free spirit. She has been really unfairly treated. Whatever she does in her personal life, that is between her and the other person. It isn’t for the media to persuade the public that she is a bad person.”

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Now This Is How You Do A Movie Premiere!

Robert Downey Jr. teamed up with a dude in a HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb) cyborg suit to break open a barrel of sake at the Japanese premiere of Iron Man. No, Robert’s not relapsing in a big way—the ceremony is for good luck. Why don’t we have a cool red carpet tradition like that?

By the way, that HAL suit? It’s supposed to give the wearer five times their ordinary strength. Just like Robert’s moustache.

[Photo: Getty Images]


From One Teen Mom To Another

Isn’t it always the way? Jamie-Lynn Spears announced her pregnancy at the age of 16 right when her mother Lynne announced she’d be authoring a book on parenting, and now Bristol Palin, daughter of Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin announces her pregnancy at 17. Sorry mom and dad!

While that information seems like a blow to the reputation of the parents, it’s formed a bond between the girls, as Jamie-Lynn recently sent Bristol $60 worth of pink burp clothes from Beverly Hills boutique Petit Tresor. Along with the gift came a note reading, “Dear Bristol, Hang in there, xoxo, Jamie Lynn.”

Do we even know if Bristol is expecting a girl, or is Jamie-Lynn challenging conventional gender roles and giving the Republicans something to think about? Or maybe the boutique was just out of yellow … [Top photos: Getty Images; bottom photo: Splash News Online]


Kim Kardashian Wants To Sing With Justin Timberlake

Kim Kardashian on becoming a singer: “I would be down, if it was something fun. I love music, so it would just have to be the right thing. I’d say a little bit MichaelĀ Jackson in there. I would love to work with, like, Timbaland as a producer and maybe Justin Timberlake.”

Empty threats or a warning of horrors to come? Only Kim knows. [E!]

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Jennifer Lopez’s Pregnant Belly Immortalized In Book

Before Demi Moore‘s star turn on the cover of Vanity Fair in 1991 when she was seven months pregnant, and the phrase “celebrity baby bump” didn’t even exist. These days, the term seems to have magazines and websites devoted to it and we all know what to expect when the celebs are expecting. Jennifer Lopez, famous for her extreme particularity, is one-upping all those other moms. In a recent interview with Elle, the singer told the mag that she felt the urge to commission a book of photos of her pregnant self: “I was like, ‘How am I going to rock this moment of my life?’ … I felt very womanly. Marc was in a dream. He loved it.”

The book, shot by photographer Tony Duran, was a Valentine’s Day gift to husband Marc Anthony. Elle writer Peter Rubin describes it as “oversize, lushly shot, and frankly looks like the sexiest maternity catalog in existence: Jennifer in full makeup, hair done up, wearing long cashmere sweaters pulled up to expose her nigh-to-bursting belly.” Twins Max and Emme were born two weeks after the photo shoot, and in true Lopez fashion, they themselves are rumored never to have worn the same onesie twice. [Photo: WireImage]


Catfight Round 17: Carrie Calls Jess Fat

In the war of the words that’s erupted between Jessica Simpson and Carrie Underwood, Carrie’s landed the latest blow. According to OK! Magazine, a close, personal friend of the country cutie finds Jessica’s recent declarations of love for former flame Tony Romo rather pathetic, and thinks Jess has gotten a little big.

Underwood, who told Allure recently that she still gets calls from Jess’s boyfriend, told her friend, “She finds Jessica’s love of putting her life on display pretty desperate. She laughed at the People cover, because its the same one Jess did about John Mayer — same smile, same look, except she’s a little fatter.” Oh SNAP! Way to set the ladies back a few years by bickering over a mediocre quarterback. [Image: Getty Images]


John Legend Has A New (Old) Girlfriend!

Page Six reported yesterday that John Legend has a new girlfriend, model “Christy Tiegen.” Shocker! Before this revelation, we were under the belief that John was still dating model Christine Teigen, Legend’s girlfriend of the last year and a half (that’s the pair above at his 29th birthday in January) . Just last April, Page Six quoted the singer claiming that his relationship with Teigen was solid: “I am still happily dating my girlfriend, Christine Teigen, and have been for about a year now.” So what made Legend trade Teigen for Tiegen? Did he get confused…or did Page Six?

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