Usher Apologizes To Chris Brown For Passing Judgment

Usher should be ashamed of himself. Chris Brown‘s career may be kaput following the beating he gave girlfriend Rihanna, so the poor guy decided to do a little jet skiing. Usher saw the photos, and chastised Brown for not “showing a little bit of remorse” in a video clip. The nerve! How unfair of Usher to hit a man while he’s down. Oh wait.

“The comments made during a recent recording session amongst friends were taken out of context and blown out of proportion,” Usher said in a statement. “I apologize on behalf of myself and my friends if anyone was offended. The intentions were not to pass judgment and we meant no harm. I respect and wish the best for all parties involved.”

Actually, Usher should be concerned if they’re taken in context, with Johnta Austin boxing behind him while Jermaine Dupri laughs his ass off. Out of context, it’s hard to imagine why anyone would be offended by his suggestion that abuse suspects keep the public vacationing to a minimum.

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Happy Hump Day!

It’s Wednesday, and that means you’ve made it halfway through the work week and halfway to the weekend. Congrats! Now watch this lady fondle her artificial humps, and listen as the reporter fails miserably to maintain his composure.

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Kelly Clarkson’s New Album Leaked

Last week, we brought you the evolution of Kelly Clarkson‘s hair, which mirrors the rise of her career. The winner of American Idol‘s first season went from selling vacuums door to door (then: a sloppy cut of bungled highlights) to mega pop star (now: a windblown hairdo highlighted to perfection). This week, we not only have Kelly’s latest music video, but also a stream of her entire album before it hits stores. Listen to every song from All I Ever Wanted.


Britney Spears Debuts Her Circus

Britney Spears kicked off her Circus tour in New Orleans, LA to a packed cheering crowd who welcomed the pop princess back from that tragic chaotic place of just over a year ago. After the Pussycat Dolls opened, Britney started her show with her hit single “Circus” and danced her way through with acrobats, contortionists, and clowns. Brit sported hot sexy outifits, like a naughty police woman’s uniform and a blindfold. Although she lip synched through most of the show, Britney did what she does best and put on a spectacular show. Check out our gallery of Britney’s first show on her comeback tour! [Source: Rolling Stone; Photos: Splash News Online, Getty Images]

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Birth Dating: Who’s Older? Evan Dando Or Patsy Kensit?

Evan Dando of the Lemonheads is a lead singer who’s dated a lot of actresses, including Bijou Phillips and Winona Ryder. Patsy Kensit is an actress who dated a lot of singers, marrying the frontmen of Simple Minds and Oasis. Both ’90s blondes were born on March 4th. Click on the photo to find out who’s older.

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Citizen Scandal: Man On Sick Leave Competes In 66-Mile Bike Race

In 2007, Andrew Hamlyn came down with the best kind of chest infection: the kind that gets you off work for three months, but leaves you with enough energy to compete in a 66-mile bike race three weeks in. His doctor even said continuing to ride his bike would help him get over the viral infection. Hear that? Doctor’s orders! Let’s ride!

Spotted participating in the Dartmoor Devil Endurance Event, the IT worker was “too ill” to answer any calls from his employers, who sacked him for refusing to come to a meeting about the situation. Sure, he looks pretty healthy, but Hamlyn also has a “stress-related illness.” And meetings where bosses yell “are you f—ing with us?” at you must be really stressful. Cough, cough. Ow…

Hamlyn sued to keep his job, claiming he was the victim of a “campaign of bullying,” but the judge told him that there was no reason he couldn’t answer his phone or attend a meeting if he’s Lance Armstrong-ing his ass all over the countryside. It must suck to be Hamlyn right now (pretty sure he’ll be competing for jobs with people who didn’t ride in marathons during sick leave). At least he has a cheap form of transportation.

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Bikini Plane Offends Passengers

Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover girl Bar Rafaeli is pictured lying in her bikini on the side of a Southwest 737 plane as part of her promotional deal with the magazine. Although Bar looks smoking hot, some passengers are fuming over the sexy image, calling it “soft porn.”

“I would not want to have to watch this plane pull up to the gate traveling with my young child, or mother, grandmother, etc,” Southwest customer Jim Dawson complained.

“I know Southwest is known for its fun, laid back qualities, but this is just completely inappropriate to plaster all over the side of the plane,” he continued.

In addition to Jim, Southwest has received a flood of criticism on their corporate blog, with many passengers complaining about boarding a plane “covered in pornography.”

The paint job will be removed in a few months when the promotion ends, but Bar and all her hotness will live on in our gallery below forever! [Source:; Photo: ]


Joanna Pacitti Ignored By American Idol

We weren’t surprised that Felicia Barton, Idol’s replacement for suspect singer Joanna Pacitti, was saved until the final week of the Top 36—it gave the show almost a month to let the story die before they’d have to acknowledge it. Funny thing, though—they didn’t. Much was made last night of Barton’s being “called back,” and the judges’ pride in her “return,” but never once did they acknowledge on air why the hell she was back in the first place. We’re flattered the producers assume everyone watching reads gossip blogs.

If Joanna’s upset about the severity of her removal from Idol history, she’s not telling. When she hit the red carpet with boyfriend Mark Ballas of Dancing With The Stars last week, she had nothing bad to tell People about her booting. “I actually had an amazing time on the show and I met some amazing friends…Everything happens for a reason and it’s opened up a lot of opportunities.” We’re almost disappointed she won’t be making the talk show circuit again, crying about how she’s the real American Idol and the real Annie.

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Holly Madison: I Don’t Need A Man

A week after her split from illusionist Criss Angel, Holly Madison is swearing off men.

“I don’t need a man. I’m really happy with myself and being with my friends,” she said.

Holly refuses to talk about details behind her split with her magician beau, and says she is now “focusing on forwarding my career. I’m working on producing my own shows. Girls Next Door was a great place to start but it was somebody else’s show. I’m just ready to move on,” she declares.

How long will Hugh Hefner‘s ex swear off men?

“I’m never dating anybody again,” she said. [Source: People; Photo: Getty Images]


Brooklyn Beckham, Birthday Boy

He’s hitting the big 1-0 today so we’re giving a big Happy Birthday shoutout to young man Brooklyn Beckham. Arguably the first kid born of the celebrity age in Britain, Brooklyn came into the world when mom Victoria was known best as Victoria Adams, the Spice Girl that doesn’t sing – and his dad David was that Manchester United player that occasionally wore a sarong (aahhh, days gone by). Now his parents are a multi-million dollar global brand, and Brooklyn can count London, Madrid and L.A. as his residences so far in his short life, as well as being an older bro to Romeo and Cruz. Already demonstrating excellent soccer skills like his dad, and an eye for the camera like Victoria (although he will occasionally smile…), Brooklyn also boasts the cute factor that we’re sure are going to blossom into ladykiller looks for the likes of Lourdes Leon and Ava Phillipe. Man, we feel old. [Photos: , Getty, WireImage]

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