Vanessa Minnillo Shows Off Her Legs (And A Mystery Man?) In NYC

Rumors are catching fire that Nick Lachey and longtime girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo are on a one way trip to splitsville. Lachey started dating Minnillo in 2006 after separating from then wife Jessica Simpson. There were rumblings after The National Enquirer reported that the couple allegedly were seen having a blowout before entering a LA restaurant last month. In April, Lachey’s representative told Us Magazine the account is “not true,” but tongues were wagging yesterday after Minnillo was spotted with a “mystery man” in NYC.

He looks as plastic as Nick and he’s confident enough to wear a pink shirt, so he might just have a chance with the brunette Barbie. Don’t go into mourning for the twosome quite yet, a source told, “They are 100 percent together and fine and in love.” The insider said the couple took a “romantic trip” to NYC last weekend. Nick was also pretty hardcore about denying break-up rumors about him and his ex-wife Simpson, so anything’s possible. [Photo: Splash News Online]


Dr. Dre’s 20-Year-Old Son Found Dead

Andre Young, Jr., son of rap legend Dr. Dre, was found dead in his Woodlawn, CA home on Saturday morning. Young, who came home at 5:30 AM, would not respond when his mother checked on him four and a half hours later. The cause of death is unknown, pending a toxicology report.

If Young’s death was caused by chemical misadventure, his passing could plausibly effect the release of Dre’s upcoming Detox album, as well as the line of spirits (including cognac) Dre has announced to promote the release. [LA Times]

[Photo: Getty Images]


For Obama, Jennifer Hudson Will Sing At The DNC

Despite not even winning the third season of American Idol, Jennifer Hudson has become one of the show’s most famous alumnus, winning both a Golden Globe and an Oscar for her work in Dreamgirls. Now she can add another honor to her resume — The Democratic National Convention. Barack Obama asked for Hudson specifically when it came time to choose a singer to deliver the National Anthem the night he accepts his party’s nomination for the presidency.

Hudson, a Chicago native, is a supporter of the Illinois senator, and will appear on Thursday night in front of a sold-out crowd of 75,000 in Colorado, not to mention the millions of viewers watching the convention at home. She won’t be the only celeb in attendance at the convention though, E! reports that Denver has been seeing it’s share of stars at the convention, including George Clooney, Ben Affleck, Charlize Theron and Obama’s #1 Super Fan, Oprah Winfrey. [Photo: Getty Images]

After the jump, watch John Legend‘s DNC performance.

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Gossip Girl Creator Livid Over Sexed-Up Ads

Gossip Girl contains more sex, drinking and rehab than most high schoolers normally experience, which has been a cause for concern among parents and critics alike. The CW network decided to turn some of its harshest criticism into a cheeky, dark ad campaign that at first seems like a parody, until you realize all the quotes used in it are real. Skanky scenes of Serena or Blair are tagged with lines like “Mind-blowingly inappropriate! – Parents Television Council.”

But the show’s creator Josh Schwartz isn’t a fan of the ads. Though he’s responsible for the show’s content, he tells New York magazine: “The network came up with that, and I just stand back. I don’t want anything to do with it … It’s like, ‘What am I doing?’ It’s bad. It feels bad. It’s wrong. When you drive by a poster for your show and it says, ‘Every parent’s nightmare,’ you have mixed feelings.”

To be honest, we think every parent’s nightmare would have been The O.C. – if your kid was Mischa Barton, an alcoholic sometimes-lesbian whose mom screwed your high school boyfriend, and then you were killed in a fiery car wreck – that seems more nightmarish.


Gossip Break: Fading Singers, Faded Jeans

How do you get a pair of R&B has-beens back in the news? If you’re JoJo, pass out on stage. If you’re K-Ci, ignore him. [Pop Eater]

Charlie Sheen has knocked up new wife Brooke Mueller. Hope you put “don’t put our kid on a reality show” in the pre-nup this time, Charlemagne! [People]

Minnie Driver‘s baby bump is about to pop, and she’s sporting a bikini on the beach. [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]

Jenna Jameson is preggers! We knew that already, but now we super-know it with extra-official goodness. [Us Magazine]

TomKat may wear matching faded jeans (barf), but only Tom wears lifts. [Dlisted]

Stop the press! K-Ci says he ignored JoJo‘s alleged bout of “epilepsy” because falling down on stage is part of his brother’s act. Cocaine? They can’t even spell cocaine (possibly because they’re high)! [Perez Hilton]

Those The Hills kids? Paid. Mad paid. [PopCrunch]


Ellen And Portia Have A Radiohead Date Night

Nothing like a little Radiohead to put you in the mood.  It was definitely date night at the art-rock group’s show at the Hollywood Bowl in Hollywood, CA last night. In one of their first outings as a married couple, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi showed up hand in hand and were escorted by security to their seats, a source told Scandalist. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel also came to rock out as did a solo Balthazar Getty (girlfriend Sienna Miller is vacationing in Spain). Christina Aguilera and husband Jordan Bratman had parents’ night out, leaving baby Max at home. Xtina looked rocker chic in a long white t-shirt and fedora and her signature red lipstick.  Radiohead brings out more famous faces than an awards show! [Photo:Getty]


Afternoon Snack: Bitches On The Runway

It’s Pet Fashion Week in NYC. [Photos: Splash News Online]


Citizen Scandal: Priest Plans Beauty Pageant For Nuns

Vows of chastity, poverty and obedience are well and good, but what would make a nun really happy is to have guys ogle her on the internet. Father Antonio Rungi, a priest who lives outside of Naples, is planning an online beauty contest for the nuns of Italy. “Do you really think nuns are all wizened, funereal old ladies? Today it’s not like that any more, thanks to an injection of youth and vitality brought to our country by foreign girls…the Brazilian girls above all.” Well if you’re excited by the Brazillian girls, Father, we’re excited.

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Andy Dick Avoids Sexual Battery Charge For Last Month’s Drunken Rampage

Yanking down an underage girl’s tank top is illegal, but it isn’t sexual battery! Troubled comedian Andy Dick was charged with the crime in July after seemingly mistaking a Buffalo Wild Wings in Murietta, CA for a celebrity roast, harassing diners and publicly urinating. But the drunken tug the cops called “sexual battery” has been changed to “basic misdemeanor assault” by the Riverside County D.A.’s office. Dick, who has a long history of invading the personal space of others, is also up for possession of marijuana, possession of Xanax without prescription, and public intoxication. Still, the lack of a felony charge should put another creepy, creepy smile on the Gropemaster General’s face. [E! Online]