Kim Kardashian Will Not Dance Her Ass Off

Fans of Kim Kardashian‘s badonkadonk went into a panic after hearing the Tush would be a contestant on Dancing With the Stars. The celebrity contestants have famously shed pounds during the intense rehearsals for the show, but don’t worry, Kim insists her famous derriere isn’t going anywhere. “I’m hoping that it’ll firm it up and shape it up,” Kim says. “Everyone is asking if I’m worried it’s going to go away. No, it’s going to tone it up. I can use that.” Kim, who stopped by TRL on Tuesday with her sisters Khloe and Kourtney, is already well into rehearsals with partner Mark Ballas. As for that other part of her anatomy that she sliced open on a hotel mirror, Kim says, “My toe is hurting me a little bit more than I thought.” But no one will be looking at her toe once Dancing With the Stars begins. The Dancing Queen plans to sport some hot outfits when the competition begins and says, “…the better shape that I get into they will be a little more sexy and risqué.” [Source:; Photo:Getty Images]


Madonna’s Bro: Demi Moore Squirt Breast Milk On My Friends

Madonna‘s bro Christopher Ciccone is trying to make a buck off his sister and her famous friends with his tell-all book. In an interview with Out magazine, Ciccone talks about his estranged relationship with Madge and all the juicy details that didn’t make the cut. He wanted to add a disgusting story about Demi Moore (pictured above in Striptease) squirting her breast milk, but his lawyers panicked. This didn’t stop him from spilling it to the mag:

“Yeah — and she’s [Demi] dancing up on me and humping me from behind. The one part that’s not in the book is that she was lactating at the time and she was squirting breast milk at my lesbian friends. My friend Michelle called me the next morning and asked me, how do I get breast milk out of my black dress and I said How the f*ck would I know Call Demi. It was hysterical. There are no pictures of it but it actually happened. The lawyers didn’t think it was wise for me to print that — so there’s your juicy tidbit.”

We’re sure Demi’s daughters would rather go deaf than hear that story, but the book will be a best seller with tasty (sorry) gossip like this. [Photo: Getty Images]


Adrien Grenier Says Paris Hilton Is ‘Ballsy’

Adrien Grenier poses for the new cover of Page Six Magazine. The Entourage star had a lot to say about his friendship with Paris Hilton, rumored relationship with Transformers star Isabel Lucas, and why he doesn’t have much in common with his alter ego Vincent Chase.

On Paris Hilton:
“I have a lot of respect for Paris. She’s ballsy.  She’s learned to play with the paparazzi attention and have fun with it, and she creates little mysteries in the tabloid arena. I have fun with her, but it’s always been platonic. [Our relationship] wasn’t sexual though I understand that sex sells.”

On Isabel Lucas:
“She and I have a very open communication. We’re friends with…

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Gold Statue Of Kate Moss To Visit British Museum

Artist Marc Quinn has made “the largest gold statue since Ancient Egypt” for the British Museum. And who was the muse? Kate Moss. The actual piece, titled Siren, captures Moss in a yoga pose rather than mid-coke shovel. However, the £1.5m statue will be placed in the gallery of Greek sculpture pictured above. That way it can “[interact] with the great Greek beauties that surround it,” said the museum. Judging from Quinn’s earlier statues of Moss (in the gallery below), those ancient busts should look forward to an eyeful of cameltoe from October 4 til January 25, when it will auctioned for charity. [CNN]


Axl Rose To Kelly Osbourne: ‘I Want To F*ck You’

Axl Rose has the hots for Ozzy‘s baby girl, Kelly Osbourne. The sleazy legend might be twice her age, but he tried some of his best moves on the 24-year-old rock spawn. Kelly’s pal Richie Rich, trendy Heatherette designer, told OK! Magazine, that the two bumped into the Guns N’ Roses singer at the launch party for the new Tide and Downy Total Care washing liquid. (Sexy!) “He was really weird with her,” said the fashionista. “He kept leering at her and saying, “I want to f*** you!” Not exactly the most romantic way to sweep a girl off her feet.

Perhaps, the lothario was too busy celebrating to practice his pickup lines because the man accused of leaking nine songs from the Guns ‘n’ Roses 14-years-in-the making Chinese Democracy album was arrested on Wednesday in Culver City, CA. The accused man, Kevin Cogill, admitted to posting the songs when he was questioned by an FBI agent, according to an affidavit. A federal attorney said he’s expected to appear in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles later today.


Solange Knowles Spars With Reporter

Oops! Careful once you have that mike on.  Solange Knowles got into a little tiff with a Las Vegas reporter when she probed about asking Beyonce’s baby sister questions about newlyweds B and Jay-Z. Solange went off on the reporter, not knowing she was already on the air.  She then called Jay-Z her “brother-in-law,” inadvertently confirming that Jay-Z and Beyonce are indeed husband and wife.


Daddy Obama Second Only To Jonas Brothers

Two nights ago, we saw Senator Barack Obama surprise his daughters via satellite at the DNC. Malia and Sasha did a great job hiding their disappointment! The girls acted thrilled and lovingly towards dear old Dad while in the spotlight, but there may have been a little pouting backstage. Apparently, when Michelle told them to expect a surprise, they thought it may be the subject of the posters plastered on their bedroom walls, The Jonas Brothers. The following afternoon, Michelle told supporters: “In the end she felt that Daddy was a decent second choice.” [Source: CNN; Photo: Getty Images]


Gunn Calls ‘Em Like He Sees ‘Em

Project Runway‘s Tim Gunn has a sixth sense when it comes to fashion, and to receive his sartorial advice is an honor … unless he deems you a disaster. While Gunn isn’t setting himself up to be a harsh critic like Mr. Blackwell and his famous worst-dressed list, he has been doling out his opinions to anyone who asks lately.

When asked to compare and contrast potential First Ladies, Gunn tells Us magazine: “No contest, Michelle [Obama]. She epitomizes class and American style. She looks approachable. [Cindy McCain] on the other hand — with her button-down suits and blouses — looks like she’s duct-taped. Her fashion is a metaphor for her personality.”

On Katie Holmes recent outbreak of boyfriend-jean-itis (the pegged look we all rocked in sixth grade): “I have to say, Katie Holmes has become so much more sophisticated in so many ways, but I think she’s in a dip right now. I can’t explain it. She ascended from this tomboyish waif look to an incredible sexy sophisticate. We realize how much style she’s capable of. I don’t get it.”

And expounding on Hannah Montana herself, Gunn says: “(Miley Cyrus) is just a little too tarty, forgive me. I don’t want her to look like she’s going into a convent school, but it’s just a little too much for a 15-year-old. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear she was 25.”

Thank God we have Tim around to say what we’re all thinking. As a bonus, he also tells OK! a juicy tidbit about Runway and one of it’s more entertaining contestants this season, grommet-pounding leather-lover, Stella: “We have Stella and her ‘leatha.’ She’s got to get away from that, and she’s constantly defending, ‘That’s what I do.’ Then you’re nothing but a one-note. You better get prepared to pack your bags.” [Photo: Getty Images]


Suge Knight Already Out On Bail

Suge Knight is out on $19,000 bail less than 24 hours after getting arrested in Vegas for beating his girlfriend and chasing her with a knife after she left his car. He’ll face the assault charges (as well as possession of ecstasy and hydrocodone) on September 26. Can he stay out of trouble for a whole month? [AP]

[Suge Knight photo: Getty Images]