Katie Price Forgets She’s In L.A. With Boring New Life

Is it just us or has Katie Price, aka Jordan, not really made the most out of moving to LA? She’s upped sticks with husband Peter Andre and their three children to take on the US and film more of their reality series in a glam new location. Except all they’ve seemed to do so far is go to the supermarket, eat sushi and go to Toys R Us. Yep, all things that are freely available in the dreariest British towns.  Note to Katie: there’s loads of stars and lots of sunshine where you are. Now get into that bikini and start schmoozing the A-list, (or B-list, even) for God’s sake. [Photo: Splash News Onine]

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Ron Wood’s 20-Year-Old Girlfriend Denies Gold-Digging

Ekaterina Ivanova is tired of people thinking she’s a gold-digging homewrecker. Yes, she’s been having an affair with Ron Wood, a married Rolling Stone more than three times her age. But she’s not in it for the money, as she explained to the Daily Mail.

I’d have to be a really sick and twisted person to go through what I went through for money – money that I obviously haven’t got. It’s not like I’m walking around in Louis Vuitton. I’m not materialistic. I find it quite fun not to have money.

You’d think dating a sextegenarian worth $200 million would get in the way of that fun, but that’s just not the case. “He makes me happy; he’s funny. We’re like Lego that just clicks together.” So why did he have to check into rehab a week after they hooked up? Don’t ask Ivanova—she didn’t even realize he was an alcoholic! “[He] wasn’t violent or shouty,” says the former cocktail waitress. That’s right, Ekaterina. 61-year-old men who drink two bottles of vodka a day aren’t alcoholics unless they yell. Sounds like you’re just the gal to keep him on the straight and narrow.

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Friends Excuse Bale’s Outburst

Friends of Christian Bale (or rather, people afraid of pissing him off) are coming forward to defend the actor’s tirade (check out an amazing NSFW dance remix above) on the Terminator: Salvation set. An assistant director of the flick, Bruce Franklin, wants us all to know that the raging Brit is actually a perfect gentleman who was just having a rough day.

“If you are working in a very intense scene and someone takes you out of your groove…It was the most emotional scene in the movie,” he revealed. “And for him to get stopped in the middle of it. He is very intensely involved in his character. He didn’t walk around like that all day long. It was just a moment and it passed.”

Yep, just a sweet moment filled with 40 f-bombs. Professional indeed! Let’s be honest – Bale is most likely a supreme dick who is only being tolerated because people’s careers might otherwise be destroyed. We imagine his mom and sister – who accused Bale of assaulting them this summer – would agree. 


Citizen Scandal: Man Calls 911 During Arrest

Things you probably shouldn’t do.

  • Tailgate a marked police car.
  • Pass said police car while going 72 mph.
  • After you’re pulled over, decline to give the officer ID or registration “as a matter of principle.”
  • Tell the officer that it’s “unfair” when he warns that not providing ID is an arrestable offense.
  • Grip the steering wheel and refuse to let go.
  • Call 911 during the following scuffle, saying any of the following:

“I’m being assaulted by an officer on I-4. Please call my wife…I’m being dragged out of my car. This is ridiculous, I’m being assaulted. He’s yelling at me and grabbing me and he has maced me once. This is not cool. Get Channel 2, Channel 5, Fox 35, all of them down here! This is crazy! This is insane! He’s dragging me out of my car. Goodbye!

  • Leave your phone on as you continue to shriek incoherently at the arresting officer.

Early Saturday morning, Kevin S. Allen of Casselberry, Florida went and did all of these things. Now he’s up for three counts of resisting arrest and one count of battering a police officer. If you’d like to hear Allen’s 911 call, click here.

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Gossip Break: Paula Deen Dooms Your Diet

  • Warning – watching the above video will give you heart palpitations. In it, Paula Deen makes a bacon and egg hamburger using two Krispy Kreme Donuts as the bun. Seriously.  [BWE]
  • Michael Lohan has bailed on his blog! Why is no one else crying?  [PITNB]
  • We’ll never be rid of Sam Lutfi – the slimiest guy in Hollywood is suing Britney Spears.  [DListed]
  • We don’t want to spoil anything, but Blair and Nate are totally gonna like, bone in the snow this season on Gossip Girl (we hope)!  [Gawker]
  • Rebecca Romjin looks amazing just two months after having twins.  [Seriously?OMG!]
  • Either Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are adopting a kid, or they’re punking us all.  [I’mNotObsessed]
  • Gwyneth Paltrow doesn’t care what you think about her marriage.  [PopSugar]

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We’re Just Not That Into These Outfits

The cast of He’s Just Not That Into You was out in full force last night at the movie’s premiere, and the outfits were a bigger turn off than the book that inspired the flick. The dudes all blended into the background in their usual guy uniforms (casual suits with a bit of neck hair showing), but the ladies stood out with some of the worst threads we’ve ever seen. And yes, we’re not much to talk about as we type away in an Old Navy sweatshirt from 2006, but we aren’t getting paid millions to play sad, dopey chicks who can’t get laid or – gasp! – married.

So just what are we not into?

  • Drew Barrymore‘s droopy bow and pastel lips.
  • Ginnifer Goodwin‘s hollow eyes and her bejeweled mustard splatter of a dress.
  • Jennifer Aniston dropping her over-played and dull LBD for an even more boring lady tux (color Jen, please!).
  • Jennifer Connelly‘s super short mini, which is a look she’s done before and frankly, is not flattering in her bone-thin state (she should trade outfits with Aniston – the tuxedo would do wonders here!).
  • Scarlett Johansson – period. The dress, the hair, the disaster! If this is what wedded bliss looks like, then maybe Aniston’s wise to stay single.
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5 Musical Legends Who Have Never Won A Grammy

Despite countless categories and a Lifetime Achievement selection committee that’s thrown trophies to such long-time award losers as David Bowie, Led Zeppelin and The Beach Boys, there are still some legendary artists who are long overdue for some Grammy love. Here are five of the most egregious cases.

  • Diana Ross

Ross—both with The Supremes and solo—regularly received Grammy nominations for everything from “Baby Love” to “Muscles.” Sadly, she’s never gotten to take a trophy home.

  • Neil Young

Neil’s nominated for Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance this year—his seventeenth nomination since 1990. Since his competition has over 35 Grammy Awards between them (5 belonging to John Mayer!), maybe they’ll finally let him have one.

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Britney’s Babies Going On Tour

The Federline brothers are going to the Circus! After a series of negotiations between Britney Spears, her conservator father Jamie, and ex-hubby Kevin Federline, an agreement has been reached regarding Britney taking her sons on her Circus tour. Sean Preston, 3, and Jayden James, 2, will be joining their mama from March 3 in New Orleans to April 28th in Chicago.

The news was confirmed on Britney’s blog by her tour designer Jamie King. “Britney is so excited to kick off her tour. She has been enjoying every moment of rehearsals and is looking forward to performing in front of a live audience again. Both Sean Preston and Jayden James will, in fact, be joining Britney throughout the duration of her tour,” he said.

Also joining the Circus is K-Fed, who reportedly will get a house and $4000 per week for each week Brit is on tour. [Source:,; Photo: Getty Images, Splash News Online]

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Gwen Shows Off Her Gorgeous Family

Gwen Stefani, her man Gavin Rossdale, and their tiny boys, Kingston and Zuma, hit up the a Malibu beach to cuddle, play, flaunt their cuteness and instill envy in the hearts of millions. Brangelina and their tots may be glamorous, but this family is straight up cute – and low-key too boot! We see no bodyguards or private jets in sight, just a lot of family fun. Their kids may have weird names, but their lives are refreshingly normal (we’ll over look the Gucci diaper bag).  [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Gossip Geek: Ed And Jessica Make It Public

Spotted: two co-stars who aren’t good at keeping secrets. While this is hardly the first time Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr have smooched, we hope their public display of affection at last night’s Knicks game will keep her from playing coy about her romantic status in the future.

What we don’t get is why Cheech Marin wasn’t staring at the lovebirds. Doesn’t he watch Gossip Girl? We would have been whipping out our camera phones.

XDXD. Gossip Geek.

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