Idol‘s Raquel Houghton Is No Amateur

After last season’s deluge of industry vets (Former MCA recording artist Carly Smithson, Syesha Mercado from The One, Cheyenne‘s ex Jason Castro), we shouldn’t be shocked that some of this year’s audition winners previously had recording contracts (Joanna Pacitti) and appeared on other reality shows (Rock The Cradle’s Lara Johnston). But there are plants…and then there is Raquel Houghton. Houghton not only hit red carpets several years ago as Dane Cook‘s girlfriend, but spent some time as the singer for the Valli Girls—an all-girl bubblegum rock group that appeared on the 2005 Kid’s Choice Awards soundtrack and in a ridiculous Cosmo girl! clip, “Born To Lead,” seen above.

Unsurprisingly, Houghton is a little less than forthcoming about her past. In an interview with the LA Times, taken after her July ’08 audition, she fails to mention The Valli Girls at all, instead describing a childhood playing violin.

LA Times: What’s your musical background, did you play in bands, sing in bands?

Houghton: Yeah, I played the violin—not amazingly well, but did play for a long time, and I’ve been singing forever. Disney was like the first thing I was, like, obsessed with.

Yup, she’s just been singing Disney in the shower since she was a kid, working as a waitress until Simon and the gang gave her a second chance at stardom. Will America decide that Houghton was born to lead after all?

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Lil’ Adolf Hitler’s Mother Breaks Gag Order, Begs For Help

The New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services has yet to explain why they’ve taken Adolf Hitler Campbell and his two sisters into state custody, but Deborah, their mother, has broken a court order to give her side of the story. “[The DYFS] felt the children were in danger for their lives. They didn’t say physically, mentally…nothing like that…The names, I believe are the problems. But they just don’t want to come out and say that…We would like you to please help us get my three innocent children back.”

The family is also being evicted by their landlord, Larry Lippincott, after he heard overheard a relative threatening to “firebomb the house.” “They’re not destroying anything, the house is clean and they pay their rent on time,” said Lippincott. “[But] there comes a point when you say, ‘Enough is enough.’”

Jeanne Coverdale, Adolf’s aunt, made a rather unfortunate analogy to defend the Nazi-themed names:

What about tomorrow night when the President of the United States stands up and say, is forced to say, my name is Barack Hussein Obama. How’s that going to hit the world? I’m saying the one with the middle name he has, was a terrorist…[It's] no different.

Except Hussein is a common Muslim name and there’s nothing common about naming your kid “Adolf Hitler.” But nice try. With father Heath in the hospital for stress and Deborah defying the judge by speaking to the media, it’s uncertain when the parents will be allowed to argue in court for the return of the children.

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Lindsay And Sam Have Not Split, OK?

Well, it looks like the rumors were off the mark, as our favourite celesbian couple Samantha and Lindsay Lohan-Ronson (hey, we like the sound of that double-barrelled!) have been snapped out and about together for the first time in flipping ages. They pitched up in Washington D.C. for the Declare Yourself Inauguration kick-off event, and shall we say it, looked really cute together on the red carpet. And they even spent a precious few minutes puffing away on the cigarettes outside later together, too. Hey, the couple that smoke together, stay together. Or something like that.

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Diddy, Beyonce and Jay-Z: Inaugural Outfits

Look who we just spotted enjoying President Barack Obama‘s (!!!) inauguration! It’s Diddy, Beyonce, and a dude in a giant fur hat. Oh wait, that’s Jay-Z, sporting the first fashion faux pas of the Inauguration. We almost gave that title to Aretha Franklin‘s bow hat, but she rocked it too hard to deserve a diss, even if that bow almost did eat her head.

Also spotted: Oprah Winfrey, Adrien Grenier, Rachel Leigh Cook, Sting, Trudie Styler, Spike Lee, Denzel Washington, Anne Hathaway, the Bush twins, Malia and Sasha Obama, and of course our new President Obama and Vice President Biden with their wives Michelle and Jill! Pics below.  [Photo: Getty Images]

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Who Does Sarah Chalke Think She Is?

Although some celebrities are just like us, some are just a little too full of themselves. Sarah Chalke stars on How I Met Your Mother, but we prefer to think of her as “the new Becky” on ’90s sitcom Roseanne, taking over as Roseanne Barr’s daughter when Lecy Goranson left the hit show. Sarah and fiance James Afifi were sitting in first class on a Virgin Atlantic flight from Los Angeles to Washington D.C., as economy passengers continued to board the plane. A twenty-something, petite brunette was carrying her luggage onto the plane and chose to keep her sunglasses on as she moved back to her economy seat.

“Why are you wearing sunglasses?!” Sarah shouted at the unassuming passenger, which shocked fellow first class passengers, as well as her fiance, who was obviously embarrassed. “She can do whatever she wants,” fiance Jamie shouted back. Sarah, however, would not let it quit. “But why is she wearing sunglasses? It’s not dark in here!”

Other passengers were shocked at the outburst, as was the brunette, who kept her sunglasses on and giggled at the actress’ bizarre outburst. Fiance Jamie looked beet red with embarrassment. Perhaps her odd behavior is why he just can’t bring himself to close the deal: Sarah and Jamie have been engaged for almost three years, and have yet to set a date. [Photo: Getty Images]

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Paris Works Not So Hard For Her Money

Paris Hilton pushed her butt this way and that while dry-humping a dude on the beach this week at a photoshoot for FILA. Apparently she’s the label’s spokes-skank, which makes us never want to buy their products again. If Aubrey O’Day was hawking their threads, we’d be singing a different tune. But alas, the wonky eye wins again. More pics below. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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William Balfour, Suspect In Hudson Murder Case, Pleads Not Guilty

William Balfour, charged with the first-degree murder of Jennifer Hudson mother, brother and nephew, pleaded not guilty in Cook County Circuit Court earlier today. Balfour, in police custody since late October, will have his next hearing on January 27th. “The police have built this case on what some people may say,” Balfour’s attorney told the press in December. “I strongly contend that these witnesses that are giving information to the police are not to be believed. They are self-serving statements.”

Hudson, absent from public events since the murders three months ago, will sing the national anthem at the 2009 Super Bowl next month.

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Pam Anderson Is Still Good At One Thing

She may be unemployed and aging, but Pam Anderson is still a pro at rocking a white bikini. We dare you to find a celeb who can do it better! Pam made the best of her bod while on the beach in Malibu, her usual haunt. Perhaps she should just make this her full time job? [Photo: Splash News Online]

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This Is Marisa Miller’s Job

Marisa Miller‘s sole job is just to look hot (as seen above for a Victoria’s Secret photoshoot in St. Barts). She’s paid to frolick like she’s just had two wine coolers and can’t help but giggle as she dances like a fairy in the frothy sea. She is probably a millionaire. She definitely has a sweet life. We’re obviously jealous. The end. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Citizen Scandal: Bagels And Tacos Are Weapons Now

A source of nourishment was used as an instrument of violence twice last week in Florida. On Wednesday night,  19-year-old Zachary Moir‘s X-box was unplugged by his mother, Dina, when he refused to come down for dinner. A few minutes later, he surprised her in the kitchen with a slap on the arm and a taco to the face. Mom called the police and had the ingrate thrown in jail for domestic violence battery.

I’ve been having trouble with him for awhile won’t work, won’t go to school. He’s being rude and disrespectful. Pushing things to the limit as far as the violence…He went ahead and hit me with the taco and I got taco all over my shirt and kitchen. I’ve threatened to call police before. But anyway this time, I thought he went too far so I called police and he’s in jail now.

Also in jail is Cassady C. Catolico of St. Petersburg, who attacked a man with a bagel early Sunday morning. Her bail, north of $10,000, might seem a little steep for a little breakfast battery, but the victim had already filed an injuction against her, and she was on probation for a 2006 criminal mischief charge. Bagels, tacos, elections—is there anything Floridians won’t throw?