Flashback Lunch: Johnny Depp And Nicolas Cage Go Metal

Nicolas Cage and Johnny Depp have never made a movie together, but the Hollywood bad boys were bros enough to attend the premiere of The Decline Of Western Civilization II: The Metal Years together in 1988. The classic documentary features rock stars like Ozzy Osbourne, Gene Simmons and Bret Michaels discussing their wild and crazy lives. Twenty years later, Cage and Depp are best known for Disney movies about buried treasure and the heavy metal heroes are reality TV stars. Wild!

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Models, Movie Stars Storm The Valentino Premiere

Valentino: The Last Emperor may wind up little more than a vanity film for the legendary designer, but Valentino was still able to pull a platoon of models and actresses to its premiere party at the MoMA last night. The 76-year-old fashion veteran, whose work has been worn by everyone from Jackie Onassis to Eva Mendes, sat between Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna and Anne Hathaway at the fete—proudly highlighting his “Valentino Red” visage by sitting next to such pale partygoers. Check out the gallery below to see who else made the scene.

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Emmy Rossum: All Grown Up

Just five years ago, Emmy Rossum was a fresh faced teenager starring in Andrew Lloyd Weber’s on screen adaptation of Phantom of the Opera. But, dayum, look at her now! Emmy is a sexy, lingerie-clad 22-year-old who poses seductively for the new issue of Details.

Although Emmy looks ready to hop in bed in these hot photos, she insists that her life in Los Angeles is not conducive to getting some ZZZs. “I miss New York,” she says. “I miss the noise at night. It’s too quiet here I can’t sleep. I want one of those noise generators that make beautiful wind chimes-only I want one that makes car alarms.” [Photo: Matthias Vriens for DETAILS]


Two Octuplets Come Home

After saying she was “upset” that the hospital had not released her octuplets yet, Nadya Suleman‘s wish came true last night when two of the eight babies were released and came home to chaos in front of their new home in La Habra, CA.

Hospital officials inspected Nadya’s home several times before releasing Noah Angel and Isaiah Angel and determined that she is equipped to care for the eight infants and provide safe housing, sufficient child care, and supplies and equipment.

Two down, six more to go! [Source: LA Times]


5 “Rings Of Fire” Better Than Adam Lambert’s

You have to give Adam Lambert props for novelty, but his version of “Ring Of Fire” on last night‘s American Idol was a little too Jeff Buckley meets “Kashmir” meets Buffalo Bill asking a mirror if it would f— him. We’ll find out tonight how well it played in Peoria, but we thought of a few arrangements that might not have made Simon Cowell‘s head explode. Here’s five.

  • Ray Charles, “Ring Of Fire”

So soulful, we can already see Paula swaying to this.

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Christina Ricci Is Engaged

Christina Ricci is engaged to her boyfriend of about five months, comedian Owen Benjamin. The odd couple (she is 5’1″ and he towers over her at 6’6″!) met on the set of their new film All’s Faire In Love and went public with their relationship on Halloween.

Owen and the soon-to-be Mrs. Benjamin held an engagement party at the Palihouse in Hollywood, CA last Saturday where the couple and their pals reportedly partied late into the night to celebrate.

Congratulations! [Source: E!Online; Photo: Getty Images]

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Friends Say Natasha Richardson Is “Brain Dead”

Actress Natasha Richardson is currently in critical condition at a New York City hospital following a freak ski accident in Quebec, Canada. Family members, including her husband Liam Neeson, mother Vanessa Redgrave, and sister Joely Richardson, all were spotted visiting the star, who is reportedly “brain dead.”

While no official statement has been given, reports from close friends reveal that Richardson is barely holding on. “There is no chance,” an insider close to the family said. “It is a fact that her heart is beating but she is brain dead.”

Other reports reveal that she would not have been able to be flown from Montreal to New York if her brain was swollen, and those monitoring her medical situation reveal that she was “unconscious” and “nonreactive” in the ambulance. Husband Liam Neeson reportedly sat with her and caressed her face the entire time. Our thoughts are with her friends and family today.  [People/TMZ/E! Online.  Photo: GettyImages]

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Natasha Richardson Suffers Serious Head Injury While Skiing

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Robert Pattinson’s Twilight Meltdown

The more we read about him, the more we’re thinking Robert Pattinson isn’t cut out for this international man-hunk movie fame thing. (Or whatever you would call it.) He’s revealed he likes nutty women, once dated his stalker and bored her into submission and now that he walked out of the L.A. premiere of Twilight after freaking out. “I went out and sat in the car, having a full-blown panic attack,” he told GQ magazine.

Maybe he’s thinking too much. Surely the trick to dealing with insane worldwide superstardom is either to develop an enormous ego and believe that you are totally shit-hot, or develop an enormous drug/booze habit to believe the same. Or if you can’t cope with it make lots and lots of weird leftfield art movies to put off the screamy girls. Oh, you are already, with a gay love scene in Little Ashes. That’ll do it. [Photo: FilmMagic]


Avril Lavigne’s Friend Dresses As Badly As She Does

Pop stropper Avril Lavigne is over in the UK at the moment and still dressing like a 13 year old with an attitude and fashion problem. The manufactured “rebel” hit up three of London’s most press-friendly clubs, Boujis, Whisky Mist and Bungalow 8, not heading home until 4am (wild!!!). Accompanying her was a mini-me, who also appeared to think that raiding the bargain bin of neon goth-style clothes at Camden Market was a good look. Stripes, ra-ra skirts, lacy tights and a touch of cheap hair die? It’s just wrong on anyone over 16. [Photo: Splash News Online]