Salma Hayek Breastfeeds African Baby

We’ve rarely envy starving babies in third world countries, but starving babies don’t usually get to spend quality time with Salma Hayek‘s breasts. The 30 Rock guest star put her legendary bosom to charitable use by feeding a child in Sierra Leone during a recent UNICEF visit (captured for posterity by Nightline).

I thought about it…am I being disloyal to my child, giving her milk away? I actually think my baby would be very proud to share her milk and when she grows up I’m going to make sure she continues to a generous and sharing person. And I think that’s the best thing I can give her as a mother.

That and your genes, Salma. Hopefully her urge to nurse will become a big trend among the rich and famous. Anything that helps impoverished children and bares celebrity breasts has to be a good thing, right?


Flashback Lunch: Brad Pitt In 1989 — No Marriage, No Oscar Nom

Despite his tenure as a popular leading man, Benjamin Button star Brad Pitt has never been nominated for Best Actor at the Oscars until this year (12 Monkeys got him a supporting actor nomination in 1996). He certainly didn’t look like someone headed for an award twenty years ago. No, 1989 was about tv guest spots, starring in the teen thriller Cutting Class, dating hot co-stars and denim. Lots of denim. If you told Brad that in twenty years he’d be a multi-millionaire Oscar nominee married to a smoking hot actress, he probably would have smiled…until you mentioned the six children.

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Octuplet Mother Lives In A Den Of Filth

Above is one of the bedrooms where the six children of Nadya Suleman, who gave birth to octuplets on January 26th, are currently living. A reporter visited the home where Angela Suleman, Nadya’s mother, lives with Nadya, Nadya’s six children and Nadya’s father, and described the three bedroom house as “filthy” with food on the walls.

When the eight new babies go home, a total of seventeen people will be living in the Los Angeles house, which is littered with children’s clothing and toys. Angela owns the house and claims that Nadya contributes nothing financially to the bills that include feeding and clothing her six children, even though she receives government aid. Angela called her daughter’s decision to have more children “unconsionable” and revealed that she and her husband tried to intervene when Nadya was getting her most recent in vitro treatment.

“Her dad and I were talking to the doctor so he would not do this again,” Angela said. “He did promise and kept his promise. However, she went somewhere else and had this last in vitro done again which resulted in octuplets.”

The name of the doctor who performed the treatment emerged Monday as Dr. Michael Kamrava, a reportedly controversial specialist who pioneered a method for helping women conceive.

“I’m really angry about that,” Angela said. “She already has six beautiful children, why would she do this? I’m struggling to look after her six. We had to put in bunk beds, feed them in shifts, and there’s children’s clothing piled all over the house.” [Source:; Photo:]


Kate Hudson & Owen Wilson Are Back Together For The Second Time

Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson just can’t quit each other. People reports that the pair spent Sunday together at Wilson’s house, playing with her 5-year-old son Ryder. The pair initially split a few months before his suicide attempt in 2007, and reunited for a few months early last year. Until they confirm their reunion, there’s always a possibility we’re just overreacting to a close friendship (or a casual romance). But it’s clear that Hudson means a lot more to the (former?) playboy—”I have such a strong scientific side that demands that I experiment with and compare women”—than most of his conquests.

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Courtney Love: Woman Of The Year

Officially. We Brits love eccentric outsiders, and hey, Courtney Love‘s pretty much defined this. But it was still a leftfield decision that saw British Elle magazine name La Love their Woman Of The Year at the Elle Style Awards last night. It could have been Cheryl Cole, who’s transformed from pop star into national treasure. Nah, too obvious. It could have been Adele, Estelle or Duffy, for making it big internationally. Boring! It could have been Kate Winslet, for combining a stellar career, motherhood and supreme hotness. Dullsville! No, we would prefer to honor someone who’s spent the year scribbling incoherent blogs, flashing the paps wearing fashion roadkill and throwing her daughter a “Suicidal 16″ birthday party. Surely there’ve been better years for Courtney?

Never mind, she still rocks. And is it just us, or does she look a hell of a lot like Madonna at the ceremony in London last night? Freaksome. [Photo: Getty Images]


The Beckhams Are Still Having Sex

When you’ve been married for nearly ten years, have three kids PLUS a pair of international jet-setting careers to look after, heaven knows having sex is the last thing on your minds, no? Hey, we’ve all been there, haven’t we? Oh. But it’s positive to see that David and Victoria Beckham are keeping the spark alive in their relationship after spending a dirty romantic 24 hours together in a London hotel. The pair checked into London’s swish Claridges for a meal at mate Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant Maze followed by um, some special time alone in their suite ahead of Valentine’s Day, which they’ll be spending apart. Ahhh, bless. Now we just have to stop those mental images in our mind. For some odd reason, it’s as disturbing as imagining our parents doing it. Oh no. Make it stop! [Photo:  Splash News Online]


Katie Price: Notice Me, Look At Me!

“Hi America! I’m Katie Price. You’ve probably noticed me hanging out in L.A. with my wicked pink boots, pink tracksuit and going to the shops all day long like a normal boring person. But I’m not! I’m controversial and sexy – in the UK I’m really famous for being a glamor model and getting my t*ts out all the time, and then reinventing myself as a businesswoman with millions in the bank. (Still I can’t resist always talking about blowjobs with my husband Peter Andre in our reality show – just to show Britain I’m still shocking!) Anyway, you’ve just caught me coming out of the Trashy Lingerie shop with a bag full of naughty purchases. Wild! And, what – do I have a “sexy” mask still on? Oh, I didn’t realize! How funny! Still, it’ll make you all realize how sexy and controversial I am, innit? Byeee!” [Photo: Splash News Online]


Rihanna’s Injuries Described As ‘Horrific’

TMZ claims that “law enforcement sources” have given them specific details about the attack on Rihanna — and they are gruesome. Not only does the singer have contusions on both sides of her face as well as serious swelling and bruising, but TMZ claims she had a split lip, a bloody nose and even “bite marks on one of her arms and on several fingers.” (Yeah, we had to read that twice, too). One of TMZ’s sources claims that Rihanna looked like “an MMA fighter” and said it “looked like she was growing devil’s horns.” Sad.

Additional breaking details … It was not Rihanna who called 911, but someone in the area who heard her screaming. Also, Rihanna claims there was no weapon involved in the attack.  Pictured above is Chris Brown ducking in the back of an SUV while leaving a police station in Los Angeles.

Our photo retrospective of Chris Brown and Rihanna shows the couple in happier times. Check it out:

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[Source: TMZ; Top photo: Splash News Online]

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Bar Refaeli Snags Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover

So what if Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t get an Oscar nomination this time around? He’s got girlfriend Bar Refaeli‘s shoulder to cry on, and that’s way sexier than a phallic gold statue. The 23-year-old model is the latest beauty to grace the always-anticipated Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, the gateway drug to porn for generations of American boys.

Bar hails from Israel and joins an extensive lineage of enviably hot chicks who have graced the cover, including Cheryl Tiegs in 1970, Kathy Ireland in 1989 and Heidi Klum in 1998. But how does she feel about the pic that made it all the way to the cover? “This is the one I felt the most comfortable with,” she said. “You have the beach, blue water and a body. That’s it. I liked that the top of the suit was on.” [Photo: AccessHollywood]

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Zac And Vanessa’s Secret Vacation

When Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens go on vacay, they do it on the major DL. While Zac and Vanessa vacationed off the coast of Angra Dos Reis, Brazil as guests of the magazine Carras, the two High School Musical stars attempted to be totally undercover by having handlers shield them from the cameras with umbrellas. But still, some sneaky photographer was able to get a few photos of this hot young couple enjoying their Brazilian getaway. Check out how the two stars try to be totally undercover while running around on the beach and going for a yacht ride. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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