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Gossip Break: Usher Makes Baby #2

  • Katie Price and Peter Andre aren’t breaking up, they’re making more babies.  [DListed]
  • Kate Walsh and her husband have already split – which we all knew would happen, eventually.  [Seriously? OMG!]
  • Claire Danes shows off her so called fashion sense.  [BWE]
  • Tim McGraw is running for Governor of Tennessee in 2010 (maybe). Yee-ha!  [Buzzfeed]
  • Macaulay Culkin‘s older sister has died after being hit by a car. Sadness.[I'mNotObsessed]
  • Usher and his wife have had their second son!  [ICYDK]
  • Behind the scenes of Aubrey O’Day skankin’ it up.  [Egotastic]



What hot mama was spotted shopping at Barney’s New York in Beverly Hills, CA with her baby boy?

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10 Actors Who Deserve The Same Crap Nicole Kidman Gets

Between Australia‘s lack of success and whatever the hell she’s done to her face, Nicole Kidman is getting a lot of grief from the media, with some dubbing her “Queen Of The Flops.” While her status as a bankable actress is fair game (again…her face), there are a lot of men we should be giving the royal treatment before we start ripping on Nicole too harshly. As the The Huffington Post notes, Hugh Jackman gets to be the Sexiest Man Alive even though no one will pay to see him do anything other than flash metal claws. Check out the gallery to see why Hugh and 9 other A-list actors should get their own “box-office poison?” thinkpieces.

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Ellen DeGeneres: Cover Girl

We’re lovin’ these pics of the wonderul, adorable Ellen DeGeneres for her new ads froM Cover Girl and Olay. She’s no Drew Barrymore – she’s better than Drew Barrymore. The ads will start running on TV and in print early next year, much to Ellen’s excitement. ” I’m thrilled to be a CoverGirl. I’ve been practicing in my bathroom mirror for years…Now finally, you’ll all be able to see it.”

We do see it Ellen! Now we just wanna know if her super hot wife Portia DeRossi is a little jealous of Ellen’s glammed up look?  [People]


Spike’s UFC Bouts Help USA Solidiers. You Can, Too

You’re down with all the action that takes place within a boxing ring? Then you were probably over at Spike last night to see the athletes who participated in the UFC’s “Fight For the Troops.” They threw plenty of punches, but they also showed their hearts. The string of battles, which placed Yoshiyuki Yoshida against Josh Koscheck, were a fund-raising event for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes program, which helps US soldiers returning from war zones with traumatic brain injuries. Good cause, right?

The matches are over, but the need to help goes on and on and on. They’ve got an auction taking place, and you can still make a donation to help those in need. Check the links below.

Make a donation to the cause

Watch fight videos

Head to the Auction page

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Afternoon Snack: The Best Worst Music Video Ever

Watch the above music video for the song “Shine” by the glorious, god-like Chris Dane Owens, and try not to laugh, cry, scream, and/or poke your eyes out at this mega-explosion of horses/ren fair costumes/tiny moustaches/fireworks/fairies/forests/awkward kissing and green screen magic. It is quite possibly the greatest music video masterpiece known to man, deserving of a thousand moon men. Watch and love.


Josh Hartnett Did Not Bang A Girl In A Library, Wins Libel Suit

Josh Hartnett, not in the library, and not with the hottie. The Daily Mirror got celebrity sex tape addicts excited about closed-circuit video footage of the 30 Days Of Night star getting 30 minutes of heaven in the library of the Soho Hotel in London. “Like I don’t have a room!” said Hartnett, who sued the paper to defend his Man Whore name. The Mirror admitted earlier today that they were lying about the tape, and have paid the actor $30,000. Hartnett says he’ll give the money to charity, which means his career is doing better than we thought.

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Birth Dating: Who’s Older? Mos Def Or Harry Knowles?

In 1996, Mos Def made his solo rap debut and Harry Knowles started his first movie review website. In 2000, Def, a fast success in music, made his acting breakthrough in Bamboozled. Knowles made #95 on Forbes’ Power List that same year for the insider info found on his site, Ain’t It Cool News. Both men were born on December 11th—which one is older?

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Mark Ruffalo Drops Out Of Movie Role

Just days after his brother Scott Ruffalo died of a gunshot wound during a fatal game of Russian Roulette, Mark Ruffalo has dropped out of his role in the indie drama Greenburg. The Hollywood Reporter reveals that he will likely be replaced by Ben Stiller.

Mark released a statement after the death saying he and his family, “deeply appreciate the outporing of prayers and support during this most difficult time.” [Source: People; Photo: Getty Images]

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No One Cares About Bronx Mowgli

  • Page Six: Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz are having a difficult time selling pictures of their newborn baby, Bronx Mowgli, because according to sources, “nobody wants them. Covers of them tend not to sell well.”
  • Scandalist’s Response: Bahhhhhhhh ha ha ha ha ha!

Maybe it’s time for Ashlee to make another reality show about her latest journey (whatever that is – getting the breast pump to work, probably)? Or perhaps she should really go crazy and dye her hair – on her own! Something’s gotta get these two back into the spotlight fast.  [Photo: WireImage]