Eva Mendes Is The Most Desirable Woman In The World

As we all know, Eva Mendes likes sex. She likes talking about it, doing it, not “recycling” it and now it’s come as absolutely no surprise that millions of men would quite like to have it with her. The Latina beauty has topped’s annual list of 99 Most Desirable Women in the world, like, ever.

“From head to toe, her beauty is unique, dramatic and urgent. When on-screen, she doesn’t need to do much before we’ve willingly handed over to her our complete and devoted attention, to the exclusion of the rest of the world,” the website burbles.

Which is just a very wordy and overdone way of saying: “Eva Mendes. Hot. Boobs. Ass. I’d do her. Hnnnnh.” [Photo: WireImage]

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Lindsay Lohan Brings Back The ’05 Skinny

Hands up who remembers the summer of ’05 and the Skinny Bitches brigade? Team Leader Rachel Zoe commandeered a crack platoon of undernourished size 0 young Hollywood stars, and chief among them at the time was Lindsay Lohan.

Recently, she’s managed to regain some of those curves that made her so damn cute in Mean Girl, but snaps of her last week in New York make us think that Lindsay’s getting nostalgic for those heady mid-Noughties days. Here’s a picture, at right, of Lindsay in early ’08 to compare it with.

Eeek. Don’t go back to the bad old days, LiLo. You don’t want to end up with a raisin face. [Photos: Splash News Online]

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EXCLUSIVE: T.O. Gets VH1 Reality Show

Most of us know the Dallas Cowboys’ Terrell Owens as one of the greatest — and most outspoken — wide receivers in NFL history. Now get ready for a behind-the-scenes look at the star’s personal life. Premiering this summer on VH1, The Terrell Owens Project will feature Monique Jackson and Kita Williams (two of T.O.’s best friends) as matchmakers and therapists who try to “help him make his life off of the field as successful as his life on it!” According to VH1′s press release, there’s a side to T.O. that we don’t know.

Viewers will discover that behind all the braggadocio, emotional histrionics, and sculpted physique that is the outspoken media magnet known to the world as “T.O.” — there is also a quiet, sensitive, mild-mannered guy from Alexander City, Alabama…that’s Terrell.

Quiet? Sensitive? Mild-mannered? We’ll have to see it to believe it. After the jump, read the full press release for more details.

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Prince Harry Dumped

The world’s media has always focused on the deathly dull romance between balding British heir Prince William and Kate Middleton, but we at Scandalist always preferred to give that charisma-free pairing a wide berth and instead focus our royal watch on Prince Harry and his glam African girlfriend Chelsy Davy instead. So we’re a little gutted to report that they have split, with the feisty Chelsy deciding the stifling life of a royal consort wasn’t for her. (Hey, what sane person would want it?)

“She has simply had enough. They have been going through what she calls a ‘rough patch’ and she didn’t see the point in going on,” reported a friend to the News of the World, who claim the blonde bombshell called it off in a series of “heartbreak phone calls”.

During their five-year relationship, Chelsy has put up with seen Harry through a series of tabloid-troubling experiences, including his dressing up in a Nazi uniform for a fancy-dress party, flirting it up with a series of other girls in nightclubs, and recently being caught out using a racist term on video. Personally, we think she’s made an astute decision. We only hope our optimism isn’t burst by a tacky “Harry Was Crap In Bed” revelation. We don’t think our stomachs could take it. [Photo: AFP]


Madonna’s Kid In Late Bid For Cutest Award

Did David Banda get unfairly overlooked for the Cutest Kid of ’08 in our Scandalist awards? We’re thinking so judging by this photo. Madonna and Guy‘s youngest kid looks the business on a skiing trip with dad – those boots are worth an award on their own. And teaming the bright colors with simple, stylish black and gray – bravo, sir. We think the race in ’09 could be hotting up already… [Photo: Splash News Online]


Katy Perry Will Have Sex After All

Oh, that crazy pop pixie! After pledging to stay celibate in 2009, Katy Perry says it’s just a joke after all, and yes, in fact, she does want some.

“I am not going to be celibate. That was a joke! Celibacy? I’d rather die. I’m looking for the right one,” reports the UK’s Sunday Mirror.

Clearly, Katy has a problem here – she’s just too funny. After all, her “comedian” joke about Lily Allen being fat was taken the wrong way, and now this! Poor Katy. The world just hasn’t recognised her incredible comic talent yet. [Photo: FilmMagic]


Brazilian Model Mariana Bridi Is Dead At 20

Yesterday, we updated you on the deteriorating health of the 20-year-old Brazilian model and Miss World finalist who lost her hands and feet due to an infection. Today, she died.

Thiago Simoes, Mariana Bridi da Costa’s fiance, said that she woke up recently from a coma and told him that she was “praying to stay alive, that she still had a lot to do on this earth, that she wanted to go on with her plans.”

Having recently signed with top model scout Dilson Stein, who brought the world Gisele Bundchen, it’s clear that she had a shot at being a household name. Too sad.

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The Rant: Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP

Welcome to The Rant, where we let Scandalist scribe Kate Spencer blow a gasket. In this installment, she rants about Gwyneth Paltrow‘s newsletter GOOP. Is Gwyneth delusional or what? Is she totally out of touch?! Watch Kate rant!


Amy’s Diary Discovered In St. Lucia! (Day 1)

Jan ?

Dear Diary,
Can’t you please explain to these sods that when I said Blake was rubbish in bed which if you speak the bloody queens English you would KNOW is TRUE and is exactly what going to bed MEANS. I don’t sing in Japanese do I? Not on PURPOSE (is there a video of that?? ASK RAYE) Maybe it means somefin in Japanese but I’m a London girl wif a London, you know, SOUL which doesn’t rhyme with HOLE for nuffin, at least not in my experience which is very wide. I pity these gaels, you know, there’s a disconnect. Put down the microphone child!!! Rubbish is rubbish and I will stand by my man. NOTE: IDEA FOR SONG: MY SOUL IS ACHIN/MY HOLE IS QUAKIN/BUT MY MARRIAGE IS ONLY STIRRED—NOT SHAKIN. Bullocks that reminds me, is Quaalude Of Silence in production yet???? MEMO: CALL BACK. I right messed that one up but it’s like didn’t I tell them a billion times you can’t rush genius and you definitely don’t rush BOND. Why do you think he never says his name all at once? Come in Alicia, the song goes like this: VALIUM SHE GOT TOO MUCH VOLUME/AND LAUDANUM’S A LITTLE LOUD FOR ME/DEMIROL’S A NOISY POL/JUST GIVE ME MY QUAALUDE OF SILENCE … NOTE: CALL RAYE, maybe there’s still time for the Asian release!!! Too bad. Danny looks as rubbish as me in a speedo. Fuck THAT, for the NEXT one then, I’ll PRODUCE it. Winehouse– Amy Winehouse…Get my OWN bloody franchise. Then I can score it and star in it too and also cater. They want me in a movie, I’ll show em how to make a bloody movie. No Evian placement in MY flickers. Russell Crowe won’t be saying no to MY fat bum. (I bet HE’S right rubbish!) No water on the set, can you handle it, Russie? WATER IS THE ENEMY OF ART. which YOU understand, my dear dripped-on diary. Sorry about eating you last night, they drove me to it. Anyway you carry less punch than those napkins. Delicious, those! MEMO: next time must score BEFORE they hit the trash bins. Firsty, I am. Firsty firsty!!!! That’s right sleazbos I have ALL the appetites. You go to bed and like what do you expect wif a Norf London gael like me so obviously passionate as I am and a royal HUNK like that. The point being: You use a RUBBER then you RUB. I’m gonna marry a bloke who’s NOT rubbish???? Have you heard me sing, do I sing like a non-rubber? What do other people do, CLAP??? Did you LOOK at my Blake, do you KNOW what’s under his hat? Not that Josh is any less rubbish. Or what’s his name with the luggage cart, God I love Mexico! But ain’t NOBODY done make me feel all nice and DEAD like Blake does, THAT’S rare, THAT’S why I married him. LYRICAL IDEA: WHEN PEOPLE SAY I’M CHUBBY, I ASK MY RUBBY HUBBY, WHO TELLS ME DEAR DELICIOUS ETC. (Ballad) Fuckin right he makes me feel dead. You wanna talk, learn the fuckin language. WHERE did i stick my fuckin guitar? The night is young and so are I, so nighty night dear diary!


Full disclosure: Our correspondent, known only as Horrible Child, has not been in St. Lucia recently. So we’re absolutely positive that he did not drink with Amy Winehouse in her hotel room all night and then leave with her personal diary in the morning. The above is what Horrible Child imagines Amy’s diary would contain. Stay tuned for further entries. [Photos: Splash News Online]