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Oscars Fashion Face-Off: Brad’s Beauties

In case you missed every tabloid’s frantic reporting, Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie were – gasp! – in the same room last night for over three hours! Luckily the world didn’t implode from their meeting, and we’re here this morning picking apart their Oscar fashion choices and wondering which of Brad Pitt‘s ladies brought it on the red carpet (‘It’ refers to style – not John Mayer).

Jen did her usual ‘California casual elegance’ thing, while Angie was dramatic and daring in a black gown with bold jewels. But whose outfit made you swoon? Make your opinion heard – and peep pics of all the best red carpet moments in our gallery below!  [Photos: GettyImages]

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Oscars News: Red Carpet and Winners!

Our news team was in Hollywood Sunday night. From Sarah Jessica Parker to Anne Hathaway, here’s some of the celeb action they discovered on the Oscars red carpet.

Check out lots of Oscar photo galleries, fashion news, winner’s list, and celeb gossip.

Check our news report on Slumdog Millionaire‘s sweep, and wins by Sean Penn and Penelope Cruz.

Watch more video news clips about the Oscars, the Grammys, the Fray and other subjects.


Nicole Richie Is Pregnant Again

Joel Madden still hasn’t put a ring on it, but he just put another baby in it. Madden announced on his band Good Charlotte’s web site that girlfriend Nicole Richie is pregnant again, a little over a year after the birth of their daughter Harlow. For reasons unknown he decided to tie the announcement to the weekend’s festivities.

What’s better than winning an Oscar? I am so happy to tell everyone that Harlow is going to be a big sister! God has truly blessed my family. Hope your all feeling as good as i am right now………

If he’s jealous, maybe they could just name it Oscar. It’s almost been two years since Madden and Richie were allegedly engaged. Think baby #2 will get the pair to commit already? Hard to believe they could pass up the cash for wedding photo exclusives.

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Freida Pinto’s Ex Spills Tamest Relationship Secrets Ever

Bitter exes are nothing new for up-and-coming stars. Unsurprisingly, the widely-reported ditched ex-fiance of Oscar-winning movie Slumdog Millionaire star Freida Pinto has sold his story for a bucketload of cash and poured his heart out to the British tabloids. However, unlike the usual warts-and-all tales of sexual deviancy, cheating allegations and bad behavior, poor old Rohan Antao’s revelations are a little more sedate. He tells the News of the World:

  • After meeting in 2007: “We spent all our time together, just the two of us. We were a modern couple, so we didn’t need a chaperone.” Oooh!
  • On their physical relationship: “Her embrace was amazing and you could forget about all your worries. That’s what I loved about her the most. There’s more, but we’re private people and that’s between her and me.” Oh.
  • On his growing anger with Freida and co-star Dev Patel: “I asked Freida to spend less time with Dev, but she refused. She was comfortable with him, and we were talking over the phone less and less. I was ticked off with Dev-and her.” Ticked off! Get that.
  • On their relationship now: “She is infatuated with Dev. I don’t know if they were having a sexual relationship but if I came face to face with him I would have things to say.” Grrr!

Bless. Actually, it’s nice to read a kiss-and-tell from an ex that neither kisses nor really tells very much either. At least we haven’t come away feeling dirty and can look at their cute Oscar photos with innocence still intact.


More Wise Words From Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga appears to be making a habit of giving interviews that are a cross between quotable nonsense and pretentious waffle. After launching off into the loonysphere in her Guardian interview, she’s now revealed more of her arty-insane quotes to Britain’s Style magazine. The highlights below:

  • “In this time of recession, people love this hair — it’s so nostalgic!” Exactly — who needs a job when you can look at a head full of peroxide?
  • “I don’t get body anxiety — I don’t eat.” So that’s the answer!
  • “My girlfriends used to tell me that no matter what I was wearing, even zipped up to my neck in a parka, I looked naked.” Eh?
  • She describes her style as “a commentary on what it means to be a lady.” A lady who doesn’t like wearing pants, naturally.

Hey, it’s quite charming, we suppose. Now she just needs to deliver more than one hit single to be allowed to get away with spouting more twaddle like this. [Photo: Splash News Online]


Frances Bean And Peaches Geldof Face Off Imminent?

Interesting developments in our international Celebrity Swap Treaty continue! Sadly, it seems Peaches Geldof has tired of New York and will be returning to London for good again (boo! But am sure you’re yelling “Yay!” or “Care?”). But, as previously reported, we’ll also be getting Courtney Love, who’s recently been spotted househunting in North London’s celeb-stuffed Primrose Hill district, as well as for a country pile in Buckinghamshire (once the stomping ground of a pre-Brad Angelina Jolie).

And of course, Courtney will be bringing 16-year-old daughter Frances Bean Cobain with her, who’s sure to fit in with the young London party crowd straightaway. Will she slip straight in with NBF’s Peaches, Pixie, Daisy Lowe and Alexa Chung? Or set up her own bad girl trust-fund posse? We’re hoping the latter…


Cruz Beckham’s Birthday Draws A-List Crowd

Oscars? Pah! For the under-fives, there was only one place to be spotted this weekend — Cruz Beckham’s 4th birthday party. Held at the latest hip hangout — well, the Xtreme Martial Arts World Headquarters — it was attended by the cream of Hollywood who weren’t busy prepping themselves for the next night’s Academy Awards. But could the red carpet boast outfits of this calibre?

The birthday boy arrived dressed as Wolverine with mom Victoria and left in an Iron Man get-up, while brother Romeo was Batman and older Beckham boy Brooklyn clearly thought he was way cool for this dressing up business. Eva Longoria — who we reckon looks a total natural as a mom — brought along her nieces and Joel Madden and Nicole Richie took their gorgeous daughter Harlow.

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Dress-Off: Who Was Prettier In Pink?

Natalie Portman and Alicia Keys both pinked out on the red carpet tonight, making the Oscars extra girly. Color aside their gowns were eerily similar, so we have to ask – which do you like better? Natalie sparkled, while Alicia’s showed off some leg. But, just like the Academy Awards, there can only be one winner! Tell us who you think deserves the statue for best pink dress of the night.  [Photo: GettyImages]


Oscars 2009: The Winners List and Photo Gallery

Heath Ledger

Lots of action this year. Hugh Jackman certainly rose to the occasion! And Slumdog Millionaire did a little something called a sweep, racking up an array of victories. Did you make the right bets? Did your favorites win? Did you ever think Penelope Cruz would dominate? You certainly must have guessed that Heath Ledger was a lock. Check out all the triumphs in the key categories.

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The Slumdog Millionaire Kids Can’t Stop Being Adorable

What else is there to say about the child stars of Slumdog Millionaire? They somehow transformed a movie about the rough reality of life on Mumbai’s mean streets into a flick cuter than Wall-E. Sure, the director and producers may get all the credit tonight if the film wins Best Picture, but the world knows they owe it all to the kids.

The pre-pubescent Indian actors hit up Hollywood this week in celebration of the Academy Awards tonight; check them out in all their precious glory below. [Photo: WireImage]

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