The 20 Most Adorable Animal Lists Of All Time

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In honor of’s final week, we’ve put together the following mega-list of BWE’s 20 Greatest Animal Lists Of All Time. We hope you find it useful, adorable, and “Whooooseeagoodpuppy!” yelling-at-your-screen-inducing. Meow! (Cat for “Enjoy!):

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Who Needs The Triple Crown When We Have “Horses’ Day Off”?

Horses Day Off

I’ll Have Another, the horse that won both the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness, officially withdrew from the Belmont Stakes for precautionary reasons, ending his bid to be the sport’s first Triple Crown winner in 34 years.

On the plus side, I’ll Have Another is officially now retired, and his fellow horses took him out for a night on the town to cheer him up. I don’t know how or why this video exists, but it is outstanding:

by (@hallekiefer)

We Are All This Tiny Pig Diving Into A Bowl Of Oatmeal

Haven’t you ever wanted something so bad, you’d risk almost certain death to get it? And by “certain death,” I mean walking down stairs, which is somewhat difficult since you’re approximately the size of a shoe? And by “it,” I mean a bowl of what appears to be plain oatmeal?

Of course you have; we’ve all been there. The only question is, are you ready to take that leap? Get your hands dirty? And by “hands,” I mean hooves, since like this little guy we’re all adorable piglets leaping into a paper bowl filled with hot oats. Leap on, teeny human pigs! No one can keep you from your oaty dreams!


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Meet Garfield, Meow’s Successor To The Hyper Obese Cat Throne

Hope you guys are into cat-related news! If not, you are not going to like BWE today. Or the rest of the internet, ever. Assuming the title of “World’s Fattest Cat People Know About” from the late, great Meow, 40 lb feline Garfield was brought to the North Shore Animal League after his owner passed away, most likely from having all his food consumed by his giant monster pet.

In all seriousness though, shelter employees now have Garfield on a dry cat chow diet in order to counteract his people food diet. Yeah, Garfield  must have eaten ate lasagna all day! Haha, just kidding. He definitely would have died. Plus, who’s getting up every day and making that many lasagnas to feed an shockingly overweight cat? Just seems like kind of a waste if you ask me…


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Guys? Clumsy Soccer-Playing Baby Elephants Are The Best Kind Of Baby Elephants

Just when you think this soccer-playing baby elephant couldn’t get any cuter, she starts faceplanting all over the place. Way to up your cute game, baby elephant! No, I’m not saying it wouldn’t be impressive if this baby elephant was actually incredibly good at soccer. It would be exceedingly impressive! In fact, an extremely talented baby elephant soccer player might technically be a miracle or an abomination or some such. But in that scenario, we’d miss out on all the silly falling down, and that is just not what I’m looking for in a baby elephant. Sorry.



EWE BLOOD: Alexander Skarsgard Holds A Baby Lamb

Yyyyyep. Bullett just did a profile on True Blood and Battleship star Alexander Skarsgård which included a photo of the actor HOLDING A BABY LAMB. It requires, and will receive, no further elaboration.
(Click for Full Size):
Alexander Skarsgard Lamb


Although to be fair, Skarz, how adorable would you really be if you put the lamb down? Aha. Still very adorable. I see. Carry On, then. “On” is short for “One With A Buncha Wool,” which is the lamb’s name, and I am telling you to literally resume carry it.

(Thanks, @laurenkaye!)

by (@hallekiefer)

These Monkeys Are Going To Need To Practice With These Synthesizers For At Least 999 More Years

This monkey/synth test and/or commercial hardly seems fair. First of all, half those little guys ain’t even monkeys. A lemur? Oh my god, no. Second of all, everyone know that monkeys learn on such a steep learning curve, it’s going to take them 1,000 years to craft out some decent tunes, let along those next level beats we crave. I infer it’ll take at least that long since a synthesizer is basically a typewriter that makes beeps and boops, right? Of course, that then begs the question, who is the Shakespeare of synth? Kraftwerk, maybe? It’s definitely not these monkeys!


by (@hallekiefer)

Hugging Cat: The Next Step In Cat Technology

Cats have a reputation for being standoffish little teddy bears, happy to watch you choke to death on a toaster strudel then use your face as a day bed. But a cat that hugs? My god, now we’re finally getting somewhere. If only our nation’s scientists can tackle the numerous other Cat Flaws that plague our modern pets, like:

  • Throwing up perfectly good food for no reason.
  • Having needles on the end of their paws/in their mouths.
  • Being made out of dust and hair that closes off some people’s lungs.
  • The whole…pooping-in-a-box situation

You’ve filled America’s hearts with hope, Hugging Cat. Your kind be wearing little tuxedos and riding around in our baby carriages yet!



Three-Headed Giraffe Hopefully Involved In Game Of Thrones Finale

Egads, the LEGENDS WERE TRUE – behold, the mythical THREE-HEADED GIRAFFE:

Three Headed Giraffe


It’s just like the movie Congo! Wasn’t there a three-headed giraffe in Congo? No? That movie was so haphazard I probably wouldn’t have noticed when I watched it on HBO seven times every afternoon during summer vacation. “Stop eating my sesame cake, three-headed-giraffe!” is a line from the movie that was cut.

Anyway: Three giraffes, almost as cool. Also they all have snakes for tails, you just can’t see it in this pic.

(pic via Splash News)

by (@hallekiefer)

Congratulations, Boston University Graduation Bee Swarm! You Did It!

Welcome to the real world, Bee Swarm of 2012! You have a lot to BEE proud of. Haha, cool! Seriously though, taking over a chair at Boston University’s graduation ceremony is basically the insect equivalent of getting a Bachelor’s degree, right? They both take a lot of time, a lot of effort and a lot of people dying after their stingers get ripped out of their butts. Ugh, now I’m getting nostalgic. I’m so proud of all of you!

(Reuters via Buzzfeed)