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Meerkat Kisses The Real Reason To Become A Scientist Or Cameraperson

It seems to me that any university hoping to tempt students into the sciences or into cinematography should just go ahead and print up 50,000 brochures with photos of these little meerkats climbing all over the Planet Earth Live team. I want to take out loans just thinking about it.

Oh my god, and when it stands on his head! I need to switch careers. I need to find a time to study for the GREs. Alternatively, I need to illegally obtain a meerkat.



Red Pandas Hugging Because LIFE IS TOO SHORT FOR NOT THIS

Here are some photos of a mother red panda hugging her red panda cub, because this is one of the few permutations of animal cuteness I’ve never seen on the internet, and because holy crap it is immensely adorable (Click For Full Size):

Two more pics of the mother and baby red panda from the Chester Zoo in Cheshire, U.K. are after the jump. The panda cub is all, “I am not vewwwy wed yet but I wove popping my head out fwom holes!” (For the rest of my thrilling red panda fanfiction, though, you’ll have to buy the Audiobook.)

Take it away, other adorable red panda pics:

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Illinois May Allow Mini Horses As Helper Animals In Honor Of Li’l Sebastian

RIP Lil Sebastian

The Illinois state senate just voted to add miniature horses to the list of ‘helper animals’ for people with disabilities, a move that is already being referred to on this blog and nowhere else as “The Li’l Sebastian Amendment,” in honor of Pawnee’s most beloved deceased miniature horse.

Sure, on one hand, Li’l Sebastian was technically from Indiana and is fictional and has nothing to do with any of this, but on the other hand, who’s to say this new law isn’t entirely because of Li’l Sebastian? The truth is probably somewhere in between.

Proponents of the law argue that miniature horses are ideal alternatives for people in need of helper animals who have severe allergies or phobias to dogs, plus they live longer, but critics have cited the potential sanitary drawbacks to having horses walking around in indoor spaces. I haven’t studied this issue long enough to have an opinion other than “Miniature horses are completely hilarious and I’m in favor of them doing whatever,” so feel free to use this sentence I just typed in your debates or whatever, senators who are reading this.

In closing, let’s just use this as an excuse to re-watch Tom’s touching Li’l Sebastian In Memoriam:

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Panther Kitten Squeaks The Exact Sound You Will Make When You Watch This

Panther Kitten InjuredWell, this is adorable but heartbreaking. Here’s a video of a Florida panther kitten who suffered head trauma in a car accident and is currently undergoing physical therapy, but likely won’t be able to return to the wild.

It is a very cute kitten, but holy crap, the squeaking sound it makes will DESTROY you. Note that the squeaking sound will be promptly followed by you making that same squeaking sound, then the sound of your heart cracking like the face from the You Can’t Do That On Television intro.

Watch, and try to cuddle this embed:

That sound is the unhandleable B-Side to the Baby Sloth squeaking.

And if that’s not heart-smashing enough, check out this photo of the panther undergoing physical therapy:

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New Hyundai Passes Completely Necessary Baboon Test

Hyundai let the baboons of Knowsley Safari Park in the U.K. invade one of their new cars in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of the ride’s child-proof features. So in case your Hyundai is ever swarmed by a roving pack of limber, fur-bearing toddlers, they probably won’t be able to pull the emergency break. They will, however, fill the car with ever so much poop. Innovation!

Meanwhile, didn’t we all agree not to let baboons examine the steering mechanism? It’s like you want apes to take over the planet. Oh, baboons are monkeys, not apes? How about you drive this car home yourself, then? Don’t look in the glove box. I’ll give you a hint: it’s filled with chewed-up bugs.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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Dog Playing With Fawn Is The Strongest Argument For Leaving This Concrete Hellhole

If I had a backyard, man, I could be seeing unlikely animal friends frolic all day. All day, man. Just a little patch of green, a nice day, a poorly-constructed fence and all of a sudden the walls between the species come tumbling down. The golden retriever lays down with the fawn, and so on.

What kind of sweet animal buddies am I going to see living in New York, huh? Two old hot dogs play-fighting? A rat and pigeon romping together? Well, I guess if it was a baby rat or a baby pigeon…or both. Haha, okay, that would be great. That would really, really great. That would be enough to get by.

If Dickens is a creep, then I am the biggest creep in the world!



R.I.P. Meow, The World’s Fattest Cat

Meow The Cat Dead

According to the Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society, Meow, the 39-pound cat who took the internet by storm, died this weekend of pulmonary failure. He was 2. Meow is survived by his 87-year-old former owner, his vets at the shelter, and his beloved constantly-full ‘food cauldron.’

At least Meow got to meet Hugh Grant AND Anderson Cooper shortly before passing, knocking out two of the three things on his bucket list (the third was ‘eat a life-sized lasagna replica of Saturn’).

Farewell, Meow! You were adorable and charming and prrrrobably should not have weighed 39 pounds.


So This Is What LSD For Cats Looks Like

Julie Klausner Tweeted this photo of a particularly intriguing bag of cat snacks called “Temptations Mix-Ups: Catnip Fever”, which, judging by this AMAZING package design, is apparently the alley-name for “Cat LSD” (aka “Catcid”):

Temptations Mix Ups Cat LSD

Next week on Meowed Men, Cat Roger Sterling eats two of these and has a total meowpiphany.

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Dog’s Best Friend: Lab Becomes Blind Golden Retriever’s Seeing Eye Dog

Lab becomes golden retrievers seeing eye dogReady to cry some tears onto your swelling heart? Ok!

Here’s the story of Tanner, a golden retriever born with cataracts in both eyes (dogs hate CATaracts) and prone to body seizures, who had to be given up to a veterinary clinic and was nearly put down, but ended up making meeting Blair, a Labrador who had trouble socializing after being shot (seriously this gets happy very soon). The two soon ended up becoming friendly with one another, with Blair helping to guide the seeing-impaired Tanner, sometimes even by literally grabbing Tanner’s leash, and Tanner’s seizures eventually faded and the two remain close companions (who are up for adoption).

Prepare to smilecry! This movie is total Dogscar bait:

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Go Ahead And Cross “Seeing A Horse Wear Jeans” Off Your Bucket List

Unless you wanted to see a horse wearing jeans that were put on the right way. In that case, do not cross it off just yet! Haha. Wait a minute…is this your real list? Good lord, everything on here is about horses wearing different styles of jeans! Well…I’ll certainly help you try but some of these might be almost impossible. Have you tried contacting JNCO directly?

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