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5 People Who Attended The Oscars That I Had To Google


Even if you’re not a blogger, it might’ve been a good idea to watch the Oscars with your trusty laptop (or even your smartphone!) by your side. Not to entertain you while the show goes on for THREE LONG BORING HOURS, but so you can quickly Google any mysterious faces you see along the red carpet. Even if you didn’t, I did, because god forbid I don’t know who is who and what’s going on during Hollywood’s Biggest Night. And thanks to Google, now I know the Wikipedia history of anyone who came within a 50 foot radius of that golden statue.

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Watch Grace Helbig’s One Direction Nail Tutorial, Perfect For The 1D Fan In Your Life


What happens when you have to craft a daily webcam show? Create a brand new video every single day of the week? Amazing things, that’s what.

Best Week Ever‘s Grace Helbig’s Daily Grace is a vlog lovingly shot every day of the week, featuring everything from Taylor Swift listening tips to thoughtful commentary on every President, and most recently: A ONE DIRECTION NAIL TUTORIAL.

Which finger would you designate as Harry Styles?

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A Best Week Ever Taste Test Of The Least Likely Oscars Nominees To Get Their Faces On Cupcakes


Best Week Ever HQ had a special cupcake surprise today. Our local treats shop had an array of Oscar nominee cupcakes–everyone from Jennifer Lawrence to…Emmauelle Riva? Riva’s deserving of the Oscar, but not sure local cupcake fans would go for the 85 year old French nom. But hey, what do we know? She looked delicious and so did Best Actor nominee Daniel Day-Lews–who we’re sure would love to know that we’re about to bite into his face…

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Burger King vs. Chris Christie: Who’s Having The Best Week Ever?


Last week it was a dog named Banana Joe. This week, who KNOWS who will have the Best Week Ever…Will it be you? Will it be many-times-nominated-never-winner Justin Timberlake? You’ll have to watch the show to find out. (See how we get you?) Giving you their arguments this week, Best Week Ever‘s Pete Lee, Adam Conover and Pat Dixon.

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