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Put The “Val” In Your Valentines With These Val Kilmer Valentine’s Day Cards

Val Kilmer Valentine's Day Cards

Happy Valentine’s Day. Whether or not you have your own Valentine, we all have Val. And that Val is Val Kilmer (@ValEKilmer), the World’s Most Prolific Celebrity Selfie Taker. If anyone is wondering what he’s been up to recently, the answer is taking pictures of himself and posting them to Twitter. Oh, and he’s starring in a play about Mark Twain, playing Mark Twain. But that’s irrelevant.

What matters is Valentine’s Day and how yours can be enhanced with a little extra Val.

Click to enlarge, print and send to your very own VALentine.

Put a Val in your Valentine’s Day!


Is The Pope Having The Best Week Ever?


Happy Thursday! Time to choose who is having the Best Week Ever and then be slightly disappointed when they don’t thank you personally. Hey, it’s okay! Let week was GoDaddy Jesse Heiman’s and this one might just be…The Pope’s? It’s time to decide. Let Pete Lee, Michelle Buteau, Amanda Seales and Michael Che help YOU decide who is having the Best Week Ever:

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Did You Know Nikki + Sara‘s Sara Schaefer Has Best Week Ever Roots?

She sure does! Our very own Sara Schaefer, Best Week Ever blog alum, now has her own show on MTV called Nikki + Sara that you best be watching. Because any friend of ours is certainly a friend of yours, and we promise you’ll love watching Sara chat with amazing folks like Ke$ha and Jenny McCarthy on Tuesday nights. Don’t forget to reminisce with us on all the amazing things Sara gave the Internet before she moved on over to television…

Sara, remember us?

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Paul F. Tompkins & Maya Rudolph Cover Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’ “Home”

Two Best Week Ever favorites, our former host Paul F. Tompkins & Up All Night‘s Maya Rudolph, got together to sing the web’s all-time most favorite twee-soaked heartbreaker, “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros for The Paul F. Tompkins Show 9th Anniversary Special. Synchronized whistles and all, the two even mimic the song’s spoken word love ode. Alas, it’s no Jorge & Alex Narvaez, but we’ll take these two performing a duet wherever the location.

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That’ll Be Quite Enough Anne Hathaway 2: The Return of Anne Hathaway

In case you forgot, Anne Hathaway has the tendency to be insufferable, and she’s not busy doing much to help fight that. On a special Oscars edition of Zach Galifianakis’ Between Two Ferns, almost all of his guests played themselves as straight men to Zach’s wacky interview tactics. But you know who took it 100 steps further, playing a drunk(?) version of herself? You guessed it: Anne Hathaway.

Watch (& cringe) along with us below


Want Some Jokes With Your Grammys? Watch Best Week Ever‘s Amanda Seales & Nick Turner On VH1’s Grammys Livestream

It wouldn’t be your Best Grammys Ever without our very own Nick Turner and Amanda Seales guiding you through the ups & downs that are The Grammys. That’s why they’re coming to you LIVE, just below, starting at 6PM with hopefully no jokes about Lady Gaga’s giant egg OR Nicki Minaj’s crazy hair….Unless…You never know…

Tune in!